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  1. Hello Nina I would like to get a car but I’m having a but of trouble. I don’t know what specific brand or type of car I would like I just want something that runs well & has great gas mileage. I can feel my hands on the steering wheel at times, but then I think this won’t work because I don’t know exactly what kind of car I’d like. How important is it to be specific to T?

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    1. Hi Michelle! 🙂
      The most important thing is to feel good about your desire but you don’t have to decide on EVERY single thing related to it. What you do have to know is which specific aspects of it you truly want and feel good about them as well as having your desire in your life.
      You also can use these less important factors to your advantage. When you see, let’s say, a red Toyota you love, you can think, “I wonder if my car could be red? How would I feel if it were red?” Or, I will now give you a suggestion – what if you were to drive an Audi? They tend to have good gas mileage, at least for longer trips because they’re strong and fast. Instead of thinking that you have to decide on every single detail of your car, have fun thinking what it COULD be. That way, you will allow for spontaneous visualization to follow these positive thoughts.
      Thinking about what your car COULD be but knowing you will receive it and that it will be the perfect fit allows you to put light but positive feelings into your desire. This also allows for amazing, spontaneous visualization and effortless heart energy.
      Also, can you see yourself driving your friends, family or significant other in your car? Does that make it more real?
      Start thinking the car is yours already and love that you can feel your hands on the steering wheel! You can do this! 😀


      1. So thinking about certain features of the car rather the brand like opening the door or when starting the engine it kind of quiet would be sufficient also at the moment i don’t have the money for buying a car so should i visualize having the money for the car or just imagine myself in the car. i don’t have my license so it may feel more realistic for me to feel & see my partner as driving the car or does it matter & don’t think about the things i am not sure of like buying or leasing

        Thank you so much


      2. If you just focus on having the car, with your partner driving at certain times and you at others, the details will fall into place. You can imagine how you MIGHT receive the money or how you might feel taking your driver’s test but let the specific ideas come to you at the right time 🙂 If you can allow it to happen, it’ll all come together sooner than you think!


  2. Hi.
    My name is Josephine and a couple of weeks ago I discovered your blog . I’ve been hooked ever since 😝!! I’m almost up to date with all your posts ,started reading from a very beginning .I love the positive vibe about it .
    I’ve also been practising law of attraction, if you can call it that way ,for a while now . It has changed my life very much in a positive way and I love having fun with it . I manifested deliberately a quite few things, I consider myself a person who has plenty already . In general when I look back at my life I created all my jobs ,all my apartments ,all my relationships without a failure and I thinks that’s so cool .
    I see a lot of people write to you about their love life . I’m not surprised it’s the one area in life we want badly to work out .
    Like I said earlier I created all my relationships . They were all serious and long term but always with new people so it was very easy to manifest them . The last one was a very important one to me and after things came to en end ( not gonna even start to explain why ,how ,it an old story now ,doesn’t matte any more ) I actually realized that my man ,I call him John Doe 😝,is the one and I want him more then ever and I’m gonna marry him and we gonna have a family ,that’s it !
    I have attracted John back several times in space of a year without a failure . I noticed that is slightly harder to keep a manifestation of person you share history with as it effects your awareness so much . We are in and out and I’d love to finally get it done permanently . We will end up together anyway so I feel it’s such a waste of time going back and forth ,having a great time together and then not talking for a month or so till it’s all back on .
    It’s also mostly me not being able to take things easy and relax (paranoid ego ) . I keep complicating things because I’m still scared to get hurt again. How do I stop myself ?
    Right now myself and John are talking politely and nothing more .I manifested seeing and interacting with him yesterday and that’s a great sing but again it made see us as being apart so i was fighting negative thoughts for almost half a day .
    What do you suggest would be the best way to let things flow naturally leading to us getting together for good ? This is my man it’s really so silly that we are not together .
    I’d love to hear your opinion .
    I also hope you didn’t fall asleep while reading the longest comment ever 😝😁


    1. Hey Josephine! Thank you soooo much! I love your comment and you seem very open to manifesting the rest of your life NOW, if you will 😀
      I would suggest that you dive right into the proposal, moving in together, wedding and kids part, the end result. Visualize your marriage and kids, your ultimate life together.
      Ignoring your paranoid thoughts would be ideal because you already know that you can only focus on the positive 🙂 However, I also have another suggestion so you can see what you like. When your paranoid thoughts come along, say to yourself, “That’s all in the past. Thank you for my amazing relationship with John” and think about the happy new life you have with him (since we have our desires as soon as we ask for them, we just have to receive them afterwards by being open to them). It doesn’t matter whether your paranoid thoughts are actually a reflection of your past or something you just fear but has never happened because when you say “That’s all in the past,” you are referring to your thoughts. You want them to disappear so putting your awareness in the place where they have already disappeared, a place in which they are IN THE PAST, is a useful thing to do.
      Soon, you’ll be able to ignore those thoughts entirely and see why you should.
      It’s like you’re acknowledging that a paranoid thought is paranoid and putting an affirmation in its place instead.
      Paranoid thoughts are always a reflection of how one feels about themselves as well as their relationship but by only focusing on the positive thoughts you have, you will change your awareness as well as your relationship awareness to fully positive. If being with him genuinely makes you happy, love that feeling! 😀
      I see what you mean when you say that manifesting someone you’ve been with is harder because you sometimes remember your history but this type of future is something ENTIRELY new and chances are you’re going to be so emotionally charged (in a positive way) while imagining it that it’ll become your awareness fast 😀 Try it for a few days and see how you feel!


      1. Hi .
        Thanks very much for responding. It is great advise.
        When it comes to this specific man I always found the picture of our far future the easiest thing to visualize ,as if there is a gap between now a our future life .
        It effortless to feel like a proud mother while picturing him taking care of our child or our his proposal . At the same time the moment we get back together I get annoyed that things don’t unfold as fast as I want them to leading to end result I want .
        So I must be just impatient and that is the issue . I always notice signs leading to things I want to manifest and on one hand it makes me very excited that it’s so close on the other it makes me think im almost but not there yet and I’m trying to move forward faster . I’d love to put a stop to that . Like I said impatience.Even writing about it makes me feel unconfortable so it’s a clear sing.
        I finished reading your post today and the most recent ones I like the most and couldn’t agree more with what u say .
        I find it that everything goes smoothly itself as long as we don’t look for ways to get things to work . Looking for perfect way of manifesting and doing all this reserch on law of attraction at one point made me think I’m going crazy or delusional so I just stop . For me all it takes is just know and believe it works .
        The more I try the less I get done.😝

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      2. You’re very welcome 🙂
        I understand impatience and looking for the ways of manifesting but they’re merely resistance. That’s why they always contain some sort of false or paranoid thoughts, it’s sort of like this distant, fake vibration, as I like to describe it. I characterize it like that because the only true reflection of it are negative thoughts which can be removed and forgotten.
        Doing nothing is the only way to manifest, otherwise some would never do everything and get nothing while others experience the opposite. It’s all in the belief.
        Thank you for the great compliments! 😀


  3. I’m writing a lot ,I normally don’t at all .
    I do go with a flow most of the time and doing nothing about manifesting him ( not talking to him ,not seeing him at all ) is my preferred way to deal with it .
    I find that a better way to keep my mind on track and avoid external distractions.
    Like I said earlier I always notice sings (he’s name appears a lot ,people ask about him ,talk about him,things ,people associated with him show up ) so I knew we’d have contact . I obviously expected more from that interaction and it brought a few negative thoughts. (I wouldn’t be writing all this otherwise ,hope u don’t mind mine selfish honesty😊 ).
    I’m also a bit tired and know it will pass tomorrow after good night of sleep .
    The facts are undeniable . It always worked and it will again . Christmas time might add a bit of pressure as far as timing is conserved but in the end who cares about timing ,there will plenty more Christmas together .Great things are about to happen and it makes me feel that funny warmness around my chest when I think about it .Life is really good and I should be more grateful for it . Great friends ,great job and so much more . Why was I even complaining ?
    You helped me here a lot here so thanks for that 😘.My mood definitely shifting as I write this .

    I wonder about one more thing . I’m not actively looking for new job but there’s a specific company entering my mind a lot . I don’t even know what position I’d like there but just one of those feelings that i might end up there . I see myself there but I’m not applying for jobs there or anything as the whole process of doing it doesn’t make me feel the best .
    I already thought of how I’d get there to work every morning ,imagined being in those offices (I’ve never been in one ). It’s all shows up every now and again and have no clue why ?
    What do you think about ?


    1. You’re not selfish, you’re just honest 🙂
      I hated applying for jobs, too, and manifested them differently. You might have read about it in some of my old posts but essentially, I would say that jobs just come to me. They did, mostly through referrals and friends asking to hire me specifically. All I thought about was how I would feel at work, everything I wanted to contribute to the benefit of everyone involved and what I would wear to meetings.
      The Universe might be telling you that you could get a job at that company or that it might be exactly what you want. You’ll discover which it is. You might also stumble upon a job posting from them soon or meet someone who works there and could get you an interview.
      Your curiosity about it also makes this company a presence in your reality.
      You’re welcome – I am thrilled that this is raising your vibration! 😀


      1. It does feel that way . It got to the point that my friends and people I know tell me I’d end up there anyway . I like my current job a lot and it obviously makes things a lot easier. The company hire a lot of people and creates new positions all the time . I did tried to apply for one of them ,out of curiosity really ,but I couldn’t complete a sing in ,my laptop wouldn’t let me .I tried get it done through recruitment agencies and it was the same . I just couldn’t get it done so I just left it at that .Can wait to see that unfolds .
        As for my boyfriend thing I’m back on track . It was 24hrs from hell I couldn’t pull myself together till now . Crazy scenarios going through my head in those moods are on the verge of insanity . 😂😂😂😂
        I think it’s very important to actually be positive and grateful.
        Nothing feels out of reach then and no matter how bad reality is easy to expect a desirable change . When you know you know and you can relax about everything .
        I really enjoyed talking to you .😉

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