12 thoughts on “THOUGHT OF THE DAY”

  1. It would be wonderful to get an insight on how the poster got there ? Personally as I was battling with the idea that he’s just a horrible person and it’s never going to happen because he doesn’t care – it looks like a sign telling me something can be done. So what can be done ?

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  2. This is amazing and I’m not surprised because this is a beautiful example of how loa should and does work. You see I always wonder am I suppose to take action or just let it happen but I presume if I were to take action I would be inspired to do so. I can’t help but wonder what this girl did. She probably beloved, stuck to her decision lived her life to the full and just let it happen!

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  3. Hi Clare and Elsy. I happen to be that girl and Clare is right . I had to believe that what I want is possible and focused and him being very happy in our relationship. But I seemed to have doubts creeping in that were in fact negative beliefs that I was not worthy or deserving of a happy relationship and Nina advised me to try EFT to get rid of negative believes or the doubts that block positive belief. I have been doing EFT and it really seems to be working for me!

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      1. Thank you for using my example . If it can help even one reader am glad. I too have benefited from others experiences. Thanks Nina!

        Take care, C

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    1. Hello!
      I am currently in a situation where I am being ignored and shut out by someone I want to be with. I too wonder if my situation will ever turn around. I would love to know more details as to how you handled your situation if you don’t mind. Also, what does EFT mean?

      Thanks 🙂


      1. Dear Pamela,
        EFT stands for emotional freedom technique and it’s a method used for removing resistance and negativity. In my comment to this post, I have attached the YouTube channel I find the best for doing this, the expert is wonderful and has many LoA related topics.


  4. Hi Nina,

    There was another person who also had success here. You had posted the link before…. I think her name might have been Polly?


  5. Hello everyone! This is the EFT channel I use whenever I feel like doing some tapping. They say one should consistently do EFT for several weeks but many I have recommended this YouTube channel to have seen rapid success. This expert is absolutely wonderful. It is always important to know what your specific manifesting blocks are in order to remove them.


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