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  1. Nina,

    I think what is holding me back the most from knowing I have my desire (a loving relationship with my ex again) is that I already had that relationship once and it was broken. I think of the happy times we had and it makes me miss him and how I want that feeling back. What if that was my chance and I blew it? Does the Universe provide second chances? Can love be rekindled? I probably should stop contacting him for a while to let us breathe, but I fear he will forget about me. I am afraid to take that step even though I feel it may actually be a step in the right direction.

    I am so sorry to keep bothering you.


    1. You’re not bothering me. I want to help you. Thing is, Law of Attraction doesn’t care about the past, it merely responds to your current vibration. If your vibration were to be one of feeling fulfilled in a happy relationship with him, that’s what you’d receive. No chances are lost. All that matters is what you believe you can have.
      If you fear anything, you are only emitting the signal of not having the relationship yet. Fearing the past repeating keeps you on that vibration. Believing that you can have what you want or just feeling good in general will get you closer to believing your relationship is possible.


  2. Hey Nina!
    I haven’t heard from my love since she went on her trip, but I’ve been totally fine about it. I’ve spend my days hanging with great people and doing all the things I love! 🙂
    I’ve felt like I’ve ‘let go’, not waiting to get messages and having no conscious negative thoughts.
    But I’m worried if I’m not doing enough now. If I let go like I have and hardly think about my desire (moving in and having a committed relationship) then I haven’t been sending any energy to it will it not manifest?
    With the acting as if, should this be something I consciously do most of the day (imagine I’m going home to the new apartment) or is it best to let go like I have and do some visualization before bed or think positive if the thoughts come to me???


    1. You have to let go to manifest so you don’t have to think about it all the time. Also, only visualize as long as it makes you happy. Don’t think about what you “should” do because that creates tense energy which prevents your manifestation. I think today’s post will also help you 🙂


  3. HI Nina,

    I’ve been following your blog since quite some time. I too have a love I want to manifest. And I’ve inquired before about the situation with another name. But from now on, I’ll use this new one. I’m in love, with a man whose not available. And I myself am not available too. We worked on a project together for 6 months. And the connection was truly unique. Like nothing I’ve ever experienced. We both are in our late 30’s. It’s been a year and a half since the project ended. But the connection is still there. I often “feel” him, and see him in my mind. It’s the most profound and beautiful experience of my life. There are times I curse the situation, and other times I’m fully grateful for it. Because it proved to me what I always thought. That a soul shaking love truly exists. I’ve only been waiting my whole life to experience it.

    There are coincidences between he and I that are too strong to deny that they are merely a coincidence. So I know there is a significance between us. And I have the feeling the connection after all this time can’t be denied.
    There is a part of me, when aligned has a knowing that at some point we will be together. It’s as if my soul has decided, and when I don’t fight it I feel a sense of inner peace and patience on the subject. I have the feeling this decision is out of my hands. We are meant to be, and now it’s my job to let go, and let the chips fall into place. My intuition pushes me to this conclusion time and time again. I can’t argue with my higher self. There are times I feel him, and see him and it’s so intense.
    I have an LOA coach and she’s helped me significantly this year. Especially in the area of letting go. And this last week I’ve finally had the chance to let go on all aspects of life. And it’s confusing, but relieving too. I’m not sure what to do in this space, other than just “be”.

    And he’s texted, and today called me. It was about another project we’re both associated with. But he could have texted, didn’t have to call. And I can see in a few ways how truly letting go on all levels has made these things happen.

    I had the thought a few days ago, what a fun idea it would be to have your readers let go for 30 days. Meaning, everyone just sort of give up for 30 days. If that’s too long than maybe 14 days, or 7? But just let go. Give up for a short time. I mean, what does it hurt? Then go back to desperately wanting if that’s what they would like. But what would happen if your readers just said, forget it? Let it all go? What would happen? I’ve been experimenting with this idea, and the last several days have been enlightening as a result of just giving up/in on it all. Why not? What do we have to lose? I mean he called me today, the first time since maybe a year?
    I think with a new year underway, why not try something new?

    I want you to know Nina, you’ve helped me beyond words. And even though I don’t comment much, I read everything you right and all the comments. And they’ve helped me on this subject so much. Thank you for being there, and guiding those of us who are lost, and wanting to end up with the loves we hope with all our hearts to have.

    I feel particularly blessed in the sense that my guy pursued me first, he initiated. I feel his wanting of me, or he himself would have already given up completely. Sometimes I wonder if he manifested me first, a specific person because he normally would not have been my type. But I have to say, from the moment I met him in 2013, some part of me knew he had significance of some kind. I just wasn’t completely sure what the significance was. But with time I saw that the connection between us is undeniable. There is a strong and true love there. But I have my weak moments like most of your readers. So I come to your blog for encouragement and help.

    Thank you Nina, because without your blog I think this journey would be a much tougher one with far less hope than what I have today. I will say that when I’m aligned, he feels more right than anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. Like he’s my one true love, that our souls crave each other. That somehow we will find our way to each other. I just need patience, and to feel the joy and gratitude of him now. That can be tough.

    Please continue to encourage those of us who have weak moments. Because with these weak moments we lose our way a bit, and it seems start back at square one. My goal of 2016 is to take the wisdom I have and give in. Let go, and let it all happen however the universe sees fit.

    Lots of love to you, and those who yearn and crave for their one true love. I know this pain, joy, love and personal torment at times. It’s beautiful, truly beautiful. Revel in this beauty called unconditional love. It reminds you you’re alive.

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  4. Well, I just ruined everything. I asked my ex if he wanted to meet before I have surgery on Wed and he never responded. I followed up and no response. He hates me. He was talking to me but I ruined it. I am so mad and frustrated with myself. I can’t leave him alone and now I will probably never hear from him again. I am devastated. I don’t know what to do. 😔


    1. As soon as your feelings change, so will your external reality. Now, you feel that you ruined everything. As soon as you change that feeling, your reality will change as well.


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