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  1. I think I have an interesting story for comparison on this one 🙂

    I haven’t seen my guy since August and he initiates communication sporadically every month to check on me (I like to think it’s his way of making sure he stays on my mind) .

    On Christmas day I caught myself thinking it would be so nice to hear from him and kind of pondered on that for a few minutes, then moved about my day. I was having a great time with my family surrounded by babies and doggies which are like the two most positive vibe sending creatures ever created.

    As I was sitting having desert, his name popped up on my Whatsap feed wishing me a merry Christmas and calling me the nickname he hadn’t called me in a while. I smiled which started a whole different conversation with my family obviously but we had a nice little exchange and he told me he was really caught up with work, barely in town but soon he would be moving close to me and we would spent more time together. I was on cloud 9 but at the same time very even keel because as surprised as I was, I wasn’t surprised if that makes sense.

    Fast forward to the week after, I thought for new year I would send him a message to also show appreciation for him, so off I go sending a sweet message for new years wishing him all types of good things, reminiscing and even calling him a pet name. No reply.. i thought I was going to die of overthinking, he’d read it but didn’t reply. So as much as I could I tried to think positive, remind myself of what mattered, what I wanted and that I was awesome. It was a process though because I immediately made his not replying about me.

    The next day I was busy and travelling so distracted by tv shows and the hustle and bustle of travel with my phone turned off so i couldn’t obsess about why it wasn’t ringing or something.

    I landed, turned the phone back on with 21 notifications of which 15 were from him explaining why he hadn’t replied, wishing me all types of awesome and even calling me the pet name.

    On Christmas it came to me, didn’t stress about it, no expectations and everything was so easy. On new years, expectation, worry and me trying to make something happen made the process so much harder. I still got my reply but to emotional turmoil. It could only show up when i turned off my phone and completely disconnected from everything.

    in essence though he did contact me and I did get all the messages, I have to say they’re wonderful but they’re just messages 🙂 with him I have had the communication; the dates, the rides in his car, the hours long conversations, the pet names all the things you think you want to manifest but really that’s not it … you want the relationship, the feeling of belonging to each other and loving each other – you can have all the behaviors you think you want and not result in the tangible relationship…case in point 🙂

    I spent a long time focusing on why he didn’t write; or say things I wanted to hear, or didn’t tell me how he felt which were all fine but not what I really wanted which was for us to be an item, a couple in love with each other and committed to one another to build a beautiful love story and life together – Nina is right it’s not a set of behaviors we are manifesting, it’s a feeling.

    When we have it, text messages and phone calls are really just the extra stuff …

    Hope I helped 🙂

    Happy new year and may this year be everything you choose it to be 🙂

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    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Lily. Much help. I am over sending and receiving texts because I did all that. Also I received the messages but it wasn’t what I wanted. I think I learned the lesson Nina and you just taught very early. But it’s so good to read it again as a gentle reminder and soft nudge. 🙂
      I AM open to receive it and I AM ready. This is what I remind myself. I have reached that stage in my practice, trust and visualization that I am fine and satisfied visualizing him and get goosebumps thinking of physical manifestation. “Feeling” is so mine now…

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    2. Wow Lily thanks soo much for sharing that story. It totally resonates with what Nina said and I soo get it.

      ” … you want the relationship, the feeling of belonging to each other and loving each other – you can have all the behaviors you think you want and not result in the tangible relationship”

      You hit it on the nail for me with those words. That’s it!!

      Thanks to you Lily and Nina for setting me straight again. Really needed that. #sigh

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  2. I am so glad it resonates with you guys 🙂 i was really lucky to have access to this realization within such a short period of time.

    We focus so much on the behavior that we forget the actual desire, which I think is what is meant when Abraham hicks says ‘draw the essence of it to you’ or Neville says ‘assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled’ – behaviors are ‘cursed hows’, we are assuming that if you behave a certain way it means something.

    Granted when you’re in love you really want to be around the person you love and you might message them everyday but that is only during the honey moon period, when your brain is still full of endorphin – once you’re in that comfortable place in the relationship, the type that has a solid foundation .. none of that even matters anymore : you know you’ll hear from them, you know you’ll see them, you know you love them and they love you and it’s solid.

    In my case there really was a time we would message each other for hours as much as half a day spent on my bed talking to this guy, every single day – nicknames, pet names and lols, he would hug me and kiss me softly on the cheek when he’d see me jumping for joy, we would go to the movies or drinks by the beach and he would always pick me up… but he wasn’t my boyfriend because that was not my focus, I was stuck in the asking by focusing on sets of behaviors that supposedly mean he loves you and wants you to have his babies … so i got exactly that : a set of behaviors…. then when I realized it didn’t mean i was having his babies i got angry at the universe and him for leading me on – so clearly I didn’t want the sets of behaviors anymore … so they stopped … and I disintegrated into doubt and insecurity.

    It’s like all year I spent asking for the wrong thing, like being hungry and wanting a specific dish cooked a specific way but asking for food and not liking that you’re offered everything but what you actually want. I have that a lot when looking for parking, when I ask for a parking space I get pissed at getting the last one all the way to Timbuktu when what I meant was i want a space in front of the door so i barely have to walk from my car to the door. Universe doesn’t read minds, so you’ll always get what you ask for specifically … so make sure you’re asking for the right thing.xo

    Such an awesome realization to start the year 🙂

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  3. Hi Nina.
    I have one more question.
    In the past when I attracted people or things without even knowing what i was doing I never acted ‘as if’ or as if we were together or used props or anything that the LOA states that you should, etc. I knew nothing about the LOA, infact looking back at everything i ever received that i wanted, all i did was think about wanting it and never thought about it again and it showed up FAST. I remember with one particular person I was upset for ages, wanting them for them for ages, the complete opposite to what LOA says, then completely let it go and forgot about them as i had no way of getting into contact with them and they appeared a bit later down the track. I’ve never had to act as if. My question is do you really have to act ‘AS IF’ you already have your desire to get it? Or could it be in my thinking about them i was able to generate enough feeling to bring it too me? I just dont recall ever having to act or acting like I already had something i didnt. I just wanted it, did the opposite of what LOA suggests and then forgot about them completely and they showed up. Maybe it because of me and some of the other people i see posting on here that we want it to much and the only way to get it is to completely let go of it and not care whether it shows up or not. Another example, i was given some cuttings of plants a few months ago, one i particularly love, i gave this particular plant i really loved so much friggin attention because its so beautiful and it started to die for no reason while the ones i wasn’t that keen on or cared about were thriving. When i took my attention off the plant i loved it starting getting better and growing, i let go of whether or not the plant was going to be ok and it ‘came back’ Thanks. xx


    1. You don’t have to act as if – it’s an attraction method but everyone is free to use any method they feel comfortable with. You thought about it once, let go and received it fast – that’s also a great way. I use it all the time. Letting go the way you did is also what LoA suggests and acting as if is just as useful of a method but you have to choose what you like. Acting as if serves as a tool to obtain the feeling of having your desire already and be able to let it go – you let it go without acting as if, even faster so good for you!
      Those who don’t receive their desire fast are attached to it or don’t believe it’s theirs. Or, both.


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