14 thoughts on “THOUGHT OF THE DAY”

  1. Hi Nina.

    Thank you for posting such positive, current writings.

    I wish I could live as if I already had my ex back. One day I feel optimistic and the next I am sad. I think I am afraid of being delusional. I haven’t seen any proof my desire (a loving relationship with my ex) is manifesting or close to manifesting. I truly want to believe but don’t want to hold onto him and miss out on life. Does that make any sense?

    I may be creating the lack of our rekindled relationship by feeling the lack, but I don’t want to kid myself or give myself false hope.

    I have read a lot about how my vibrational frequency needs to match up with his. I am lost on how to do that.

    It is my true heart’s desire to be with him so I don’t want to give up, but I don’t think I should wait years for him to come back to me.

    I so want to live as if I have my desire but I am having such a difficult time with it. In the book, “Manifesting Love,” she says you have to let go and go no contact for a short time. I am doing that now. It is hard to not contact him for fear he will move on, but I believe it is a necessary step.

    As always, thank you for listening.


    1. Thank you 🙂
      To achieve, you just have to believe it’s yours. Then, action to be taken and the energy will suggest itself along the way and just align.


  2. Everyone needs to watch these 2 videos.

    I watched them last night and it’s changed everything for me!

    I am now in the space of knowing/having my actualization, i dont like the word manifest anymore because i feel that still leaves it open that you still have ‘keep trying’ – actualization is better and more powerful, you’ve actualized it, its happened! These 2 videos have made me stop jumping to conclusions or changing my mind which is what i was doing every few hours! It is the first time i woke up NOT missing him or questioning if i was delusional or even that it had to come now, or looking for signs or any of the other bs we are doing to ourselves. Take a listen to the 15 year old girls story by Dr Joe Dispenza then do the 3 minute meditation by Tarek Bibi. It’s SOOOOO powerful. It stopped all the bs i was doing and made me feel only love towards him.


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    1. Thank you, Gretta! It is nice to know I am not alone and I hope and want everyone to ne happy and fulfilled when (not if) their desires are delivered.

      Love to all.

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  3. Because of those 2 top videos….
    I just went an entire day
    NOT checking my mobile in hope for a message or call
    Not being upset and angry at him for not being here NOW,
    Not missing him,
    Not feeling sad or or unhappy,
    Not wondering why it ‘hasn’t worked’ yet or why he hasnt ‘shown up’ yet,
    Not changing my mind or swaying and looking at all the ‘BAD’ things about what comes along with him in the relationship, I’ve actually been able to embrace them and look forward to meeting the people around him.
    Not giving up.
    Not checking his facebook!
    Stopped interfering in the HOW or when. It doesn’t matter now when it shows up whether a day a week or a year or how it does.
    I feel happier and lighter and just know.
    I am now able to ‘remember’ how we went on a date the day before or the what we did the night before and it feels SO REAL!
    and most importantly its allowed me to let go with no fear AT ALL.

    That meditation is sooo powerful, i dont know what it did to me but if *i* have gone an entire day NOT doing any of those above things then i say do it daily, i’ve done it 2 times a day since yesterday, its amazing. When i see the ball of light and the universe putting the powerful energy into what you wnat to actualize i imagine hearing the ball buzzing and shaking and vibrating with how powerful it is.

    A miracle for me and i was struggling so badly, just ask Nina. Struggling! with everything. Every few hours I was changing my mind and judging him and hating him and changing my mind.

    Then tonight I found myself in his area, again, without intention. 🙂

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  4. Hi Nina I just was thinking over what you said on this post.. “you can’t have your desire and be missing it” …. but isn’t it natural to miss the one you love? Just like when you are together in reality like wives and husband’s miss each other when one travels or working a lot been to busy .. you miss them…. so kind of confused ? Why is it bad to miss ? I know my love loves me and our relationship is restoring behind the scenes. But when it’s good thoughts like when you see something that reminds you of something they did or how good they treated you? In my mind I say to myself Aww… I miss him.. just like you would miss your love if your busy schedule
    So what’s the difference between the misssing?? I know my love is here and it’s manifesting but I don’t want to hurt my End goal ( My relationship ) Thank you all help appreciate


    1. The difference is in the energy behind it. If you lovingly say you miss them but look forward to the next time you’ll be together, feeling happiness because you know it’s going to happen, that’s cleearly loving energy. If you’re upset about missing someone and feeling hopeless, that creates more missing.


      1. 👌got it… Thank you so much for clarification. . Got it.. I will just remind myself it’s the energy behind it.. Thank you. . Have a blessed day 🌻

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