From Fear to Freedom

Reacting to one’s negative thoughts indicates one’s lack of focus on their desired manifestation. This means there is resistance present around the said manifestation.

Deciding that your desire belongs to you already is a choice. This choice means a change is going to be made in your life when your desire manifests. You will have a new addition to your life with this change – question is, are you ready for it?

Those who entertain their negative thoughts are certainly not, even if they want to be. They have not dealt with the following fears:

  1. The fear of not getting what they want unless it happens today or tomorrow, in the specific way they imagined it. Because of this, they focus on how their desire will manifest instead of “living as if.”
  2. They feel uncomfortable about getting what they want now. They fear it! This fear can be resolved or it doesn’t have to be – another choice one has to make.

You may have wondered why you show zero resistance to the thoughts that were not your first choice. On the other hand, you must remove resistance from the thoughts reflecting your first choice. This can mean one of the following things.

  1. A sign of uncertainty in your desire – you may be unsure that living your desire could truly make you happy.
  2. Falling into the comfort zone of negative thoughts and no action instead of showing willingness to accept your desire into your life.
  3. Rushing to receive your desire as soon as possible simply because you fear of losing your “chance” to have it. You are rushing to see it because you simply can’t see yourself having it – an action contradicting the entire Law of Attraction process which states you only have to see yourself having your desire in your life.

I manifest rapidly because I believe in having my desire already. I count on manifestation because I directly ask the Universe for what I wish to receive…and if I asked, I must receive. I feel great about having my desire in my life. I write down what I want because it increases my focus and allows me to let go easily. I believe that I can manifest what I want.

Negative thoughts are useful for discovering more about yourself, especially when examining why they appear, in terms of who you are. What do your usual fears and thinking patterns say about you?

The day I found out what my fears said about my relationship manifestations was one I’d never change.

I was once in a relationship that was insufficient in various ways. However, I wanted to be in one with the type of person my ex was yet failed to feel for him what one should feel for their partner. He was simply not everything I was looking for and I needed to learn the difference between accepting someone for who they were or considering them insufficient. (This happened almost ten years ago and I broke off contact with him afterwards, keep that in mind.) This particular relationship had implanted limiting beliefs in me which I later worked to resolve. I avoided the possibility of long-term relationships for some time because I believed something would always go wrong.

My dislike for my ex’s shortcomings was much stronger than my adoration of his qualities. I should have chosen a much more suitable person instead of someone who possessed about half of the qualities I was looking for yet lacked the other half. I stuck it out for as long as I was able to accept him.

I had to become aware of all the differences between genuinely liking someone, accepting them for who they are but not feeling enough for them and actually wanting to be with them. In order to do that, I needed to become aware of how I perceived myself. Why was I with him? How did our relationship make me feel in terms of how I already felt about myself?

I have corrected my limiting beliefs since. I stopped fearing that something would go wrong and started to live my relationships instead. I also learned how to correct negative circumstances in a relationship instead of using them as an excuse to leave. I admitted to myself that I had used some of the problems as a potential excuse to leave.

After leaving this relationship, something I never had a problem doing, I asked a friend,

“Is anyone going to love me this much ever again?”

She said,

“They will love you even more.”

She was right. I knew she would say so but I just wanted to hear it. Never neglect your friends, especially those with so much heart – they love you and want to be there for you.

You either want to be in a relationship with someone or, you don’t. To some of the problems we experience, we assign the role of a catalyst to the breakup process. However, the only catalyst is the awareness you have and the general perception you hold of the person you are with as well as your relationship with them. One problem does not cause a breakup but a culmination of problems manifested in a specific set of circumstances does.

I have no regrets.

My twenties were a learning experience because I wanted them to be. I simply thought that if I enjoyed the relationships and the men I chose for what and who they were, for as long as it lasted, I would learn invaluable life lessons.

I did.

There is an abundance of opportunities in the world. A relationship can recover from any problem with enough love. Question is, do you want to be in it?

I either want to be with someone exactly as they are and because of who they are or I would not want to be with them even in the perfect circumstances. When one is aware of this, of what they want, attracting it into your life becomes much easier.

This relationship and breakup allowed me to learn everything I needed to about the process of detachment from a desire. Detachment is necessary in order to manifest, as you already know, which means you must be convinced that your desire belongs to you already while you continue to live your life happily until it appears. The relationship itself had come together fast but I was able to leave it while realizing that I wanted to be a complete person all by myself or I would never truly appreciate another.

The most important part of this process happened at the start. After deciding to leave this relationship, I said to myself,

“Life can only get better after this – you already know that so why hesitate?”

This particular experience truly made me see that negative thoughts are pointless.

Happiness is the only thing that makes sense.

It can be difficult for me to describe why only confidence makes sense. Loving your life, admiring all the beauty in it, being certain that everything is going to come together the way you want, being open to living the life you love and feeling worthy of it, staying confident even around all the naysayers you come across, changing their negative energy to better without trying…

You are not used to life being easy; unfortunately for you, life is supposed to be easy. To clarify, “easy” means having the courage to live a heart-driven life. When you do so, you are driven by desire for happiness, making choices accordingly. Suddenly, you are able to let go of everything that prevents your personal happiness. You realize what matters and what doesn’t.

It doesn’t matter what happened in the past. Your focus can easily be maintained to the thoughts of your desire if your resolve to manifest them is strong enough.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

6 thoughts on “From Fear to Freedom

  1. Hey Nina, last few days i have been struggling to get over fear..tapping eft style helps but only for the moment. I fear not getting my desire and i so want to feel that confidence I felt, that sure belief i held for a while that my desire already was. We have communicated with my ex several times but i think i have been expecting to see some positive ‘feedback’ that my desire is manifesting. Where is my confidence gone? Well its gone with the way he does not seem to want to make us work, he is so friend~zoning me its maddening! Do i.just keep doing eft whenever my confidence and belief hits rock bottom? Really want that feeling of sure belief and confidence again…it was like walking on air…not caring what i saw in the now , not worried about when this my desire is fulfilled…hmmm. How do i get back on the miracle all~things~are~possible train…

    Take care, C

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    1. You’re never alone dear 🙂 I suggest that you refocus on your original intention of the relationship you want and ask yourself why your fears came up. It’s all about the resistance in us. Why do you believe things have to go a certain way?
      Gretta’s videos talk about setting intention and doing a manifestation meditation, I’ve tried them and they’re good. However, ask yourself those qs. You want to know WHY you feel unworthy and why you believe things have/had to go a certain specific way.
      I do suggest EFT because as you get rid of negative emotion, it can look and feel different throughout the process. Ask yourself why you’re afraid and tap on those limiting beliefs.


  2. Nina, I think this is one of the best posts you’ve written so far. About an hour before reading this I thought to myself, “Am I ready to have this relationship I want?” And then I read this post. Everything you said here makes perfect sense. I love when you offer your own experiences. It allows the rest of us to see your thoughts from a really beneficial angle. Thank you!

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