From Fear to Freedom

6 thoughts on “From Fear to Freedom”

  1. Hey Nina, last few days i have been struggling to get over fear..tapping eft style helps but only for the moment. I fear not getting my desire and i so want to feel that confidence I felt, that sure belief i held for a while that my desire already was. We have communicated with my ex several times but i think i have been expecting to see some positive ‘feedback’ that my desire is manifesting. Where is my confidence gone? Well its gone with the way he does not seem to want to make us work, he is so friend~zoning me its maddening! Do i.just keep doing eft whenever my confidence and belief hits rock bottom? Really want that feeling of sure belief and confidence again…it was like walking on air…not caring what i saw in the now , not worried about when this my desire is fulfilled…hmmm. How do i get back on the miracle all~things~are~possible train…

    Take care, C

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    1. You’re never alone dear 🙂 I suggest that you refocus on your original intention of the relationship you want and ask yourself why your fears came up. It’s all about the resistance in us. Why do you believe things have to go a certain way?
      Gretta’s videos talk about setting intention and doing a manifestation meditation, I’ve tried them and they’re good. However, ask yourself those qs. You want to know WHY you feel unworthy and why you believe things have/had to go a certain specific way.
      I do suggest EFT because as you get rid of negative emotion, it can look and feel different throughout the process. Ask yourself why you’re afraid and tap on those limiting beliefs.


  2. Nina, I think this is one of the best posts you’ve written so far. About an hour before reading this I thought to myself, “Am I ready to have this relationship I want?” And then I read this post. Everything you said here makes perfect sense. I love when you offer your own experiences. It allows the rest of us to see your thoughts from a really beneficial angle. Thank you!

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