Are You Ready?

I find it necessary to explain in further detail  the process of one’s feelings when manifesting a relationship. Yes, we all know to ask and allow ourselves to receive but what about those unable to let go without understanding why? Those who feel uncomfortable without understanding why?

Just because I tell you it can all be overcome doesn’t mean I don’t understand your struggle. As always, I will also tell you how I do it and trust that it will help you.

Manifesting relationships requires absolute certainty of wanting a specific person and a relationship with them. I have to want to be with the man in question. Being aware of my preferences in choosing this man helps, as I am aware of why I like him and want to be with him. To give you an idea, I tend to admire a man with an open heart.

After deciding on a specific man, I love being absolutely intoxicated with the idea of being in a relationship with him as often as I can. When it comes to calmer moments, I still visualize situations of simply thinking, “I’m so happy with him.” That sentiment can come to me in any situation and I can feel it just by looking at him. I love to create our relationship in my mind and heart, with the help of my feelings. Imagining I have it already is always supported by vivid visualization of the relationship I love and enjoy. I love that the relationship is mine already simply because I’ve decided so. Feeling that I have it already motivates my actions from the start.

In the past, I shared my happy feelings for a specific man with my friends. If I didn’t, one of my closest friends knew there was a problem (with my feelings). She would then say,

“If you haven’t mentioned his name in a few days, it means there’s trouble in paradise.”

Today, I verbalize it less and differently. I am comfortable with change which allows me to accept my new preferences. However, the feeling of loving my relationship and the happiness of being in it (already) remain strong.

Once I calm down from the euphoria, I realize that all those positive feelings have truly made me believe my desire belongs to me already. This is the benefit of any positive feelings – they reshape your awareness. This is the reason why, if ever experiencing a lack of positive feelings, you are advised to go out and do something nice for yourself or someone else. You will automatically be filled with love!

In the moments of resistance, I already know it’s false because I believe in my relationship. Resistance feels weak because my belief is strong. This is why I only advocate working on the belief, as it obliterates anything else.

Once you begin putting all your energy into your belief and make a commitment to stop reacting to your fears, the belief will grow. It will feel real, strong and the resistance will actually feel false and slightly paranoid. Resistance never makes sense – many tend to come up with outrageous scenarios in their minds.

I have been called an amazing girlfriend in the past. I think one of the main reasons for it was because I dared to feel a tremendous amount of love for the man in question, our relationship and myself. If I wasn’t being called an amazing girlfriend anymore, I had already started to feel uncomfortable in the relationship.

The knowing my relationship belonging to me already is mostly calm. Various situations will give me butterflies but the overall feeling of knowing is steady and calm. The feeling of having everything I wanted evokes gratitude in me but is also calm because it is organic.

Being in your specific relationship has to feel natural to you – then, you’ll be open to living it. Living in your house feels natural so you remain in it. Your physical appearance is something you’re used to seeing in the mirror every day –  you offer no resistance to accepting that it’s real, as you see it every day. See what I mean?

Your relationship has to feel real and natural to you. In the cases of conscious creation, you simply have to develop new habits allowing you to perceive the relationship as real.

Be mentally ready to live your relationship. You can achieve this with simply feeling love and letting go. I believe one must truly feel good about themselves in order to be ready for their desired relationship. Happy relationships require happy and confident individuals who are also courageous and comfortable with themselves.

You might be looking for a solution that will change your thought process without you having to do it yourself – that is why some keep searching for the perfect LoA technique. However, the answer lies in a conscious decision being made on your end.

You might be wondering why so many suggest feeling gratitude for your desire, as if you have it in your life already. Well, the reason is gratitude evokes and increases the love inside you. Feeling truly grateful for your desire will expand your heart energy, allow you to feel love for your desire and appreciate your life.

Today, I’m just excited to see my parents and give them a hug. It’s enough.


  1. Hi NIna Beautiful post.. Thank you your so inspiring . I do have a question I really love and enjoy the website and all other coaching sites. But the question i have for you is . I know we are suppose to live as if. Living like we are already have our desire. My question is.. Are we showing lack if we keep on coming to these websites and postings to get advise.. i mean i really feel inspired when i ready these.. But we should already feel inspired right if we are supposed to be living as if. ? .So are we showing lack by continuing to come to these wonderful sites. Thanks your input it greatly appreciated..


    1. Just like anything else, the reason behind it matters. So, not if you just use reading about LoA to raise your vibration because it makes you happy 🙂 I do it – I read Rhonda Byrne’s books for simply raising my vibration and sometimes listen to subliminals. However, if you turn to different books and blogs because you feel that you don’t have your desire and keep looking for the perfect answer, it won’t work. You have to feel that you have your desire first.


  2. Thank you so much.. i love listing to Christian Music it is very inspiring, Your website has kept my Vibration leval so high.. The way you explain into detail has helped me so much. I have read the Secret it is a good teaching. but the way you go into detail about everything and the way you give examples and show us the way we are doing wrong that might hurt our desire and the way to correct us to get DESIRE.. is AWSOME….. Thanks for all your Help and advise.. I will be back to share my Story When my Love and I will be Getting Married.. ( Speaking in Faith) 🙂


  3. Hi Nina,

    I seemed to be making progress on a couple of fronts. First, I was really nervous about my rent increase, because my landlords sent me a notice that my rent would be going up $200 per month. I called them and explained that this seemed really high especially since I had a $200 increase every year since 3 years ago, and it was starting to be excessive. They told me that they would call me back, and I just decided to trust the universe that everything would work out for the best. I got my new lease renewal and it was for only a $5 increase per month 🙂

    Second, I had of course been working on manifesting a relationship with my specific person. I decided last weekend, to just send a simple hello just checking to see how he was doing. He ended up telling me that he was sorry for the way he had treated me, and to come visit and he would behave better. We started talking about planning a trip together and we had been trying for the first weekend in March, so I put some flights on hold so that we could decide on a destination. We’ve been going back and forth, and at the last minute he tried to push the vacation down a week. When I asked why it was because he said that his mom was coming and he had forgotten? It seemed a little strange to me, and something in his voice made me feel like he was not being totally honest, and I got a funny feeling in my stomach. I’ve had a bit of an issue trusting him in the past, because he never wanted to commit and was interested in other woman. Now, I’m feeling a little strange, I want to trust him and the effort he seems to be making for us to hang out together but this shook me a little. Oh, I also checked his facebook and he recently became friends with a very attractive woman.

    What are your thoughts? Is this me and my thoughts, or is it intutition telling me to watch out?

    Thank you,


    1. This tells me that you believe he will let you down more than you believe things are finally coming together in your relationship.
      I can’t tell if it was intuition but since it was something that came to you in an already upset moment, it could have only been a reaction to the past. The things you tell yourself in your moments of doubt, sadness or general negativity are usually wrong, as one doesn’t have a clear perception of things.
      Once you decide the relationship is yours and stick to that belief, knowing you CAN have it and that you deserve it, things will move along swimmingly 🙂


      1. Thank you Nina. What do you recommend I do. Last night I tried doing affirmations and visualization and it didn’t feel the same as it had prior ? And is there such a thing as intuition or is it more because our thoughts were already going in that direction to begin with?


    2. !snt News? Awesome. I am really happy to see that happening with you. Dear Universe I want some of this too in which my bills are low, products are discounted, getting offers on my cards, my rent is low and salary is high of course. 🙂 LOL.

      2nd News? AwesomeR!! It looks like to the extent your belief system has strengthened, your dude has changed too. Looking forward to Nina’s reply for her guidance. All the very best, Dear C. I just feel so overwhelmed with happy feelings when I see things improving in my life and others.

      Love and Light ❤


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