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  1. Hi Nina

    I was driving today in my car and it occurred to me that trust in the Universe maybe the issue that I see running through some of the posts. I hope that doesn’t offend anyone.

    I thought, wow, I am not trusting the universe. It was a light bulb moment.

    Anyway, although feeling good 99% of the time and not experiencing any of the things I have talked to you about on here again, I went onto YouTube and found a video by Brad Yates called Allowing and Receiving (EFT) – I only do EFT if i really feel i have to and I don’t judge myself for it anymore either.

    Anyway, during the video i started to cry, like really cry, that’s not happened to me before like that, that kinda cry, it was a fear cry, and I heard in my head, and I don’t think it, I know it, that I have uncovered the big, dark, ‘block.’
    For me to start crying I knew he had hit on something big and I heard myself say “I’m afraid, I’m scared.” (Started to cry again) – I am not afraid that I won’t get my desire. I think that voice within possibly means afraid of having and receiving love. I have to reiterate, its not a fear of it not actualizing, its a fear of receiving something good because I never have received love like I want on this level with him before.

    All i know is that I heard ‘I’m afraid, I’m scared.”
    And if you look back at my posts when i mentioned that i would yell at him in my head, i can now see how that was based in fear/ feeling scared and possibly wanting to keep the relationship away from me because I don’t know how to receive love, like how an animal who has been abused snarls and growls at someone who wants to love it. Sorry, that was the first thing that came into my head to compare it so you know what i mean.

    I don’t see this as a step backwards, i know Ive uncovered the big thing just by the way i was crying. It was like a cry of ‘i don’t know what to do with this, i haven’t felt this before, keep it a bay, I’m afraid.’

    Any thoughts? Thanks.


  2. It’s a receiving issue, right? I am afraid to receive good things because I am not used to it.
    I know it must seem like I am swaying, I’m not. I haven’t changed my mind at all, but I am glad this came up today because if you can’t receive then that means you don’t believe, still.
    I do believe things should and can manifest easily and quickly and when it doesn’t it is because there IS resistance/blocks, whatever you want to call them stopping you from RECEIVING IT.

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  3. Hi Nina. Thank you for the wonderful posts. Everything you say is so logical and makes sense but I feel I am still not over the hurt of the breakup. I try to feel as if I have the relationship already but it is quickly overtaken by negative feelings. I can’t stop thinking about how I once had the relationship I seek now and it broke down. I can’t get past the feelings of not being good enough to keep him. I can’t quit being afraid that if we don’t talk or see eachother, he will eventually forget about me. I truly love him but I just can’t get myself to fully feel as if I have the relationship when he won’t see me. I try EFT, writing, affirmations, visualization, but I still feel frustrated and sad. I feel helpless. I was seeing a ton of signs a couple of weeks ago and they all stopped. I don’t know what that means? My manifestation stopped?


    1. You just keep focusing on the lack of the relationship instead of working on your belief. Thing is, if you truly want it, you will work through the pain. Don’t do all the techniques – choose only the one or two that you like and truly enjoy. The goal is to feel good and believe the relationship is yours. When you do the energy clearing techniques, sometimes issues you have to work through keep coming up and then you start to feel better. You have to give it more than a few days because your need to rush it is also resistance. You also have to be happy without your ex before he can come into your life – by knowing that the relationship is yours before receiving it, you can be happy without him. When those limiting beliefs come, think thoughts that are completely opposite of them. That’s the way to get excited about the relationship xx


  4. Bea

    This is Brad Yates YouTube Channel

    He has THOUSANDS of videos. You might find some or a lot there that will help you get out of how you are feeling. There is a load more down the bottom of the page that brings up an endless supply of eft videos on things you may not even think maybe relevant but only after you realise it is. Like the video I posted above yesterday.

    I was up till 2 in morning tapping, I feel asleep at my desk and have woken with a very stiff neck lol . It was only then that i realized just how much I loved and wanted this to be – to be tapping to the point that i feel asleep.

    EFT sometimes has to be done over 10 times or more to clear something.

    Keep trying.


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    1. Thank you, Gretta. I appreciate your help. I tried Brad’s video and enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure how much/many I should do a day. I probably need several different ones.

      Thanks again. : )

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  5. It’s amazing how tapping till 2 in the morning brings you to the realization of how much you really do love someone. I remember sitting there thinking, wow, i must really love this person to be working on myself this much for the relationship to be easy and free also in the future. If that makes sense?
    My stiff neck and shoulder and back are a reminder today haha..x

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  6. Hi Gretta. It is sweet of you to think of me. I wish I had wonderful news to report.

    I feel worthless at the moment. I know I shouldn’t, but loving someone who apparently doesn’t feel the same way anymore has devastated me. I feel broken and afraid I can’t be fixed. I try so hard to be positive yet the silence of my phone haunts me.

    It hurts to not feel good enough to be loved. Am I such a bad person he can’t even talk to me?

    Thank you all so much for your support. I wish you all happiness.



  7. Nina and All.

    I was just reading over your previous post (Nina) and I spotted this and I think It’s crucial and I think I have found a way for people to get to the stage of believing/acting as if immediately.

    This was the paragraph – (“In the moments of resistance, I already know it’s false because I believe in my relationship. Resistance feels weak because my belief is strong.) ****This is why I only advocate working on the belief, as it obliterates anything else.”**** The last line being the most important bit.

    So. I thought what would it take to get everyone to the stage of believing and I turned on my computer and it bought up all the previous sessions/windows I had open on my computer and a Brad Yates video I had a played a few days ago started to play and I was just sitting and listening to him speak and I thought, what if a positive affirmation of gratitude for having the relationship was tapped on the points? Many people think that EFT can only be used to remove negative emotions and traumas but I know you can use it just for positive statements and affirmations.

    So for example, when tapping on all the points you would say, “I am so filled with gratitude and love for my relationship with my amazing boyfriend, Tommy!’ Thank you Universe!

    Or ‘I am so grateful and joyful for my amazing husband and marriage to Tommy! Thank you Universe!’

    After doing the allowing / receiving video I posted on here the other day it got rid of my fear of receiving after one round, because its fear, and its false, it was never true to begin with, just a lie I had bought into from people in my life that made me believe I wasn’t worthy of receiving.

    Anyway, so I wrote down possible beliefs that still may be lurking inside of me such as “he’ll never change his mind!’ “He’ll never go for this!” “I’m scared I will lose him!” whatever the things were I used to think and feel and say just to make sure nothing is still hiding within me. I then tested out the affirmations similar to the ones I wrote above doing 10 rounds of the affirmations I had chosen for myself. I then looked at the statements I had written about him not changing his mind, or not going for this, etc, and my brain wasn’t computing with what I had written! In fact I remember saying, “well that’s not true at all!” I was confused looking at the things I has written, I remember shaking my head because what I was reading made no sense!

    That’s when I realized I was in the belief stage and you can program your mind to believe/act as if with EFT, not just visualization.

    I recommend everyone try it. I would love to know what happens to you also after doing affirmations similar to the ones above.

    Thanks. Gretta.

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    1. Sounds great and you are having fun with it, which adds positive energy to your manifestation! Another reader was once talking about a positive EFT round and since EFT is such a free form technique, you can tap on your own affirmations. Brilliant 🙂


  8. When I was tapping those affirmations on the the EFT points I had the HUGEST smile on my face! I KNEW then that it was real and mine.

    How far have I come? Yowzah! Hi 5!


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    1. I like this one. I think I may try some of my own. I think my biggest blocks are:

      1. Trying not to live in the past and let go;

      2. Fear that second chances don’t exist and once you’ve broke up, that’s it and;

      3. Being impatient and being disappointed not hearing/seeing him.

      I will keep fighting for what I want, though! : )

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      1. Hi Bea. I know you can find ALL of those issues you stated above on Brad Yates YouTube Site.

        Try not to check your phone, infact just put it somewhere out of sight, if someone really needs to get to you they will try again. Or alternatively if you cant do that, put a pic of him as your wallpaper on your phone and when you see his pic, say “I am so grateful for my relationships with xxxx” or “I’m so happy with him” or “I am so blessed”



  9. Hi Bea

    One more thing, I hope you don’t mind me offering what got me to the place where i am now, I can see similarities of the things you say to what i was saying just a couple of weeks ago.

    ***The LOA says to focus only on the end result.***

    Imagine that those 3 beliefs you have are 3 trees in a Forrest. Those 3 trees WILL be cut down automatically by focusing on the end result which is KNOWING you have the relationship. They will automatically be cut down. I know this may seem strange to you but you could have a forrest full of limiting beliefs and getting rid of just one of those beliefs brings all the trees down with it! 🙂

    What got me to this point was Brads video – ‘Allowing and Receiving’ and ‘Feel that you have it.’ You should do these as many times as possible in one sitting to the point where you hear yourself say “The relationship is mine” or something similar to those words.

    I would also recommend writing affirmations out at night when you are sleepy, around 50 a night of the same thing “I am so grateful and joyful for my relationship with xxxx, thank you universe.’ Or whatever suits what you want to happen with your man. Just make sure the word grateful is in there and that the affirmation is in the present tense, always.’ – Do it every night, religiously, don’t miss a day, I believe this helped cement it for me also. I noticed that i started being more grateful for little things during my day when I started implementing these affirmations. It a win win because you are being grateful and affirming that its yours at the same time.

    I know walk around and catch myself saying “it’s mine, the relationship is mine” – It is not something i catch myself saying to encourage my belief, i just know it’s mine. All worry and fear has gone. It doesn’t matter when it happens or how it happens because i know I am already with him.

    It feels so good to get the place of knowing.

    Hope that helps some more.

    Have a good day!

    Gretta. 🙂


    1. Gretta,

      I don’t mind your input/help at all! It is much appreciated. Nina, you and everyone else have been so supportive and patient. It has helped me a great deal. I can feel the difference the EFT, meditation and visualizations making in my life overall. I am not sad/negative as often as I was and it feels good.

      Please don’t stop sharing your life, videos, etc. I always enjoy reading your posts.

      I am sending love to everyone on here. Stay positive and if you find the happiness from within, all your desires will be fulfilled.


      : )


  10. I just realized that it is my subconscious mind that is sending the messages to my conscious mind that I have the relationship when I hear ‘It’s mine, we are together.’ etc etc.

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