LoA and Health – How Does It Work?

2 thoughts on “LoA and Health – How Does It Work?”

  1. Hi Nina,

    I don’t know if this is something that you would know the answer to, but one of the things that a lot of non-believers in the LOA bring up, is the fact that some LOA teachers, particularly some famous ones, have had and died of cancer.

    They do bring up a point, if life is supposed to be good, why would someone who is an expert at the LOA manifest cancer in their life and as their way of dying? I know death is inevitable, but why would anyone manifest cancer as their way of dying, if they had control over the process?

    I’m just curious because it has been something that has troubled me in the past, and i was wondering if you had any thoughts or insight on this.

    Thank you,


    1. They could have attracted illness as a result of their negative thoughts throughout their lives or have had fear of illness. After learning they had cancer, they could have been fearful of not recovering or didn’t believe they could. All of those things are possibilities but I don’t know for certain except that they must have had disbelief in their recovery.
      Even some LoA teachers believe there are limits to LoA which makes little sense. This is why those who believe they can manifest anything actually do so while others feel and teach manifesting to a limit. You can manifest anything you believe but what exactly do you believe?
      See what I mean?


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