My Beloved Readers…

24 thoughts on “My Beloved Readers…”

  1. It’s only because you have given us a platform where we can discuss this topic freely. And you are a guru for this. Your suggestion to heart energylight really really works.

    Thank you Nina!!


  2. Dear Nina,

    Thank you for keep encouraging everyone of us! In order to direct my thought as positive as possible when I was alone, I usually read your articles or listened to the audios of Abraham Hicks. πŸ™‚

    So here I have a question about visualization. In the beginning of her speeches (, she mentioned β€œDo your affirming from your state of alignment and do your visualization from your state of alignment. Don’t use either one to try get into the alignment because it will get backfire on you.” I was confused because in my understanding I thought we can use visualization to make us feel good then we will get into alignment. So why will it get backfire on us?

    I understand I need to relax and believe the relationship is mine, but this particular thing is still on my mind: Since this is the third time my specific man pulled away, what I concern is his FREE WILL. Perhaps to him, he has determined to leave the relationship completely cause he has tried two times already. Will his free will make the process of manifestation more harder? Is there difference between the 2nd or the 3rd time that I attract him back?


    1. It means, first assume the feeling of having it and then visualize that.
      Every time you let go, the feeling of having it will continue to translate into your awareness and you will eventually believe that more than your negative thoughts which come up in the meantime.
      I’ll watch the video later πŸ™‚
      You have to stop focusing on him, as we said. You focus on what you want your connection and relationship to be πŸ™‚ How do you want him to feel about you? Imagine things that way πŸ™‚


      1. Dear Nina,

        When you know the relationship belongs to you, how do you live with your daily life? I mean do you feel like he is around you or you two are having a wonderful relationship?

        If so, is there any second that you’re aware the specific man is not around you yet, and at that moment you suddenly feel down? What will you react when it happens?

        Thank you! πŸ™‚


      2. Excellent question Fiona! When I know, I just go about my usual activities and when he enters my mind, I either naturally think we’re together or I remind myself that we are. If I have to remind myself, I just refocus on my positive thoughts. Sometimes, I forget about it almost entirely until it manifests, at least for some aspects of it. All kinds of manifestation ways have happened with me.
        When going about my life, I get all these ideas of how things would look like if he were there right now or what they will look like once he is. Those are all spontaneous visualizations that come to me or when I think of something I intend to experience with him, I think about how I want it to be so that it manifests that way.
        Does that make sense?


      3. Yes, most of what you described make sensed. πŸ™‚

        So you said “Sometimes, I forget about it almost entirely until it manifests, at least for some aspects of it.” Do the manifestations all relate to your desire or they can be possibly some goodies or evidences which not directly related to your desire?

        When you feel he is with you and you think how you want it to be with him together, how do you allow the processes to make you feel happy and having fun without the feelings of “missing him” or wondering “what he is doing?”

        Thank you!


      4. No, I literally mean until my desire manifests. In the meantime, I can see signs or not. I can let go entirely once I know it’s mine because I know that if I do, it manifests rapidly.
        Once I feel that I have it, I don’t have to do anything else. In fact, I am motivated to enjoy life as it is now, before it changes. I know all this excitement is waiting for me and that it’s coming but being grateful for that makes me even more grateful for my life today. I just capture the feeling of living my desire and once I feel it fulfilled, I can let go. I capture that feeling with visualization I put a lot of feeling into – that is my preferred method. When I feel like it, I remind myself that since I asked to receive my desire, I will – that is the law.
        Ask the Universe and keep focus by reminding yourself that since you asked, you must receive.


  3. Hi Nina.

    i just read something online and it confused me a bit.

    ‘Act as if’ V’s ‘being detached’

    If you are acting as if does that mean you still have to be in a place where if you don’t get what you want that is ok also? Thats how I interpret detachment, not caring whether it shows up or not. Or does detachment mean knowing you have it and then letting go? That would make more sense to me than not caring whether it happens or not. (?)



    1. To me, detachment is being OK now because you KNOW it’s all going to show up. When you genuinely don’t care when it shows up, that is also detachment but you don’t have to try and not care. I get all the results I want by feeling that I have what I want, letting it go and being sure it would show up because I asked for it. Trusting the Universe is the ultimate letting go in my book. Then, a million signs show up and I know even more that it’s coming. I am grateful for it and it shows up fast.


      1. Sorry, another question, Nina.

        Sometimes I speak to him like he in the house. Not all the time, just certain times of the day when i know he would be home with me.
        In my head, not out loud, similar to waking and feeling like he is next to me but actually hearing him call out or ask me something etc.
        Is this ok?

        I am finding also that i need to do less of any of it, visualizing, affirmations, etc etc – as i feel detached now. I don’t feel the need to visualize anymore or set a place for him when i eat, i have left the props there tho because i feel as if its already happened so why would i throw out his toothbrush? I just don’t feel like i need to keep doing things because i already know its coming/arrived. Its now like, ‘why do i have to do all this?’ i’m already with me, it’s starting to make no sense, because i have him. Make sense?

        AND the reason why i feel the need to back off from doing so much to ‘make sure i have my bases covered’ is because yesterday i asked the Universe for 300 dollars to do a course, today my dad randomly gave me 300 for no reason at all.
        I asked ONCE, all i said was ‘Universe, 300 dollars to do this course’ and forgot about. I was careful not to use the word need or want. So i kept it to the point just saying the amount and what it was for.
        I find, maybe just for me, but maybe for a lot of people, the more you want, the more you do, the slower it gets. Asking once and forgetting about it seems to be the way to go, for me away.

        I feel completely relaxed now and don’t feel the need to do anything, i’ve already asked now its time to let it go and ‘let it come.’

        Is this all ok?

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      2. It all sounds great to me πŸ™‚ What you just said is the quickest way for everybody. I use it all the time.
        Be as sure that you’re doing it correctly for your relationship as you are for money and friends – I read both your comments πŸ™‚ Besides you, another person has told me today that they manifested three new things in one day and realized all over again that it was as easy as living and breathing!
        Congrats on all your amazing manifestations!!


      3. I also asked to make 10 new friends, as I have disconnected from my friends because they don’t want to heal or fix their lives, they instead want to speak about their problems for hours on end that is ruining their life and mine by having to hear about it all the time, when they could easily use something like EFT and even more powerful things I know of, but still refuse to do it. It wasn’t a hard decision either to cut myself loose from being in that constant vibration of lack, want, drama, pain etc.

        Yes, so i asked to make 10 new friends who are interested in this one very specific thing I am interested in and I just got an invite on facebook to an event where EVERY SINGLE PERSON there has this one specific interest that I am looking for to make in new friends.

        Again, I only asked the Universe once, I felt that i really wanted it and recognized that the vibration of want is going to ruin it, so I let go and said, “universe, i would like to make 10 new friends who are into XXXX’ forgot about it and viola, it’s already starting to happen. I did take inspired action to started adding people who had this specific thing in common BUT this event I was invited to is only for practitioners and I am NOT a practitioner, but she said she would be very happy for me to come along regardless.

        All i did was ask once then let go of any want or need or desperation that i felt because i did feel a bit panicked at not having friends or anyone, i am usually on my own all the time, hence why i post on your site a bit to much somedays, nina (haha) – and now this Saturday I will come into contact with so many people in my city that have this specific thing I am interested in.

        I’ve learnt to recognize immediately the ‘bad feelings’ want, lack, no trust, desperation, need, that keep me from getting the things i want quickly and let them (the bad feelings) go and let it go immediately after I ask for it, knowing it WILL happen.

        Oh my goodness. This feels so good. To not be in a state of need or want or desperation or sadness or impatience etc.


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      4. I asked to dream about him right then before i went to sleep and he was there in my dream. I’ve only dreamt of him once before and that was when he was telling me to ‘let go’ a year ago.
        We saw each other but were having fun with other friends so we were kind of walking past each other. I got the sense that he wants this still but holds himself back. He did always deny himself everything and admitted to that.
        Either way, I asked the Universe to let me see him in my dream and it happened immediately. All it really takes is absolute trust in what you’ve asked for. Whether its a dream or anything else.

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      5. Hello dear πŸ™‚ Well, I sometimes ask for a specific sign and other times, they simply suggest themselves. Signs can be specific songs, animals, words or numbers, in addition to anything else that reminds you of your desire.
        However, you may never look for signs. I also call them “reminders” instead of signs because I say that they remind me of what I now have with my new manifestation πŸ™‚ They remind me I have my desire already.
        You can ask for a specific sign and it can be anything you want.


  4. Yep. I agree.
    Act as if / knowing it will show up is the same to me and being ok with the situation now.
    It’s about being totally relaxed and trusting that the Universe will deliver, when the time is right. Yes, I now believe/see that TRUST in the Universe is the most important thing. If you’re trusting there is no other option but for it to show up and now I am at the stage where I want him to be ready when he is ready also. Before all my anxiety was coming from having to rush it. I want him to be happy too. I have so much gratitude for him now, its unbelievable.


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