Why “Me” Time Matters

6 thoughts on “Why “Me” Time Matters”

  1. Hi Nina, Thanks for this post and mentioning the importance of music. I have been searchign for something that spoke about it. I’ll share something with you…

    I have realized that music on my player that i have now set to Shuffle as I read somewhere that it’s one of the ways to feel synchronicity, plays music according to my mood. For instance when I was all into someone and feeling the opposite of being together, my player played sad songs. I always manifested female singers like Adelle singing way too much. (LOL) When I shifted my feelings to him feeling all those stuff about me, I started manifesting songs that spoke exactly the same feelings. A week back i told him that I was about to leave our office, though he never said “Please don’t go/leave” yet which I want to manifest the songs I have been listening to are something related with the feeling like – don’t go, why r u going, etc etc. I also feel that when I am very much positive without any doubts songs that we have shared with each other starts playing.

    It might be my head too. But I can feel when my heart feels it like a congestion in my heart or like someone is stuffing something. My heart feels like it would explode… I really dunno how to interpret and if you could help me understand …

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Love and Light.


    1. I think you wanted those songs to be the signs of your desire manifesting but it sounds like you might have been looking for/trying to manifest signs. Signs follow awareness so just work on that 🙂


      1. Can you please elaborate on that? Yes, I think I wanted universe to show me some signs… but I have asked them a few times only…

        Looking forward to your reply.

        Thank you.

        Love and Light


      2. There’s a difference between asking for signs and looking for them. When you ask for them, let go but never “look” for them; otherwise, you’ll be manifesting signs instead of the relationship.


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