Why “Me” Time Matters

Enjoying “me” time removes need and excessive attachment to one’s desire, allowing them to enjoy their life fully and rapidly manifest entirely new miracles.

“Me” time is another positive concept which society has spun into negative, pegging it selfish and unnecessary. “Me” time allows you to reconnect with your essence and true desires, giving you a chance to be grateful for everything you have.

I love my personal time. Going to a spa, reading a book, watching movies, long walks, meditation, even shopping all by myself in some cases can give me exactly what I need. I love and deserve it; my private time reminds me of everything I love, have and deserve in life. You can feel the same way and you know it!

Much of my work is also created in private but that is an entirely different story.

Many Law of Attraction teachers advocate pampering oneself as a method of expressing self-love as well as raising awareness of one’s value. I absolutely agree.

When you start to treat yourself the way you deserve, you will only accept the same from others.

“Me” time allows you to raise your vibration as you remind yourself of how rich and wonderful life is.


Nothing raises my vibration as effectively as a song that describes my feelings. I’m a music fan that manifests the perfect song of the moment without effort and recommend this to everyone. So many of us love music and can use this extremely easy way of raising our vibration.

Personally, I can kill an entire day listening to the same song on repeat while going about my work and errands. Connected to my desire, this particular song gives me effortless visualizations and makes me happy, preparing me for receiving and living my desire.

Your private visualization time with music on makes for fantastic “me” time.


  1. Hi Nina, Thanks for this post and mentioning the importance of music. I have been searchign for something that spoke about it. I’ll share something with you…

    I have realized that music on my player that i have now set to Shuffle as I read somewhere that it’s one of the ways to feel synchronicity, plays music according to my mood. For instance when I was all into someone and feeling the opposite of being together, my player played sad songs. I always manifested female singers like Adelle singing way too much. (LOL) When I shifted my feelings to him feeling all those stuff about me, I started manifesting songs that spoke exactly the same feelings. A week back i told him that I was about to leave our office, though he never said “Please don’t go/leave” yet which I want to manifest the songs I have been listening to are something related with the feeling like – don’t go, why r u going, etc etc. I also feel that when I am very much positive without any doubts songs that we have shared with each other starts playing.

    It might be my head too. But I can feel when my heart feels it like a congestion in my heart or like someone is stuffing something. My heart feels like it would explode… I really dunno how to interpret and if you could help me understand …

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Love and Light.


    1. I think you wanted those songs to be the signs of your desire manifesting but it sounds like you might have been looking for/trying to manifest signs. Signs follow awareness so just work on that 🙂


      1. Can you please elaborate on that? Yes, I think I wanted universe to show me some signs… but I have asked them a few times only…

        Looking forward to your reply.

        Thank you.

        Love and Light


      2. There’s a difference between asking for signs and looking for them. When you ask for them, let go but never “look” for them; otherwise, you’ll be manifesting signs instead of the relationship.


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