Bring Out the Best by Giving Your Best

Weeks ago, I experienced a problem with a business associate. A slip had happened and finances suffered. At first, I barely reacted and just said, “It’ll all be resolved.” Easily obtaining the money to patch up the financial end of the story, I then got into a slight disagreement with the said associate over the entire situation. I openly expressed my disapproval to them and they reacted accordingly.

Then, I stopped to reassess.

I genuinely liked working with this person and I knew they meant well but had gotten upset because I blamed them for the problem. However, studying energy reminded me it was me who had attracted those problems in the first place and I knew exactly how. I also knew that this entire event was happening due to a raise in vibration I had been experiencing and would only make room for something even better in my life.

Over the next few days, I was able to calm down about everything. After a week or so, I emailed my associate and we spoke as if nothing happened. Prior to that, I had asked the Universe for our relationship to bounce back and become positive again. We continued to talk as if nothing happened whenever we had something to discuss. Then, I did something that mattered to me because I care about who I am as well as my own integrity and happiness. I apologized to my associate for my reaction to the entire thing and decided to put it behind us. After all, there are more important things in life than disagreements, in my opinion. The only thing that mattered was whether or not I wanted this to change our relationship.

I hadn’t gotten an apology in return but let the whole thing go anyway. I worked with my associate as if nothing happened, fully moving on or starting over (depending on how you see it). Over the next few weeks, up until yesterday, my associate surprised me in the ways I never thought were possible. They arranged for the entire situation to be fully resolved through new contacts, making all the effort to solve it for good. They handled all the paperwork and the story ended yesterday when I found out that I would be reimbursed for all the charges that had been made.

I never asked for this but received even more miracles than I had asked for. All I did was accept the situation, apologized for the bad and saw the good in my associate. I had decided that the entire situation was irrelevant because I did my part in attracting it into my life and could then move on, deciding that I didn’t want my professional relationship to suffer as a result.

After the final meeting I had taken yesterday to resolve the issue for good, I went for breakfast with my mother. Then, we did a little shopping (buying things we’d both been thinking about for weeks) and I headed home, making an appointment for a beauty treatment several hours later. In the meantime and after my visit to the beauty salon, I got work done. Everything aligned perfectly, showing me all over again that Law of Attraction is a way of life.

This story provided several valuable lessons.

Appreciating another person just as they are and focusing on the good in them comes back to you tenfold. When you give love, appreciation or acceptance, you always receive even more of it in return.


Feel good about yourself. Be convinced that you bring quality into everyone’s reality and every situation. Feel deserving of the good things in life.

I was convinced I brought something amazing into the situation by apologizing. I felt good about myself due to this particular approach.

Always do what makes you feel good. Follow your heart. Make the decisions you will stand by.

Because ultimately…

Giving your best to another makes them want to do their best for you.


  1. Hi Nina,

    It’s a wonderful post and a valuable lesson to take away. I am proud to say that I learned this lesson in LOA that I see and feel what I want to and my reaction just amplifies that further. Sometimes, I am a creator by default and working on achieving the goals where I can create deliberately all the time.

    By the way, I am addcited to your blog. There are other blogs I check out too but yours is always open in my browser and I keep refreshing to see new posts and comments. Is there away to increase the numbers of latest comments to 10 or so, I am tslking about the widget that tells about latest comments at the bottom of the page.

    Also your comments on quantum shift is amazing. i was so thrilled to read that… Please do a post on that too.

    Many thanks for everything you do…

    Love and Light

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    1. I tried to change it but it only says that it shows new comments.
      Thank you so much 🙂 I will, those are some fascinating sensations which I love 🙂


  2. Nina.

    Yesterday I asked the Universe for $100 dollars. I said I didn’t care if i had to work for the $100.00 dollars I just would like $100.00

    This morning I get a call to make some Superfood Bliss Balls. They really only should have given me $20 dollars for the hour, but she loved what I did so much that she ended up giving me $100 dollars cash! She gave me a recipe she wanted me to follow but I didn’t follow it at all, I made the balls I wanted too, I added my own feelings of what would make the Balls even better. She just text me and said ‘These balls are bloody awesome, I just sold them all!’ (Even tho she has made no money on it I got my $100.00 dollars! And even tho I changed the recipe on her I got my $100.00 dollars plus a very happy lady) 🙂

    Ok. This is what i did, again to attract money like I did a few weeks ago that I mentioned on here. I asked for the $100 dollars. I imagined the 100 dollar note in my hand and feeling the paper. I imagined putting it to my face and smelling the money. I said thank you for it and then **I forgot about it completely** and she calls me this morning and I now have the $100 dollar note in my purse.

    That’s how fast I can manifest. I don’t know if you also recall my actualizing of the lemons? When I was walking down the street and saw my neighbors lemon tree and thought “Gee I would really love some Lemons, I could taste them in my mouth, I could smell the smell of the lemons like when you cut the lemon open, but could see from the foot path that I wouldn’t be able to reach the top of the tree where all the yellow ones were. **I forgot about it.** Kept walking to my local shop, got what I needed, walked out of the shop, took a different route by going behind the shops to get home and an old man comes up to me out of nowhere and says “would you have any use for some lemons?’ I looked down at his hands and he had 3 lemons in his hands.

    That’s how fast it can and should be. Any kind of resistance or any doubt slows things down to nothing or worse yet, not getting your desire at all. I still look at the things I want to see they still haven’t arrived. The Vintage Mint Bicycle, The Vintage Trestle table, etc etc. Why? Cause I want them so bad and **never forgot** about them! I still ‘look for them’ instead of letting the Universe give it to me.

    Any kind ‘not forgetting’ kills the manifestation! So looking for a text back or a phone call or looking for anything, even signs, to me, is affirming that you haven’t forgotten about it and are not in the place of not caring if it does either. This is not the same as ‘this or something better” You simply are not fussed either way and That is what I feel seals the deal. When you **forget about it completely** or get into the space of not being fussed either way, all resistance is automatically removed. This may work better for people then for them having to try and act like they have it and get on with life cause as soon as something goes wrong, take my meltdown last week, its the end of the world, but if I was in the place of not caring whether I ever get him, I don’t believe what he did would have affected me at all.

    They say ASK BELIEVE RECEIVE but this is what I think is the ‘secret formula’

    Ask. ‘I would like or Dearest Universe’
    Senses – See, touch, taste, smell, hear.
    Emotions/Feelings – Joy, love, etc
    Forget completely and not be fussed if it shows up or not. Which kills all resistance because if you are not thinking about it you are not resisting anything.

    This also goes back to a relationship expert I saw say that he ended up with the woman of his dreams because she didn’t need him.

    Forget completely = don’t be fussed whether you get it or not = you get what you want.

    That above seems to be the only way that I manifest the things that I want because when I don’t care whether I get it or not it shows up immediately.

    When I look at the money and the 100 dollar bill and then my situation with him, I can see that forgetting completely about those things sent them to me immediately and this ‘no forgetting him’ keeps him away from me. Any resistance stops everything.

    I don’t see letting go and forgetting completely as the same thing. I feel with the phrase letting go that a lot of people may have to much fear attached to it such as, ‘well i’m letting go now and hoping for the best’ but if you just forgot and moved on with life there’s no fear because you don’t care either way because you’ve already surrendered knowing that whatever happens you will be ok.

    I am of the opinion that you need to forget the person completely. Any thoughts? Do you see anything I should be aware of?

    I only attracted the people I wanted when I forgot about them completely.

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    1. First of all, brilliant story with the money 🙂 And I remember the lemons 😀

      You’ve described the process correctly but let’s expand on it.

      You have said before that letting go works for you and we discussed what that means. I had also explained it on various occasions but many still struggle with being able to do it and not cling to their desires. Clinging to one’s desire is a problem for some and it’s always due to disbelief. You are correct to say that everyone IS going to be OK no matter what but there are several ideas behind letting go and yours is one of them.

      Your way is correct and fast and everyone wants to manifest easily. Thing is, everyone manifests instantly when letting go to the point of forgetting about it, that part is a universal thing, but the part I advise to those who say they can’t let go so easily is working on their belief because those who do believe let go automatically. Belief and letting go are connected.

      The other aspect connected to letting go is truly not caring whether the desire shows up or not but sometimes, people just care that their desire comes. That part is connected to the belief of receiving it which is still not strong if they cling to their desires.

      You’ve described the process very well and have said before that letting go is the way for you. I do it all the time and I agreed. I occasionally refuse to let go while I am still deciding what my manifestation should be and look like. Otherwise, once I’ve decided, I know it’s mine and I do it.

      When you describe them as such concepts, neither letting go nor forgetting about it sound good but they can work together or don’t have to. Some still find their desire crosses their minds but if they see it as something that they have and are happy about, they can let it go to manifest.

      My method is knowing that what I want is mine and then, I let it go. It always manifests and I only have to visualize it once. Being clear on what you want and feeling good about it are necessary factors included.

      However, for some individuals, your way of letting go because you know that you’re OK with whatever happens is even faster than convincing yourself your desire belongs to you. They’re all valid methods of letting go and manifesting so different individuals can choose different ways of looking at it. However, they all come down to the same concept.

      The most important thing you said here is that you are OK no matter what. This is a very valuable reminder because people use manifesting in the first place to be alright; they want to be happy but you provided a great reminder that they already are xx


  3. Hey Nina, I wanna ask you this here, since I haven’t read anything like this on your page.
    I am having an appointment with a tattoo artist in two weeks, I also have the picture (is that the right word?) for it already. It’s the word “focus”, which has several different meanings for me and I originally intended it to be placed above my belly button, but since I got the another wording at my left side of my body this now looks really, well, not so esthetic anymore. The designer for this tattoo told me to place it behind my ear, which I was thinking about right before she told me, however with another tattoo, and also right now I am working in the service as a side job and you know I have short hair. So that means I have to somehow cover it up. I really want this on my skin, but I have no clue where. I have several tattoos, quite big ones actually, but they can’t be seen, I kind of have this belief that my parents and some of my friends (???) will judge me. So my question to you now:

    1. Any way how I can first find the right placement? Well, I do have another one in mind, which is my hand, but this is visible again… Or maybe I should just trust that this is a good placement and no one will judge me?
    2. How can I change my belief about this? So I can be just relaxed and show my tattoos openly with the people I feel right now are going to judge me? I feel like you’re are going to say, either EFT, or be more self confident haha

    Thanks a lot as always 🙂

    BTW. gretta, I love the steps above. But I sometimes fear things manifesting, even though this is completely ridiculous, like why should I not be able to get the bus if I intended it (I always do :DDD) Then I just tell myself that it has to happen, because I asked for it and so far it always happened! That’s what I am trying to shift with relationships and other big things as well. I dunno the bigger picture and I asked for it, so it has to happen. Lately I feel loved for no reason, like I’m going for grocery shopping and suddenly I receive this energy and her name pops up, not sure if I’m delusional or if I should trust that but in that moment I just decide to trust it.
    I once wanted an iphone, but somehow life took a big change and I felt in that moment that I don’t needed it anymore. But when I was focusing on that, I swear EVERY SINGLE PERSON passing by had one. I felt like I hacked the matrix lol

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    1. Do this – imagine that you’re talking to someone about your new amazing tattoo after having gotten it. Tell them exactly what you told me: “It’s the word ‘focus’ which has several different meanings for me. The designer for this tattoo wanted to place it behind my ear, which I was thinking about right before she told me, however I have short hair. So that means I had to somehow cover it up.” As you imagine telling this to a friend, someone you know will be very excited about your new tattoo, the perfect place for this tattoo will suggest itself spontaneously. Immerse yourself in this visualization, feel very light about it and you’ll see what happens 😀
      A friend of mine did the same thing as you with an iPhone on the same day you wrote this post 🙂 She had asked to see a specific dog breed as a sign and saw one only seconds later.


      1. Okay will try this out and get back to you, or maybe just send you the pic in two weeks 😛
        Hell yeah, I did this with corgis once. The whole park was full with them, even saw a photoshoot with ones. Very cute 😀

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  4. Just a thought. Could it also be easier to manifest $100 or lemons or a red coat because those are items and not a living human being? A person has free will, their own thoughts, beliefs, etc. that may be contradictory to what yours are and that is why a relationship with them is more difficult to desire.

    I don’t think I could completely forget my man. In fact, I know I can’t. Does that mean my desired relationship will never happen? The only way I could forget him is if I decide to give up completely on trying to be with him and, even then, I would still think of him.

    I feel a relationship is much harder to manifest than a material item. I think it is fantastic to have the ability to manifest things whether instantly or not, I just wish it was easier for relationships. Of course there is more attachment or want with a love attraction than wanting a rubber ducky. Lol.

    I am mostly just thinking out loud and wishing I was in my man’s arms right now. I love him but it is not reciprocated. I still look at my vision board and visualize, but I feel my heart isn’t in it as much because of feeling disappointed. If he wanted to be with me, I wouldn’t need the LOA. I found him (and others) before I was aware of it. I think I am just grasping at straws now. Trying desperately to not face the real truth that it’s over. : (

    No reply is necessary. You have been wonderful, Nina. Some people just cant be helped and I am one of them.


    1. Bea,

      One thing I have understood for sure after practiving LOA … IT’s ALL ME!! IT’s ALL MY THOUGHTS!!

      When I think of something positively, there is a hidden contradictory negative thought silently pops. That is the time when I loudly say to myself “THIS IS NOT TRUE”. To make myself feel good even if it is a lie.

      I’ll give you an example: In July he decided to go, I started practicing LOA in September. Till November he used to hide whenever he saw me (we are in same office). Just to make myself good – I started affirming and visualizing that he is looking at me, he loves having me around, he is sneakingly looking for me, visulaized he is sitting right across the cafe and looking at me without getting intimidated. (He was doing all this because he had pulled the plugs abruptly. I am a great girl!! 🙂 ) and this all happened… he got so comfortable that he looked at me without blinking while he was with his friends (I also said these affirmations and made myself believe that his friends have good thoughts about me. because you know how friends start behaving when somebody walks out of relationship).

      But one thing was still there. He did not read my messages or read them after two days three days… but he did not reply to them. I worked on that the same way and it started happening in December. I got ore comfortable and I visualized us meeting, having good time… we met in January. Till today the status is he is always ready to meet me. If I say I wanna meet, he would meet. Not that he cannot initiate himself… but this is what I am working on. And tomorrow I know he will but before that I have to make myself understand that I am confident and happy without him. when it will happen tomorrow, I would not feel bad about anything.

      Last but not the least… he pulled off the plugs in past because I constantly thought about that happening anytime.
      And this story is specially for myself that IT’S ALL ME and MY THOUGHTS!!

      Do I feel tired sometimes? Do I cry? Do I look at What is? Yes, at times.

      I know asking for signs not believing it compleltely. But I ask to myself feel good. It is magical that whenever I ask what should be my next step or path in order to make it succesful? I get only one answer all the time wthin minutes… JUST CHILL

      When I ask if it is really meant to happen and we are really connected? There is just one song which we shared first when we started talking plays… that one song. MAGICAL and I am so grateful.

      And there is so much more about signs and my LOA practice that no matter what people say – I just go back to signs once I am really really really in a fix. I am human and I feel what if I irritate my angels and universe… LOL.

      So in the end, Let it be – when a contrast happens “ask your heart what it wants” (Nina’s suggestion I always follow) – when you know your heart wants affirm:visualize:feel it – send heart energy whenever you can and to everything you can – I just send heart energy to anybody walking on road, to an object that I love – ask for signs if you are really, losing hopes, faith is shaking etc. – Let it Be.

      We are doing everything to make ourselves feel good… feel good.

      And one more thing that I learned on the first day when I googled LOA and opened a post… I don’t even remember the name of the blog. It said “Whether you believe in LOA or Not – you will not lose anything.” I would add “whether you learn anything or not by practicing LOA – but you learn to be happy for no resons. No matter what type of person you are – a erson who would send good vibes and walk away if something bad happens. OR say F%^& YOU and walks away. Either way you are HAPPY”

      I wrote all this for myself first… because what you wrote in your comment is something that does pop-up in my mind at times…

      So hope you are okay with that!!

      Thanks. Love and Light to you. ❤

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      1. Great examples – you expected his attention but also expected his resistance in communication in this way.
        When you look at what is, use it to ask yourself if you still want it or just fine tune your idea of the perfect relationship you are manifesting with him. You can add things to the list if you explore what is important to you 🙂


      2. Lightline, this is crazy, there are three people knowing I am going back where she lives, and I told them I don’t know if I am nervous or what to do (that happened before I posted anything here) and all of them told me “just chill” and it keeps coming back to me.
        So now, I have my friend’s voice whispering to me “just chill” everytime i feel like resistance is coming up.
        So let’s just do it, just chill and see things unfolding 😀

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    2. It is equally easy to manifest anything. Everyone can be helped so never feel hopeless. You just need to reconnect with your personal sense of value, imagine having your desire, trusting you are going to receive it and feel happy about it, completely worthy of it 🙂 xx


  5. Bea…

    That’s what I was thinking Bea, that it could be easier to manifest 100 because its not a living thing but really EVERYTHING has energy, money included. Money IS energy. Everything is energy.


    Tonight I told my friend that I don’t see that regularly what happened and she has always been very supportive of me regarding this guy, I know I am not to focus on the bad, but they sensed what happened. I didn’t deny it.

    **He has pulled out of the event entirely.** I will still go no matter what. I can’t let his shit stop me.

    I know you say to not focus on what he is thinking but all i want to know is 1) did he pull out because the thought of him touching me makes him feel sick or 2) did he pull out because the thought that something might happen between us? 3) Why does he always pull out right before we are meant to come into contact with each other? Number 3 is what I really want to know the most.

    She said he wouldn’t have said yes from the beginning if it was the thought of touching me. But in his response he said he didn’t feel comfortable with the whole hands on thing because of our past. As i said I know I shouldn’t be focusing on what he is thinking.

    Then she got a coin and said “Tails you stay, heads you forget about him forever and move on with someone else”

    She got Tails. 3 times.

    It was only when I saw the coin in the air that i realized what I really wanted and hoped for.


    1. Gretta,

      I think he is pulling back because he is afraid of what might happen between you two. I don’t feel it is because touches you would make him sick. It is obvious he has some interest in you or he wouldn’t have agreed to go and talked to you about it. I think he is conflicted.

      Just my two cents. : )



    2. A part of the answer to number three is that you continue to have this experience repeated because you have come to expect it every time. Expect to receive what you want! You can do that by believing it is yours. Then, you will naturally expect it to happen and let go.


  6. It is no different to attract a person or a lemon or money or anything you want because I have attracted whatever i wanted including in November 2015 having my house renovated for free at the cost of $30,000. All i did was imagine touching my white stone top kitchen and seeing my wood floors and feeling them under my feet and seeing my newly painted walls. Approx 3 months after visualizing all this I forgot about renovating and felt defeated because, where was i going to get the money to do this? I was again interfering with the how and when. I get a phone call from my mum saying they had sold some shares and they were going to be giving my brother and I a bit each and would I like to have the house renovated by them? I got my white stone kitchen, i got my wood floors and I got my white walls. It is no different to manifest an ant then to manifest a person but from what I can see you either need to back off entirely and let it go after involving all the senses and thanking in advance, yes acting as if. I do remember saying thank you for my new white stone top kitchen! etc etc.

    I also manifested a car in 2015. I really needed a car and and I had been looking at one in particular and I said to the Universe if this car isn’t for my highest good don’t bring it to me. I only said that because I’ve always felt a bit off buying second hand cars. I didn’t get the car and I am glad I didn’t because 2 days I was laid off from my job so I wouldn’t have been able to make the repayments and then the day after i got a message from a friend who said “I am looking to buy a new car and I was wondering if you needed one? He gave me an 11 year old car that looks like it just came off the showroom floor, no dents, no scratches, the inside smelt like brand new still, he loved this car so much he drove it around Australia and cried when he gave me the keys because of the sentimental value – not only that he paid for a year of registration, bought new mats, had her detailed, filled her up with petrol, installed a brand new CD system and she is the most amazing car I have ever had in my life. She never skips a beat. She is silver and I called her Rayne and every time she gets me to where I need to be i thank her and rub the dash board. Yes, i do do that. Every time. Give her a rub and thank her.

    I meet a guy called Chad when i was 13 – I thought i was so in love, i was 13 for christ sake! Haha.. I was so upset I wanted to be with him so much i did nothing but think of him and wish we were together. Then one day I forgot about him, completely, but it took me freaking forever to get over him! At 15 years old I went to my Uncles and he said “Chad has been asking about you” We ended up spending 7 years together. It didn’t last because I knew it wasn’t meant to be forever. I already knew going in. I don’t regret it either. And back then I didn’t know what LOA was so i wasnt ‘using it’ even tho it is always in action/working. I just knew we would end up together, how I knew that at 13 who knows. I must be psychic 😉

    My point is. You CAN have anything you want and I don’t know if its just me but it seems to happen when I’ve let go completely. It maybe different for others, who knows.

    Anyway just a few stories of inspiration, i guess. 🙂


  7. Yes it attracting people or situations is as easy as money. Back when I was in Asia I run into the same celebrity three time in a row, in private, because I wanted to, and Asian cities are big. I manifested people being at a certain location so I can ask them things. People, I haven’t been in contact for a while, contacting me. People answering me after deciding that they do. People behaving super nicely and friendly to me, after sending them love and just deciding we are totally okay and I am accepted as well, even though before we were super awkward everytime we are together. I manifested people will certain personality trades I wanted to have in my life. And yes, I once manifested a relationship while someone was in a relationship and afterwards rejected me. It seemed like until we got together she wasn’t interested in me at all, but after I broke up with her she was crazily chasing me. Be careful what you wish for haha
    That was back when I didn’t know about LoA or anything. But yes you can attract any relationship you wish with whom you wish.
    My opinion to free will: What if we live in several dimensions? You just chose the one you like, in another dimension it’s different. Free will suddenly doesn’t make sense that much. Another thing I believe, attraction doesn’t exist for nothing. What if you feel attracted to whatever it is, because it is attracted to you?

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    1. RS, your comment on JUST CHILL thrilled me. Yes buddy!! that is your message from the UNIVERSE because there is nothing coincidence and I can bet you were wondring on JUST CHILL coming from you friends. May be even questioning it and not trusting and then it came from me who had no idea about what you are going through. Actually this aways hapened with me and this is how I learned that UNIVERSE always responds…

      Yay!! Hapy for the fact that there is someon who is really, closely, trule watching over us… OMG I got goosebumps.


      1. Yeah I was kinda wondering, so your post popped up in my head, and I noted down to reread it which I did this morning.
        One of my friend put it in those words, because I am always full of energy 😀 I guess absorbing and sending energy is my thing. And I just realized that there may be another way of sending energy… gotta try it out, will be back with this! anyways his words:
        “You need to be calm here [in your mind], outside you can be partying or going crazy or whatever, but in here you have to be like ‘sup’.”
        (sup as an abbreviation of “What’s up”)
        So why being nervous, just be like “sup”, smile. And be amazing. 😀

        Lightline, connection duh 😀


  8. I really value and like hearing everyone’s different views and opinions. It gives me a different perspective on how to perceive things and something to think about.

    I know I am ping-ponging back and forth between believing and not. Old habits (and beliefs) are hard to break! I am trying, though.

    I do know there was (and hopefully still is) an attraction between me and my man. We would not have been together otherwise. Even after our relationship was downgraded and all the pain I felt from that, I would take him back in a heartbeat. It has been almost a year since we have become “just friends.” I forgive him for what happened. I still may need to forgive myself, though. My heart still skips a beat when I hear from him and I get butterflies when I see him. He is so special to me. I believe this is more than just my ego clinging to what I can’t have. I can’t really explain it, but we are connected somehow on a deeper level.


  9. I am coming to realize that the WHY you want the person or the job or whatever is AS important as the Asking for it.

    Ask for what you want but also ask yourself WHY you want it.

    I now believe the WHY part also amplifies the actualization of your asking and brings it to you faster.

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  10. Gretta,
    good question! I have tried it a lot of times, in my journal too. but let m write it down here, just as a reminder for myself and to realize that it is always the same or it changes as the days pass.

    1. The ultimate reason is to be in love with someone and realize that someone is in love with me. You kow tht feeling when you get that tickle in your tummy, sparkle in your eyes and a feeling to hug that one special person all th time. that one feeling.

    2. We are great between sheets.

    3. There is a pull between us… an attraction. (We saw each other while taking office lift… I got that feeling in my gut that something is going to happen between us. what I didn’t know…wihtin a month everything happened. )

    4. I know he loves me too and want to hear this from him.

    5. His physical appearance is something that I can get anywhere, in someone “better”. But that feeling which I get when I look at him or when he looks at me and when looks at me from far…. he just forgets to blink his eyes… I haven’t gt this anywhere. I have tried… I made myself open to all guys I came across. Funy thing is during my intial days of visualization days, guys started hitting my in office cafeteria or outside or on IG. But I never got that “feeling”.

    So in a nutshell for that “feeling” which I get that nonbody else can give me.. this is what I think. And I always tell universe and my guiding angels that if there is someone better whoch can give me this “feeling” bring it on. I am open to receive…

    Lots of your love on your way, Gretta!!

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    1. Thanks for sharing!! While the lyrics is awesome while looking for lyrics on Google I saw Sammie which is his nick name in college. LOL and I have been seeing 77, 777 everywhere. I have been feeling great since morning and very general. Everything looks great today…

      You’re an angel Grettaa!!

      Love you.


  11. Hi everyone. It has been awfully quiet around here the last couple of days. Hopefully you are all doing well. Maybe, you hve been absent because you have been spending time with your significant others!! : ). Or, perhaps you are just living life and being happy.

    Sending you all heart energy.❤️


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  12. Hi Bea

    I’m not well at the moment. I ended up getting a cold after being pretty upset last week. It’s not like me to ever get sick so yeah.


  13. Can I ask a question?
    My question is.
    Is it love when no matter what that person does you can’t stay angry at them and still love them but even more? (obviously within reason, not abusive relationships etc)
    I’m asking cause the more something like this happens like what happened to me last week the more I realize how forgiving and loving and patient I can be… or… am i just deluding myself?
    Like with anyone else in my life they would have been gone, history! But with him, I can’t let go and i don’t mean cant let go for the LOA to work.
    Just seems….erm…I really like this one and in the past, to many incidents and they would have been history. (There was only 2 ex btw)
    I’ve often wondered why I never closed the door on this one? The people in the past i knew it wouldnt last but this one I keep hearing “hold on”
    I dont know if you recall I said the from when I saw him I thought ‘im going to marry him” or “i have to marry him” i dont recall my exact words but it floored me because I was with someone at the time but the relationship had been over years before.



  14. I think it may have been, “I want to marry him.” – Either way, I can’t remember exactly the words I thought, but there was some sense that I was to be with him. I asked for someone exactly like me with all the same interests and that is him, its scary how much we have in common, its like a twin. I knew I was looking for someone with a J name and his mothers name started with a K, i knew this 4 years prior when i asked for him and it does. He is a J and she is a K. I remember dreaming often of a tall guy and us marrying in this park i love and that is the suburb he lives in.
    I remember i was in the class and I had this strange feeling come over me, like through my back and out my chest that something big was about to happen and I turned around to see him and nothing was the same after that. The next thing I know strange things are happening in my house, like lights blowing and aircons turning on and all these things. It was always when i wanted to run away that a light would blow. I had 2 electricians come to my house to make sure there was nothing wrong with the wiring in my house. There was nothing wrong with the wiring.
    He was walking down the alley, we were on break from a class. I don’t know. It was just like…. BOOM!
    I can’t explain it. We hadn’t even spoken. I was in complete awe, maybe I fell in love when i turned around and saw him and it wasn’t to do with his looks. I felt like he was the person I’d asked for. That person in my dreams. I just looked at him and thought… I want to marry him.


  15. Dear Nina,

    I feel so frustrated these days.

    As I keep observing his Instagram, few days ago a girl posted two photos she took with him, her girl friend and my specific man’s male friend. My assumption was that these two girls went on a vacation and happened to go to his restaurant as customers.

    In the two photos, one is the two girls with him, another one is the girls with him and his male friend. From the outfit they wore I can tell they went out in different days. I can’t tell if he is being friendly or if he is interested in one of the two girls because my specific man is a very friendly and hospitable person. But to me, it seems more than hospitality because it looks like a double date. He said he was busy and stressful, then why did he has extra time to go out with them? There’re moments I wanted to move on (not just letting go) because of the found “truth”.

    Is it me to attract the current reality? Since I have been checking his social medias and trying to find if he’s interested in or seeing anyone which only make me feel worry and negative. I know when I feel angry, I am giving my power to him. I also know if I can quit the terrible hobby of checking his social medias and only focus on the end result, loving him, concentrate on his good sides, live my full life and be happy, the Universe will bring my desire to me. But now as when I found the photos, it’s so difficult to ignore the reality, fearfulness, hurtfulness and resentment.

    I wish I can feel the feelings of love to him again cause deep inside I ask to myself I still want the desired relationship, but I also doubt is he the man I love and worth to attract. I am battling myself. Would you give me some direction? Thank you so much!!


    1. You have to forgive the present and the past. You’re still upset by his history of these behaviors. These situations keep repeating because you still give an emotional reaction to them.


      1. I am not sure I understand why you said that I am still upset by his “history” of the these behaviors. These behaviors are new to me. I never found he has this kind of bad quality until reccently and I feel terrified, disappoints and lost.

        I agree the best way to love is to forgive, but sometimes when I forgive, I also don’t want the relationship anymore. That’s why I am struggling cause I still want it.


      2. It can be recent history but even if you focus on one case of bad behavior, you keep experiencing it. You have to change your focus. Maybe it’s not that you don’t want it anymore but maybe you are letting it go to manifest instead. Either way, if you sometimes want it yet when you forgive, you don’t want it anymore, that shows overall doubt that you want it in your life.
        If you truly want it, you have to decide that you have it and stick to it. Relapsing every time you have negative thoughts is NOT sticking to it. When those appear, just move on from them and stay focused on your goal.


      3. Thank you for always being patient to help me! I am looking forward to reading your book.

        I used to feel the beautiful love about him and the relationship even during the period of time he vanished, but it’s been a while that I couldn’t feel it. Truly hope I can feel it again!

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  16. Hey Nina

    I went over all the little things you said to me here and there and cut and paste and put it into a document and read over it sometimes. I find it has really raised my vibration back to where i was before the incident.

    It’s really working. Thanks.

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    1. Good! You guys are wonderful so when re-reading my comments in which I tell you that you can do it – consider it as me repeating it to you that moment, every time you read it 😀 Because you are 😀


  17. For anyone interested…

    Switchwords are powerful poignant words used to connect directly to the subconscious mind, giving it direction for drawing the essence of the Switchword to you. The more a Switchword is repeated, the more it affects your energy. The more it affects your energy, the more you draw the experience.

    This is to release resistance and let go of the past and to bring him to you with attraction.

    I saw a girl say she used this to bring her partner back to her and he ended up proposing 2 weeks after she started using it.

    You have to believe with switchwords also.

    I’ve known about them for years and i use CANCEL-OFF when I cant sleep and it works everytime. I havent used it for this tho. I am going to give it a try. Anything positive is good in my book.

    Nothing to lose right? Give it a try.

    Google switchwords for more info, there are millions of words.

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    1. And I should say that you’re an angel!! Everyone is who brings answers to my questions. You know Gretta I have been reading about switchwords. On forum and in a blog too. But I didn’t find what you have mentioned here and I kept wondering what it would be. You have got exactly what I was looking for.
      I feel very light and upbeat about my desire. But I do want to try different techniques to see how they work.

      Last but not the least so happy about back with the bang attitude and raising your vibrations. It’s awesome !! Let your comments kep coming.

      Love and Light.

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  18. Sorry forgot this bit;

    One great way to work with Switchwords is to:

    1.Get to a positive emotional state. Smile, dance, sing, listen to upbeat music. Doing something that helps you feel good before saying Switchwords may help them work better and faster for you.

    2. Set your intention for what it is that you want. “I want to be calm and comfortable and have a successful meeting with my boss.”

    3. Flip the Switch. (Say, think, sing, chant, write or even intend the Switchword[s])

    4. Spend the next 20 to 30 minutes doing something that helps keep you in a positive emotional state. (This helps speed manifestation.)



    1. Gretta! That sounds interesting and powerful, will try this out. Thanks for commenting about this.
      This is also what I do lately, telling myself: “You can give up, but not now”, also works several times either to stay committed (for example workout) or if you want to get started with anything. Of course “give up” can be replaced by anything.
      Sometimes I have resistance towards visualizing, even though I know how powerful it is and how good it feels.
      Hope that helps anyone as well, to stick to any desire 🙂

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      1. I knew of positive reinforcement words existing but didn’t know too much besides the basic and obvious ones. I didn’t know these patterns Gretta showed us, it’s entirely new to me, but I absolutely see how they would work. Let me know about your experiences with them xx


  19. Yeah. Test it out.

    Chant those 2 lines above feeling good and who knows. Worth a shot to raise vibration etc.

    I just put it up for some of the people who are feeling a bit down, I saw someone saying they didnt know what to do anymore, but on another post, maybe they will see it.

    Yes. So. I’m getting married this year! Who wants to come?

    Haha ❤

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      1. Hi RS

        What do you mean you met up with your friend and she told you things about your person? Do you mean you used the switchword lines above and it worked ?

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  20. 3 Different ones. I would chant them all. Then visualize while sending heart energy at the same time.

    (Use the Release-Resistance part in the sentence for the first 20 times or so then drop it off and just continue with the rest of the line.)




  21. Whoops! first switchwords line – don’t forget to between the ‘divine’ and ‘hole’ words..

    And insert their name AFTER the ‘WITH’ (The crystal switchword line)

    Really wish you could edit posts 🙂


  22. wow doing well today.

    It was meant to say dont forget to insert his name between the divine and hole in the first switchword line.


  23. In case someone wants this. I found another testimonial about switchwords. I copied and pasted from a group on FB.

    Success story: Dear Angels one of our switchwords members gave me; CRYSTAL- MIRACLE-BRING-LAVENDER-LOVE to reunite with my lover. Divine thanks to CB – our conflict is over and we have reunited after almost two years :))))) i chanted above with full faith and harmony.

    please chant with me and support me to tie knot with my beloved forever Thank you thank you thank you :)))))


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  24. Thank you, Gretta, for the wonderful information on switchwords! I am trying to incorporate them into my daily routine.

    I am struggling with something. In order for me to “let go” and let my desire for rekindled romance happen, does that mean I should NOT talk to my man friend? Does letting go mean forgetting him?

    I have had a bad couple of days, especially Valentine’s Day. It was hard not hearing from him, but I shouldn’t be surprised. He is not obligated to me anymore.

    I am having a very hard time finding positive things to perk me up. I am afraid I am causing myself more sadness and loneliness but I can’t seem to snap out of it. Today, I caught myself saying “You are worthless. Why do you feel he is going to come back to you? You’re so stupid for thinking you are deserving of love. Everyone you love leaves or you push them away. Why do you even keep trying?” It hurts me to write this but I feel so helpless at the moment. I don’t even have the energy to journal, do affirmations, EFT, visualizations, etc.

    I want to crawl into a hole and just cry.


    1. Hi Bea! I want to ask why you feel this way about yourself. You first have to feel good for yourself and be happy with your life and then, you can invite another person into it. But why feel so badly? Nobody’s perfect, we all have moments of sadness yet we all deserve to have everything we want 🙂 You have friends here who support you and there is so much good about you, why don’t you believe that you deserve happiness? I am only asking so that we can discuss some general ideas and habits and get your confidence up 🙂 Lots of love!


      1. Hi Nina. Thank you for responding. I don’t know why I feel the way I do. I was more confident before he broke up with me. But when it happened, it devastated me. I just felt so loved and appreciated by him. I felt wonderful with him and I know he felt happy with me. Well, he DID feel happy with me. I don’t know why that changed. When he decided to demote me to “just a friend,” it broke me. If I couldn’t hold his attention and love, what kind of person does that make me? Not a very worthy one in my eyes.

        I understand what you are saying about being confident and happy with myself but I just can’t seem to.


      2. You are seeing your happy times together as a thing of the past which can never happen again which makes you feel worse. You have to believe that you can have what you want simply when you change your beliefs about it. We all create in the same way and if it works for one of us, it can work for all of us.


      3. Hi Bea, and everyone!

        I don’t comment too often but read everything. Nina often talks about loving one’s self. And it’s something that I think many of us gloss over and think how much can that really make a difference? Well, it’s been one of my biggest goals for this year. And I have to say when I’m completely loving me, somehow everything in my manifesting world starts to change.

        Somehow I start allowing things to happen, I resist less and can easily let go of things. It leaves me in a space where I value myself so much that I easily believe I deserve the things that I want. Because I find myself in this space I’m not needing to do affirmations or visualization or “trying” to make anything happen. I don’t have to. The flow just happens. And it’s effortless.

        Which reminds me I’ve been off track the last week. I need to go back to loving me more again. It’s been by far the most effective thing I’ve done in the last 9 years of LOA practice. Why didn’t I listen years ago when I always heard “love yourself, love yourself”, and I though what a dumb idea. When in fact it may be the best thing you could ever do to get the things/life you want.

        While I was doing this a few weeks ago, serious signs starting showing up about the guy I want. I heard from him, he sent me pics from a recent trip. One day he even called me. First time in a year! And as I walked through Ross, three letters were next to each other in the decor area on a shelf “JCE” in that exact order! It’s our initials together.(You know those letters that people hang on walls to decorate?) My heart literally hit the floor. What were the chances? Many many signs in just 5 days time. Then I backed off realizing I really could have this, I really could have him. Then it hit me, “Do I really want him?” So that’s where I’m at now. I would say yes, but I’m following my natural intuition to let this thing flow and unfold in a natural way.

        I hope my insight helped a little Bea. I struggle often on this subject and LOVE Nina’s blog and everyone’s comments.

        Don’t forget, the key you may be needing might just lie in loving yourself and putting your needs above everything else right now. Somehow the rest will start to magically unfold in front of you. And it feel easier than anything else you’ve ever tried.

        Lots of love!

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      4. Thank you so much! 😀 I love your comment and I thank you for sharing these valuable conclusions and experiences with everyone xx


  25. I am going to respond shortly. It may take me awhile to type it all out and I have to go out for a bit. But hang in there I’m going to give you a Tool that is going to knock these beliefs you have about yourself out of your subconscious. For good. x
    Nina might jump in or others while I’m typing it. Take all the support you need. x

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  26. Hey Bea, Nina & Anyone else that is interested.
    Ok, so I am going to give you and whoever reads this ‘2 tools’ that has changed my life. It was the only thing that broke me out of my EDNOS after spending $15,000 on every doctor and healing modality you can think of in the world. ENDOS is ‘Eating disorder not otherwise specified.’ I had all the eating disorders combined into one except bulimia, because I couldn’t swallow which means I couldn’t vomit anything up. I didn’t eat for 20 months and could only get down a tablespoon of water after forcing myself to sleep for 2-4 hours at a time and spent 3.5 years learning to swallow again. Yes, you read that right. My body shut down and I didn’t have a hunger pang for 5.5 years. This is what saved my life, and I mean that, saved my life, I was at the point of my organs shutting down, I’d lost most of my hair, I had to comb it over to one side to hide my baldness, I was having panic attacks where I would black out, I developed agoraphobia (I couldn’t and didn’t leave the house for 6 months) I couldn’t drive, the list of what happened to me goes on forever, too much to type here. The reason I have told you all that is to show you that if I can come back from the brink of death you can let go of these feelings you have about yourself (I had also planned to kill myself just to throw in there how bad it was) It was a $24.00 book I purchased on iTunes after I begged the Universe for help after the final doctor told me they didn’t know what was wrong with me and couldn’t help me anymore. That help came 2 days later when a friend came online and said one word to me; *Ho’oponopono* If I wasn’t the open minded person I am I would have missed that sign/message as most people do.

    I can’t go into all the details of Pono or this post will go on forever, it is going to be a long one tho – I am going to tell you which books to buy at a measly $50 bucks for the 2 books which will explain every aspect of Pono to you. You can Google it, but I really think it would be beneficial for you to read the books.

    1) Zero Limits by Joe Vitale and 2) At Zero by Joe Vitale to be read in that order. Those are the books. You can download them instantly through iTunes or Google Play. Don’t look for free copies of the books on the internet, there are free copies on the net, but there are pages missing from them. You really need to read these books to understand all of Pono. To keep the post short, Pono, is an ancient Hawaiian healing technique. It’s a Prayer, 2 prayers, a long prayer that you say out loud 4 times inserting your thoughts, feelings and beliefs in to it and a short prayer that you can do when bad feelings come up, as soon as they come up! You maybe thinking a Prayer? Yes, it’s a Prayer. After everything I described above about what I went through, I was willing to do anything. I can’t tell you what it was like to discover that the next morning when I woke up that I was eating for the first time in 5.5 years like a normal human being without having to hit my collarbone to swallow. Take note that I was hitting my collarbone, that is the EFT point for fear. So I put 2 and 2 together and incorporated my fear of eating and swallowing into the prayer and I was CURED. It is best to learn the full prayer off by heart and say it out loud, but for now just read from the screen.

    This is the long prayer. What you need to do is insert your feelings, thoughts and beliefs into it.

    Spirit, subconscious, superconscious.
    Please locate the origin of my thoughts, feelings and beliefs of ___________________.
    Take each and every level, layer, area and aspect of my being to this origin.
    Analyze it and resolve it perfectly with God’s truth.
    Come through all generations of time and eternity healing every incident and its appendages based on the origin.
    Please do it according to God’s will, until I am at the present.
    Filled with light and truth, God’s peace and love.
    Forgiveness of myself for my incorrect perceptions
    Forgiveness of every person, place, circumstances and events which contributed to this, these feelings and thoughts.

    So where the ______________ is, is where you insert how you are feeling. So you would say, ‘Please located the origin of my thoughts and feelings *of worthlessness* and my* belief that I am worthless* – Do you see what I mean?

    So another one you could do is; ‘Please located the origin of my thoughts and feelings of *not being willing and open to receive love* and *my belief that I am not lovable* – Do you see what I mean?

    The thought and feeling and then insert a belief that MATCHES those feelings and thoughts.

    ‘Please locate the origin of my thoughts and feelings of *not being good enough* and my *belief that I am not good enough*
    ‘Please locate the origin of my thoughts and feelings of *not deserving to be loved* and my *belief that I don’t deserve to be loved*

    You can use this for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. If you get stuck or need anymore help with how to describe the thoughts and feelings and beliefs, let me know and I will word it for you.

    This prayer takes you back to the beginning of time, to the very first time you ever felt worthless or any of the other bad feelings you have or any of the thoughts you have about yourself and others and any of the beliefs you have bought into from the world and the people in your life, such as family, friends and the world.

    So, when you say the prayer, you say it, with such gusto, that you are TELLING Spirit, subconscious and superconscious, that you want this bullshit deleted from your ‘hard drive’ forever. You are pretty much demanding it. Yes, use force to remove these points of views/beliefs and feelings and thoughts that you have bought into about yourself. You want to take yourself back to ZERO, when you read the books you will understand what I mean by taking yourself back to zero, you want to take yourself back to before you ever experienced anything but what you are and should be, an amazing infinite being living in happiness all the time, who doesn’t have to or ever want to live in pain, drama, misery and suffering again!

    The short prayer is this; ‘I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you!’ This is for when you are out and something starts to come up like the feelings you mentioned above and it as just as effective as the full prayer.

    You say it over and over and over and over when you feel sad or any bad feelings you shouldn’t be having until you feel a SIGH come on or you KNOW it has shifted and left your being. Do it for at least 15 minutes at a time. Non stop! I love you means you are saying I love you to the Source, you are saying you are sorry you don’t know how you came to form these feelings, thoughts and beliefs, you are asking for forgiveness and you are saying thank you for clearing it from you. This short prayer on its own got me to drive again with no anxiety when I was forced to get into the car to pick someone up. I was thrown into it, as soon as I felt the anxiety and panic start I just started to say it out loud in the car, by the time I picked them up and got home it was gone, forever, it never came back. I smile now when I drive.I am so proud of myself. If i didnt have the drive and will to live I would have listen to the doctors and gave up on myself, but the Universe came through for me as it always does! It’s that powerful, I can’t reiterate enough how powerful Pono really is. Again, please buy the books. Today!

    I hope you will have an open mind. The book is written about a man who was a therapist who was assigned to one of the most criminally insane mental wards in the world. He never met one on one with the patients, he simply looked at their files and did the prayer for what came up* IN HIM* when he read their files. So if he read a file that made him feel disgust, it meant that he had that disgust within him also. Everything of you and everything going on around you is a reflection of you, a mirror. He cured himself and cured them. All of these patients were released and the ward was shut down. Again, if you need any more proof read my story above and again and again, buy the books ASAP!

    Then there is this, the second tool. Living in the question.

    First I have to ask you to get things moving around.
    “What have you made so vital about feeling worthless?’
    Answer? _____________________________________

    You know the answer, you always know the answer. The answer is possibly because you like feeling this way. Bare with me, don’t attack the messenger (lol). It’s because we have been taught to love pain, suffering, misery and drama and taught to hate ourselves and that happiness is rare and loving ourselves is a no-no and that there is something wrong with you. We all focus on the wrongness of us instead of the rightness of us.

    You are gaining from feeling this way and it’s not your fault. You don’t know any other way. The world has programmed you and all of us to think we should be unhappy, feeling like shit about ourselves, buying into points of views, living in drama, pain, suffering and misery and poverty and all the rest of that bullshit. Think this, feel this, be this, look like this, act like this, etc etc etc. You get the point. The truth is that humans reject goodness and keep the bad. We destroy ourselves, and each other, and it’s only when you become aware of what you are doing to yourself and others that you can truly start to make big shifts. I can’t go into this anymore because this post is already huge, you are just going to have to trust me when I say the world is running on unhappiness because that is what we are taught and that is what these assholes want. Just watch the news, or be smart and never watch it again, or let anything shit come into your awareness. I am so careful now if I hear a Adele come on the radio I quickly shut it off. All that woman does is sing about shit relationships and lack and missing someone. You see what I am getting at? You’ve been programmed to feel the way you wrote in your post above and you can just as easily not buy into another point of view again. Look at the rolling stones song, “You can’t always get what you want” We have slowly programmed ourselves that pain, misery, suffering and drama is the way to live. That’s a point of view I won’t be buying into.

    It doesn’t matter if you had the happiest childhood in the world, you could have just easily picked up from the world that you are worthless or not good enough. Just take a look at the cover of magazines. Anything could have programmed you with all the beliefs you carry about yourself.

    This is what you are gonna do! 🙂

    You are going to wake up in the morning and say this 10 times “All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory!’
    This is NOT an affirmation, it is a mantra. It is you stating that you are ready and willing to accept whatever comes to you. The good the bad and the ugly. You are then going to say it 10 times before bed and you are also going to put it on your fridge and bathroom mirror. You want to see this mantra all the time. Some of the stories I have read, it repaired people’s marriages and it got a man to commit to his girlfriend and ask her to marry him in 3 weeks because she put it on the bathroom mirror and he saw it daily. Again Too much to type.

    Can I ask? Do these feelings feel good? Those shit feelings? No? They say that 98% of our feelings, thoughts and beliefs are not ours. That we are like psychic sponges picking up things from the past, now and in real time. You are an infinite being, this shouldn’t surprise you that you have the ability to pick things up from the world also like how you have bought into the point of view that you are not worthy. It’s something you have bought into and believed and owned as your own.

    Ok so the next time you feel these feelings come up or any feelings or any thoughts or any beliefs. Ask yourself, “WHO DOES THIS BELONG TOO?’ ‘WHO AM I BEING RIGHT NOW?’ Watch how your head will kinda shake at the prospect that you are not being you, but that you are being a point of view that you have bought into. These thoughts about yourself are not yours, you learnt it. You bought into it and now you are not going to buy into it anymore because you are going to choose differently! You’re going to operate as Bea, not as Bea the person who bought into the lie that she is worthless and all the rest of the things you believe about yourself.

    You will find that you have been buying into a point of view of yourself that you have learnt from your family, friends and the world and have bought with you from other lives. Whether you are open to that or not, let me tell you, it is real. It doesn’t matter if you believe or not, it works. 😉

    For 3 days all you are going to think is this when ANY feelings come up. “WHO AM I BEING RIGHT NOW?” “WHO DOES THIS BELONG TOO?’
    It doesn’t matter if you don’t know who you bought these points of views about yourself from, what you want to do is send it back, you don’t want these feelings anymore. You then say “RETURN TO SENDER WITH CONSCIOUSNESS ATTACHED.” For 3 days! That’s all you are going to think! As soon as ANY shit thoughts or feelings come into your awareness go into the question and stay there! “Who does this belong too?’ “Who am I being right now?” then ‘Return to sender with consciousness attached!’ Over and over and over again followed by “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you!’ repeated as much as you think is necessary to shift these beliefs you have about yourself. You ask yourself those questions all the time, you don’t just do it once. Living in the question is a way of life, not a quick fix. You will see how much your life will improve when you live in the question and stay there. When you search for an answer you bring yourself to the most narrowest point of awareness possible. Stay in the question! Stay open all the time.

    After 3 days of asking who it belongs too and who you are being right now you are going to start saying “HOW DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS?’ You are not saying it sarcastically – you are saying to the Universe ‘what’s next?’ show me HOW MUCH BETTER it CAN get!’ You are drawing even BETTER experiences to yourself. You are affirming that you are ready for more and more! Then you are going to start saying “WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE?’ To open up your awareness even more to what else is possible for you, to come into your life. Like new hobbies or new friends or new anything! You will start to see new possibilities for yourself opening up. You will start to see things you never saw before.

    You want to take your thoughts OFF HIM and ONTO YOU! The only time you are thinking of him is when you are saying “thank you!’ (For him) or ‘I’m so happy with him!’ or “We are so happy together” when he comes into your head. Don’t look at social media. Don’t check your phone. Just say to yourself *this has to happen because I asked for it* and get on with YOUR LIFE. The only time you think of him is when you’re being grateful and grateful to the Universe for him (In advance)

    Then you are going to start a new life.
    You could choose to start a new schedule for yourself. Get up 1/2 hr earlier and go for a run or whatever. Contact all your friends and book them out for dinners and movies so you are constantly busy. Volunteer. Do ANYTHING just put all the focus and attention onto YOU and YOUR life. I sometimes go to the beach or parks and pick up rubbish, that is my contribution to helping the planet.
    I bought myself a fitness watch today and made a commitment to walk around my river everyday. It’s over an hour walk. Rain, hail or shine.
    I enrolled myself into health and fitness certificate 3 and 4 to become a personal trainer and further down the track nutritional medicine to work with people who have eating disorders incorporating Pono and Living in the question to help them get unstuck.
    I got my house in order. Started looking at going on a holiday.
    Started tossing around ideas for a health, fitness and wellness blog were I make superfoods deserts and meals and programs for women between 35 and onwards and and i picked up my camera again. I didn’t pick it up for over a year because he is a photographer and so am I. I couldn’t hold it in my hands without feeling upset or hearing him say “lean on something” to steady myself so i put my camera down. Picked it up the other day and started taking photos again. It felt amazeballs. As you can see from above I have alot of interests and I intend on doing them all! Successfully!

    No offense, but woman tend to make careers out of men, I have done it in the past and put my life on hold and I don’t want to do that anymore. You shouldn’t either. You have a life to live.

    I’m not saying that you are never going to have a bad day again but now you have 2 of the most powerful tools in the Universe that will snap you out of it instantly. Pono and living in the question! Bad feelings? Who does this belong too? “Who am i being right now?’ Return to sender with consciousness attached! Feeling great? How does it get any better than this? Feeling shit? Again! How does it get any better than this? Feeling stuck? What else is possible? See what I mean? You don’t have time anymore to feel worthless because you are so busy with your life and so busy sending away all these points of views you have bought into yourself. You will become a new person.

    My meltdown 2 weeks ago was because he hit on 2 wounds that I have now gone into and cleared with the prayer and staying in the question. I didn’t even realise I still had them. I’m grateful for what happened now because if he didn’t do what he did, I probably wouldn’t have realised I had those wounds and they were obviously very deep by the way I lashed out at him.

    After a week of sulking like an idiot I asked myself “Who are you being right now?’ I was being like everyone else in the world that loves the drama, pain, suffering and misery. I was being the exact thing that I tell everyone else not to be. I returned it back to whomever I learnt that pain and suffering and misery and drama was normal and the right way to feel, snapped myself out of it, wrote a schedule for my new life and got on with things never feeling angry or upset at him again for what has just recently happened.

    He has always been the only person in my life that is able to push my buttons for me to heal. I just smiled. I’m grateful, without him over this time I never would have found all those deep dark secret wounds that I have been carrying since childhood. Rejection, feeling unlovable, not accepting myself and my gift, wanting approval, comparing myself to other women, wishing I looked different, the list I’ve worked on since I met him is massive. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have found myself and if that is not something to focus on liking about him, I don’t know what is.

    Take what is happening to you now as a CUE from the Universe to heal these things that you are carrying within yourself. They are simply points of views that you have bought into, they are not real. Do you want pain, suffering, misery and drama or do you want happiness? Happiness all the time IS how it was meant to be, we just all bought into points of views that were never ours. Stay away from people who love drama also, they will drag you down.

    It’s just a choice, you get to choose differently now and not buy into other peoples and the worlds points of view about you! HOW DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT?

    P.S What’s right about you that you’re not getting? 😉



    1. I like the short prayer, as it evokes pure love and allows for an easy communication with the Universe. I do so in my own words but I believe that these are easy to use and connect with for anyone. Communicating with the Universe makes it easier to believe it will manifest your desires, that’s why letting go is so easy once you connect.
      Thank you for sharing Gretta, and for your very honest story of how these prayers and mantras helped you. I am thrilled that you are so happy and healthy today and that you are kind enough to share and empower others with your story of regaining your health and well being xxxx


  27. I just figure what does anyone have to lose trying out the prayers and living in the question? It does work. I’m proof of that. There really shouldn’t be any need to come back on here with any of us feeling sad anymore. We should talk about happy things more often. All I know is that I am getting on with life. When it happens, it happens. Now I feel even more excited about HOW its going to happen then I have ever before despite the meltdown I had last week. Will I go out someday and he is there? Will we both end up somewhere at the same place? That’s exciting to me now, before I was always trying to ‘help it along’ – But i do have to admit that I won’t be taking any more action, or asking for any signs, just getting on with life, doing the things I love. I think it has to come from the Universe on its own this time. Just a feeling. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gretta, you are not going to believe this (or maybe you will) but while I was waiting for your reply yesterday, I was doing some research on how to feel better and raise my self-esteem, etc. and guess what I found? Ho’ Ponopono! I even started doing the short prayer. I didn’t know about the long prayer. Isn’t the Universe amazing? I believe I was meant to learn about this and you just comfirmed that! : )

      I am so thankful to you for taking the time to write this and I am so glad you are doing better mentally AND physically.

      I also want to thank Nina and everyone else on here for their virtual love and support. ❤️


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yep, I can believe it… Haha!


        Sorry the post was so long and please if you can, definitely by the books its also good to come to the understanding of bringing yourself back to Zero. There are somethings in those books that will blow your mind.

        They say to do the short prayer 24/7. I’ve read stories where people reunite with people a few weeks after using it.

        Also whatever someone else brings up in you, means you have it within you. I’ve always known and believed everything is a mirror, sometimes we just don’t want to see it. 😉

        I go through stages of not wanting to clear things because the mind/subconscious wants to hold onto these either for fear or whatever.

        The big prayer WILL move your beliefs out and the little prayer I use as I need it but living in the question is just as amazing. As soon as anything comes up I go straight into a question and stay there.

        That day when he pulled out I should have asked him ‘who he was being?’ By the way he wrote it it sounded like a paranoid parent. I wish I could go back and ask that question instead of lashing out now but it’s done. Time to move forward. I’m going to be very busy this year.

        Ya’ll should get one of these fitness watches, haha, It beeps at you if you have been sitting too long and gets you to move. I love it.


    2. Prayer is an excellent way to generate positive energy, as long as it is worded in a positive way such as this.
      Individuals that practice religion or spirituality are all taught to focus on the positive in their words and prayers. There are so many ways of expressing and attracting positivity, one just has to choose what they like 😀
      I like your decision and new goals 😀 It’s all going to happen!


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