LoA in Your Living Situation – Do You Create a Positive Home Dynamics?

Throughout my life, I have lived alone, with my parents, with roommates and with a boyfriend. This great variety in dynamics allowed me to learn some appreciation factors as well as coping mechanisms.

Looking back, I think that a part of me wanted to spend a significant amount of time in all these living situations, just like I ultimately did. I wanted to learn and experience them all in my twenties. Twice, I lived with a close friend and we are still close today. One of them has a birthday today and I just sent her my greetings. We lived together in a beautiful apartment she owns and I still remember her first birthday after I moved in. I bought her a black dress as a gift. Another time, I lived with two roommates but we are no longer in touch. Living alone proved to be a beneficial setup to me because it had provided me all the time to myself I need to recharge my batteries.

Over the past ten years, I have studied the differences among all these living situations. Seeing the ways in which one manifests them was most interesting. To be fair, the constant boredom in my twenties caused me to change my living situation as I pleased yet it enriched my knowledge of life which was my ultimate goal.

Just like anything else, LoA can cause one’s living situation to change instantly if they so choose. You want to live alone, with amazing roommates or a partner? I have helped my friends manifest all these circumstances and did so in my own life.

Do you want to own a home or rent one? I never wanted to own until deciding where I wanted to settle down.

I still don’t want to own. I know how to manifest my desires but haven’t decided what all of them are. If you have, there is no reason why you shouldn’t manifest them now!


Roommates or a partner involved, the most valuable lesson I learned was that those who gave me the freedom I needed were those I liked living with. Throughout my living situations, I took my study of relationships among people even further.

Roommates and partners sharing a home love to spend time together but when one wants their freedom, the other will achieve best results in granting that freedom to them.

What does it mean to give freedom when the other needs it?

If one states their plans, the other knows how to respect them. For example, if one’s partner wants to go meet an old friend, the other should simply let them do so..and they know it. However, trying to guilt one’s partner into bringing them along to an appointment they don’t need to be a part of means denying the other’s freedom.

The biggest problem needy partners or roommates have is that we are all attuned to each other’s energy. When completely relaxed and content all on our own, we sense the neediness of others projected onto us. A constructive move and positive suggestions are completely different from the words of someone who has the need to spend all their time with us.

This is why it is difficult for many to intuitively connect with their potential romantic partners – many are nervous and tense around those they wish to start a relationship with, making it impossible to truly observe the other’s thoughts, awareness, energy and reasons for specific behaviors. Distress of this kind causes neediness projected onto a potential partner in various ways, as well as one’s own train wreck of a thought process.

Relax! Life doesn’t happen without it.


In short, is it your goal to live alone, with a significant other or a roommate you absolutely adore? Or, do you have your eyes on a specific (type of) house or apartment, basing your new living situation on that factor? Is there a specific city you want to live in? Whatever the answer, you can manifest what you want.

Some have already found a setup that works for the time being but might want to manifest a different type of home or move to a different location. Either way, the goal is to appreciate everything you have in your current home in order to manifest a new one.

Appreciating your current living situation will lead you to your desired one. Once you are capable of being grateful for your current living situation, you will be able to imagine yourself living the way you want.

I have had a variety of life situation goals throughout my life. Whatever yours may be, appreciate what you can about your current living situation and you will attract an even better one. Also remember that creation principles apply regardless of the specific desire you may have.

Your visualization is supposed to make you feel good! If you think about living the life that makes you happy, you will feel good. If you are trying to push your dream life into manifesting (finally!), you probably feel awful.

Never allow your current circumstances to make you feel that life will never get better. Life will only get as good as you allow it.


  1. Nina I have another question about heart energy.

    When you visualize/feel sending it to them can you imagine them standing right infront of you or do you need to send it off to wherever they are?
    Stupid question I guess but I can focus better if I imagine him standing 30cm away from me and it going straight from my heart to his.

    Is this ok?


    1. Great question, Gretta!

      I always wondered about it. Funny is I try to imagine sending them the heart energy by visualizing half a meter away from me, I end up shifting my visualization to where they are and what they must be doing at that time. And this shift confuses me at times. But I have done it anyway and I am sure it has worked despite of that confusion…

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  2. Yes.

    I find it easier to focus if I imagine him right in front of me. Then i can see it going into his heart and then I can look up at his face. I know it sounds strange but I want to connect with heart and eyes.


    1. I believe the heart energy is touching the person, am grateful for it and I like to, only because it makes me happy, imagine them being touched by it and seeing their reaction, as if I’m there seeing them right when my heart energy touches them 🙂 You can imagine it in any way you like but be SURE that your heart energy is touching him and attracting him to you.


  3. Dear Nina,

    As I choose not to initial contact to him and just let him come to me, my specific man and I haven’t contacted for weeks. Since after I noticed he kept adding new females to the friend’s list of his social medias or was tagged by one of his female friends, I’ve been trying to feel my heart to him but this feeling is not always good as before. I wonder if he has some bad qualities that I never noticed. I am not sure if he is still the one I’ve been desiring for or not?

    So, I am thinking to make a little change of my desire by removing all of his bad qualities which may be or not be true from my observation of his social medias, then I keep his appearance, his look, his good qualities and add other new ideal qualities that might be (or not) about him. My questions is if I do so, will he no longer be the one who comes to my life in the future? and when I do so, what suggestion you have about editing my affirmation? Should I include his name in my affirmation? When I visualize the same wedding scenario, should I visualize or feel about “him” or a “new” specific man?

    Hope you understand my english and description. 🙂 Or is there any suggestion you have? Thank you!


    1. I suggest that you focus on his good qualities instead of removing his bad qualities. If you focus on all his good qualities, you will soon find even more of his good qualities to focus on 🙂
      You could maybe be grateful that you get to be with such a wonderful, committed and attentive boyfriend and that you know how to make him feel loved 🙂 Do you like those affirmations?


      1. I will love to try those affirmations. Thank you!

        Those bad qualities that he SEEMS TO have somehow change some feeling about me. I am not what it is, I just know I am not so motivated to visualize or sending heart energy to him as before. So can I just focus and visualize by using “him” as a base and add more wonderful qualities he may or may not have? Another word, I will visualize a man I create. That way maybe I won’t have resistance or feel resentful about what he did recently. Do you think it will work?

        What I am not sure is that if I can feel love with a new man whom I may have not known yet? And to whom I send heart energy and how? 🙂


      2. I suggest that you focus on the good qualities you already see in him and then, LoA will give you even more of them. You don’t have to overthink it – it is more important that you work on your belief.
        Imagine how he makes you feel as you bring out the best in him. It will feel real! Then, you will naturally feel better and better about him and sending heart energy to him will be easy.
        When you focus on his good qualities and imagine how you feel with him being the man of your dreams, you will naturally focus on any existing positive qualities he has without overthinking and will be able to imagine you two bringing out the most amazing qualities in each other. Trust me!


      3. Dear Nina,

        I must say I am really amazed by your optimist!! 🙂

        Recently I am thinking one thing. If the most important thing to us is to love and feel good about ourselves unconditionally, then when the specific man doesn’t seem to do something we expect them to do, shall we consider this current reality as the product of our past thought and keep focusing on their good qualities according to your reply, or we should move on and manifest the desired relationship with an ideal man because we suppose to love ourselves then others will love us. If the Universe will still bring HIM to me, that’s great, but if the Universe brings another ideal man to me, I believe that will be good too. That’s how I am at my crossroad now.

        How do you think? Thank you!


      4. I like it but I say everyone should choose the reality that makes them feel the best 😀 If you feel the happiest thinking you want your man OR your ideal man, great! If you feel most amazing thinking you want your man, great!
        I once liked two guys. I went out with one then the other while the first also wanted to get back together after the breakup. That’s the kind of thing that endless optimism gets you 🙂 It is also the reason why, as soon you feel THAT good about yourself, you manifest like crazy 😀 And even if you change your mind about someone, you feel great about yourself because you do it for the best.


      5. Yes, I believe it will be powerful when we feel good about ourselves. That’s what I am intending to do. So should I choose to ignore the current reality and only focus on his good qualities, or should I choose the latter one, to change my manifestation to a desired relationship with an ideal man? Or…can I combine these two idea together by adding what I love and all the good aspects about him to another new man whom I have not known yet? Is it even possible? I am very interested to know how you think? 🙂


      6. Whichever makes you feel better and right now, it sounds like focusing on an ideal relationship with an ideal man would make you happy and resistance-free.


      7. Yes indeed. And I will see if I can merge the two ideas together when I visualize as well. Thank you dear Nina!


  4. Nina
    There has to be a reason why this isn’t working any faster than what it is.
    I think its because i read you say that you attract things within weeks and wonder why I am not.
    I think maybe I put to much pressure on myself to make it happen quickly or I try to hard with the heart energy. I don’t have any feelings that it isn’t working and I do it because it makes me feel good also.
    I just wonder why I can’t get him to just pick up the phone and call me or anything.
    Maybe now because I know he does have feelings It’s making me miss him even more because I wonder why anyone would not want to happy and have that kinda love.
    He has admitted in the past that he denies himself things.
    I don’t know I guess I am just thinking why is it not happening as fast for me?

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    1. Hi again 🙂 Three reasons – not letting go, worrying about when it will happen (you said you tried to speed it up which can only be done by letting go) and still working on believing you deserve the relationship (otherwise you’d be expecting him to call).
      You are supposed to imagine having the relationship but noticing that he is not calling shows that you don’t believe in having the relationship or that it is on its way. If you believed either of those, you would be able to let it go. You have to enjoy your life now, without him, in order to bring him into it.
      I read something yesterday that said, paraphrased, that there is no change in the law but only correct or the incorrect use of it. Therefore, if you aren’t seeing results, it is all in the incorrect use. Wanting the relationship but not letting go and noticing that is he not calling is incorrect use. You have to know that it is yours and be happy now so that you could receive it. Best part is, you can do it. Just find joy in your life now 🙂
      Also, trying hard doesn’t work. You have to have fun with it and have fun in life, feeling light about it. If you have a heavy feeling every time you try or think about why he is not calling, you are putting emotion into NOT having the relationship and to use the Law correctly, you have to believe you have it and feel good about it 🙂
      I am writing a post for today and am saying something about using the Law correctly into the story of my friend’s life which is the topic of the post. However, you can look back on your life stories and realize that you manifested every guy after you let go, all the stories you shared with the readers. Think about why you feel like you can’t let go of this relationship to manifest. However, as long as you stay too attached to it, noticing it missing, it can’t manifest. You have to believe it’s yours, let go and be happy now 🙂


  5. Nina.
    I just found out that he is the only person going to the event. No one else has registered. I want to go but the event lady asked me if i want to step back into the drama and pain and if I am only wanting to go to prove to him that I am not crazy and that If i am going for that reason that I have made him greater than me by caring what he thinks. It looks as if he is not bringing this apparent friend. I now wonder if it was ever real or if he was just testing me. This is why i think he came to the conclusion that I asked him to go with me because he thinks I’m trying to pull something on him and that’s why he said we cant be partnered on the day. I’m sick of this feeling that he thinks I am always up to something. i asked him because no one else could come with me and I tried everyone i knew.

    I want to go. My heart tells me to go. It hurts that much that I think if i don’t go I might regret it.
    What happens if i go there and he freaks out? I could just walk out. I know I am not in the acting as if mode right now as i type this email but I want to go. I want to see him no matter the outcome. I feel so torn because if he finds out I am going he might not show and I want him to do this course because he needs this course/event.

    I’ve waited years to show him that I am a loving, genuine, person not out to harm him. I feel as if this maybe my only chance to do that because he wont meet me out on his own and he still has the people around him telling lies.

    What should i do? What would you do? I hope you answer by Saturday. I’ve got one day to decide. I want to take the risk. I want to go no matter what happens so I can say at least I tried.

    My heart tells me to go. I dont want him to see me in this bad light anymore. I want him to see who i am without all these people lying.

    Imagine this. It’s just me and him and the event lady. How can it be just me and him that show up and no one else registered? I asked to see a pelican a few days ago and I went to my facebook and it was the first pic on my newsfeed. I asked for the event lady to randomly message me for no reason and she did 15 minutes after me asking and she just messaged me a random funny pic. I asked for her to message me as a sign that I should go this Saturday.

    What should I do? Sorry my email is all over the place. I feel so frazzled.


  6. To add.

    I woke this morning with the feeling that i have to go. I call the event lady and she tells me that he is the only one registered. How can it be that only him and I are going to be there if i choose to go?

    IS that a sign in itself or not? I don’t know why i suddenly went I have to go this Saturday, maybe it was just me panicking that if i dont go i wont see him again it still doesnt explain why it is possible going to end up being just us! Right?


  7. Why do I suddenly wake wanting to go and he is the only other person going? What’s up? Is this the Universe or me stressing myself out? I don’t know?

    All i remember was thinking I have to go.


    1. You’re thinking too much Gretta. You signed up for this event before you even invited him, you were planning to go and learn something why would what he plans, thinks, feels or what this lady says, asks, analyzes make a difference?

      Just … go … and if you don’t want to .. don’t.

      Bottom line is : simplify. it is when we over-complicate things we taint it with difficulty…

      Remember ? All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory…

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      1. I got scared that’s all. I don’t want to get hurt. I don’t mean by him. Worst case I just walk out or tell him to pull himself together. I just… Maybe I am just trying to protect myself. That’s all.


      2. Or maybe I am scared he will think I am ‘up to something’ and i don’t need anymore black light shone on me and by me being there I might make the situation worse. That’s the truth.


      3. If you do believe you create everything, if you do believe in deliberate manifestation – then why be afraid ? You’re stuck seeing things from a him vs you perspective which is causing you to have your guards up before there is even anything to fight.

        Make a different decision for yourself this time love, choose to act differently, choose to kind of let things happen and be carried by them – if you stop fighting there won’t be anyone to fight with 🙂

        Ride it out and see where it takes you beauty….

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  8. Hi Gretta, I don’t want to interfere with your questions to Nina. I’m also a fellow reader of Nina’s amazing blog and I am manifesting my partner back. If I was you I would go to the event. What are the chances that it is only the two of you at this event? LOA in action I say… Have no expectations go and be your beautiful self and if he is there blast him with positive energy and send him heart energy. If he decides to back out from the event- well then he is missing out on a great experience and all of your positive and loving energy, It’s his loss not yours.

    My friend and I have been testing heart energy by sending it to each other and it works wonderfully-whenever she sends me love and heart energy I feel peace, love, happiness and gratitude in my body and around my heart, we are now at the stage that we can pick what time heart energy was sent and recieved. We have developed a very close and loving friendship this last year and it certainly got closer as we started sending heart energy to each other. I’m blasting my man with heart energy and affirmations almost daily and I know he is recieving it because I feel it in my heart.

    All the best ❤


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    1. The top paragraph of what you wrote was what I started to think after asking Nina what I should do.

      Thanks for your kinds words.


      1. Hi Gretta,

        I have a few suggestions that I have realized by reading LOA experts ‘ blogs and comments and also those people who follow LOA to a T.
        – they never put their negative thoughts in words. At least as often as you do. It amplifies the outcome negative or positive.
        – even if you want to convey your thoughts to Nina or fellow commentors – try to find it’s positve phrase. ” i fear He would freak out at the event = I want (you asked) to be comfortable around me ( intention ) ” now focus on feeling how it would feel. Etc. Trust me it really works. .

        I also believe that you are very much a pro in practicing LOA I have seen your positive comments too.

        In a nutshell START writing your negative thoughts, fears etc in a positive phrase for a while. ( I was going to use stop. But I am also rewiring my brain to find positives of everything that brings a negative notion in my mind.)

        One more thing, one day a few weeks back I was jittery and asked Universe to make me at ease, comfortable and somehow it has worked. I have this feeling that it is all working and I can see it on surface too.. but still I want to begin again . I want a new relationship with my boy. So i am creating it consciously … ☺

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  9. LyLy

    What sealed the deal was you saying this; You signed up for this event before you even invited him, you were planning to go and learn something why would what he plans, thinks, feels or what this lady says, asks, analyzes make a difference?

    What you said plus 2 other people pointed out to me that I was caring more about what he wanted then what i wanted and I do have a tendency to put others before me, which I won’t be doing anymore, which is why I decided to go. I do it because It’s something from childhood where I try to ‘smooth things over’ so there is no arguments or fights etc. I do tend to jump in and try and stop anything bad from happening. You are right. I wanted to learn this and I asked him to come. He has somehow come to a conclusion that I asked him for something more to happen thats why he has reinforced that stupid rule on me. I asked because I couldn’t get anyone else and yes at the time part of it was so I could show him that I am not crazy.

    I don’t have any interest anymore in showing him that I am not what he was lead to believe. I am going because I am NEVER going to put myself last anymore or put myself out to make someone else comfortable when really all they have done is buy into an opinion from other people about me and called it their own.

    Whether he shows up or not doesn’t matter anymore because I need to do this for ME. To take a stand and make myself realise that I AM important and what I want IS important and I don’t have to fix or make things better for others anymore. (Long story)

    What MNW said ‘be your beautiful self’ – that’s the plan.

    Lightline, thanks for the cool words.


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    1. Atta Girl!!! I love it when you remember that you really are the source crux be all end all of everything 🙂 you first indeed and who is ready and willing will follow – it’s inevitable!

      I can’t wait to hear how you just had the best time ever and nailed everything and learned everything and slayed being all the awesomeness you are !

      It’s Gretta’s day !!!! Woop woop !

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  10. Hi shoppingstyleandus,

    Morning and night, but I don’t think it matters what time you send heart energy. What I learnt from practising heart energy daily (sending to others as well to myself) is that I feel happier, more energised, balanced and peaceful.

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