LoA and Initiating Contact

2 thoughts on “LoA and Initiating Contact”

  1. This is so true Nina. When I was feeling better at the beginning of the year, I initiated contact one day. At that point, it had been close to a month since I had heard from him. He responded and within minutes we were organizing a trip to see each other even though that had not been the intent of my contact.

    I review your “Keeping Focus” post every so often, and I think the step I would like a little more help with is step #1 “Capture the feeling”. What do you do to help you capture the feeling, when you’re also working on belief? I thought about maybe answering the question, “what will i see or who will i talk to about it?”

    Any thoughts?


    1. By capturing the feeling, I meant feel that you have it ONCE and remember what it feels like to have what you want. This feeling could be butterflies in your stomach, a sense of peace or absolutely anything else but when we visualize what we WANT, we feel the same emotions as if having our desire already. This is the essence of creation.
      If having trouble capturing the feeling, I suggest you do one of the following.
      Say to yourself, “I’m going to be his girlfriend.” You’ll automatically feel great and can remember that feeling if you need to later (you might not even need to because if you feel a rush of happiness, this could change your awareness and make you believe it’s all happening). Most importantly, you’ll feel that this is yours already.


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