Sudden Manifestations, The Moment We Forget About Them

When it comes to manifesting anything at all, I have no better way of saying it than “don’t worry about your thoughts being perfect.”

Just believe it’s yours and that’s it. When you believe, you can let go and once you let go, you can even forget what you asked for only to manifest it rapidly.

Everyone has experienced their desires manifesting the moment they forgot about them. I’ve never met anyone who has not experienced at least one manifestation of this kind. One simply puts their desire out of their mind naturally, as they focus on other activities in life. Suddenly, their desire manifests out of nowhere, the moment it is entirely out of their mind.

Thinking about your desire happily removes the need for it. Visualizing and imagining how it feels to have your desire in your life causes the feeling of having it already, letting it go naturally to manifest. Once you have filled your heart with this much love for your desire, having sent heart energy to it, your awareness has already changed to one of having and living your desire.

When your desire is a relationship with a specific person, sending heart energy allows you to fall in love with them all over again and stay in love with them. It sounds simple and honestly, it is – as long as you know that you truly want to be with a specific person, the decision that you are to be with them allows you to love them even more.

“May I never miss the thrill of being near you,” as Paul McCartney sang.

This is why I always say that with me, it is only a matter of wanting to be with any specific person I have my eye on. Does this man fascinate me with his unique self? (Everyone is unique but who is special to me?) Do I want to be around him?

Being able to put your desire out of your mind takes knowing it is yours. Then, you truly don’t care when it manifests because it is more important to you that it happens in the best way possible – this is the kind of energy that causes rapid manifestation. You literally feel that it is yours already. You know it in your heart. Then, you might even let it go without realizing, as you have removed the need for it, having lived it in your mind and heart already.


We’ve said this before – when one is too attached to their desire, they might feel pressure to think “perfectly.” This often happens when manifesting relationships, as the idea of an ideal love causes attachment easily when it should only cause even more love!

A problem which may cause attachment is a bruised ego. Some want to manifest specific desires due to the need of proving something to themselves. If you feel this way, know that you can feel like the person you want to be without external approval. Once you feel that way just as you are, the world will agree.

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232 thoughts on “Sudden Manifestations, The Moment We Forget About Them

  1. Hi All,

    Loved reading our comments! πŸ˜€
    I am thankful for all the new comments on this post so i could re-read it!!

    UPDATE: It’s going great with my boy. But after getting back with him, I know that things haven’t stopped here. I have to keep doing things I have been doing. I face contrast and then try to find better feeling thoughts about them. The best thing that has happened with me is to understand the worst contrasts take in a really light manner. Not giving it much momentum (in Abe’s words) and understand why it could have happened. Last to last week I wished for something and last week S drops a message that caused me go nervous for sometime and I wanted to cry as well. But I chose to go for quick 5 minutes meditation. Nothing happened during meditation because 5 minutes passed quickly. I went to take a shower in the evening and this is when I had this sudden breakthrough why it could all have happened. It was because the thing I wished might come through this contrast. Sorry, I am not giving details because I don’t want to give it any importance. I am still feeling happy about everything!!

    BUT we are very much together… I got what I always wanted to happen and that is more than enough for me. That was him coming to me and saying that he also wanted me as much as I did. At least it removed that distance between us which was causing us not to contact each other. But I think it was also for good…

    Right now, I am visualizing something that I want to happen between us and doing it like Neville suggests. Let’s see when that manifests… I’ll update you guys soon.

    Gretta : I still believe that you should right the negative aspects less and you should just give us a hint what is happening because those words amplify the circumstances you attract in your life.

    C: Just practice what you have learned so far!! It’s time to reflect what we have learned.

    If there is anything I would vouch for in LOA is:

    1. Trying to find a positive of all aspects. It doesn’t mean I won’t cry, I won’t breakdown, I might also react… but the next minute I’d remibnd that I attracted it and let’s see the positive aspect of it. Whether it helps me attract or subtract people from my life, but it does help me feel good about myself.

    2. Visualize : Anything and everything. Whatever feels good. Just dive into the feeling and never come out… when you come out, you should feel like a different environment you currently are. JOB DONE!! This very thing will happen for sure (TAKE MY WORD OR SUE ME) … the only thing is it might happen with someone else or in some other circumstance that you could not have interpreted while visualizing.

    3. AFFIRM: A quicker way to raise your vibrations for sake of doing it.

    4. Last but not the least: Practice sending heart energy. To anyone and everyone. Nina, I did read about it one Elizabeth’s blog before I found yours. But the kind of emphasis you make on sending heart energy, has really helped me using in my life. THANK YOU.

    After that, do whatever you want. Start reading LOA books, read forums, success stories, and some wonderful threads on AbeForum under practice teachings.

    Hope it helps and guys please share your little manifestations here and good things that happened in your life in the comments before you ask any question…. until Nina plans to launch a forum. πŸ™‚

    Love & Light


    1. Thank you so much for all the time you take to write and share this. I agree with you.
      I am looking up forum creation right now while writing my next post πŸ˜€


    2. Hi Lightline,

      What do you mean when you say that we visualize “it might happen with someone else or in some other circumstance”? Does this mean we could manifest another person… or just with that particular visualization?

      Thank you,


      1. Great that you asked it because this is the fun part of manifestation for me. It just makes me laugh or smile or just send a heart-felt gratitude to Uni and say See I like it and thanks but it would be great if it could happen with so and so or in so and so manner.

        For example, during initial days, I used to visualize S sitting in cafe and he is trying to look at me but sneaking out as well so I don’t know. It started happening but with others…LOL I found a guy looking at me exactly like I had visualized. In another visualization, I visualized S hugging me from back while I am working in the kitchen. And that day one of my friends there with me. I was making something and she suddenly came and hugged me from back. I was surprised because she is wouldn’t ever do that… and many more that I’d quote when I’d remember or check my journal. So, what did I do to turn it around? Just express gratitude because Uni did deliver what you wanted, now intend that you want it with someone specific or just let it go. Most of the times they were quick manifestations of my quick visualizations so i let them go. They made my faith stronger and that was enough for me. These manifestations still amp-up my faith when my brain tries to trick me…

        And what is this with BRAIN, by the way? Kidding! πŸ˜€

        Oh I remember a few things more.. I used to visualize getting “Hey!” from S. This is how we start our conversation. And I visualized it so much that the whole world send me Hey! on whatsapp. Once I intended to get even a dot (.) from S and I visualized and expressed gratitude. Funny thing happened. My visualization always took me to his status and I saw a dot there. But I always dragged myself to the chat box and visualized a dot there. Guess what happened? S changed his status to a dot the next day. and then suddenly the whole started doing it… :-/ I am still grateful though!! because such visualizations have made my faith strong in my intuitive powers too. I still don’t know how to use them deliberately but in my visualization, my intuition does show me a few things that is about to happen. Like in my first major manifestation in january when we met after 6 months, my visualization gave me hints that nobody would/should be at home. ..

        Hope I didn’t confuse you. I just write too much…



      2. That’s one of the essential things to do, visualize what makes you happy, if it makes you happy and send heart energy if it makes you happy and for as long as it does πŸ˜€


  2. Nina / Carongana

    Yes Carongana like right now…

    I asked him again if he would like to come out with me to dinner. He reads the messages but doesnt respond. **He only responds if it has nothing to do with feelings or emotions, yet responds if it is something like health related topics.** I felt great when I sent the message and even went to my cupboard to pick out what I would wear.

    He reads it. He doesn’t respond but doesn’t block me on fb either.

    Its moments like that when I just think fuck it. It almost comes across that I am so worthless he cant even be fucked with a reply, I am just that unimportant to him yet i dont feel ANYwhere that I am not good enough, in fact the complete opposite. Confident.

    Why would he read it and not respond and not block me either? Any ideas? Now I feel like I am having my head f*cked with by him. Most people would block someone they were not interested in. Not read it and not reply.

    I’m pretty close to just quitting again.


  3. I didnt see Lightline response above. Just saw it then. It’s hard. I go weeks feeling great and then I get so confused with his behaviour. Its almost like he just wants to keep me there until something better comes along.


  4. It almost feels like he is punishing me. It’s like emotional control. He reads it. Doesn’t respond. Doesn’t block me.

    If anyone can explain WHY he reads it but doesn’t respond I would like to hear it. Although I don’t think of this AT ALL anymore, its easier for you guys. At least you get to see him or her. I dont. He will only speak to me if its to do with something other than US.

    Nearly all of you had relationships with your people. I havent. That would indicate that those people were attracted to you once. This guy has repeatedly told me he is NOT.

    Now I am in the stage of thinking I am deluding myself.

    Thats all I want to know. Why read it but not respond? I keep having people say he has feelings for me. Im sick of hearing excuses or maybes.

    WHERE exactly are these feelings? He Doesnt respond. EH?

    I cant believe ive lost control of my emotions again. For what? Someone who cant be bothered to even say no.

    Heres a funny excuse. Maybe he broke all of his fingers?


    1. Alright Gretta!

      I read your comment above. The one about the FB.

      God!! I never mentioned these things in comments because I didn’t want to amplify them. But it was exactly the case with me. Instead of FB it was Whatsapp. I requested him to block me so I can’t see his pic and status… anything for that matter. He never blocked me! Though I asked him to block me, I never wanted it to happen SO I was doing something wrong with LOA. And I always gave this thing a positive meaning. I asked my brother why a guy would do such thing… both are Arians and I have seen my brother acting a lot like brother. My brother said one thing – a guy would not do so if he cares for the girl. There is something stopping him.

      This was enough for me. Before talking to him, I used to give it different meanings that girl could do. But it never felt good so i turned that around. I was inspired to ask a question from brother and his answer gave me good feelings.

      You judge yourself from his eyes way too much. Even if you have to why don’t you give it a positive meaning. I know it’s delusional to allow (I don’t even say WAIT now because it amplifies WAITING) a manifestation to happen but this is the way to go. Feel good about yourself.

      Gretta, I am not a guru but I am keeping myself in your place and thinking how exhausting it could be to first want someone specific and then be judgemental about yourself by giving it a name of perspective of the other person.

      Feel good. Give this guy a break by thinking everything good about him. Why do you want him? Why do you like him? This guy is doing his stuff and receiving your negative thoughts.

      When my guy just read messages and didn’t respond, I still gave thanks to Uni and to him as well. I told him ” thank you so reading my messages. It means to me a lot. It means that you have some reason to read it. That’s enough for me.” and right after sending him the message, I looked at Uni and said “I want to receive his reply. I want him to acknowledge. Thank you.” The kinds threatened Uni ” You better do that” and I passed a cute smile to Uni…

      You are doing something right that you are manifesting me or others who have been through similar circumstances and they succeeded. Yay!! You can too.

      PLEASE DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING IN DETAIL it it’s anything less-than-good.

      Loads of positive vibes and love on your way


      1. Lightline
        I need to tell you exactly what I am feeling. All of it.
        Thanks for your patience and advice, but this has been going on and off for 2 years (The no contact I mean.) Did your person not answer you for six months at a time or even more? He Only responds to health related topics, and I am not reaffirming that daily either, I am telling you facts – any talk of emotions or anything and no response.

        It feels as if he wants to keep reaffirming to me that its just friendship and will never be anything more. I think he doesn’t block me on FB to stop me from calling so he can control how much contact we actually have. I guarantee if I tried to call the phone would still be on block. I think he reads my emails just out of curiosity not because he cares.

        I find it hard to believe that someone who has feelings could go this amount of years not wanting to be with the person they have feelings for. I get sick of the excuses.

        My anger and frustration comes from KNOWING i deserve more than this. Thats why I rant and wonder why I am still bothering with someone who cant spare 5 seconds out of his life to either say yes or no to a text.

        It started when I saw the new photos he has put up on FB yesterday. He doesn’t look like a guy who is struggling with feelings. He looks like a guy that is always going away on holidays and posting selfies and manipulating his face into funny forms. Is it funny? yes but again, this doesn’t look like a guy who gives a shit whether I am alive or not.

        You were in a relationship with your person, that indicates attraction and most of the people out there seem to put attraction above everything else. He has stated time and time again that he is not attracted to me and if you see his past girlfriend – she is light skinned and blonde and so were the others that I saw him commenting on on facebook photos. I am Italian background. Very dark hair and dark eyes and very olive skin. I am the complete OPPOSITE of what he goes for.

        I recently had a 22 year old texting me continuously asking me out and being very forward with me and this is a guy that EVERY girl thinks is gorgeous. I declined because and because I love J. So how come that 22 year old was pursuing me but this 29 year old wont even respond to a text? The 22 year old likes brunettes, my one likes blondes. Can you see what I am getting at here? Am i saying its impossible for my guy to love me and want to be with me. No! but when I see him commenting on 18 year old girls photos (this was a long time ago) I just think he will never see me. Maybe its time to let him be with what he goes for and accept that he has made a choice which includes not responding to me and find myself someone who doesn’t have prerequisites on what love should look like. So why was that 22 year old acting on his ‘feelings’ and my 29 year is not? Because the 22 year old was attracted to me. It isnt the first time this 22 year old has done this, its the 2nd time in months.

        I will take on board everything you have said and give myself a few days to decide if i want to continue because this has gone on for long enough. He seems to have made a choice that I am not his type and seems to be sticking with it.

        I will let you know in a few weeks or so what happens and if I just let go completely.

        I dont need a response, thanks ❀ x


      2. I suggest that you think, “I’m different than his physical type but that doesn’t matter, he adores me.” Decide and believe it. This will be a fun exercise for you and will allow you to feel differently. Let me know how it goes xx


  5. Awesome, thanks so much Lightline. Do you mind sending some of the links to the threads you mentioned in Abeforum. And any other success stories you might have come across. Reading those always raised me up, and helps to understand what helped people see success. That’s if you have them saved already. You truly have already done so much sharing your story


    1. Hi C,

      Thanks for nice words. ways welcome and appreciated.
      Here are the links:

      Abeforum, Practice Teachings:
      Abe Forum, Success Stories:

      In ABe Forum:

      Read about how to change your feelings from negative to positive BECAUSE FEELING is everything:

      Read replies of Paradise Of Earth, referred as POE. She is an awesome soul and gives great insights.

      PI, Success Stories:

      In PI, read replies of Brian:

      Sir Sunshine:

      There are more members I love but I really like the ones I have mentioned here…

      Hope it helps.

      Love & Light


      1. Thank you so much Lightline. I can’t wait to have some time to go over these.

        You might not feel you are an expert, but you’re certainly an inspiration, and you’ve had success implementing the techniques…. something we all are happy to see each other achieve.


  6. Lightline/All

    See this song?
    He sent me this song one day. With no comment with it. What was i meant to think when he knew how I felt, yet kept telling me he had no feelings for me?
    I sent one back and put a note with it saying check this out. He wrote me back and asked if that is how I felt about him. I said yes. This was 2 years ago. Are y’all trying to tell me that this guy has had feelings for me for all these years and did nothing about it? That he reads emails that because he cares but never responds?
    I don’t think so. Its called emotional control.
    If he wanted to be there he would be and not caring what others have told him. Actions speak louder than words.
    Talk soon. x


    1. Hi Gretta,

      I’m not an expert like Lightline or Nina, and I often look at the rational side of things too, and its a big part of my resistance as well. In reading many books by LOA experts, the one thing I picked up on is that you cannot keep looking at what is, if you want to change it. Genevieve Behrend referred to it as God Consciousness vs. Sense Consciousness. I want to share this story I found in a book by Florence Scovel Shinn:

      For example: A woman came to me in deep distress. The man she loved had left her for other women, and said he never intended to marry her. She was torn with jealousy and resentment and said she hoped he would suffer as he had made her suffer; and added, “How could he leave me when I loved him so much?”

      I replied, “You are not loving that man, you are hating him,” and added, “You can never receive what you have never given. Give a perfect love and you will receive a perfect love. Perfect yourself on this man. Give him a perfect, unselfish love, demanding nothing in return. Do not criticize or condemn, and bless him wherever his is.”

      She replied, “No, I won’t bless him unless I know where he is!” she said.

      “Well,” I said, “that is not real love.”

      “When you send out real love, real love will return to you, either from this man or his equivalent, for if this man is not the divine selection, you will not want him. As you are one with God, you are one with the love which belongs to you by divine right.”

      Several months passed, and matters remained about the same, but she was working conscientiously with herself. I said, “When you are no longer disturbed by his cruelty, he will cease to be cruel, as you are attracting it through your own emotions.”

      Then I told her of a brotherhood in India, who never said, “Good Morning” to each other. They used these words: “I salute the Divinity in you.” They saluted the divinity in every man, and in the wild animals in the jungle, and they were never harmed, for they saw only God in every living thing. I said, “Salute the divinity in this man, and say, ‘I see your divine self only. I see you as God see you, perfect, made in His image and likeness.'”

      She found she was becoming more poised, and gradually losing her resentment. He was a Captain, and she always called him “The Cap.”

      One day, she said, suddenly, “God bless the Cap wherever he is.”

      I replied: “Now that is real love, and when you have become a ‘complete circle,’ and are no longer disturbed by the situation, you will have his love, or attract its equivalent.”

      I was moving at this time, and did not have a telephone, so was out of touch with her for a few weeks, when one morning I received a letter saying, “We are married.”

      At the earliest opportunity, I paid her a call. My first words were, “What happened?”

      “Oh,” she exclaimed, “a miracle! One day I woke up and all suffering had ceased. I saw him that evening and he asked me to marry him. We were married in about a week, and I have never seen a more devoted man.”

      There is an old saying: “No man is your enemy, no man is your friend, every man is your teacher.”


      1. Wow C,

        This is such a beautiful story. I think it’s also a sign that I should read Schinn’s book. πŸ™‚
        Somebody told me this on PI forum that you would not want him if this is not planned. So if you want him it means you both are a match to each other… felt so good to read.

        Thanks again for sharing it!



      2. And one thing, thanks for saying I am an expert. But I am really not!!

        I am still learning from Nina, from you, from Gretta, RS and everybody.

        I am manifesting you guys and it simply means one thing that we all have love in our hearts, we all want to improve … we all want to grow…

        Love & Light


      3. You don’t NEED to be an expert, that’s the best part. At the same time, everyone can be an expert! We all have the same powers. Then again, maybe no one is truly an expert. I think it’s comforting to know one doesn’t need to be superhuman to manifest, just full of love πŸ™‚


  7. Gretta, My Baby Girl,

    Let’s re-read all the “not-so-good-thoughts” you wrote and let me be general about it first. If you understand yourself after reading the general negatives, I will go on and write down the positives I would rewire my brain to give energy to.

    ” but this has been going on and off for 2 years (The no contact I mean.) ”
    You are looking at PAST. Less-than-good-feelings PAST

    “Did your person not answer you for six months at a time or even more?”
    He replied once in 3 months. I made that happen.

    ” am telling you facts – any talk of emotions or anything and no response.”
    Still FOCUS on something that doesn’t feel good.

    “It feels as if he wants to keep reaffirming to me that its just friendship and will never be anything more.”
    Because YOU BELIEVE IT? You think you KNOW.

    “I think he doesn’t block me on FB to stop me from calling so he can control how much contact we actually have.”
    Again giving a negative meaning to something that could be +ve. Even if it is not PRETEND

    ” I guarantee if I tried to call the phone would still be on block.”
    Ha! again you judged yourself being less-than-good.

    ” I think he reads my emails just out of curiosity not because he cares.”
    You judged your thoughts being judged wrongly by someone. You just gave the power to him.

    “I find it hard to believe that someone who has feelings could go this amount of years not wanting to be with the person they have feelings for.”
    Can you just re-read it and understand what you have been creating for yourself?

    “I get sick of the excuses.”
    And you just told us how you need PATIENCE, baby!! Not only in this are, I can bet in other areas too.

    “My anger and frustration comes from KNOWING i deserve more than this.”
    If this is your KNOWING, turn it around to be POSITIVE. LOA demands only this. UNi demands only this. JUST FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF.

    ” Thats why I rant and wonder why I am still bothering with someone who cant spare 5 seconds out of his life to either say yes or no to a text.”
    You just judged yourself again.

    “It started when I saw the new photos he has put up on FB yesterday.”
    You are taking SCORE when you are already not happy with yourself. Congrats, you just won yourself more evidences. It will HAPPEN IN LOOP.

    ” He doesn’t look like a guy who is struggling with feelings.”
    He doesn’t have to! He is doing it only when it comes to you because you have these BELIEFS about yourself and him.

    “He looks like a guy that is always going away on holidays and posting selfies and “manipulating” his face into funny forms.”
    If I was in your place I’d be happy and never give it a negative meaning. MANIPULATIVE is not a good word. It doesn’t feel good.

    ” Is it funny? yes but again, this doesn’t look like a guy who gives a shit whether I am alive or not.”

    “most of the people out there seem to put attraction above everything else.”
    Only if that is what we are on in terms of attracting this. If it was, unconventionally beautiful people would never find love and never get married. ATTRACTION is nothing but just a belief.

    “He has stated time and time again that he is not attracted to me”
    Because you believed it?

    “if you see his past girlfriend – she is light skinned and blonde and so were the others that I saw him commenting on on facebook photos.”
    Because you believ that he likes ONLY BLONDES.

    ” I am the complete OPPOSITE of what he goes for.” ” my one likes blondes.”
    Because you BELIEVE he likes ONLY BLONDES.

    “I recently had a 22 year old texting me continuously asking me out and being very forward with me and this is a guy that EVERY girl thinks is gorgeous.” “The 22 year old likes brunettes” ” So how come that 22 year old was pursuing me but this 29 year old wont even respond to a text? ”
    You are manifesting a guy who likes brunettes. Do you keep asking or telling yourself there are guys who like brunettes, there are guys who would love to be with me… something like this????? and of course exactly the opposite manifestation with your guy is about your belief.

    “I declined because and because I love J.”

    ” Am i saying its impossible for my guy to love me and want to be with me. No!”
    Why would you even question yourself if you have BELIEF?

    “but when I see him commenting on 18 year old girls photos (this was a long time ago)”
    Again FOCUSING on PAST. and Taking score while you are not happy with yourself.

    “I just think he will never see me.”
    What if he will see you when you are happy with yourself? You are also chilling? Going on Vacation? Posting crazy, funny beautiful selfies?

    ” Maybe its time to let him be with what he goes for and accept that he has made a choice which includes not responding to me”
    Judged yourself again!!

    ” and find myself someone who doesn’t have prerequisites on what love should look like.”
    Are you defining love from someone else’s perspectives?

    ” So why was that 22 year old acting on his β€˜feelings’ and my 29 year is not?”
    Because he matches your wavelength. I am sure if you would accept his proposal he would demonstrate the same beliefs as you have.

    ” Because the 22 year old was attracted to me. It isn’t the first time this 22 year old has done this, its the 2nd time in months.”
    For months you have been telling the same story…

    LET IT BE. Look at each day like the last day of your life and do what you will do… If that makes you message him for the last time, do it. or do everything else…

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  8. This goes to several of the above comments πŸ˜€

    First, I feel very touched that you name me in there, Lightline πŸ˜€
    This made my really stressful day haha
    “Somebody told me this on PI forum that you would not want him if this is not planned. So if you want him it means you both are a match to each other… felt so good to read.” YESH!
    I don’t really remember the name of the girl, but I remember it was one a blog called bulletproof or sth. She said sth like: “If you feel attracted to something, it already attracts you.” In other words: What you seeking is already seeking you.
    That’s why I always tell more conscious people: “Why did you desire that from me?” in a joking way πŸ˜›

    Second, I feel you shifting, C!!! I don’t think you would’ve shared this kind of story, a couple of weeks/months ago! I love the story!
    Yes, keep that smile πŸ™‚

    Gretta, you attracted that 22 year old, see it this way: You are in a state of attracting people and loving relationship. You can have everyone you want now πŸ™‚ Play with it πŸ™‚ (I don’t mean playing with their feelings! Just feel good about it! He will jump onto that vibes, nah he already is!)

    Love and Light!

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  9. Hi Nina / All

    Can anyone tell me what this means or if i am just losing my mind?

    When i was visualizing him and I, I was visualizing him proposing to me with a very specific kind of engagement ring. A Star ring. So like a solitaire diamond ring, but in the shape of a Star. (That is my real name, hence wanting a star shaped ring, also because I haven’t met anyone with a Star shaped ring, but I used Gretta for privacy reasons)

    I stopped visualizing that scene only a month or so ago when I realized it wasn’t the end result, but it was always a favorite of mine to visualize.

    Anyway, I was sitting on my sofa and my roommate comes out of her room and she hands me a ring. A Star ring and it only fits on my engagement finger hand. (I know that one hand is bigger than the other for everybody) but why a Star ring very similar in size and shape to what I visualized in my imaginings with him? I keep looking at it wondering if that is a sign or if i just managed to attracted a Star ring as that is what I was visualizing.

    I’ve kept it on my finger.

    Any idea or am i losing my mind? I keep staring at it.


    1. As I said, Uni does deliver it based on the focus we have on things. Is it possible you focused more on the details of ring and not the feeling with special someone?? Anyway just tell the source you appreciate it but your ring will come from him. πŸ™‚

      And yay!! on your manifestation…. so happy for you.


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      1. Basically, Lightline is saying that you can have both – the detailed ring and it coming from him πŸ™‚


    2. It’s a sign πŸ˜€ It’s a good thing! You were wondering because sometimes you’re sure you can be with him and other times, you’re unsure. However, if you kept being sure, you would manifest and before that, you would start to believe it’s a sign πŸ™‚


      1. Hi Nina

        I couldn’t reply to the actual message I wanted. I vowed today not to come back on here but I had a feeling you were there, your picture down the bottom I mean…

        I just wanted to run something past you and ask your honest opinion.

        The first day he ever came here to my home he told me what happened to him and how all the families money was lost. He was hesitant to tell me (as anyone would be due to what happened to him, he was falsely accused of something and was acquitted, yet the legal fees must have wiped out all the families money and they nearly lost their home and now he is paying it back) and he cried a cry I have not seen a man cry before.

        When I asked him why he didn’t want to tell me even tho he was coming to see me as a client, he said he was worried that I would use it against him! Can you see how he has not trusted me from the start and this was the first time we had seen each other again in 9 months.

        Can you see what I am talking about when I say I’m dealing with someone who seem to not be able to trust. It’s hard. Everything I say is monitored and he constantly tests me and comes to these ridiculous conclusions about me that are not based in any truth, like faking bringing a friend to the course to either get a reaction or to prove to himself again that I cant be trusted or that I am ‘up to something.’ He always talks about this suposed ‘feelings’ – hes intuition is always bang OFF. I know the trauma of what happened to him is how he is operating his life and other things from his childhoood that we spoke about and again going to the course ladies house 2 times before the course.

        How the hell am I ever going to get him to trust me and see that I am not like those people or what they did to him? What if we end up together and I feel like he is monitoring and testing me in the relationship? He has issues, Nina. Big ones. I’ve loved this guy unconditionally for 3 years, ive listened to everything, sent him books, taken him to courses, listened to him cry over the phone, helped him and yet no matter what I do I cant seem to let go. I’m not trying to fix him but if someone comes to me I’ll do everything I can to make them feel good or better or whatever but to see another email read and no reply i worry that one of his issues maybe that he enjoys to hurt people who he thinks have wronged him and his eyes he thinks I am one of those people. At the course he said he was willing to let go of everything for just that day. He always has to be in control.

        I’m feeling very tired.


      2. If you try to convince him you’re not like that, the way everyone tells him you are, you won’t convince him. On the other hand, if you let him think what he wants without being upset about it, knowing the truth about yourself no matter what anyone else thinks, he will one day realize that you are a good person.
        If you let him feel whatever he wants to feel now but trust that he’ll get the right idea of you, and then let it go, he will. But I think that getting upset over his opinion is a waste of time. Opinions change and his current opinion also manifests into your belief – he has been convinced that you’re “using” this against him for so long that you are now convinced he sees you as an enemy.
        If you could stop caring about what he or anyone thinks and live your life, he would eventually realize. However, if you stopped caring, you could also let go to manifest your relationship, just like you did with your exes whom you wanted to be with, then let it go because thinking about them got frustrating and then, you were suddenly together.
        If you fear that you might end up together and he’ll start to think badly of you again, you still belive that he just doesn’t trust you. If you want to manifest a relationship with him after all of this, think of it as a trusting, loving relationship in which he sees you for you and loves you for you…IF you still want to manifest the relationship with him.
        I hope I answered what you wanted my opinion on but if there is more, let me know xx


  10. No. Focus wasn’t on the ring. It was a small detail compared to what else happened.

    I asked to see a bird with blue feathers 2 days ago.

    My roomamate comes over to me to show me photos on her phone when she was out. She says “look at this bird!”

    It had blue feathers. I didnt know what the bird was.

    Kinda strange 2 incidents in one day. Anyway.


  11. Its just that, she has given me so many other things, other pieces, like necklaces, clothes etc and just at the point where I want to say goodbye to him and quit for good she comes out of her room with this ring and then the photo of the blue feathered bird. Shes been with me for 2 months now and only when I want out and are feeling down and want to quit, she gives me the ring. She didnt know i wanted to quit. I didnt tell her.


    1. If this is what your inner feeling says, then this what it is. Do Not Give Up.

      I would have done the same. πŸ™‚


      1. I cant get the ring off my finger. :/ Normally it comes off when I need to, but today it wont come off. It’s not hot here today either so my hand hasn’t expanded from the heat.

        I feel tired. I don’t know if he is actually reading any of the emails because when I send it its read straightway which probably means he is just swiping it off his phone. Maybe he goes back and reads them, who knows? I already know what you are going to say about what I just said, but I just feel tired of the whole situation now and cant get my vibration back up again like the other week. Sorry, just being honest. Im not tired from trying to manifest this, I’m tired of this. Since when are relationships and love this hard? Isn’t that a sign in itself?

        I did do what you said Lightline, to energetically thank him for reading it, even if i don’t know if he does and i did take on board what C posted about blessing him wherever he is and saluting the divinity, but I just feel tired now.

        Sometimes it feels as if people make out that to quit means to not love unconditionally. They were not there through the whole thing and they don’t know him and how extremely stubborn he is. He laughs about it. I just feel tired. No one can accuse me of not trying.

        He’s never trusted me because I don’t look like what he wants. Does anyone actually understand what its like to deal with someone who believes you are trying to con them into a relationship? No amount of letters or text from family and friends was able to get his head out of the sand.

        If anyone has an idea which could get me out of this feeling I would be willing to listen but I feel now its time to move on and forget about him because I think he forgot about me a long time ago and like a fool I kept trying.


      2. He told me directly that he discussed with his parents that I must have been trying to pull something on his because hes not attracted to me and they agreed with him! Can you see the mentality of what I am dealing with here? How conscious can someone be to go into the automatic mode of thinking some kind of manipulation is happening to them just because they are not attracted to you? I was put into the same boat as the rest of the people who have apparently done “bad things to him” even tho my auntie contacted him with a letter saying she and my family just couldn’t understand how he has assumed I was trying to manipulate him into a relationship. He didn’t respond to her. Infact he didnt respond to any of the letters or texts from family and friends and he ASKED if he could speak to my family and friends but when they contacted him he didnt respond. Thats how stubborn he is.

        He likes to be in control, when I asked him to describe himself the top word was control and to be one step ahead of other people. Argh! That is what is making me believe he is not blocking me on facebook, so he can control the way i contact him. Just because Lightline guy was balanced and not living on planet paranoid, doesn’t mean this guy isn’t.

        I just feel like this is to much of a mess and should just leave it alone and try to move on. I’m tired.


      3. I used to be one of those people that would run around saying “there are no coincidences in the universe” everything meant something, blah blah blah.

        I can’t stand when people start talking about anything psychic related or spirit world anymore or signs or messages or any of it, I’m started to distance myself from anything of this nature and lead what most people would consider a boring life.

        The whole experience has left me questioning everything. I’ve turned into what I now consider to be a hardcore skeptic. I’ve turned into him.


      4. I think you believe you’ve turned into him because you have been focusing more on his feelings than your own.
        However, if you don’t want him anymore, that’s fair, too.


      5. He makes the people who really love and care about him WORK FOR IT and jump through hoops, yet the people who left his life, took all their money and abandoned him when things went bad, he pines after them! Years and years later! How can anyone live like that?
        How many times do you have to tell someone that you are not going to hurt them and that not everyone in the world is an asshole?
        I got the ring off. I quit.


      6. If you have an honest change of heart, that’s completely OK, of course. If you don’t want him anymore, you can always change your mind for good ❀


  12. It means your focus in the right way, your vibrations match your desires… such little manifestations are a way Uni says you are on right path.

    πŸ™‚ OMG so awesome. I get so happy after reading manifestations. My focus is getting really good I guess….

    Positive vibes and love on your way

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  13. I don’t think so. I think that if you keep believing that you’re going to be together, that it is a done deal and it’s yours already, you will realize that these signs are the signs that your desire is manifesting πŸ™‚ Be happy that it’s on its way and let that be enough. Then, you will see it manifest.


  14. I think I am just failing – I just can’t stop thinking about him. I am so attached. I can tell one of the reasons is I am in a place or situation where I am living monotonous single life for so long. I want to talk and share my life and I see I am kind of stuck in this situation. I need to change / get some excitement in my life. I don’t want to manifest him out of my boredom or obsession. I feel so down at the moment. I have no idea how to get out of this situation. I am trying to go on a trip but I have to go on my own as everyone else is busy. I don’t know what to do. Please help! πŸ™‚


  15. Hi Gretta,

    I have just read your post. I think its just the way it is – The universe makes some of us get attached too much with someone who don’t feel the same way about us?! Forgetting/letting go part is the hardest ever when your desire to be with someone is so strong. I am trying anything and everything to forget about it. Is there any easy way? I have joined a gym and did some boot camp training and hurt my body so much that I can feel the pain as I walk. I feel exhausted both physically mentally. I want to have some purpose in my life. I have also joined volunteering service to help people in need. End of the day I realize I need someone who can be present with me not for living together forever but someone I can connect with all my heart and share my experiences with – verbally or together. That’s the law of universe?!


    1. All of these things you got involved with will help you be happy and see that you have a rich life already which will allow you to focus on other things and let the relationship with your ex go to manifest. There are various ways of letting go.


  16. Hi N

    No, I don’t think the Universe makes us get attached to someone who doesn’t feel the same way. it is us that create our own reality. I struggle with this somedays also, but it is true. We are the creators of our current situation and everything that has happened in the past and future etc.

    Yes. I know that letting go is the hardest part but if you have asked you must receive. You really have to put your TRUST IN THE UNIVERSE to make it happen for you, to organise things for you, while you sit back and let it. Letting go could also be called RELAXING and TRUSTING THAT THE UNIVERSE will deliver what you asked for because you asked for it, so that makes ‘letting go’ easier. I don’t like the term letting go, I think it makes people more anxious. If you just focus on the fact that you asked so it has to be delivered ( as Nina has said) that will be enough for you to let go of ALL attachment because you know its yours, on its way, already happening, a done deal, whatever you want to call it.

    You ask the Universe ONCE, you KNOW it will deliver. It kinda takes the worry out of it, doesn’t it? It means its coming no matter what, organising it the best way it can for both.

    No there is no easy way to forget except for you to immerse yourself in YOU. Write down 20-30 things you have always wanted to do or try. Anything, anything at all, like cooking classes or yoga, or meditation classes, or play an instrument or spend half a day pampering yourself. Basically keep busy all the time like you would have been doing with your life before you even knew this man existed and when he does come into your thoughts just say “thank you that xxxx loves me’ or just say ‘thank you’ And get back to whatever you were doing.

    You’re sending out the desperation vibe, we have all been there. I have been there a lot, but by reading my last post you’ll see that when I forgot, i got what I wanted. This happens to me every time. Sometimes I am a slow learner. The quicker you relax and let the universe do the work the faster your relationship will manifest.

    You don’t really need anyone, but I know what you are saying, someone to share your life with, thoughts, feelings etc, but you DONT NEED HIM. Need and desperation are the same thing. Believe me, I have been there!

    Your purpose is what YOU MAKE IT.

    Just ask specifically for what you want, say thank you and move on with your life like you never met him, but at the same time knowing you have already received. if you have received, what do you have to worry about, right? The Universe knows what you have asked for it just takes TRUST.

    It IS as easy as it sounds. I made it harder for myself, I think we all have at times and the Universe looks at us like ‘what the fuck you doing? Get out of the way!’

    ask, say thank you, get on with your life and be patient.

    Whenever you feel anxious or upset or stressed by the situation it means – 1) You don’t believe 2)You don’t trust the universe 3)You are not focusing on yourself enough.

    Hope that helps somewhat.



      1. Thank you SO much! πŸ˜€ I missed you guys!! I had such a great time but I am also so excited to be back here with you! πŸ˜€


  17. N

    Just to add…

    Just do this…

    This is all. Where I think all of us have been going wrong is OVER THINKING it all. Reading this, doing this. Beliefs…Blah blah blah…

    LOA is very simple. I see that now. The only time a belief pops up is when we don’t already BELIEVE.

    1 – *ASK* (specifically for what you want. Just say EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT TO HAPPEN. Go to the end result.)

    2 – Say *THANK YOU.*

    (People also call this BELIEVING) (For me saying THANK YOU IS ME BELIEVING and KNOWING) (It removes more stress because once you say thank you, you know its yours, because you are thanking in advance! You’ve already got it!) (You won’t have to go through more unnecessary stress thinking you have to visualise or mediation or whatever other tool or stressing yourself out wondering if you REALLY DO BELIEVE, you BELIEVE the second you SAY THANK YOU! Thats enough. To me visualising is like looking back into yesterday, when he was here, brushing my hair before bed. (naww!) To me it’s like looking back into the past of all the years we have ALREADY spent together. I do it when I feel like it.) (But to me its like remembering what we did the day before.)


    (This is also known as LETTING GO) (GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE as you would be doing before you even knew this man existed. Say thank you when you think of him, thats it.)

    It’s that simple and I think we have all over complicated it. The freedom you get in TRUSTING IN THE UNIVERSE (otherwise known as letting go is exhilarating, i can see and feel that now.)

    Just try it. If you start to feel anxious or worried again KNOW that all you are going to keep getting back is more ANXIETY and MORE WORRY.

    Peace xo


  18. Hi Gretta,

    Thank you so much for your reply. It really has made me feel positive. My mind keeps running and I find myself fantasising / can I say visualizing ? It’s right in saying ‘Empty mind is devil’s workshop in my case’ as I’m sabotaging my own desires. I really miss having a family so I could shift my focus completely. I am trying to forget him and everything related to him. I like to do meditation and send heart energy but I’m confusing my mind here. Anyway let’s see what happens in few months time. I’m glad I’m not obsessing as much now. Time really makes it better. I will keep my engaged in something else like plan a short trip to some nice country. Thank you again for your help. Your other posts are great !

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  19. Hi N, Nina & All.

    No worries N.

    I was thinking about what N posted up above and thinking about various other things that we have all mentioned on the site in the time we have been here and a thought occurred to me. They say that between the ages of 1-6 is where were store all of our beliefs about ourselves and the world. Everyone in their life ages 1-6 would have experienced a moment or moments of REJECTION and this rejection ‘feeling’ is maybe what makes us do things like not being able to let to, or trust in the universe, feelings we don’t deserve, or calling or texting the other person and various other things we have done in the past, trying to get the other persons attention, whatever it may have been.

    I was trying to figure out where all those things I mentioned could stem from and REJECTION came to mind.

    I found this video on youtube N, and anyone else that wants to try it, see how you feel after it. I did it also because I wanted to post it on here but i felt a huge shift. She is amazing. Really knows what she is doing. Covers all areas. Give it a shot and maybe use it when you feel down or stressed or whatever. Try it even if you don’t think it applies to you. She really is very very good! She talks about attracting the right people (could be used generally)

    The video is called Rejections and Welcoming New Relationships. (You could see the new relationships part of the tapping as starting a new relationship with the person you want to be with.

    She is really awesome.


    1. Hi Gretta,

      I tried this last night before I went to sleep. It didn’t have any immediate effects on me may be because I am trying EFT tapping for the first time. I know I need to work on rejection as I have fear of losing someone close right from my childhood days. I feel happy to be focusing on myself more and working on self development. I will do this every day so it can work on me may be change few words to suit my emotions.


      1. Hi N

        Yep, I ended up doing the video 7 times and i feel really good now.
        Do it a few more times, i noticed a big shift in me and so did others.


  20. Hi Everyone.

    I wanted to let you know how I have been feeling after doing the above EFT video. I ended up doing it 5 times and measured it on a scale from one to 10 like she says.

    Anyway, I woke up today feeling very different. I went into my bathroom and looked at myself and thought, I look different. My face looks different. It didn’t look the same. I thought maybe I was just imagining it but I swear I looked different. Anyway, started to get on with my day which includes taking my 88 year old grandma to do her food shopping on Sundays.

    We got into the car and I was driving and she looks at me and says,” You look different, your face looks different. It doesn’t look the same, you look different.” I just said I’m not sure, she’s 88 and Italian so trying to explain EFT was going to be hard so I just told her I’ve been praying more, which was pleasing for my extremely catholic grandma! I had been, not Pono, just praying for help to forgive myself and him, but the praying wasn’t working, I was still having moments of extreme pain coming up again, the pain from him listening to other people was what it was mainly plus him not believing me or my family or friends who had been contacting him trying to undo what his mother had done. When she said that I looked different I knew I couldn’t have been seeing things when I looked in the mirror before going to pick her up. So we are in the shops and she keeps staring at me, but I mean staring, and I said to her, “whats up?’ and she starts crying in the middle of the shopping centre and she says “your face looks so different, everything seems different, you look so calm, you even feel more calm.” Of course I started to cry cause she is. Doh!

    I then go to my parents to drop off something she gave me to give to them and my dad opens the front door, quickly says hello and then turns and looks at me again with a funny look on his face and says, “What have you done to your face?’ (The is my dads typical way of talking, his english is not good haha!) I said, ‘What do you mean?’ He says….. “you look different” – I said I’m not sure (but knowing what it was, the eft video above) – Anyway i go inside and mum comes in and looks at me then looks back at me and says “have you been using a new face cream? Your skin and face look different, your eyes even look different, you look completely different. She kept staring also, I just looked back at her, she kept insisting and staring and then said “gosh, you look about 10 years younger!’ I told her it was the EFT video and what it was about, she likes EFT, she can be a bit in her own world but she agrees what EFT is really good.

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you what happened to me the day after doing that video 5 times.

    I really do look and feel different. It’s 2.00pm in the afternoon where I am i the world and normally I would have has some issue towards him come up by now but …. Nothing. I think I found why i took so hard what he said and did. I was rejected by him and his mother and so was who I am, but in saying that there would have been previous experiences hiding in there for me to have reacted as badly as I did towards both of them because if there wasn’t I would have just said “um ok” and moved on and not cared what they had said or thought. Then I remembered back to an ex I had, who wanted me to send him a photo and i remember feeling terrified before doing it, theres only one reason I would feel so scared and that was the prospect of being rejected.

    I really hope everyone does that video, at least 3 times. I would love to hear your feedback and tell me how you are feeling. You may have to do it a lot more than 3 times. If anyone can do it and let me know, would be awesome. Cheers.

    ❀ x


    1. This was an amazing read Gretta, thank you for sharing.

      I had a bit of a rough week, cutting off people who I thought were my friends and seeing him with someone.

      Emotionally it’s been a rough week but it was interesting seeing how I was dealing with it. Now I didn’t panic too much when I saw him with someone else because I am very aware that I have been afraid of it, thinking it, and even though I was trying to avoid it – it was inevitable and so seeing it wasn’t devastating because I know I have been actively vibrating right there.

      ‘Thankfully she wasn’t anything special so I didn’t feel threatened or insecure about myself (huge step here). But it did get me thinking hard about whether I wanted to be with him or not.

      I have been so good to this guy, literally am the reason he’s where he is today – and I know when we first met I saw great sides to him and i genuinely believe he is a good person deep down ( just that he has a lot of demons). But I realize that as much as we’re told our focus is what becomes our reality, he should be the one working hard to keep me – like really!!

      And I don’t understand why I am so adamant , he should be so crazy about me simply based on the role I have had in his life. And part of my frustration and resentment is that I am running after him visualizing for him to recognize what I see when it is so obvious to me and It baffles me that he doesn’t get it.

      If it weren’t for all the signs all over the place I would have moved on by now because I realize I love myself enough to want to focus on someone who deserves the love I can provide. At the same time, I want to manifest because it will confirm all this belief system to me : if you focus on the good it comes out ( the more I focus on his good the less it seems to come out of him), sending love energy and any relationship can manifest : i want to see it through because if i don’t then it will mean (for me) that none of this works and it’s all hocus pocus and unfortunately we live in a world where life happens to us and we cannot do anything but take it.

      This position is great for the detachment aspect because I don’t really care about him anymore (which is kinda sad) – It’s also great because I am realizing that I love myself enough to notice when someone isn’t appreciating me at the level I know I deserve. it’s not because well it’s disappointing and one thing that is repeated in the LOA philosophy is that people only mirror how we feel about ourselves and they only behave how we expect them to behave. So if i see him positively (which is harder by the day and has yet to happen), he will become what I picture. Even though I am more and more skeptical, I am open to being proven wrong which is also a good thing.

      But the reason why this video is great is because I know I have some major rejection/abandonment issues (case in point I am holding to a man who doesn’t deserve me which could be the bottom line of why it hasn’t crystallized yet. I would love to see what happens once that lifts a little bit.

      So I will do it and see what reactions I get on my end…


  21. Hi LyLy

    Omg at a lot of what you wrote. I can relate. I crashed somewhere in between mysteriously sorting my house so it looked like someone was about to move in to just plain crashing again and I forgot to mention in my post above, but it was like I ‘had something in me’ – It felt like something was lodged in my chest, I can’t describe it, this feeling that I didn’t know exactly what it was, but then I realised it was an energy block and i wanted to find out what exactly it was. Then after reading N’s few posts above I started to think what could cause all of us to be delaying because I keep reading the stories on the secret website and they are manifesting in a matter of days to months and we all seem to be in the same situation. Then I realised past rejections or rejections in our subconscious could definitely be interfering with the manifesting.

    I too admit that I have been questioning wether i wanted to be with my person also, especially after I worked on ATTACHMENT with pono, i started to wonder also what it would be like to be with a man who doesn’t have all these demons (like you said above) and unfortunately mine comes with a mother who has embedded into his head that he can’t cope without her and everyone is a danger or a threat. (I am not the one who has ever said it, its been commented by people who know him.)

    I have been good to mine also. The list is too long to write, from buying him books, to working on him here at my place for free, to asking him to courses – but in emails after he was told i wouldn’t be good for his life – I gave it to him straight. I called it exactly how I saw it. Some of it was brutal but i don’t want him to go through life believing everything his mother tells him because this is a classic case of mothers intuition gone wrong. I loved her kid, with all the shit he had going on and with the stupid things he was doing to us and she has convinced him that i would hurt him emotionally, maybe know you can see why i was like a yoyo, one day yes, next day no, excluding health issues. It wasn’t until i worked on Attachment that i started to question that maybe I deserved more.

    I think these guys want someone like us to help them. but don’t want to be with us, because they want to be with people that don’t know everything about them so they can come across as ‘normal’ or ‘ok. Do you know what I mean? I know that sounds nuts, but its just something I’ve noticed also. Like with this guy, he will tell a girl that he is just plain helping his family pay off their mortgage, but this isn’t the truth, he’s paying back money he lost. Yep I agree, that they should have done something to keep us but human nature is to lean more towards people who don’t treat them well, like pining for his friends he lost in the past, when i was standing right there offering him everything he had every wanted.

    He wrote on Facebook a few months back that he doesn’t a have a girlfriend, i’m pretty sure i was there asking him for the relationship and to trust me and to not listen to other people because we would be happy if he just took that one step, but there he is telling people on FB that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. You see what I am getting at?

    I think this also sometimes. That if someone was sending me emails, to open my eyes, i would be thanking them and the funny thing is is that every revolts first then comes back to me and says they are sorry and they wished they’d listened. I’m so glad i don’t work in the line of work i used to anymore!

    Everything you said here! TICK! And I don’t understand why I am so adamant , he should be so crazy about me simply based on the role I have had in his life. And part of my frustration and resentment is that I am running after him visualizing for him to recognize what I see when it is so obvious to me and It baffles me that he doesn’t get it. — Mine being even worse, he still didn’t get it even after my family and friends contacted him. He still ignored and it and said that I wrote my own references? The fuck?

    After working on attachment and doing that EFT video above my mind started to wonder at who i might possibly meet. How he would treat me, someone with a non neurotic mother who didn’t cause her son to live in a world of fear, getting married, the works. Just today also i was in the shop and someone smiled at me and i smiled back, not that I wouldn’t have smiled back normally but its just now that i think, what if there is someone better? What if he can stand on his own 2 feet and not have to have a texting match with his mother in front of me and what if he didn’t even care what his mother thought and that whole feeling of being loved for who i am was so magic. Before i never would have deviated away from him but today i did wonder and it did feel good. Then i wondered whether it matter if he would ever forgive me and would I die if he didn’t come back and the answer was NO and I think this is an important part of helping me to manifest, if that makes sense? Completely not caring what he does because like you said, I know now that I deserve better and also it will help me to remain detached from the outcome.

    This what you said – “But the reason why this video is great is because I know I have some major rejection/abandonment issues (case in point I am holding to a man who doesn’t deserve me which could be the bottom line of why it hasn’t crystallized yet. I would love to see what happens once that lifts a little bit.”

    At the same time as writing all those feelings I have been experiencing i still feel AMAZING after that video and I do believe that our imagination are the preview to lifes coming attractions! πŸ™‚

    Yep. Let me know πŸ™‚

    x ❀


  22. Just to add.

    I love him. Even tho at times It looks like I don’t.

    If i didn’t I wouldn’t be on this site or working on myself so hard and sharing what I find with others and wanting them to have what they deserve also because…
    WE DO DESERVE what we want and we do deserve to be loved.

    Group HUG!

    πŸ™‚ x ❀


  23. Well that was interesting : I felt nothing – rejection/abandonment isn’t it.
    The good thing about where I’m at is that I’m at 0 I feel nothing so not negativity nor positivity.

    It also means that j have sorted my rejection/abandonment issues which is great, I wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for trying.

    I feel completely detached and void of emotion. Indifference to be exact : I don’t care what happens or doesn’t happen. What j feared the most already has so I suppose this is the logical next step : now there is nothing to fear anymore but then there is also nothing left to feel, it’s almost like I went full circle.

    So odd…


  24. Hi LyLy & Nina.

    Maybe what you are feeling is a good thing? Complete detachment?

    I found this last night –

    It is probably just more of what you already know…

    I have one small issue that I need to clear, i think it might still be forgiveness? When i visualise, only because I want to and it makes me feel good, i find my mind wonders and i feel as if I am ‘barking’ at him. Like, as if having a conversation with him saying things such as “you knew the people who were contacting you were telling you the truth, why didn’t you reply to them? or just things along those lines where it almost feels like i am still sabotaging but it happens so fast one sec I am feeling good the next i am i have no idea what it is called. Like i feel really good but then i am doing this thing again that I can’t explain, its like telling him off. ARGH! What is it? It’s the only remaining thing going on. Any ideas? Is it just plain forgiveness? Having to be right? Any ideas anyone?

    Thanks x


    1. It absolutely is a good thing πŸ™‚
      It is forgiveness. It seems like you feel that your good intentions all along should be acknowledged by him and that he should say he was wrong. What if you visualized him lovingly telling you he was wrong and asking that you forgive him?


      1. Hi Nina

        I sent you 2 emails, I was in a very bad state when I wrote it a week or so ago? but I feel I am back where I was 2 weeks prior when I was mysteriously rearranging my house. Just delete them, i see where I went wrong from the start. I kept reaffirming that he would never be interested in me and he would never feel the same and that his text messages would stop the next day and it all came to pass, infact i remember repeatedly telling my close friend at the time all those things, over and over again saying those exact things I just mentioned in that exact way. I also had this extreme fear that he was going to hurt me and everything i have just mentioned happened. I know he has some issues but I know its fuelled by not having the best influence around him, someone who fuels his fears, but now i realise that influence is irrelevant. They always were when i look back on it now.

        I was so relieved when you said it was just forgiveness because seriously i was doing pono on some extreme things thinking it was things from BPD to Bipoloar to intermitted anger disorder (lol) I was getting myself in a real twist, once I read you say Forgiveness it subsided almost immediately. I think I was worried that there was someone seriously wrong. When I read you say forgiveness it was a huge relief. Now it’s turned into me laughing, as if looking back on a memory we have already shared, can’t quite explain it but it sure does feel better than what was happening before. I am back in the place of knowing the relationship is mine.

        One question if I visualise him telling me he was wrong and to forgive him won’t that take me out of acting as if, because i am now at the stage that we are together.

        Thanks πŸ™‚


      2. Good πŸ™‚ But I still read them simply because I got to them before seeing this comment and I think you will find the answers positive and even comforting, especially now that you are feeling great πŸ˜€ xxxx


  25. Hey LyLy / Nina

    I was thinking about our situation today and maybe there is still something there for you about wanting to prove that this doesn’t work? Not sure, just asking/wondering.

    And for me, I still don’t know, I know I can get into the state of believing and knowing etc but this THING comes up where I feel like I am ‘telling him off for what he did.’ – I need to find out what that is because that is the only thing that keeps knocking me out of belief and feel good state and then i get a bit stressed thinking I’m just sending out negative feelings again.

    Also another question, if we have asked and that means we are guaranteed to get it do beliefs really matter? in the end?

    I manifested better when I knew less.

    But in saying all that, and in all the things I have I do believe we are going to end up together but I feel that this ‘telling him off BS is holding it up’ because it must be coming across the the universe as if ‘do you really want this or not?’ vibe.


    1. HIya Greta and all,

      You know I agree with this bit : I manifested better when I knew less.

      I think part of the issue is trying too hard, trying to make it happen – all the clearing, meditating, visualizing you’re still doing to make it happen not just to align. And at the same time what you’re constantly sending out is : not enough, not ready, need fixing before it can manifest – so you’re manifesting more issues, more fixing to do, more maybe it’s this or that … which feeds the back and forthness and the feeling that it’s not working.

      I checked-in with myself and found that I’m exactly at 0 : I don’t care to be with him or not which means I have release resistance, I’m living my life and not doing anything pertaining to manifesting this relationship anymore because I don’t need to and never did. I don’t need more work on myself : I’m perfect the way I am, flaws and all. Together we would be great, I know it and stick by it – no sales pitch required for him to have that realization for himself , remote seductions, tapping, influencing …none of it.

      I still believe he’s a good guy in essence as I said before, but I don’t need to convince him energetically, emotionally whether in this universe or a parallel one because convincing him means I don’t believe he’s sure or knows it himself. I’m tired of making him the focus of anything because again it’s the other way around : I’m worth every effort, actions and desires I have put in towards him, I should have actually put them towards myself – and the more I do it in his direction the more I am really telling myself it’s unrequited, that I’m not worthy and that I believe I need to do all types of things for this relationship to have a chance – which complete bullshit.

      It does work because I did manifest him with someone else. Actively for a year.. i just couldn’t get myself to get in the feeling place of having this relationship and seeing him in a positive light because let’s face it : a big part of me thinks he’s a dumbass. And it’s difficult for me to accept that I can just think him a better man to make him one because I’m too far in so I’m going to leave it. What I know is that in a relationship you’re not always going to like who you’re with even though you might love them – right now, I don’t like him at all and I don’t have to. I like myself a lot and that”s who is my main priority.

      I’m done meddling to figure out when, how or where it should happen because that’s the path of least resistance and that’s the one that feels good to me right now. I’m also realizing that sometimes opportunities are missed but new ones always come : if it’s not him it’ll be somebody else and regardless who it is I’ll still be happy, my ego will just have to suck it up!


      1. I like this and you’re right. It is also why I personally teach manifesting based on just the basics, doing nothing after asking and such.
        It is really enough to just know you’re receiving BECAUSE you asked.
        However, you were thinking so much because you didn’t feel 100% positive about him, that is what causes the thinking. At the same time, knowing it is yours simply because you have asked removes that thinking.


      2. Part of it Nina as well is that I don’t think I trust my judgment – I wasn’t sure about him because I wasn’t sure I was choosing right and the thoughts of making that mistake really weighed on me making me wishy washy in my decision.

        The solace as well was my last fear manifesting : I have nothing to fear anymore because it already has. Which actually comes as a blessing because I’m not upset with him, nor myself – so I could let that fear go because I saw what happens when it manifests and in the end I’m still okay πŸ™‚

        It reminds me of an answer you wrote to one of my questions about the movie he’s just not that into you – you mentioned Jennifer Aniston’s character , I resonate with her for some reason because her guy wasn’t a bad guy at all he just wasn’t giving her what she wanted. Same with Jennifer Goodwin’s – and it’s when they moved on with their life that SOMETHING (which at this point for me could be eitherway) happened.

        I’m right there … it scared me to get to this point but actually it’s not a bad place to be at all πŸ™‚


    1. Nina / Lyly

      Ha! Funny you mention that book! I had that book in my hand today at work! I said to my workmate this book is crap, we create whats going on in our lives and I put it in the bin so no woman would buy it. I remember thinking this book is total crap and the authors were nuts not to able to believe in their dreams etc. Just my opinion, but it did feel good to bin it! The EXCEPTION part of the movie at the was AWESOME tho! Haha!

      I have one more question Nina as what was bothering me before, the ‘telling him off’, seems to have subsided.

      So…. Lyly has let go and is ok with whatever happens either way. I on the other hand sometimes find myself getting all giddy and lovey and happy and every excited, now I know this is going to sound like a STUPID question and you can face-palm if necessary (hehehe!!) but is my way ok also? To think of him with those 4 feelings above? Sometimes I do it a lot, the acting as if, but it’s not a forced ‘acting as if’ – its a genuine feeling that keeps coming up especially since doing the EFT video on rejection and new relationships. It feels like I am his partner in those moments and thats feel very good!

      Since LOA is about feeling, me emitting those happy, excited, giddy, loving feelings out into the universe, is just as good as the place that Lyly is in, right?

      Thanks for the help!



      1. Hahahaha I love the face-palm! So funny. You can have any feelings really (telling him off, acting as if, sometimes you love him and other times he frustrates you) as long as you KNOW the relationship is yours and you believe it’s a done deal already which makes you feel like his gf already. That is the knowing that we start from, the knowing which must be the underlying feeling of any manifestation, but either knowing it’s yours or genuinely not caring whether or not it manifests are both valid and effective.


  26. LyLy

    I was out the back and you came into my head again, with my thing also.

    Wtf? It’s as easy as just believing. It really is that simple. Maybe we have all been over complicating the entire thing.

    I asked, I’m going to get it no matter what.

    Sometimes I have this moments of uncontainable love for him. I love those little moments. I don’t like how it feels like I am telling him off and I just read something that said when you have such feelings towards another, imagine that they are 4 years old. Could you speak to a 4 year old like that? so I tried it, couldn’t do it. Haha…

    The thing is, I DO believe, I always have. but my own stupidity of not being able to forgive or accept that i created my reality by the thoughts I had before this all went to shit. I kept thinking, ‘he’ll never be into me’ and thats exactly what I got. That is some powerful shit right there! Haha!

    I think I was trying to find a BUT to put after my I DO BELIEVE – i couldn’t find a BUT anymore.

    *Breaks into song* Can you feel the love tonight?

    Sorry I am being silly but its so freaking easy and when I see what I douche I have been by complicating it, it just makes me laugh now. Haha!



    1. I’m happy you’re being silly and lighter – be nicer to yourself !! Would the 4 year old in you be happy if you mentioned her stupidity of not being able to forgive or accept ? It’s a process and we’re never fully there – even if your relationship manifested today you would find new things and opportunities to learn and grow.

      That being said – we wrote at similar times to say similar things πŸ™‚ I don’t think it’s supposed to be this complicated … and I think we’re caught in an unconscious cycle of trying to prove we’re worthy which is why we’re so actively trying to fix or improve ourselves.

      You said it in one of your recent posts : you’re enough just the way you are – flaws and all .. you don’t need fixing, you don’t need convincing … simple as that – the truth always comes out and I believe the truth about you (if he’s not aware of it at the moment ) eventually will .. it’s inevitable. xx


  27. I think this blog has been helpful no matter what as it has brought everyone back to basics – to love, learn and develop ourselves. We may get our desires late but we know it will be with us as long as it makes us feel better. We are putting our happiness first. I feel we are all got lost somewhere in our lives and getting back on track again. πŸ™‚ It’s great to learn from each other !


    1. It is, and I believe Gretta showed clearly that there is no reason not to let go, even if you don’t feel good all the time. There are so many ways of letting go!
      And, thank you πŸ™‚ This great community makes the blog an even better place to be! πŸ˜€


      1. Nina I’m in love with this girl. She knows I doesn’t exist yet but summarize in your words to this situation where I can manifest her cast please.


      2. Hi Dan πŸ™‚ I suggest that you visualize a situation in which it is clear to you that your relationship is accepted by everyone in your lives, you love each other and are happy together. Believe that this is yours! It is very important that you focus on what you desire to manifest without paying attention to the current circumstances, your worries or your negative thoughts. You can do that. We all can πŸ™‚ Your manifesting powers are great but you must believe in yourself in order to change your reality. Never worry about how your desired manifestation will come about but just be grateful that it is yours already πŸ™‚ You can do this!


      1. I like to describe it as “being with the person.” So imagine how happy it makes you to be together, as if you have received it already πŸ™‚ Imagine what you talk about, where you go, what you do, your living situation… Anything you want! πŸ˜€


  28. Great post, Nina!

    I took time to study myself and understand what’s happening inside. I think I’m afraid to stop thinking about her, because I try to think about something else, change focus, but I end up thinking about her without noticing it. So I’m not having success in letting go. I think I’m afraid that if I won’t pay attention to her, the Universe would stop manifesting our relationship and try to give me someone else and give her someone else too. I know it’s foolish, I’m trying to fix this but I don’t know how to stop this negative momentum. I know I need to “forget” her but that’s the hardest part for me, I care too much, I need to stop caring but I don’t know how.

    And you said that “sending heart energy allows you to fall in love with them all over again and stay in love with them.” – I’m afraid of that too, I mean, I’m afraid of staying in love with her “alone”, you know? Could you give me some light?


    1. All of this is just a reflection of the belief that the relationship isn’t yours yet. In addition to seeing you together and expressing gratitude for it, try and alter your view of relationships in general. Maybe you see them as painful when they should be happy? Trust your desire more than you trust the world around you. Only YOU decide what kind of relationship you can have! Once you believe, you will let go.


  29. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d definitely donate to this brilliant blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to fresh updates and will talk about this website with my Facebook group. Talk soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! I have actually received similar comments recently and added a tip button to several posts! Thank you for your fabulous idea! I am so glad you liked this post.


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