Sudden Manifestations, The Moment We Forget About Them

When it comes to manifesting anything at all, I have no better way of saying it than “don’t worry about your thoughts being perfect.”

Just believe it’s yours and that’s it. When you believe, you can let go and once you let go, you can even forget what you asked for only to manifest it rapidly.

Everyone has experienced their desires manifesting the moment they forgot about them. I’ve never met anyone who has not experienced at least one manifestation of this kind. One simply puts their desire out of their mind naturally, as they focus on other activities in life. Suddenly, their desire manifests out of nowhere, the moment it is entirely out of their mind.

Thinking about your desire happily removes the need for it. Visualizing and imagining how it feels to have your desire in your life causes the feeling of having it already, letting it go naturally to manifest. Once you have filled your heart with this much love for your desire, having sent heart energy to it, your awareness has already changed to one of having and living your desire.

When your desire is a relationship with a specific person, sending heart energy allows you to fall in love with them all over again and stay in love with them. It sounds simple and honestly, it is – as long as you know that you truly want to be with a specific person, the decision that you are to be with them allows you to love them even more.

“May I never miss the thrill of being near you,” as Paul McCartney sang.

This is why I always say that with me, it is only a matter of wanting to be with any specific person I have my eye on. Does this man fascinate me with his unique self? (Everyone is unique but who is special to me?) Do I want to be around him?

Being able to put your desire out of your mind takes knowing it is yours. Then, you truly don’t care when it manifests because it is more important to you that it happens in the best way possible – this is the kind of energy that causes rapid manifestation. You literally feel that it is yours already. You know it in your heart. Then, you might even let it go without realizing, as you have removed the need for it, having lived it in your mind and heart already.


We’ve said this before – when one is too attached to their desire, they might feel pressure to think “perfectly.” This often happens when manifesting relationships, as the idea of an ideal love causes attachment easily when it should only cause even more love!

A problem which may cause attachment is a bruised ego. Some want to manifest specific desires due to the need of proving something to themselves. If you feel this way, know that you can feel like the person you want to be without external approval. Once you feel that way just as you are, the world will agree.


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  1. Hi Nina,

    Once again thank you for such an insightful post. I do agree that many times I have manifested things that I didn’t give any thought to.

    I find myself thinking about my guy multiples a day. It’s not out of fear but I’ll just think about him. I’m not stalking him but just thinking how he’s meant to be with me. I don’t want to be thinking of him all the time because sometimes I start to wonder how will it work out because we are not communicating and he has me blocked.

    He’s my first and last thought everyday. I know a lot of time has elapsed since things ended between us but I do still believe we will end up together. I know several girls like him but that doesn’t matter to me.

    Overall, I feel good but would love to hear your opinion Nina! You have helped me a lot. Thanks.

    How can I prevent myself from thinking about him so much. He’s the t


    • Hey Lila! I started to write my reply to you but had to think about it and went to get some coffee. I haven’t forgotten about you 😉
      First of all, observe your reactions and any possible resistance to see if any of that is making you feel uncomfortable about any aspect. Did you accept things as they are, deciding that they are irrelevant and that now, you are creating a new reality? When you think about the blocked number, do you feel any doubt?
      All these circumstances are simply products of your past thoughts. Now, you are creating something new.
      I think that you should focus examining your feelings in this way, to see if there’s anything about the past that’s still bothering you. Do you still feel a bit of a disbelief because of the blocked number or keep focusing on the current reality instead of the one you want to create?
      We tend to focus on the current reality when we worry that our desires don’t belong to us yet. If you feel this way, you can change it 🙂 You can accomplish all your goals 🙂


      • Hi Nina!! Thanks for not forgetting about me! lol. I love reading all of your replies!

        I have noticed that I do sometimes feel doubt and disbelief when I think about the blocked number. Besides this aspect, I don’t pay attention to the current reality because I know I am creating it. You’re absolutely correct about the fact that we focus on our current reality when we we worry that our desire doesn’t belong to us.

        I completely trust you and I believe I can marry my guy and that is why I want to know what can I do when the thought of being blocked comes to mind.

        The only thing that is bothering me is that him and I are not communicating and that makes me wonder how will suddenly remember the girl he has blocked. This isn’t a constant thought but it does pop up and I do believe it’s causing resistance.

        Thank you!! Looking forward to hearing back from you!


      • Hi Lila!
        The blocked number represents your limiting belief which translates into your disbelief that the relationship is yours. You don’t believe so you see this blocked number as proof that it can’t happen – see what I mean?
        Believe that the relationship is yours simply because you have asked for it and it will be so. Then, your positive beliefs will overflow the negative ones. Also, it is necessary to forgive yourself and him for this blocked number situation which had caused negative feelings in you. His behavior towards you is a reflection of the limiting beliefs you have of yourself.
        Start believing you are amazing and that you deserve to have what you want xxxx


      • Hi Nina!

        You’re the best! I’m extremely grateful for finding out about your blog. Thank you for pointing out that thinking about the blocked number indicates that I don’t believe the relationship is mine. I’m just going to forget about it this very second and only think and believe that my guy truly loves me! I’m not going to look for any proof of him coming into my life but rather know he is mine.

        One more question, I still follow him on Instagram, when he puts up something that I like, is it okay for me to like it? Because he put up a picture of the dinner he made and it looked so delicious that I had to like it lol. He doesn’t follow me and that is why I had asked this question. Thank you!


      • It’s OK to like it only if it makes you happy to like it 🙂 So, like what you genuinely do like, such as that dinner – expressing your genuine positive emotion will make you happy 🙂
        And, thank you so much :-*


  2. Hi Nina,

    This is a challenge for me because of the fact that I have manifested some things with my guy but not the committed relationship yet. I think to myself… “Well, you manifested but something in your visualization or request was wrong the last few times, and you have to figure out what to change in order for it to finally work”. Or that I just can’t get myself to believe this is really possible, I worry that my belief isn’t there, because you make it look so easy. It must be what’s blocking me. This is where I get stuck

    Does that make sense?


    • Hi C,

      That’s a good question. It should be easy. I don’t know how long it takes to manifest a relationship with a specific person.

      For my case, I can definitely say that I have had a lot doubt and only recently after reading Nina’s blog do I believe it’s possible.

      Before I know I was too scared what would happen if I didn’t get happen. The funny thing is it’s almost going to be 2 years since things ended, thus I am definitely doing something wrong.

      After reading all of Nina’s posts, I have understood that things won’t change until I change. I feel like I’m changing but I realized I have always been worried about how or when and wondered about the other girls. This hasn’t gotten me any positive results. Hence, I’m seriously following Nina’s advice and just ignoring the current reality and trusting the universe.

      We can do this!!


    • Yes, or maybe you’re visualizing something you don’t actually LIKE but believe you should have or are trying to get used to it.
      The belief is a big part of it, as well as being upset at the current circumstances. I suggest you get clearer on the relationship you want to have but also work on self love continuously because some of your resistance might be coming from fear.
      It is important to be happy and confident without him in order to evaluate what it is you want for this relationship to bring into your life.


      • Hi Nina, what does that first part mean “maybe you’re visualizing something you don’t actually like but believe you should have or are trying to get used to it”?


      • Maybe you are visualizing the relationship as you believe it can be (not committed, you two not together, him still partially absent mentally and not giving you the love you want) instead of visualizing what you WANT to experience.


  3. Hi Nina,

    Thank you so much for your blog – I’ve recently discovered it and have sat down and read it in its entirety a couple of times to make sure I can absorb all of it!

    I have known my guy for a while, but he has not been ready to date – he has baggage from an ex and is also enjoying the single life. I have found myself trying to force things and do the “right” thing and way of thinking. I was getting frustrated that I always initiated conversations and texts, I would be the one to make plans, he would forget about me for periods of time etc.

    Only yesterday, I finally made the decision that the relationship was a given, despite current appearances, and that it would come when the timing was right and I needed to stop thinking of how it was going to come about. I decided, I let it go, and I walked out of my front door to go on with my day – and my phone chimed with a text message from him! It wasn’t a message of big consequence, but I was very happy!

    Later in the day I was working at my desk and felt some doubts creeping in, that someone else would “snatch” him away. Instead of my usual overthinking and building myself up to a panic, I closed my eyes, saw the thought and let it pass on, reassuring myself that because I had asked the universe for the relationship, then it was mine and I couldn’t NOT get it. I relaxed, opened my eyes and picked up my phone to make a call – and it vibrated in my hand with another text message from him.

    After all this time of just wanting some kind of contact and then letting go of MY idea of how it should work – this happens!

    This morning was the first time that I haven’t immediately checked my phone for messages from him or gone through social media etc. I just relaxed and visualised what our relationship looks like in this particular scenario which made me happy, and I continued on with my morning. While I was looking through Instagram, I liked a friend’s photo – and then noticed of the 14 likes he had, 4 of them were from people with the same first name as my guy, which is a very uncommon name.

    While I wasn’t actively looking for signs, should I be taking these things as signs that my relationship (which is already created) is on its way to me, more so than it was before? Because that’s sure what it feels like! I can’t believe that just relaxing and KNOWING it will happen, rather than panicking about IF and HOW it will happen has already given this kind of feedback.


    • Hi wgray83,

      According to my experience, these manifestations tell you where your vibration is. So be thankful and grateful to your thoughs that they are on right place. Give any other thing your focus and see that manifesting in front of your eyes. To me it was a learning point when I was dead sure that this is my focus and my focus can only turn things around.



    • Hi D!
      First of all, thank you so much 🙂
      You should definitely stay positive that your relationship is happening! All of this sounds exactly right – you are seeing signs, feeling good and letting go!


  4. Hi Nina,

    Through online dating I met a great guy that had all the qualities I desired in a spouse. I had made this list months before I met him. I had also met people before him but knew from the get go that they were not what I wanted. Anyways, he is incredibly chivalrous, respectful, educated, kind etc. I know he liked me because of the way he spoke to me and looked at me. Our dates were really long, fun and we always had a great time. We connected on so many levels–grew up in the same area, same age, similar culture, same religion etc. He is very responsible,independent, intelligent, well mannered etc–just some of the many qualities I admired and he had.

    We went out for about a month and I was always attracted to him but there were some negative thoughts here and there which I believe is what caused a lack of communication after about a month. During this time, I started to realize even more how much he meant to me and kept thinking of all his wonderful qualities and what a great human being he is–it scared me that I may never see him again. Nothing bad happened between us, but when I tried to set up the next date he was out of town–then we had no contact for about a month and then when I called to leave a voicemail (I had said all these affirmations and made sure that I was feeling good) and he texted immediately that he was in a meeting but would call later. Three weeks have passed since.

    I came across your blog last week. I have also been reading about Neville Goddard’s views about experiencing things from the end. For me, being with him in a committed, exclusive relationship such as marriage feels natural. To help with my visualization I went out and bought things like a decoration piece “My favorite love story is ours” and placed it on my wall. I have “Anniversary cards for my Husband” sitting on my desk. I also have a Mr and Mrs Cup set, and ornament with our names engraved. I imagine having a Lego themed wedding (he is a scientist and I am a teacher) I made these Monograms of our first initials with Legos. As I was doing these things, everything felt very real.

    While dating, he introduced me to indoor rock climbing and I am afraid of heights! However, I went because I saw how much it meant to him and tried it. Now, I go on my own and I am able to climb higher and more than I used to. He always encouraged me to pursue things I liked and appreciated what I did for a living. He also encouraged me even when I thought I was horrible at things. Like I mentioned, he is a gem of a person, I know I attracted him into my life but I have been having difficulty staying consistent with these visualizations.

    What else can I do?

    I have my moments where I am doing really well with the visualizations and can feel the energy inside…I can imagine spending my life with him and being happily married, our families coming together etc. However, sometimes my current reality prevents me from doing that. If someone asks about my personal life-what do I say?

    I need to practice sending heart energy like you have mentioned before.

    I am incredibly grateful for discovering you, Nina! You have no idea how much I am able to relate to all things you post about 🙂


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    • So happy that you found inspiration on the blog 😀 I think you’re doing enough – just enjoy your visualizations and your amazing, loving feelings! 😀
      If you truly believe the relationship is yours, you will feel good saying that you’re not available if anyone asks about your dating life 😀


  5. Oh, Nina–I totally forgot to add. I have no mutual friends with him. No one I know knows him. Or so…I thought..

    So, over a week ago I went to a wedding that had assigned seating. A girl that I did not recognize at first sat at our table–she moved from the table she was assigned at. After a few glances I realized that she was a childhood friend I had not seen in over 15 years. We re-connected and started talking. Turns out, she works at the same company as him!! When she tells me that she started online dating I told her that I had been dating someone that worked at her company and when I said his name…guess what…she knew him!

    I really took it as a sign. Someone I had not seen in over a decade, who was not assigned to my table–had we not crossed paths or recognized each other I would have never known.

    The next day, we go to visit a family friend. Guess where that family friend lives? In the city that he grew up in! I haven’t been to that city in a decade.

    I see this as the Law of Attraction at work.

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  6. Hi Nina.

    I hope you are well.

    As you probably remember I came onto this site with a lot of beliefs and issues. I don’t have any of them anymore. I went to the course not having any of those beliefs surfacing and it was great but today I would say has been the darkest day so far. I cant even bring myself to visualize or anything. I feel like my energy is spent and its not from over trying. I just feel spent.

    It’s been a month and no contact.

    Even after the event lady clearly saying to him that it was obvious the universe has bought us together and everything, he seems hell bent on staying with his mum and dad. Can I remind you that he is 30.

    I looked at his facebook today which i haven’t done for ages to see him having a great time, again, with his family and he doesn’t seem to be very upset that I am not a part of his life. Its like he has chosen an intimate relationship with his mother instead of a woman. You must think i am over exaggerating, I’m not. People have called their relationship disturbing.

    I’m tired and just want to give up. When the event lady said to him that the universe had bought us together he readjusted himself in his chair and made a weird noise. It seems the thought of a past, present or future with me just about makes him jump out of his skin. It makes him uncomfortable. Why am i even trying with this any longer when there maybe someone out there that wouldn’t want to spend a day without me and doesn’t make his mother his girlfriend/wife. I don’t think you understand what I am up against. If you took one look at her or the photos you would see what I have been harping about all this time.

    The event lady said its obvious that he has been brought up to believe he cant do anything without confiding in his mother first. She also said that she feels with more of the clearings and the modality that he will stop listening to her. I have extreme doubts about him not listening to his mother anymore for the reasons I have already stated above.

    I know you are going to tell me to focus on the outcome only but seeing him readjust himself in his chair has just made me want to walk away. Am I really that bad?

    As I said above I DON’T hold anymore negative beliefs about myself and I know you will say if i believe i can have whatever I want but he seems to be in a world that only involves his family or people who fit the photoshopped world or his conditioning.

    How can someone who has to ask their mother everything first be living their own authentic life? He isnt.

    I know you are going to ask me if i really want this but you have to admit its been so long since I have come on here complaining or whatever but Im exhausted from watching this man who never seems to grow or listen to anything unless it fits what his mother wants for him.

    Sorry. I dont know what else to say. I just cant even bring myself to try to visualize and its been a good 2 weeks since I have done anything. I know you can have anything you want and ask for but he gives me nothing.



  7. I don’t know if this has been asked before but I was wondering about readings, people who say they predict the future.

    Yesterday something interesting happened to me. I manifested seeing him after a long time really just by visualizing it and letting it go with absolutely no intention it would actually manifest – next thing you know I’m getting home and meet him in the lobby – hasn’t happened since he moved in, and I realized I had forgotten how bright the light on his face was whenever he looks at me, how he looks deep into my eyes and likes to hug me for a little longer than regular people.

    It was a short and sweet encounter we were both in a hurry and I left more shaken than J thought because I was SO not prepared for that to actually happen.

    But then a friend of a friend who s a reader and had said she would read me ( which I was really just curious about ) said all types of none constructive things and had nothing nice to say about him. It’s like she’d gone into the deep web of my subconscious and pulled out everything I may have been afraid of it worried about and basically said that’s what was going to happen.

    I was vining so high after seeing him that I was surprised I’d manifested something so contrary . What surprised me the most was how adamant she was that this was just not who I should be focusing on .. And then she went and predict some random story about some future older man blah blah who will be much better I actually was shutting her out by then..

    However I’m curious about the mechanism of prediction and how this came about in the midst of a prtty nice evening ?

    I know Gretta has also said she s predicted things … How is that possible if we manifest and most of all what is a prediction vs. reality?


  8. Hi LyLy.

    I was just thinking about you. See my post above. I had the shittest day ever. I’m at the point of just giving up.

    Yes predictions can be made but I still believe that you can have whatever you want , even tho I wrote my upset message above. Yes, psychics out there do get it wrong thats why I only come out and say something If i am 100% sure but alot of people out there that claim to be psychic are not and do get it wrong.

    If you want him stick with your visualizing and ignore what she has said. I see 2 people today manifest an ex back and one was taken off block on facebook so screw the psychics and just do all the LOA things you know about. I wouldn’t listen to your friend.


  9. Also if you want read the Joseph Murphy Book The power of your subconscious mind. If you want.

    Even tho I posted my upset post above I know I’ve always gotten the things I wanted and the people I wanted but today I felt very sad. Not even him hearing it from other people seemed to get him to see it. That was like the 8th person who has said something similar to him like the event lady said.

    I’m not actually sure what to do anymore. I think the fact that I get teary when thinking of giving up is a good indication that I dont want too but….



  10. I asked him to come out to dinner with my friends and I.
    No response.
    How hard is it for someone to respond with a yes or no? Then I think of him readjusting himself in his chair when the event lady said its obvious the universe has brought you two together – and I just think whats the point? Hes clearly very stuck in his ways of what he thinks love should be and how it should have turned up in his life as most people who are ego driven are.
    I dont know what I’m doing anymore. I think I manifest those other people or things I wanted because there wasnt this insane mother there in the background scaring their kid or maybe its just because they knew how to live their own lives and not live it in fear like he does.
    Maybe everyone is right when they call him a stupid moron that will never hear what I, my family, friends etc told him. Maybe they are right.


  11. Hello C… I think when she says we are visualize what we don’t like.. I think we are thinking of bad scenarios and we don’t realize that is visualization. That’s what I think maybe what she is trying to say..😮


  12. Hello Gretta. I just finish reading your post. I am no expert in LOA. Like Nina but her advise and others have taught me well and helped me. But from what your saying it seems like your still “attached” I read on Loa website “applyingthe law of attraction” I actually got it from Nina.. Thanks by the way.😊 well Stating that if we keep on thinking about one thing for instant if you keep giving so much energy on how your man treats you and all of the negative thing you feel by his actions and all put so much energy on how his mom and him have that weird relationship you are only magnifying it even more. BELIEVE ME I understand that now I am living my past thoughts. So like Nina says we truly have to let go. Letting go means everything I know its hard I am living proof but I am still waiting for the universe to bring back my love❤ but during the this time I am enjoying life. So pray and asked for it to be taken care of.. Some one once told me how are they suppose to come back to you if you don’t let them go. You see Gretta the universe knows your angry still you have to be OK let it go and let GOD work on him. He will miss you its amazing how when we don’t think about them ,they come around. Like Nina says we have to stop thinking about it and let God the creator of the universe take care of it. I hope this helps. Because this website has helped me. Good luck and blessings to all of you.

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  13. Hi there – sorry it’s been a real busy day and just got back.

    I see what you mean Gretta about remembering we are the ones to decide what happens in the end, I’m still a bit ( a lot at times ) influenced by the belief some of us grow up with that there is a destiny, that someone out there blesses you or takes from you for a purpose may it be to learn something or because of some from of karma … It’s a tricky belief to let go of at times especially when things get a bit wonky.

    The concept that we completely are in control still elude me because as much as I can make a lot of things happen, when things bock heavily I start wondering if there is a higher purpose for it that I don’t yet see – it kind of makes me mad then because it feels a bit like life happens to you, Which feeds into a victim mindset and then the ego goes on a field trip trampling about in anger and resentment.

    Which takes me to your post : you’re still angry, and you resent him for the past – that is the only thing that is holding you back. You feel unappreciated because of your history together and how he still hasn’t made it right by you by seeing the real you. And even though at times when you re in the space of love for him you’re able to be more at ease with what is because you’re focused on what can be, when something happens that goes against what you’re trying to manifest you revert back to the feeling of resentment because well… It’s still there.

    And when you are in that space you say a lot of things that show your anger, part of you even despises him for not being stronger, and everytime something else adds up to it ( like himself readjusting on the chair out of discomfort ) you add it to the list o me why he’s a tool and at his age he should know better.

    I actually don’t remember you saying much about why you want to be with him, what makes him great, amazing and pulls you to him. Even when you’re in a good space, you rarely speak of what about him makes you have love for hi – instead you’re keeping tab on what he keeps doing that hurts you which by law of attraction becomes your point of focus and so you keep manifesting.

    You HAVE to clean the slate, start over – forget everything that may or may not have happened and start viewing him like someone you’ve just met, someone you don’t have a history with but you’d like to build something with- go easier on him and go easier on yourself.

    Everything you’re experiencing now is old news, manifestations from your old point of focus – but you’re stuck repeating the pattern because you’re not staying long enough in the new vantage point that yields the result you want.

    Don’t soend time re -running the chair thing, the mother thing, the listens to his mom thing- you keep giving him the same script to read expecting a different movie … And as Einstein said you’re driving yourself crazy…

    So breathe, take a couple of hours – write down all of the stuff that makes you angry, hurts you in a letter to him and to whoever else that you feel anger towards ( it might include yourself ) in this particular regard, and take advantage of this new full moon to release it : fold the letter, go out in nature and send the intention that you’re letting all this old stuff go FOREVER !!! Ask for peace, clarity, and patience to deal with this the best way and to yield your outcome.

    And then burn the letter .. While you’re burning it decide that it is symbolic for you letting it all go and going away from your memory, your body, your soul and that you’re not looking back.

    When you get home, write a different letter, a love letter where you focus on how you feel about him, you see him in his higher self version, the one that you love and care for and promise that no matter what he does, that is the version you will now focus on : REGARDLESS what happens, how it happens – and choose a safe word you can say whenever you catch yourself going back to old patterns ( stop or cancel work really well) and replace them with positive terms.

    And then, let it go for a while – really … Just let it go.. Not forever but just long enough for that peace and clarity you prayed for to sink in. And start your manifesting over – you have a great testimony from lightline who kept it simple ..

    Manifest your love as if it were the first time you were doing so, with the candor and genuine hope that everything will work for the best … Because it always does 🙂

    So much love for you!!! 😡


    • Hi Lyly / Nina

      Thanks for your response.

      I need to think about what to do because do you remember how before the course he said he was bringing a friend? That person who he had to ask first if it would be good for him to go? There was no one with him on the day which would indicate that there was NO friend, that he had no intention of bringing anyone and it was a lie because he had already YET AGAIN convinced himself that I was ‘up to something’ so I could “come into contact with him” so he created this friend to yet again TEST ME when the only reason I asked him was because I could not get anyone else to come with me and I didnt even think he would pick up the phone.

      There was no friend, there was no guru. It went from his coming, count him in, he will be there to I am to advise the course people that we are not coming together and not to be partnered on the day. Are you starting to see the problems/issues he has? He with the help of people who want him to stay with them forever in poverty have convinced him to stay away from me. How would it be for you if you had someone in your house with you daily who kept telling YOU that the person you wanted to be with wouldnt be good for your life? What would you think? Would you want to be with them? Ive done nothing but point out to him why his mother was sending him those text messages while he was here and how anyone who loved you wouldnt send you scary text messages and they wouldnt do it to you when you were trying to help yourself. She wants him to stay with her forever. If you saw the photos you would see that it looks like HE is the HUSBAND. He is the one that always has his arm around his mum, NOT THE FATHER. Ive tried to tell everyone this before and I think you all think I am exaggerating.

      Not even the event lady saying it to his face on the day that the Universe bought us together had any impact, but like a child he reajusted himself in his chair. My friends and family only just yesterday said to me to leave him where he is with his mother because he cant do anything without running it past his parents first. He is not his own person. He lives and breathes everyday with is parents. How is he ever going to have his own authentic life when he cant do anything without asking someone else first or freaking himself out or testing everyone like how he went to the event ladys house 2 times before the course to see if he could work with her. Its insanity to live the way he does. What happens when we are together? Will he have to tell his parents everything?

      He tested me with saying he was bringing a friend to see if i would react, even when I didn’t he reinforced AGAIN that we were not to be partnered on the day. Hes stuck and now everyone thinks I should leave him there.

      His mother wants him to stay with her because without him she has nothing. They don’t have their own lives. They pool all their money together to pay off the house. Something he has been forced to do now through guilt and something that happened where they nearly lost everything they had.

      He comes off as paranoid now and how can he be any other way with a mother who thinks older women should be caught in cougar traps (yes she openly said it it on facebook!) and sending him text messages telling him I am no good? She has never met me. It doesnt matter if its me or anyone else she will do this to anyone who goes next to him and I know someone who knows them and they said the same thing. And I dont care how I sound right now but how can ANYONE take advice from someone who doesnt look after themselves and has a marriage with distance? Would you take advice from a mother you had to pick up from the pub? A mother that is 50 kilos overweight and doesnt look after themselves? A mother who sends you scary text messages and wants to be the only person in your life?

      I know you will all say to focus on what I want etc etc but as long as he has his mother in his ear I cant see him ever growing or having his own life. My own dad said to me last night that you will always be last to his mother and thats what she wants for him to make her the most important woman in his life. My mum has now told me to run and never look back because he loves her more, in poverty he will stay with them because he doesnt know any other way.

      As you can see I wasn’t exaggerating. She wants her kids with her forever. She did this to the daughter also. They didnt like her boyfriend either because he was younger than her being one of the reasons.

      I have not been focusing on this at all – then I looked at the date and realized it had been over a month and no contact. He chose his parents and poverty. I cant get him to met me out because he wont.

      I need advice, Keep trying or leave him where he is?


    • To Add.

      I asked him 2 times this week to come out to dinner with family and friends. No response.

      Do you understand that most people don’t want change? They enjoy the addiction of struggling and he seems to be one of them.

      He came to my house one day to let me know he couldn’t come over for healing/eft work because he had to go see his sister to be a mediator. I later found out that she was pregnant to this guy they all didn’t like. Can You see what I am getitng at? Why would he have to be there? Cause thats what his mother wants. For him to be with her forever. She doesn’t even know he used to call me crying because he was so stressed about paying the mortgage. He called me crying because he heard his boss say that he might close shop.

      I used to feel sorry for him but now I have to realize that he put himself into that situation.

      My parents came over in boats from countries in poverty and no food and lived with animals on a farm in the animals sheds!! – yet built a multimillionaire dollar empire and their home was just awarded the house of the year for my state and they have NO EDUCATION. Why is his family struggling? Ill tell you why – because that is how she wants it. Because it means they all get to stay together. I have never seen my mother have a photo with a pint of beer like his mother does. I have never seen my parents enter a pub, EVER. I have never seen my parents putting selfies on facebook or saying women should be caught in traps!! I have never had my parents send me scary messages.

      He said to me one night that he didnt think it was a good idea to be so close to his parents. Was he testing me or was he telling the truth? Who knows. All i know is that he is still there taking selfies with is mum and living in poverty. He made a choice and that was to stay with his parents and struggle when I and my family would have loved him and given him a different life. I never tell anyone that I come from a wealthy family because its amazing how many people suddenly want to be your friend.

      He made a choice. It was to ignore me, my family and the event lady and all the coincidences in favor of hanging around people who essentially have held him back.
      Family = fucked up and mainly interested in limiting you. I heard this once and got offended, now I can see how true that acronym really is.

      He chose is parents and poverty.

      Peace. Out.


    • To add one last thing…

      When I was in a relationship my parents would say to me ‘as long as you work together, everything will be ok, work together.’

      When he was coming here she was bombarding him with scary text messages saying its not my gift she was worried about. What was she worried about? That he might have a happy life without her? Of course. She was thinking of her narcissistic self. It wasn’t about him repairing the trauma of the money that was lost or the stress he lives with everyday! It was about her keeping him with her forever in the fearful paranoid world that she lives in also that she has now made him live in. What kind of a person with a healthy mind goes to an event ladies house BEFORE the event 2 times to see if he can work with her or tests someone saying they are bringing a friend? The same person who has raised him to see the world as a big and bad and scary place and everyone should be not trusted.

      He told me once that his mother was taking him to those churches where they put your hand on your head and throw you back to exorcise demons and his father stepped in and put a stop to it. Can you now see how I have not been exaggerating about his mother and how he has been raised? Or what a fucking nutcase she is?

      Can you see why my parents built an multi million dollar empire and why his live in poverty?

      It clear as day now isn’t it?

      He didnt hear me or my family because of what he lives with in his house everyday. A person who wants him to stay where he is because without him she would have nothing.

      I am sorry for my upset posts but its time to face reality. Unless he moves out of home and put boundaries on his mother he will be 50 and still living at home in poverty. Even the event lady said hes been raised to believe he cant cope without her.

      Thanks for the help everyone BUT as you can see by these 3 posts of the kind of mother he has and him not being strong enough within himself to me it seems hopeless.

      Thanks and cya.


    • And one more thing before I go…

      His mother cannot afford for him to step into his own power because that would leave her with nothing and no one. She cant afford for him to operate as a healthy 30 year old man – that’s why she kept texting him while he was here and that’s why she has filled his head with shit about me and anyone that goes next to him. She cant afford for him to be a strong person because then he wouldn’t rely on her anymore. I know there is distance with the husband. More than once he text me back when we were talking and he said ‘hang on, we are just having a debate’ A debate about what? For fucks sake! He was told I wouldn’t be good for his life. I sent him books, I told him about courses, the list is massive, all of it to build him up to where he should be living! A happy healthy life, his own life! In his own power! **She is drilling holes in his boat while he is rowing.** Unless he wakes up to what everyone has told him he will still be living an unauthentic life. What she has done to him is criminal.


    • Can someone please explain to me WHY he told me 5 weeks ago that his family is in so much debt yet they are at the pub taking photos with pints of beer and holding those pints of beer up to their noses as if to drink 2 at once? I’m all for having fun but should you be drinking alcohol when you are in so much debt you have nothing?

      Is that how you get rid of debt? Really? I don’t care how judgemental I sound but when someone calls me crying cause they are in debt with the possibility of losing their job (this was 2 years ago) Why you are out drinking pints of beer and why are you telling me only 5 weeks ago that you are in so much debt? Also why are you going on holidays and buying motorcycles if you are in as much debt as you say you are? My parents never bought anything unless they could pay cash for it! Now they can do whatever they want whenever they want and are winning awards for their houses and cars. Please don’t try and tell me that the money isn’t important because it is. Its energy. Its a representation of how much you value yourself and your life!

      He sometimes sleeps in the caravan at the front of their house to ESCAPE the debt and so it makes him feel like he is on a holiday. How sad is that?
      Yet he listens to people like his mother who told him me and my family wouldnt be good for his life. Can someone please tell me how someone like me who gave him everything that would change his life wouldnt be good for his life? I looked at my mother with pride last night at how she came from poverty to build an empire and she doesnt post anything on facebook because she doesnt have time for facebook or to share pictures of herself drinking pints of beer because she LOVES HERSELF enough to not do that to herself or her kids.

      I dont care if I am coming across stuck up. I’m sick of this. He told me that his parents always scrapped by to give them things they wanted. How can that be? They are educated. My dad didnt even make it past grade 3!! He cant spell or read! Yet they managed to build an empire. WHY?

      Its not fair that he has to stay there and pay the fucking mortgage because they were shit with money. Thats what Im angry about. And now they have passed it onto him. He now lives with the belief system aslo that life is hard and money is hard to come by and life is a struggle.

      Im sorry again.



    • I don’t want this anymore.

      He doesn’t want a better life for himself. If he did he would move out of home. Instead he leans more towards people who want him to stay where they are. In debt and struggling and fear of everyone.

      He couldn’t possibly come out with my parents and friends and relatives because then he would get to see how easy life would be and how it is meant to be abundant in all areas.

      He’s chosen a life of fear and struggle and by the thousands of people I have worked with not many of those people want change. They get comfortable and used to the addiction of struggle. It is a real addiction, google it.

      Hes chosen to stay loyal to struggling and his mother. It’s time to forget and be with someone who is aware and awake and who is living their own authentic life.

      My real name is written across the fuel tank of his motorcycle. Do you think he ever looks at that and sees it as a sign? No. He doesn’t. He only sees what he is told to see.

      Between his obvious problems and that mother he will never SEE my name on his fuel tank.

      Thanks and sorry for all the posts, I had to get it out. Thanks for understanding but I cant do it anymore. He wont even see me for an hour with my friends and relatives. I hope you all get what you want. x


  14. Hi everyone,

    I was curious of anyone who has many 11:11 experiences or seeing the time with :44? I see these all the time now. Probably since about a month, maybe longer. I reached a great stage of being in alignment, little if any resistance on the subject. Felt great and it lasted many weeks. Then the resistance hit over the last week. Saw him at an event over the weekend, and several times the previous 2 weeks. Kept running into him in town and I wasn’t looking for him or thinking about him. It was like 4 or 5 times in 2 weeks.
    A few things from the weekend triggered my insecurities that I thought I was over. The great thing is, resistance is there to show you what you need to clear. But I started wondering:

    There are times I feel emotions that I’m not sure are coming from me. I think I’m connected to him this deeply. Telepathically? Anyone experience this?

    I know there were times he was fantasizing about me, I would experience what some may call erotic telepathy. Anyone???

    I knew from the beginning he would have significance in my life, I just didn’t know for sure what at the time. Anyone go through what they feel is a twin flame connection?

    I’m often confused because on an intuitive level, I can feel him and my inner self won’t give up on him. I’ve even tried just to move on and forget. But something draws me back in. And I try to separate these feelings wondering am I obsessed? But again, when I’m aligned and intuitively connected to my higher self I feel him so deeply and fully. When I’m aligned I can feel his love for me, and there is a knowing somewhere in me that I know he loves me. When I visualize him positively he’s in my dreams. Sometimes almost every night. I’ve never dreamed of any one person so much before.
    There are loads of synchronicities between us. We both have daughters the same age with the same name, he lives on my old street, etc.

    Sometimes I feel he opens my heart energy and it’s the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had. Most often after we see each other my heart opens up and it’s a warm glow, or fire! Sometimes lasting for many days. My soul lights up in the most beautiful way. No one has ever made me feel so many things before. When we worked on a project together almost 2 years ago I started to love and accept myself, first time in my whole life. He draws things out of me, makes me want to be a better person and I would say both of our lives have changed for the better since meeting each other. I have grown, and I can see in his life he has even more!

    No one has ever touched my soul in such a way. And it continues to grow and evolve, sometimes painfully. The highs are high and the lows are low.

    I would love insight from anyone or their experiences.

    Nina, are you familiar much with twin flames or something similar? Lots of love to all……


    • Hi jce,

      I don’t have much time to respond you right now, so I have to keep it short.

      I see them all the time, like literally every minute, especially when I’m outside. However much less, when I feel my vibration dropping.
      About resistance? I feel like it’s coming up for many when they “accidentally” run into their specific person. I mean, look at it this way: You just run into your specific person, universe draw him/her to you. Don’t feel sad or weird about this, this is amazing! You can see them, you are closer to them, and you definitely attracted it. You’re not gonna run into someone when there is resistance! Shift and see it as a very positive sign. Things are SO happening 🙂

      And yes I experience the “emotions that are not coming from me” part, many times, and you are the first person telling me that it happens for you as well. I know to trust this, the first time I felt this, a couple hours after, she told me that she was in a very difficult situation and didn’t know what to do, so I remembered that feeling and asked her what time the situation happened. And it was exactly the time I had this feeling.
      This happened several times where I got this feeling and later on she confirmed to me that these are not my emotions. It still happens from time to time, just send your person love and maybe visualize calming them down and hugging them or anything similar. Since you can already feel this emotion, it shows that you are connected.
      Be like Lightline haha turn everything in your favor. It takes practice but it will pay off.

      Whenever a friend is in an argument with someone else or someone wants to face a challenge, I tell them to visualize what happened differently and then the new outcome. It works every time. They come back the next day telling me, that person suddenly reached out to them saying sorry, etc. Or even got an interview invitation. Very different situation.
      You create your reality 🙂
      And trust your gut 🙂

      That’s my input.
      Will read your answer, but today is a very busy day for me!



      • Hi RS,

        Thank you for your response even with your busy schedule. I appreciate this so much!

        It’s great to hear someone else talk about feeling the emotions of the other. I had the feeling the last couple days of emotional upset since seeing each other. A couple of days before the event I ran into him at the store and we talked for maybe 15 to 20 minutes. Mostly about a property we (my spouse and I) were looking at to buy (searching in a town/area where he lives since it’s my old area growing up). But I told him since we are having a lot of trouble finding something we can afford, we are thinking of moving to another state. He didn’t say much then, but when I saw him at the event it seemed he was avoiding me.

        When the event was over an old friend approached me to say hello, a guy I was good friends with as teenagers. He really made a point to say hi to me, and let’s just say a few people noticed. Not only was my spouse expressing jealousy (which he normally is never jealous) but my close girl friend who was talking with me was actually angry about it. Both didn’t like it. And I know my specific guy was a short distance away watching. I got the sense this guy invoked a great deal of jealousy among several people in my life. He’s a really good looking old friend. 😉

        After that the flood of fear and insecurities came. I thought at first it was all from me, because I too had to see him with his family. As much as I think I’m over that, this showed me I wasn’t. But I had moments where I couldn’t personally connect to the negative emotion. It was there, and it didn’t quite feel like it was mine if that makes sense.

        After 4 days, I am now feeling relief this evening. And I’m refocusing again on the love and he feels so right again. On a side note, I’m not 100% sure what day, but he’s celebrating his 20 year anniversary I think some time this week. :/ I’m guessing there could be some emotional upheaval as well, maybe from me and maybe from him or both. From the beginning of this journey, he really initiated the interest. I gave in a few months later. But at the very first eye contact, I knew something significant was there.

        Thank you RS for sharing too. I often wonder of the back ground stories of readers/commenters here. Love hearing your insight!

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      • One more question RS, when you have time no rush. 🙂

        Do you feel there is a way that you intentionally emotionally connect with your specific person? Or is it random? Do you know if she feels your love when you send it? If so how does it feel for you to do this? Your personal experience?

        Thank you!


  15. Hi jce,

    Here is what I feel about sending heart energy:

    While sending it: i see them smiling while receiving it and i imagine the feelings i am sending getting invoked in them. The result I noticed was things getting turn-out positively faster. I’d tell you why faster, because the visualizations I was doing when i first started practicing LOA, were the same as I was doing ebfore sending heart energy. And after reading Nina’s suggestions, I started doing it almost daily, many times a day and I started seeing the results in a week or so.

    Also, I felt that I was more loving towards things, smiling every time, seeing everyhting with love. May be this is called – opening your heart chakra.

    I’d accept: I am not doing it regularly these days and getting on it from today. I am also taking it as sign that I am reading about questions on heart energy and use of heart energy everywhere. it may be a sign to my question : “Why am I overreacting to thing these days and what should I do to get over it?” When I asked this question the first thing I thought of was “Heart Energy and Meditation”

    Therte is a blog tha talks about “light” very often. They also sugest sending light to any person, any thing, any situation. That works too…


    I am eagerly waiting for RS response. Would love t6o know how RS feels..

    Love and Light


  16. Hi jce and Lightline,

    Haha here I am, sorry for late reply.
    I think Lightline said much about it already.

    Once there was a situation where I really focused on being happy and I sent my specific person heart energy, and I just felt it floating out right of my heart. It was in the middle of the day and I was working and in the next moment I felt it coming right back. This happened only once to me, but it was very intense. But whenever I sent heart energy I feel myself smiling and somehow I know it’s reaching the person I intend it to receive it. Just trust with this.

    What I experienced several times is receiving energy, without me doing anything. Trust this feeling about the name of the person popping up in your head (or however universe communicates with you).
    An affirmation I use is: I am deeply connected with her on all levels. Yesterday I read an article about affirming something until you believe it, it’s definitely more than possible. There will be a shift one day. (It’s like saying I can see her profile, and TADA there I can :P)

    So yes, I am sure she feels my love, I’ve also received from her before and I open to receive more 🙂

    Does that help?


    • Thank you Lightline and RS!

      I have been experimenting with sending heart energy thoughts feelings to my guy since over a year and I know it has come back to me many times. I’ve read about it but haven’t really heard from anyone personally about their experiences.

      But I was guessing he was responding and feeling it back. I’m not confident though that he knows what’s happening when it does. I notice it mostly happens more easily after I see him or run into him. I personally don’t have to see him to make me happy and get into that feeling place. So I guess that it’s him that triggers it and amplifies it even more than when it’s just me. When that happens, I let it flow effortlessly and sometimes it lasts as long as several days after seeing each other. It feels so amazing when it happens. The best inner glow I’ve ever experienced.

      It’s so great to hear what you’ve experienced. It’s nice to not be the only one, as sometimes I wonder if I’m crazy. But when I’m aligned and feel from deep within, everything feels right as rain. How can I questions my gut? It’s never steered me wrong.

      Thank you. 🙂


  17. Hi Nina,

    i have a question for you regarding the “end result desired”. I love this man so much, that I already know he is who i would want to marry and spend the rest of my life with.

    My question is, should I put my end result that I want to be in happy and committed relationship with this person, or should I put that I want to marry this person? I’m not sure if putting marriage would slow down my manifestation as people usually take a longer time to get married than they would to commit to a relationship… does that make sense?

    Thank you,


  18. Hi Nina

    I left a crap load of upset messages on your blog once I realized that he had lied about bringing someone to the course that day and he was AGAIN testing me because of the points of views he has bought into about me. It was his mother he was talking about and made out that it was a friend.

    Between his problems of mistrust of me, going to the event ladies and other things I’ve seen him do over the years I don’t want this anymore.

    The first day he came to my house he had to open the bottle of soda to make sure it wasn’t tampered with and going to the event ladies house 2 times before and his mother sending him text messages to him telling him it wasn’t my gift she was worried about its clear now more than ever that he operates from a level of fear and distrust and I don’t want to be around people with that kind of energy. It also is indicating mental disturbance. I admit tho that I always knew but still loved him.

    He made a choice and he chose to live in poverty and struggle with his parents. He doesn’t respond to text or calls.

    I think it’s best to leave him where he is. I feel a lot lighter now knowing that I will never have to come up against people like his mother who want to hold him with her forever. This isn’t the first time she has done this to him and it wont be the last. When the marriage is no good the mother clings to the kids.

    I am now bad belief free about myself and that’s enough to make me happy. I spent all these years trying to prove to someone that I was not what his insane mother told him I was and I spent all these years hating on myself to realise that he wants his life to be a struggle because if he didnt he would move out and start to live his own authentic life. Hes 30 and still has to tell his mother everything. He mentioned that his parents have always struggled and this is a belief that he has bought into. He cant see it tho.

    He loves his mother more than himself or his own life and I think its best to not pursue it anymore as i cant see him ever being able to stand on his own 2 feet without involving her.

    Thanks for your patience over the last few months but from the other stories on here no one else seems to be struggling with a man who is displaying mental disturbance and shows and tells his mother everything.

    I know you all said to try and attract based on pretending I only just met him but what happens when we are together? That mother is still there. Do i then have to imagine her not interfering? will my whole life end up being using LOA to try and hold it together and keep her at bay?
    I dont want to live that way.

    Thanks again. x


    • I think this is great, I think it shows you know what you want and that you’re willing to let go of something that might not be in alignment with that anymore. It’s a good thing when things get so uncomfortable you HAVE to change … sometimes we get so caught up and used to wanting something that we are not always aware of our own evolution and how the person we became might not want the same things as the person we used to be.
      However, if i may and it comes from a place of love : you’re ranting which means you’re feeling a strong emotion that might not be conducive to healthily letting go but rather might be coming from a place of ego.
      This is just from an outsider’s perspective : so what he wants to live in poverty, be a mommy’s boy, be influenced by his family’s opinions .. what does that have to do with you? Why does he owe you to change? Isn’t he allowed to think of you what he wants just like you’re allowed to think of him what you want? Part of the way he feels about you is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself (and vice versa about him) and you spent all this time :

      ‘ trying to prove to someone that I was not what his insane mother told him I was and I spent all these years hating on myself to realize that he wants his life to be a struggle because if he didn’t he would move out and start to live his own authentic life’.
      The moment we start trying to prove something is because part of us thinks or fear it might be true. You don’t go around trying to prove you’re Australian, you don’t need to – you are Australian, you know it 100% and if someone said otherwise you wouldn’t spend time trying to prove them wrong.. does it make sense? It’s all summarized in the sentence you say after that ‘ hating on myself’ –

      And so he doesn’t want to move out and start an authentic life why does that bother you so much? it’s his life, maybe he’s happy the way he’s living it, maybe that’s his comfort zone, maybe that’s his path. In your trying to make him do something you believe would be better for him (and you), you’re doing what his mom is doing telling him who he should and should not date and maybe that’s why it’s so difficult for you to accept?

      He’s doing what he wants to do which might involve not answering, living at home with the parents, being paranoid about sodas which I agree from my perspective is an interesting way to live, but that’s the way he wants to live and that should be okay especially if you loved him.
      What you should ask yourself is why are you so adamant he should change? For who? You say for himself but what if he’s happy living like this? And even a step forward what is this really about ? leave him out, the mom out, the people, the ladies of the event, the friends, the test … leave it all out : what is left? Who is left and how can she finally be at peace ? No ego, no vindictiveness, just genuine emotion, just Gretta –
      If you choose to respond try to reply without mentioning what they did, or how you’re the victim of an injustice … just tell us what this is really about because this is not about him, it stopped being about him a long time ago.


  19. Thanks for the response, it took balls and I appreciate you being so forward and honest.

    If you think that it was an easy decision to make it wasn’t. I struggled to empty my computer trash bin of the photos and years of conversations. IT was 3 years of my life I watched slip by for him to say that he doesn’t really know me. What? Doesn’t know me? 50 Text a day and phone calls? Holding my hand on the couch and asking if he could come over everyday? He text me for 1 year good morning and good night and now suddenly you don’t know who I am? I cant wait to see you, I cant talk to anyone like I can talk to you. Telling me everything about his life.

    I wish I could tell you the truth of how the money was lost, but i made a promise that I would never tell anyone, but I know if I did you would tell me to run away from him also. It was bad. Very bad. it was in the papers. I loved him even after he told me what happened. I cried with him and everyday after it. And without sounding narky, cause this is the net, most people would have run away screaming from when he first told him. Everyone abandoned him. I NEVER DID Yet i got treated the worst.

    He asked me for the proof. I gave it to him. He never wanted it from the start. Even if people contacted him with their stories he would not respond. It was just a joke to him. He had no intention of doing anything. He didn’t keep his word.

    He owes it to HIMSELF to move out. It bothers me because he would call me CRYING about the situation. He’s not happy AT ALL ( but he is the only one that can make the change and he refuses too.) He is there because of guilt and shame. Those are his words.

    Hes hurting himself. That amount of energy it takes to live in that kind of fear that someone is going to try and drug you is madness. It’s madness to go to someones house first. Hes the way he is because she has bought him up to live in FEAR and everyone is not to be trusted. If you could hear the way he speaks you would see what I mean. As soon as she gets involved it all goes to shit. He cant do anything without his mum.

    He also has peter pan syndrome, he openly admitted it, and never wants to grow up and told me so. Hes 30 and dresses like he is 10. He lives in the past and wants to stay there. He thinks only about people who have left his life but didn’t see me there jumping up and down for 3 years. I was deemed not good enough because I am not Australian looking enough.

    If you don’t think I ever loved him, I did. AND IT TAKES A STRONG PERSON TO LOVE HIM. WITH ALL THE ISSUES HE HAS FROM HIS traumatic past, his peter pan syndrome, his want to hang around little kids because he never had friends in school, the REAL reason why he lost all their money, the way he operates, THAT IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE but if i stick around any longer its going to border on self abuse for me. I spent 2.5 years lifting him up when I would get text from him being so down to be spat in the face and told I wasnt good enough.

    He made his decision. He made his choice. He can have it.


  20. I don’t think anything actually because I don’t judge your process – I, like him, am just an opportunity you create for yourself to see a different perspective. But just as he finds it difficult to do (get out of his acquired perspective) , so do you – because in essence you still responded to my post mainly talking about him, how he’s all types of everything and only mentioned yourself to justify why you felt the way you felt and how you’ve been wronged: I counted roughly you said I about 13 times and He about 25 times.

    I hear you though- and I think we’ve all been there loving someone who might not deserve it … . We have disappointments, heartbreaks and are unjustly treated at times : our opportunity is to heal and learn from it so we make different decisions next time. We charge it to the game of life and we move on because that’s all it is : Life. We find out what triggers their behavior inside us so we can trigger something else.

    But as long as we’re not willing to look at our part in how we contributed in creating the situation, we’re bound to repeat the scenario over and over again. Yes he sounds like he might need some (SERIOUS) help, but he can’t be so terrible if you spent 3 years loving him despite that. And I’m not surprised he chose you actually, because and I”m saying this fleetingly it sounds like he would like a strong woman, who supports him and mothers him to a certain extend, strong personality to balance him out … kinda like his mom.

    In the end it’s not that serious though and your soul will thrive on a little break from the anger, I’m sure. So if the anger helps you in release so be it- but hopefully you won”t miss the opportunity to find out how to stop the pattern by looking at your part and accepting your participation in this situation … for your own sake so next time around you don’t just repeat the same scenario but worse because last time you didn’t make the most of it.

    You make your decision, you make your choice – now thrive in it 🙂


  21. He assumes that all people are out to get him because of what happened to him. I tried for years to tell him that not everyone in the world is an asshole. It doesn’t matter what I did or how many books I sent him or the courses or the modalities I told him about. He would ask for help yet do nothing to help himself. He assumed I was trying to con him into a relationship. I don’t know ANY woman that would love a man unconditionally with that list you just saw above. If he wants to go through life assuming the worst of everyone all the time then he can do that but I don’t want any part of someone who believes everything they are told by a parent who doesn’t want to be happy themselves. He is there holding their marriage together. He is not thinking about him. He lives in guilt and shame. On the other side What about me? What about my life? Don’t I deserve real love and happiness?? I’m 38 this year! Should I wait another 3 years and hope he realizes she lied to him? I can’t. I won’t. He made his choice. It was his mum. Ive tried to tell you all that if you saw the photos it looks like HE is the husband. It’s not an over exaggeration. I then see his mum posting things on his facebook about ’emotional manipulators” can you see it yet or not? She fills his head with shit and he gobbles it up like gospel. His mum can have him. She wants him broken and fucked up because if he wasn’t she would have no one to smother and mother. What kind of a mother scares their kid through text messages? He came to my house to work on things about himself and his past and she is there bombarding him with ridiculous text messages and I am there saying text her back and let her know you are ok, little did I know what she was up too. Shes narcissistic. There is a website about what narcissistic mothers do to their kids. It wasn’t about him repairing his life. It was all about her and what she wants.
    Thats everything.
    Thanks. x


    • The kind of woman who depends on someone else for her happiness and love, who believes that someone else will do for her what she finds difficult to do for herself. So she overly protects him, guides him, supports him blindly making decisions for him expecting his loyalty and love in return. She probably doesn’t handle it very well when he doesn’t do things the way she wants him to as it might trigger her inherent fear of being ‘abandonned’ and so she resorts to manipulation which he thrives in because that is the only form of female love he ever received.

      She’s hoping that by being the only ‘positive’ female presence in his life he will drop everything else and never leave – she’s actually doing this out of what she believes is love – she doesn”t realize that the love she seeks in him can only be provided by herself.

      Because she’s such a point of focus for you … I think that is where your opportunity is.


  22. Hi
    I was meant to add my second bit to the original post back to you. Sorry.
    And yes to everything you just posted above. She wants to be seen as the only woman in his life. My mum told me this also. She said she wants all the attention from him and she doesn’t want him to give love to any other woman.

    I stopped caring about his mum, I didn’t post for ages, it was when I realised that he lied about bringing a friend to the course to realise again it was his mum. Shit I even told him to bring them with him to the course! I was visualizing about us. It did feel good but if he cant see what you just wrote above how is he ever going to be strong enough to put a stop to it? He wont because of the guilt and shame of losing the money.

    I cant change my mind and go back to trying to attract him because it hurts and i dont want to have to compete with someones mum because I think he will put every woman last to her.


  23. LyLy – You wrote this ‘The kind of woman who depends on someone else for her happiness and love, who believes that someone else will do for her what she finds difficult to do for herself. So she overly protects him, guides him, supports him blindly making decisions for him expecting his loyalty and love in return. She probably doesn’t handle it very well when he doesn’t do things the way she wants him to as it might trigger her inherent fear of being ‘abandoned’ and so she resorts to manipulation which he thrives in because that is the only form of female love he ever received. She’s hoping that by being the only ‘positive’ female presence in his life he will drop everything else and never leave – she’s actually doing this out of what she believes is love – she doesn”t realize that the love she seeks in him can only be provided by herself.’

    I finally feel like someone got it. I didnt feel as if anyone was hearing what I was saying about his mum and that everyone just sees me as a ranter. I didnt feel like anyone understood how I felt. I felt like i wasnt being heard because everyone just kept saying to focus on the end result. I feel much better now after reading what you wrote above because I feel as if someone understands as if they can see now what I have been trying to say all along. Thanks 🙂


    • The key here is ‘ Feel’ It’s not the truth, it’s how you perceived it.. My post shows that what you perceived is not necessarily the only possible truth 🙂 …

      I’m sure everyone could see that already .. it’s the repeat of the focus once you’ve established the issue that most emphasize on with focus on the end. If you focus on the problem you’ll just keep getting the problem. And I think what people were trying to tell you is forget about that – nobody denies the issue, you don’t need validation of it because it’s obviously been manifested … what you need is to stop letting it trigger you so much and focus on what you actually want to see happening.

      Your will is nothing compared to what occupies your mind when you’re on your own… this video shows that beautifully :


  24. I am scared that if we end up together that I will lose him because of her. That she will manipulate him against me again. Thats the truth.

    I will watch the video now..



    • That limiting belief prevents the relationship from manifesting. If you still want to manifest it, believe you deserve to have the love you want xx


      • ok I will consider it but I have one question.

        My parents never involve themselves in my life, only if I ask and i like that because I am very independent and we all have independent lives. His family all feed off each other and I feel with the lose of the money that the guilt and shame for him to stay with his parents might be to big to overcome. He is like the person in the family that gives to his mother what she cant give to herself. She looks like she is eating herself to death. I’m sorry to write that I am just trying to explain how it looks like this woman has no self love and depends on him for the love she cant give herself or from her husband. I know 2 years ago there was distance in the marriage. I don’t know now if there is still distance but I think there maybe. Its like LyLy said above about him only ever receiving love from a female in a manipulative form. She did manipulate him by telling him I wouldn’t be good for his life and had never met me. My family has said he is a mummy’s boy and mummy’s boys never change and guys are like that with their mothers because they cant live or cope with the pressure of life without their mother or parents to lift them up. Although it looks like I am hashing up stuff again its solely to show you why my parents have now said what they have. I just read some articles on mummies boys and they all said that mummies boys never change. Its either they stay like that forever telling their mums intimate details about their marriage and relationships or they cut their mothers off forever or after periods of blocking them out to ‘teach them’ that they have their own life and family now. Either way it all sounds very…. hard.

        So my questions are
        What do you think of what my parents said? That mummies boys never change? Have you ever dated a mummy’s boy or know of anyone that has?
        I know you said to focus on what I want, I understand that, but do I also focus on him making US the most important thing over the relationship with his parents?

        What do you think?
        Thanks again. x


      • Hello dear 🙂 You’re allowed to express your feelings in this community, it’s full of supportive members and fellow creators. I know you’re saying all of this because you are trying to make sense of it, there is a positive reason behind it and you’re trying to figure it out as well as learn new things, which we all constantly do in life.
        In my view, especially when considering LoA and creation rules, it’s not that a person can’t improve, especially if you send them love, but it is that people you feel this way about, codependent mommy’s boys, can be difficult to appreciate if those are the qualities and traits you feel negatively about. Anyone can be the partner you want but if you can’t feel good about him when he has these specific traits and makes these specific choices in life, there is a question of whether or not you could trust that he CAN change and are able to love him enough.
        He can change with enough love but only if you do love him and believe so. He can become a happy person with a happy life if you appreciate him but if you can’t, you probably won’t experience that with him.
        I think there are many things about him which you like but also many you don’t, which makes it difficult for you to give positive feelings to him. You are a happy and independent person who sees something good in a man who doesn’t seem to be willing to break free from his current life which isn’t so good but has become his comfort zone.
        I have dated insecure guys in the past but couldn’t love them. My lack of appreciation for their insecurities, which are always a burden if someone doesn’t at least try to be happier and trusting, overcame the good qualities they had in my opinion, so I would leave. However, that’s a personal choice. It all depends on how good you can feel about him.
        If you found at least one good trait about him that you like and focused on how much you love it, even more would appear.
        I also think your parents might not think he’s a positive choice for you because they don’t think you would be happy with him in the long run. They just think you’re a much more substantial individual and would prefer a partner over someone you would have to guide. However, if you feel good about him, he CAN become the partner you love.
        To your last question, focus on how you feel now that he has made you and your love a priority. As if you have it now 🙂 How would that feel? 🙂


      • Gretta!

        Sorry for interfering. I just wanna give you my input.

        Whatever I write now, please don’t be offended by it, I just repeat what you wrote.
        That’s what you create by your last post (if i got anything wrong, please feel free to correct me):
        – he has to stay with his family because they have money issues
        – his mother is very dependent on him
        – his mom has no self-love
        – there might be distance in his parents marriage
        – his mom manipulates him
        – he is a mommy’s boy or your parents don’t like him because he is a mommy’s boy and so he can’t change
        – the situation is hard

        You create by what you say, write and feel. Don’t worry to much, you can always change that. But these are your beliefs right?
        Now think… do you want that reality? This indeed sounds pretty, excuse me, fucked up. Here you go and believe everything is possible right?
        So use this power and change your beliefs.

        My suggestion (but do whatever feels right for you, im pretty sure above statements do not feel right):
        – his family has a good money management and they are financially free, therefore he is as well
        – his mom can take care of herself
        – his mom shows unconditional love
        – whatever was before doesn’t matter, they are a lovely couple
        – he knows what he wants and stands for that (for both statements)
        – if i can change, so can he
        – this situation is easily resolvable, because i trust the universe

        feel the shift 🙂

        Also how about he is able to prioritize both his family and you(r relationship)? And everything is in harmony?

        Wish anyone something bad, even though you actually don’t want it, it will come back to you.
        Same for making someone choose you instead of sth else. Life is always in balance, if you want him to see only you, there will be a time where he will only focus on his family, just see both things in harmony, no choosing 🙂
        This is just my input. You can always change your perspective.

        My own experience yesterday:
        I had this one issue, I can’t really talk about this now, but I really felt afraid actually to tell anyone, but at the same time I knew, I cannot do this myself. I have to ask someone for help. I asked to friends, I knew they were actually able to help me, but it happened that both of them had some issues with that as well, but only for the period I needed help. So my only choice was my family. And I told both of my friends: “I can’t ask them, I just can’t”, creating soo much stress around it, I really couldn’t think of anything else.
        Well but I had no choice, so I called my mom, but before I did this:
        I asked the universe for guidance, to first say the right things, second her being extremely chill about it, helping me out instantly, but telling me though calmly that I should manage this issue better from now on. Well I called her, exactly that happened.
        You might say this is my mom, but hold up. My mom is usually always stressed out, she never listens to what I say, is always somehow not mentally in the room and freaks out about everything. She is really the typically type when I tell her “did you know about that”, she instantly assumes I want to do it and figures out what could happen to me and then brings up things from the past that are totally irrelevant about it. I mean parents are always like that to an extent, but my mom is extreme, well she was, because I am influencing that and I will no longer let that freak me out. Change your perspective, bless things in advance, thank the universe and know that everything always works out.
        Everything is our creation, even weird constellation your love’s family has. See it resolving and thank the universe. I am very sure this could change everything for you 🙂

        Blessed be!

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      • Nina

        I cried when I read the first few lines of your response. I don’t know why, maybe because I hadn’t been well the last few days either. I’ve had a fever also with vomiting (sorry to be so graphic lol) I am better today but still a bit of a stomach bug.

        This bit – ‘You are a happy and independent person who sees something good in a man who doesn’t seem to be willing to break free from his current life which isn’t so good but has become his comfort zone.’ – That is it.

        Just quickly, you know how my end goal / desire was to/get married? Well, I don’t watch TV much at all, yet every single time I turn on the TV It is either someone being proposed too, a show of people getting married or a wedding ceremony this has just started again in the last 2 days. I do find it a bit bizarre, that every time I turn on the TV it is again about a wedding – as you know, that is what I wanted all along. I keep turning on the TV to seeing people finally coming together also and yesterday in the car the jon bon jovi song Keep The Faith (check the lyrics on google if you dont know the song) came on the radio 3 times on 3 different stations. I got in and it was on, i did what i had to, go back in the car again 15 min later or so and turned the station and it was on again then got out of my car and did what I had to again, got back in the car 1/2 hr later or so and it was on another station again with the same song the same song on 3 times on 3 different stations. I think I have lost faith and that is how my friend described me the other day, even with giving up my gift, that I have lost faith and I feel that I have lost faith in everything.

        Thanks for your help again.

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      • Hi Nina,

        This is in response to your last comment to Gretta, because I have this in common with her situation.

        With regards to your comment “it’s not that a person can’t improve, especially if you send them love, but it is that people you feel this way about, codependent mommy’s boys, can be difficult to appreciate if those are the qualities and traits you feel negatively about”

        In my situation, I have a man who is emotionally unavailable, and has always been towards me for the most part. he runs hot, and then immediately cold for a while. He wants commitment, but at the same time runs from relationships. Now, in all of the blogs that I’ve read, including many that preach things very similar to what you believe, a lot, if not most, say that you should run away from an emotionally unavailable man. That if he only sees you once in a while, reaches out minimally, etc, you should run the other way.

        I know that you say that if we send enough love to them, they can improve/change, but to what extent, and how can you really be sure of that since you are a very strong and confident woman, you seem to disconnect immediately from men who have characteristics you don’t like. How do you know for sure that if we follow the steps, we can change someone, or improve them, or improve ourselves in a way that changes their reactions towards us? Is that a 100% thing with the LOA, or are there sometimes when the will of the other person is so strong they don’t allow themselves to be influenced/loved?

        My second question is with regards to letting go. Do you have any other tips to really help someone let go? I’m feeling a bit better, and trying to focus on other things, but it doesn’t really feel like I’m letting go?

        Also, when if your book coming out ? So looking forward to that:)

        Thank you,


      • It’s a 100% LoA thing 🙂 What you believe, you receive. If you believe you can with with someone, you will be with them. If you believe that you are capable of manifesting the relationship and getting what you want – them having come around and being with you – you will receive it. Manifesting a relationship is the same as manifesting anything else. Trust me! I have been manifesting specific people my entire life. I can only think of one time when I asked for a generic person and then, a few interests appeared but I picked one and manifested a relationship with that one.
        We manifest what we love the easiest. When you give so much love to someone, you manifest being with them. That’s why I allow myself to think that people I like are amazing, exceptional, I allow myself to appreciate their qualities… And this applies to friends as well as love. Anyone I want in my life. I have manifested friendships this way, too.
        My tips for letting go are the same – focus on the feeling of having your desire and your belief in it. Then, letting go comes naturally. Or, focus on the trust in the Universe, like in my four steps.
        The book has been written and I am now editing it specifically to see if I can organize it even better. I may be overthinking it and I know that it is very valuable already but I want it to be super easy to understand which means highlighting every possible manifesting method exactly where it needs to be explained in the book. Some points should stick with the readers while others have to be reinforced and mentioned in several places in the book and I want everyone who reads it to understand it so I make sure to mention everything 😀 Should be very soon now! 😀 Thank you so much for asking xxxx

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  25. Gretta and Lyly,
    I love your communication here because it truly shows that everyone possesses everything they need within themselves. Your intelligence and compassion are wonderful and inspiring. You have reached the answers – all of us possess all the ability we need to find our answers. Continue to believe in yourselves ❤


    • Nina.
      Hope you are well. Is it true if you have problems visualizing it’s a block? I find my mind wanders a fair bit, but I always manage to start again. I don’t know if starting again is good as it may come across the Universe that I don’t think I am ‘doing it right’? Or going over and over it?
      I don’t feel any of the negative things I used to, the biggest one was “He will never go for this/he will never change his mind.” That has completely gone. All my personal beliefs are gone, I have even stopped ‘hating’ on the mother and his relationship with her. It’s completely gone. The more heart energy I send the quicker it disappeared, in fact none of my negative thoughts towards him seem to resurface. I have even started feeling / saying “XXX is ready for a committed relationship with me now” <—- Is that a good thing to do? To say to myself? Or am i still not acting as if?
      I think there is a huge possibly I have not been visualizing correctly. I keep imagining/visualizing being proposed too. This isn't right is it? I am meant to be visualizing as if we are ALREADY married and living together right?


      • You should only visualize as long as it’s fun and enjoyable for you to. If you wander but then go back, do it if you feel good. It doesn’t take a lot of visualizing to create strong feelings so I would suggest to just go with it 🙂 Just feel good about what you are visualizing and it doesn’t have to take a long time 🙂
        Don’t think about doing it right, just enjoy it 🙂 Only visualize for as long as it’s fun and then, go out and do something else that’s fun while knowing that your desire belongs to you already 🙂


    • Hi Nina

      Thanks for your reply.

      Ideally I should be visualizing us being married and living in my house or a house, yes? Doing things we would normally do as a couple? The reason I ask is because when I attracted people or things in the past I never visualized for any of it. It was more the thought that would bring on the feeling. I just used to think ‘that would be nice’ or ‘i want that’ etc etc.



      • If you visualized what you would love to live with him, what you want to be living and what you want your relationship to be and believed it’s yours. However, you could also decide it’s yours and enjoy that feeling and then, visualizations would come to you spontaneously. Go by the feeling – you don’t have to force yourself to visualize and you shouldn’t. Go by what feels good 🙂 If you tried to imagine how it would feel to have what you want now or just said “Thank you that we’re together” or something similar, the feelings will come on their own and so will visualizations 🙂


  26. Nina,

    I just experienced his heart, it came to me out of the blue. I thought this time I would share right after it happened. I could see him look deeply in my eyes like he’s looked in the past. I’ve never made such deep eye contact with anyone before until him. I could feel his glow, his presence and I could feel him tell me he loved me. It flowed through me from my heart. I feel profound joy, elation and emotional- almost tearful with a safe happiness. He touches my soul, and I’m sending it right back. I now bask in the after glow!

    Lots of love to all.


    • Hi JCe,

      I would like to know more about receiving Heart energy. I can read about it on Google that I would do anyway. But it would be so good to hear about a [ersonal experience.



      • Hi Lightline,

        I’m not sure where to begin. I only first started noticing my heart open up after he and I had been working together for maybe 3 months. I started loving myself in a whole new way, it would bring me to tears. I always hated myself growing up. Especially as a child. I had the most horrible self esteem. But when he walked into my life experience, that slowly changed. And my constant fearful solar plexus finally moved up to my heart, and the sensation was completely new. I didn’t realize it was my heart “chakra” until I started researching it. Then started to read up on how and why and what it all meant. I spent months trying to find answers because everything I had been experiencing with him was new. I will say that I’m not plagued by solar plexus fear anymore. It haunted my for decades, not knowing where it all came from. I guess just not being aligned with who I really am.

        I knew I wanted to find a special love who was just right for me. Ever since I was really young, but questioned if he was really out there. And many years ago I gave up, thinking that it must be a fairy tale, something you see in movies or read in books. I dated so many different guys and I would strike out again and again, so I gave up and married my current spouse who is a lovely and suitable life partner.

        But when all these things started happening when meeting this man, I had to question everything. And my LOA search went deeper.
        I noticed the chemistry between he and I was electrifying. And I could sense a deep sexual connection between us even though we’ve only ever shaken hands, twice. Never even a hug. He would look deep into my eyes and hold contact for over 10 seconds sometimes. I would get lost in him, and maybe him in me. During this time I would sense him telepathically, mostly in the evenings or at night. It would be strong and in my heart. And then the heart energy would intensify. That still happens sometimes.

        I had a good few week stretch last month where I let go and believed the possibility of us getting together. And then started running into him when I wasn’t expecting it, or wasn’t even thinking about him. But then some resistance got triggered, and some of the fear, guilt and even jealousy of his current spouse kicked in. I see it’s resistance I need to clear. But it’s been almost 3 years since I met him, and I knew from the very beginning that there was something significant about him. Just not knowing what. And thinking,”Could he really be a future mate/partner/lover?” I shrugged it off then thinking how could it ever be? But things unfolded, and we ended up working together on a project off and on for 6 months and my life has not been the same since.

        I am changed, my life has changed, he has changed EVERYTHING for me. I can say I’m a better person since, and his feelings for me helped me break down barriers no one else ever has, not even myself. He gave me the most beautiful gift, that I can love myself just the way that I am and it’s okay. How blessed I feel when I think about it.

        I still question my sanity when I experience this moments of heart energy. Is it him? Is it just me? Am I obsessing? Am I a nut whack? But I remember when I’m most aligned with my intuition, he feels more right than any other human being I’ve ever met. He feels like my husband, my closest friend. I try to forget about him and move on, and intuitively I can’t. My intuition sticks with it, and I realize I need to follow and trust. I can actually feel my heart start to open up as I’m writing this. 🙂
        So I sometimes think if this all feels so right, it must on some level feel right for him too. And so I try to be patient, because he may very well be my truest soul mate or even twin flame. And I can’t see how this love I feel for him can ever end. He’s the first thing I think of in the morning and the last thing before sleeping since over 2 years now.

        I hope some of my experience is helpful but please ask anything you want and I’ll do my best to explain.

        Lots of love.


      • jce… I wonder if you were writing this or I was writing this…
        Well apart from the project, even though we did work on things together or wanted to move in together and even were looking at apartments, before we both even admitted to ourselves that we are slightly in love with each other.
        It’s beautiful right?
        Just tells me to definitely trust these feelings and this knowing blindly 🙂


      • Hi RS,

        Yes, having faith and trust. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes not so easy. I find myself searching for info out there on the net to help me keep the faith in lower vibing states. And the right article always seems to find me. And I pick myself back up and continue on the journey. But with each high and low I learn something new about myself and how I feel about the situation. So I try to capitalize on the chance for personal growth. The last 12 months I’ve made the most LOA improvements than in 9 years of study, learning and self improvement. I know I’m on the brink of big things happening. I could feel them last month. I could feel change coming, just not sure exactly what. I could feel it even deep into my soul. A knowing that things are coming.

        But since the last 7 to 10 days everything has calmed down energetically and I feel a bit disaligned. And I’ve learned not to judge these moments, and just let them pass as easily as possible. I do take a look at my thoughts and realize it’s my insecurities, the missing of him, wishing we were sharing our life together, hoping he still feels for me what he did seem to feel before.

        What I noticed helped me the most is following Nina’s simple and straight forward advice. When I’m enjoying my life, everything just seems to be and feel so much better. Then I seem to have the most faith. And with faith I think manifestation can more easily happen.

        I’m listening to a lot of Abraham videos on Youtube right now. They some how seem to help me the most.


    • Hi JCE

      I was sending heart energy today. I put all my love and effort into and could see a gold ‘stream’ / ‘cord’ coming from me and touching him and I could feel something coming back to me. Never have felt that before. My rational mind tried to talk me out of it saying it was impossible it could be me receiving from him, but I managed to push it to the side. It was the strongest thing I’ve ever felt.
      Strangely enough I started seeing things again, signs again, just the day before this after not seeing anything for 6 weeks.
      I felt it in my chest.
      🙂 ❤

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      • Hi Gretta,

        This is wonderful to hear. You’re on a really good track, and I’m so happy you’re able to experience this wonderful feeling connecting to him. It’s such a special way to connect with someone you love, even if they’re not sure how to read what’s happening. Keep up that momentum. No matter what or when you can tap into this and send him your unconditional love.
        It sounds like you’re already working on your perspective with his family and his personal choices right now. It’s so so great you’re finding a higher vibing space on the topic since it’s something that triggers negative energy within you. I think if you can get over his family “thing” and find love for all involved, it may be your biggest source of resistance removed allowing your ideal relationship to come to fruition.

        I was thinking about you yesterday, and thought maybe it would be a helpful excercise to imagine his mom really liking you. That when you come by and visit you bring the best out of her, and you enjoy each others company even if it’s short visits. Maybe for you resolving some of the negative energy might involve just accepting that they are screwy people. My husbands family is, and I’ve learned just to love them anyways, not wanting to change them. It’s not my responsibility, and it would be a drain on my energy.

        From really examining my own thoughts and feelings the last couple of years I think my biggest trigger is accepting myself and loving myself, feeling I deserve to have this relationship I want. Most of my insecurities involve being someones second choice. And maybe that’s why I manifested a person in my life who is already married. The whole thing confuses me at times. Being a home wrecker is not on my bucket list to be sure! So maybe this manifestation is here to show me a big area that needs remedying.

        You know Gretta when you find yourself in such a strong state of unconditional love, this love will permeate all things. It will be easy to love those you previously thought you couldn’t. As Nina says, it starts from within. I love Nina’s blog, it’s helped me so much and as simplistic as her answers at times seem to be it’s because the answer really is that simple.

        Lots of love to you….. 🙂


  27. I found this today on FB

    Someone you love might be unusually clingy today.
    Someone you love might have some extra hostility.
    Someone you love might be eerily quiet or unreasonably defensive.
    And you love her anyway.

    Someone you love might have paper-thin patience.
    Someone you love might be trying to shut you out.
    Someone you love might be trying to push you away.
    And you love him anyway.

    Someone you love might say hateful words.
    Someone you love might hate herself right now.
    Someone you love might hate you right now.
    And you love her anyway.

    Someone you love might not be himself right now.
    Someone you love might be really hard to love right now.
    Someone you love might feel very far away.
    And you love him anyway.
    And you love her anyway.

    Just let that soak in for a moment.

    You love someone at his worst.
    You love someone when she’s most unlovable.
    You love them anyway.
    You love them anyway.

    Your love is stronger than any foul mood, any bad attitude, and any poor choice. And no matter how hard your someone is to love at times, you find a way to do it.

    Your love always finds a way.

    Let that soak in for a moment.

    Oh, I know there are things you need to work on. Me too. Me too. But your love … that comforting presence your someone can count on … is more significant than perhaps you ever realized.

    Because of you, there is a human being walking on this earth who doesn’t have to ask for love—it is just given; it is given.

    Because of you, there is a human being who doesn’t have to wonder if he or she is loved. He just knows; she just knows.

    Because of you, someone can be human—with faults, flaws, moods, and mistakes—and still be loved.

    There is no greater gift in someone’s lifetime than unconditional, never-failing, steadfast love.

    Let that soak in … and put your doubts and failings to rest.

    Then go on doing what you do best: Love them anyway.

    Rachel Staford

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    • This is beautiful Gretta. Whenever you go back to being in a state of “what is”, reread this and remind yourself that this is all that matters. His mom, his present circumstances and viewpoints are irrelevant. They don’t matter. And the more you speak about them for any reason you give weight to them, you feed them, you keep them alive. Stop it!!! 😉

      True unconditional love, that’s the key. And not just for him, feel it for yourself and then things will really start to shift. I need to remind myself of this. Because when I’ve done it, I run into him, we connect more. Go figure. Just give it all a try. Love his mom, love his family and forgive them for the disfunctional state they’re in. That way you can release and let go. Love yourself enough not to bask in their disfunction. You might be surprised at how things can change. They can, they really can!

      Lots of love…..


  28. Hi RS, I just loved the way you have rephrased Gretta’s thoughts into positive ones. It is not only helpful for Gretta, but for others too.

    Thank you. So grateful!!

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  29. Hi Nina,

    I couldn’t respond to your last response… thank you again for responding. I guess my question is, the fact that I believe or see my guy as emotionally unavailable, or Gretta sees her man as a “mommy’s boy” or the issues she sees. Are the issues we are seeing actually there, or are they just 100% our perception/belief?


    • Hi C

      The issues are there in my case, he would read out the text she was sending when he got them. Today I decided it doesn’t matter what she wants or thinks, its not her decision or her life. I know I’m the best person for him in the end. Its not that i don’t think anyone else would be able to love him with all the issues I listed – Its just going to end up taking a person who can love that plus his mother. I know of 2 friends who ran away at the very first sight of the guys mothers being to involved. I’ve even had one relation say to me that if they saw what I have already seen that they would run also also because his money is tied up with them. As pissed off as I was a few days ago I don’t think he needs another person to run away(?) I say amp up the heart energy you’re sending to your person to multiple times a day, if you want. I think it’s that that brings about the fastest results because from the things I have manifested in the past including the story below it was the love for something that made it come to me without visualizing or acting as if, that is just in my case tho, Nina can give her advice also. Hope that makes sense.
      🙂 ❤


      • Of course the “issues” are there because we created them. But I personally experienced it many times and I advised people to do this and it happened in all cases, when I (or them) truly decided to change the perspective/belief, things miraculously changed.
        Maybe you do this by heart energy, I think we all use our powers differently, which is amazing.
        I wouldn’t focus too much on what’s real or not. I think for C’s question, the answer is both. It’s just my opinion. 😀

        This song has been very meaningful for me in the past (and still is)
        Let the words sink in:

        “But over and over again
        It is you who points the gun.”

        As a songwriter I know and feel, every word has such a big meaning in this song.

        Oh and gretta, to your post down below: Universe showing you one of the endless possibilities of your power! 😉


    • Your perception of someone else always goes back to something you dislike about yourself. So, it could mean you don’t respect him or yourself enough, think you’re both flawed, think that you only attract “damaged” men, think that he’s not enough yet you don’t feel like enough for him… See what I mean?


      • I think I understand.. that part is the most confusing for me. I understand how the LOA affects me, but with regards to a specific person is a little confusing sometimes.

        Thank you!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I just imagine what he’s like now that he loves me 🙂 How does that make me feel? Throughout, I am aware that my desires always manifest in that exact or an even better way.
        I never think “I want my desire or something better” but I do think “My desires manifest and look/feel just as I imagined them OR in an even better way” 🙂


  30. About 6 months ago I was on eBay looking at vintage t-shirts and there was this vintage My Little Pony t-shirt that I really wanted but it wasn’t my size. Yes, My Little Pony haha… It was my favorite childhood toy – Anyway I didn’t think about the t-shirt again. It wasn’t life or death whether I had it or not I just wanted a cool vintage my little pony t-shirt. Today I was cleaning out my room and went out the back and came back in to see a t-shirt hanging on my bed, my roommate had put it there. I didn’t look at it immediately as I was busy doing stuff and she asked if I saw it. I picked it up and opened it and it was the exact My Little Pony t-shirt that I cant find anywhere anymore! In my size! All the way from Switzerland. The t-shirt made its way to me from over the other side of the world. I’m really good at manifesting when I only think of something once haha… I didn’t visualize or act like I had it I just knew I wanted a my little pony vintage t shirt. Anyway. Good news for a change haha…

    Liked by 1 person

  31. I forgot to add she said when she was going through her suitcase that she looked at it and new it was for me and it was mine. *Cue spooky music*

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Hi Nina,

    Hope you’re doing well! I have read countless number of times that it’s essential to visualize in order to manifest. What is your take on this?

    For my situation, I just feel happy knowing that the universe is bringing my guy to me because I asked. I don’t look for proof. However, I would find myself wondering how it would happen because I’m not currently talking to him and I know he had blocked me. But after reading your reply to a previous question, I stopped paying attention to the blocked number.

    I don’t know how or when but I know he’s mine! End of story. I’m just happy and grateful. I don’t feel the need to visualize something I already have. I hope this makes sense.

    Thank you for helping me believe that my dreams are manifesting. Any advice for me?


    • Hi Lila!
      I advocate visualization because it is a natural thing to all of us. We all see images in our minds, intentionally or not.
      However, you don’t “have” to make an effort to visualize. The feeling of having your desire can be achieved in different ways. Also, don’t force yourself to visualize because the point of all this is to have fun. Go out and do something you like while thinking about your desire at brief moments when it comes to you – it’ll be enough.
      Don’t be hesitant to be happy or excited about your desire – always know that it’s yours! 😀


  33. Hi Nina,

    Thanks for replying back. That makes sense. I’ll continue feeling good and whenever he comes to mind, I’ll just think happy thoughts of us being together. Thank you!


  34. LyLy

    After I read what your posts I saw this on facebook ‘“The day you dare to remain faithful to your assumption, it will begin to externalize itself.’


  35. And just cause I like this…

    “Once you have planted this seed in your imagination, do not uproot it by being anxious about how it will be accomplished. Each seed has its own appointed time. Some seeds take a few days; others a little longer. Feel confident that what you have planted will appear in your world.”

    “Your imagination will draw all that it needs to make your dream an actual reality. It if takes others to play a part in order to accomplish your end, your imagination will draw that person into your drama to play his or her part in the sequence of events.”

    “Your only responsibility is to remain faithful to your imaginal act until you experience it in your outer world. You can repeat your imaginal act each night before falling asleep. In fact, you may wish to enact this drama over and over again until it feels normal and natural to you as you drop off to sleep. Your imagination will work out the means to realize your dream while your conscious mind sleeps.” – Neville Goddard


  36. “Make a pledge to yourself that you will live by your imagination, for God has promised that you can assume a state and it will become a fact in his words: ‘Whatever you desire, believe you have received it and you will.’” – Neville Goddard


  37. “I don’t care what it is; when you know what you want, you can make your desire so real, so natural that you will reach a feeling of certainty which no power in the world can stop.”

    “How do you get out of a state? Through belief! You must believe. You are told: “Whatsoever you desire, believe you have received it and you will.”

    “If so, then tonight you can change the things that are happening in your world. And if you can believe and persuade yourself that things are as you want them to be to the point of actually moving into the feeling they are true, they will be felt and seen in your world. You must feel your desires are already realized, that they are already true, for the truth of any concept is known by the feeling of certainty that the thought is true.” – Neville Goddard

    “If you will become self-persuaded that your desire is already granted, even though it is denied by the outer senses it will become a fact. I do not know how it will objectify itself, or when; I only know that when imagination is raised to the state of vision, the thing is done.” – Neville Goddard


  38. Hi everyone I thought I post this from Neville’s book ‘The Law and the Promise’ Chapter three. It’s rather long but helpful….

    “Last August, while on a ‘blind date’ I met the man I wanted to marry. This happens sometimes, and it happened to me. He was everything I had ever thought of as desirable in a husband. Two days after this enchanted evening, it was necessary for me to change my place of residence because of my work, and that same week the mutual friend who had introduced me to this man, moved away from the city. I realized that the man I had met probably did not know of my new address, and frankly, I was not sure he knew my name.

    “After your last lecture, I spoke to you of this situation. Although I had plenty of other ‘dates’ I could not forget this one man. Your lecture was based on revising our day; and after speaking to you, I determined to revise my day, every day. Before going to sleep that night, I felt I was in a different bed, in my own home, as a married woman — and not as a single working girl, sharing an apartment with three other girls. I twisted an imaginary wedding band on my imaginary left hand,


  39. Sorry guys…here we go again.. From the book ‘The Law and the Promise by Neville Goodard” Chapter three

    “Last August, while on a ‘blind date’ I met the man I wanted to marry. This happens sometimes, and it happened to me. He was everything I had ever thought of as desirable in a husband. Two days after this enchanted evening, it was necessary for me to change my place of residence because of my work, and that same week the mutual friend who had introduced me to this man, moved away from the city. I realized that the man I had met probably did not know of my new address, and frankly, I was not sure he knew my name.

    “After your last lecture, I spoke to you of this situation. Although I had plenty of other ‘dates’ I could not forget this one man. Your lecture was based on revising our day; and after speaking to you, I determined to revise my day, every day. Before going to sleep that night, I felt I was in a different bed, in my own home, as a married woman — and not as a single working girl, sharing an apartment with three other girls. I twisted an imaginary wedding band on my imaginary left hand, saying over and over to myself, ‘This is wonderful! I really am Mrs. J.E.!’ and I fell asleep in what was — a moment before — a waking dream.

    “I repeated this imaginary scene for one month, night after night. The first week in October he ‘found’ me. On our second date, I knew my dreams were rightly placed. Your teaching tells us to live in the end of our desire until that desire becomes ‘fact’ so although I did not know how he felt toward me, I continued, night after night, living in the feeling of my dream realized.

    “The results? In November he proposed. In January we announced our engagement; and the following May we were married. The loveliest part of it all, however, is that I am happier than I ever dreamed possible; and I know in my heart, he is too.” …Mrs. J.E.

    By using her imagination radically, instead of conservatively — by building her world out of pure dreams of fancy —, rather than using images supplied by memory, she brought about the fulfillment of her dream.

    Common sense would have used images supplied by her memory, and thereby perpetuated the fact of lack in her life.

    Imagination created what she desired out of a dream of fancy. Everyone must live wholly on the level of imagination, and it must be consciously and deliberately undertaken.

    “…Lovers and madmen have such seething brains, Such shaping fantasies, that apprehend more than cool reason over comprehends.” [William Shakespeare, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”]

    If our time of revision be well spent, we need not worry about results — our fondest hopes will be realized.

    There is no inevitable permanence in anything. Both past and present continue to exist only because they are sustained by “Imagining” on some level or other; and a radical transformation of life is always possible by man revising the undesirable part of it.


      • No worries JCE, Mrs. A and Gretta. I think this testimonial from Nevilles book is really helpful. JCE I would say that is a sign- say thank you universe for my husband! 🙂 ❤


      • MNW,

        I think you’re right. I thought the same when I read it. And the funny thing is I didn’t spike emotionally when I read it. It was like the most natural thing in the world to see and read this. I agree that it’s a sign. And thank you for reminding me to be grateful. I tend to forget that part and it’s so key!

        I appreciate your thoughts and words.
        Lots of love. 🙂


  40. Even tho this isn’t about attracting a specific person I loved this 75 year old woman’s mantra she used to attract her man. It could be changed and used in the presence tense.

    A few months ago I received a letter from a woman named Ruth A who had attended my lectures. She wrote: I am seventy-five years old, a widow with a grown family. I was living alone, on a small pension and Social Security. My life seemed barren, hopeless. Then I remembered your lecture about the powers of the subconscious mind. You said that ideas could be conveyed to the subconscious mind by repetition, faith, and expectancy. Could it be true? I decided to try. I had nothing to lose. I began to repeat frequently, with all the feeling I could muster, “I am wanted. I am loved. I am happily married to a kind, loving, and spiritual-minded man. I am secure and fulfilled.”

    I kept on doing this many times a day for about two weeks. One day at the corner drugstore, I was introduced to a retired pharmacist. I found him to be kind, understanding, and very religious. He was a perfect answer to my prayer.

    Within a week he proposed to me. Now we are on our honeymoon in Europe. I know that the intelligence within my subconscious mind brought both of us together in divine order.

    Ruth discovered that the treasure house was within her. Her prayer was felt as true in her heart, and her affirmation sank down by osmosis into her subconscious mind, which is the creative medium. The moment she succeeded in bringing about a subjective embodiment, her subconscious mind brought about the answer through the law of attraction. Her deeper mind, full of wisdom and intelligence, brought her and her new husband together in divine order. Be sure that you think on this: Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Neville also said this :

    Neville Goddard “Power”

    “Imaginal acts are sowing, but we do not recognize our own harvests when we see the imaginal act projected on the screen of space. We say, I could never have imagined a thing like that, but we must have or we could not encounter it. So, the act of imagining is sowing, and in its own good time, it crops out from that unseen journey and appears on the screen of space, and you see it – but you don’t always recognize your harvest. But I’ll tell you one thing, do not concern yourself with the means. Always go to the end. Dwell in the end, and you will hurt no one. But if you try to devise the means, you are, well, messing the whole thing up. I have had people say to me, “You know, I want that man, and no other man.” I said, “No, you don’t; you want to be happily married. You don’t want that man or no man.” “Oh, yes, that man or no man.” Then, of course, this always shocks them. I say, “If he dropped dead right now, would you want to be married?” “Well, he isn’t going to drop…” “I didn’t ask you that. If he dropped dead right now, or if he is right this very moment accused of being the world’s greatest thief or murderer, do you still want him” “Well, now, why ask those questions, Neville? I want that man.” But, you see, it isn’t that man. They want to be happily married. I have gone to so many weddings where it was either that man or none, and it wasn’t “that man”! And they are embarrassed when they see me standing in the aisle, because it had to be “that man or no man,” and here it isn’t that man at all. And they walk down [the aisle] – they are happy with their new mate, but a little sheepish as they pass by because they know I know he was not the man.
    You want to be happily married. All right, go to the end. You are happily married. Then let him come, clothed in all that it takes to be happy in your world.”

    Nina and everyone, would love your take on this one?


    • The difference here is that those who said “That man or no man” were too attached to their desire of a wedding (not MARRIAGE and life with someone) instead of focusing on the love for the person they chose.
      When a person truly knows it’s going to be THAT man, they don’t condition it (and some know it’s going to be a specific person forever, they feel good about it and they make it happen but these are true internal feelings). They just know but they also know that they would be able to live without that man should something happen (should he actually pass away or if they aren’t with the man just yet, they know they are OK now but will get the man because that is what they want).
      Neville realized that the people he spoke to here had a true desire of a happy marriage and not a specific person but they were attached to the IDEA that it should be this or that person – they didn’t actually love the person. They just wanted to experience marrying that person but their ultimate desire was a marriage.
      This isn’t true for everyone but some can’t tell the difference between their desires. They can’t tell what they truly want. But he did, as sometimes people on the outside are more objective than those too close to the situation.
      Those who love a person truly and want to be with them are happy just being with them and clearly show that their goal is LOVE. And some who focus on a wedding, some (not all), actually want the big, happy wedding and marriage more than they want a specific person, especially one they’re not that happy with for the moment.
      I can add a useful personal example here. I manifest love with specific people because I never condition it to last long or last at all. And it lasts until I am willing to stay around because I don’t “need” it to last. I just know I like or love someone and that is where I want to be now. It’s the opposite of the wedding people described above, or at least it sounds to me like it is.


  42. It conflicts with the above story that MNW posted.

    All I know is that when i followed what the lady did in MNW story (Saying that she was his wife it raised my vibration so high then he contacted me) after without a doubt checking to find out he was no longer blocked on facebook.

    I think Neville is saying what we all know, focus on the feelings of being in the relationship, not the person.

    Or like Elizabeth Daniels says in her book; “Remember – what you desire is what you get. If you focus on the specific person, you will create instances when you’d see the person or hear from the person. You would perpetuate WANTING to be with the person as opposed to BEING with the person. But if you really think about what you’re wanting, what your really looking for, its A LOVE RELATIONSHIP with your specific person. Thats why the RELATIONSHIP is WHERE YOU FOCUS YOUR ENERGY so that you become a vibrational match and pull it to you. Let me repeat; you FOCUS ON THE RELATIONSHIP, NOT the specific person. You see yourself with the person, you believe you are in a relationship with them, you feel oh so good every time you think about the relationship the two of you have together… you become a vibration match to the RELATIONSHIP.”

    LyLy. Do you believe your man could love you? Just curious? Do you believe that you could be with him? You’ve seen me rant and lose my shit a few times now, but do you think that maybe you want it to be that you can’t attract a specific person so you can say “aha! I knew it!’ because you don’t believe and maybe don’t believe you are good enough for him in particular? I just still feel as if the only issue you might have is BELIEVING in yourself and him. Just asking. 🙂

    ❤ x


    • Hey,

      I want to share my own opinion as well.
      I think this excerpt is easily misunderstood.
      In no way, Neville says you can’t be with that person. And this goes with the excerpt MNW posted. What he wants you to do is not focus on the person, exactly like Gretta says, you will manifest that persons picture or running into them or anything related.
      But this doesn’t imply you are in a relationship, right?
      I mean I can visualize every single person and run into them (I’m very confident about this!), yet I don’t want to be in a relationship with them, right?
      So he suggested to visualize the relationship, because that’s what you want. I mean this is clearly stated, but I think maybe mine makes it easier to understand?

      Visualize a person: manifest the person
      Visualize the relationship (with that person): manifest the relationship (with that person)

      Patience, people, it will all happen, just know it’s yours!
      I have to remind you and also myself, that I did manifest a specific person when she was still in a relationship and I never doubted I can’t have her. We got together after 6 months I think and until today she is still is very careful with me. I posted this before.


      • Very good points indeed RS and you’re quite right it’s about focusing on the end result. Patience is easy when the belief is strong that it will lead to the ending you want I suppose – kind of like Nina has this unwavering belief that life and everything just works out for her-

        I have that faith with most things actually … Relationships though is a different story entirely- nothing new or unusual in our generation I guess 🙂

        I do think everything always works out I’m just not sure we always get what we want .. I know sometimes I didn’t .. I can’t say for sure why but eventually we all move on and heal it’s inevitable – it’s part of it 🙂


      • Hi RS,

        THis is great. Can you go a little more into your story, and how you manifested it? I must have missed it before, but I think that hearing other people’s success stories is one of the best ways to get our vibration up.

        Thank you in advance,


      • Hi C!

        Well my memory is very blurry about this, as this has been around 8? years ago. I had absolutely no clue about LoA or anything related.
        I think I even confessed when she was still taken. But my ego didn’t want to give up, I guess. I just knew I will have her. I think she refused me several times, but I still was very sure about us getting together, in the end she made the move.
        The funny thing is I think somewhere around May/June 2007? I was talking to my friend, wouldn’t it be funny if she likes girls? Then in September she popped up with a girlfriend just like that. And I was so shocked, because I started to like her at that time, in May/June I wasn’t aware of that… Or maybe she manifested me haha
        I confessed September/October. and we got together in February 2008. And she was veeeerry attached to me, that’s why I broke it off. Too much pressure.

        Oh yes, I’m a girl too… 😀

        Hope that helps?


    • Oh wow, you actually made me tear up with that question … it’s not that I don’t believe he could love me per se …I actually think we’d be so amazing together and thoroughly happy.

      But I haven’t been the luckiest when it came to relationships and I think part of me believes it’s almost karmic for me not to be in a happy relationship with a man…or something like that. So whether him or anyone …(though I’m still bent on him because he almost feels like a memory… i can’t really explain it).

      And yes the very active sabotageur in my head wants to say ‘I told you.. just give up, accept that you’re not meant for the happily ever after relationship story and focus on staying away from relationships and be alone because it’s safer that way) …something along those lines. I am aware of it though and want to prove myself wrong but … I’m not doing a very good job at that you know …

      But that he could love me, and think I’m the best thing – i have no doubt in my mind it’s possible. I just don”t know if I will be lucky enough to be granted that experience… 🙂 good question though xxx


      • Lyly,

        I will type what I think.

        When you say “part of me” you are actually talking about a trauma or fragment of yourself that has ‘detached’ itself from you to cope with whatever caused you to have these beliefs, like a holographic echo of yourself, and now you operate through those fragmented parts of yourself. You want to integrate these fragments now. The best way to do that is with Ho’oponopono. I will attach the full prayer down the bottom. You may have to do variations.

        “I haven’t been the luckiest when it came to relationships and part of me believes it’s almost karmic for me not to be in a happy relationship with a man” – that’s a holographic echo of yourself talking / a part that has detached itself through either trauma or past life (if you like.) When working with clients before I stopped, I always encouraged working on THIS life first then working back all the way through to your the day of your birth to the actual birth process.

        “you’re not meant for the happily ever after relationship story and focus on staying away from relationships and be alone because it’s safer that way.” What you are really saying is – I am not good enough. I don’t deserve or feel worthy of love, happiness, joy and all that. I know you will say you don’t feel that true but the amount of people I would have come back to me years later saying it was right, i lost count. Another belief I would work on is “the world is a dangerous place” (Bear with me, it’s in there for sure.)

        “I just don”t know if I will be lucky enough to be granted that experience.” – I doubt I can have the things I want because of past experiences.

        This is the full prayer;

        ***Spirit, Subconscious, Superconscious, please locate the origin of my feelings, thoughts and beliefs of (__________fill in the blank with your belief, feeling, thoughts________).

        Take each and every level, layer, area and aspect of my being to this origin. Analyze it and resolve it perfectly with God’s truth.

        Come through all generations of time and eternity. Healing every incident and its appendages based on the origin.

        Please do it according to God’s will until I am at the present. Filled with light and truth.

        God’s peace and love, forgiveness of myself for my incorrect perceptions. Forgiveness of every person, place, circumstances and event which contributed to this, these feelings thoughts.***

        Do the prayer 4 times, for each belief, thought and feeling, with gusto. OUT LOUD.

        My roommate just started today, I got her to write down every single thing she could think of that she DIDN’T like in the relationship with her family and friends and watched her accept that she had those EXACT issues also. Then she started to do the prayer on a 76 point long list and already I am seeing big changes. You will find that your guy has the same issues as you, even if you cant see it.

        Carry on doing the prayer daily for each thing you can think of. You cant do it wrong.

        If you are out and you have ANY feelings or thoughts come up and you don’t have access to the full prayer just say “i love you, im sorry, please forgive me, thank you.” for at least 20 minutes per feeling and thought.

        Try it on EVERYTHING.

        ❤ x


      • Gretta, sometimes I wonder if you are two persons in one haha
        You give one of the best advices, you have amazing knowledge and power, yet in the next moment you seem to be very insecure and even second guessing what you just wrote to others in a sense.


  43. All I did to get contact was this

    “This is awesome, I really am Mrs XXX XXX’ – Whenever I felt like it.
    “I am loved, I am wanted, I am happy married to XXX XXX” – Whenever I felt like it. I kind of chanted it like a song.
    Heart energy multiple times a day when i remember.
    No visualization. Just staying in the feeling that I already have what i want and there he was. I said I would hear from him that day and I did.
    I suppose visualizing wouldn’t hurt also.

    Saying those above 2 lines made me feel amazing and no worries about anything.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing what would happen if others on here tried what I did above for the next 4 weeks or so.


    • Thank you RS you’re absolutely right.

      Gretta thank you for taking the time to write such a thorough thread of advice. I absolutely agree and am aware of my belief that the world is just a weird place. It’s not so much that I don’t believe I deserve it rather I don’t see the point : eventually it will be taken from you – it’s inevitable , life or God will eventually separate you from those you love, just like butterflies : it’s meant to be ephemeral- only it hurts a lot more.

      Granted it’s the dichotomy of life we get attached to things and people knowing that it’s really non sensical – I’m working on my cynicism still- but it’s a lifelong process and I might never be fully shot of it, I have made peace with that somehow.

      What really struck me though is when you said he probably was the same: we both grew up with unhealthy couples, infidelity, remarriage and reconstructed families. We’re both weird about commitment in that we really want it but at the same time the risk of it is just so off putting .. Both very ambitious with a strong habit of being overly hard on ourselves … He’s just better at ignoring things than I am… Makes me wonder if he thinks about me as much and is going through the same emotional process since we mirror each other so strongly 🤔

      I feel like not being together would be a great mistake and misuse of the beauty that could be , though at the same time I wonder if it was really meant it wouldn’t be a lot smoother, easier … Inevitable .

      I don’t really know but thank you because your reply made me find my core belief : I don’t see the point so I sabotage myself before I get so far in that the attChment is inevitable which is ironic because what you resist persists so really I’m just shooting myself in the foot.

      I’ll do your prayer – not becaus I want to manifest him, clearly I have just not exactly as planned … But because of the possibility of peace of mind on the other end …

      Today as I was pondering on how complicated this all feels when I’m so sure there is a simpler way around it , the lady I was talking to had a uniform on and her sleeve had a writing that said : love is the secret.

      Even under my sarcastic tendencies I have to admit : it’s kinda cute 🙂


    • The most important aspect is belief so keep up the belief and then add the techniques you like to it such as these affirmations 🙂


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