Should You Talk About Your Desire?

Several days ago, I was asked to give an opinion on the topic of verbally discussing a desire during its manifestation period.

Some like to discuss their desires while manifesting them and other don’t. Some are aware of LoA sources advising against talking about one’s desire during its manifestation period while other sources advise manifestation practitioners to discuss their desires in a bold manner.

Whenever I felt like talking about my desire of the moment, confident in its manifestation, I enjoyed this specific discourse. When it made me happy to stay quiet about my desire until the manifestation, confident in the said manifestation, I enjoyed keeping it to myself and sharing my manifestation once it was done. Much like any desire, they all manifested when I focused on what made me happy. 

There are no specific rules here – if you do what makes you happy, you will manifest fast due to a boost of your positive energy which allows you to let go.

Both approaches have their benefits. This is also why one must decide which of the two approaches makes them happy – talking about their desire or, not. Some people are private while others enjoy sharing their plans. Sometimes, the choice depends on the specific desire. Some feel more comfortable and therefore happier staying silent, confident that this is the way to manifest in peace (I have done this many times). Others enjoy sharing their grand plans with whomever they choose, their manifestation process filled with audience (I have done this many times).

Only do what makes you feel good. Every action you could possibly take is meant to make you feel good!

If you look back on your life, you will have noticed manifestations following either of the two approaches. Sometimes, talking about your manifestation helped you. Other times, you manifested without having even considered sharing your plans with anyone.

Don’t overthink it – see how you feel. The approach chosen will be a result of your preference, confidence, the nature of your desire and, your overall personality. See how you feel and if you choose to share your manifestation plans with anyone.

While talking about your manifestation could raise your vibration and make you feel like you have it, it is not required. If you want to try this, go for it! Share your desire with someone you trust and see how you feel afterwards.

Do you feel more confident in your manifestation having shared it with someone you trust? How about after sharing it with your fellow blog readers and myself? Did it help?

If it did, great! It’s exactly what we’re here for.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

15 thoughts on “Should You Talk About Your Desire?

  1. Hi Nina,

    I discussed only my success and asked questions that made me confused. I still do the same. I realized that talking about it gave me hope and courage to follow because I was/am talking about with positive people who are hopeful for everything. Yeah, I never discussed my desire or processes ever with someone who might have mocked because my mind was enough to do that at times and I had to shut it up. LOL

    BTW, How are you doing?

    Love and Light

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    1. I like all of that 😀
      I am great, thank you so much for asking 😀 I am tweaking my book, recently added a few new things but it’s coming up soon 😀 I feel bad delaying it but it is most important that it has true quality to it, even if it took some additional thinking and adding of material. However, in the meantime, I got the idea for my second book as well! I have new lectures to give soon, too, and new trips planned. Also, I have thought about some new career goals and life changes – it is time to move onto some new things and away from others where I have contributed everything I knew I could 😀
      How are you and your wonderful love? 😀
      Lots of love to you!

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  2. He contacted me!!! ❤

    I just about fell off my bed…!! Haha..

    It wasn't anything major, talking about a health product, but still, he contacted me! It was his usual style of very to the point. Haha..

    It proves to me more now than ever that he doesn't believe what he has been told about me otherwise he wouldn't be speaking to me AT ALL and that something is working. It also proves that maybe he isn't as codependent as I once thought because he was told I wouldn't be good for his life (I cant tell you how much that hurt that I was judged by people that had never met me because of their belief system) and by some of the things I have said to him in the past (only to try and jolt him out of his comfort zone) I am someone he SHOULD have blocked. I only said the things I said because I want him to have the best life possible and that although hes been brought up seeing his parents struggling that that isn't how life is meant to be, and I kept saying to him life isn't meant to be a struggle, you are meant to be abundant in all areas. I also asked told him that if he doesnt change the way he vibrates in the world he will keep perpetuating the same experience over and over again. I also asked him if he knew how much time he had left and if it was worth living his life the way he does, trusting no one. It also shows he has gone back to my facebook to see that he was unblocked. I had blocked him before the course after he visited 'planet paranoid' again, assuming again. I only just took him off block permanently yesterday! Plus i affirmed I would hear from him yesterday and let it go and by 10pm that night there was a message AND he messaged me on a weekend! We never used to speak on weekends because he was always busy! I remember feeling how good it was when I used to see his name come up on my screen and I got what I said I was going to get. Contact from him 🙂

    All that heart energy and what Nina said the other week about how would it feel to be in the relationship you want with him right now and that he has made you and your relationship the priority really smashed everything that was bothering me for a six – it turned everything around for me, plus everyone elses help.

    Thanks everyone 🙂 ❤

    Things can change if you believe, just look at the obstacles that used to be there 😉 ❤

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  3. Congrats you made it happen!
    Stay relaxed, see the bigger picture and just trust 🙂
    Feel your vibes!

    Btw. You saying ” It also shows he has gone back to my facebook to see that he was unblocked. ” I was wondering if the universe wants to tell me something. I mean why the heck would she just unblock me, but not respond me lol You can’t see anything on my profile haha


  4. In Wayne Dyer’s book “Wishes Fulfilled” he discourages letting anyone know about your process/ wish being fulfilled since others may discourage you/see you as being delusional/say something negative etc. The whole point is to be full of love and if one can be positive and full of love while disclosing their process/intentions then that is amazing!! I admire that!

    P.S. I am Shaina. Just going by Mrs. A now!

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  5. Hi all. I am so happy for everyone who is seeing results, especially Gretta. ❤️❤️

    As for myself, I still have good days and bad. My man and I haven’t had any huge breakthroughs, but we still communicate. A few days ago, I asked him if he wanted to go see a local band with me for today (Mon). I never heard yay or nay from him. Does it hurt to feel ignored? Yes. But I have been trying not to take it personally. Deep down, I know I am a good person and if he can’t see that, then it is his loss. Do I still love and want him? Yes. More than anything. But I am not forcing it.

    When today comes and goes and I haven’t heard from him, I will be sad but I will keep living and getting stronger.

    Love and light to you all. ❤️


  6. Hi Nina,

    Thank you once again for writing an amazing post. I have mentioned this earlier but my guy and I aren’t talking but that doesn’t bother me after reading all of your posts. I’m expecting him to come back into my life. My question is that majority of the time, I’m happy knowing that my thoughts are affecting my reality and he will come. Then at times, I’m not as excited and start wondering so when is this going to happen. Whenever he comes to mind, I tell myself that everything will happen magically at the right time. What can I do to increase my trust in the Universe and not be bothered by the time that is elapsing? Thank you.


    1. This can be solved by reminding yourself how much you love your life already 🙂 When bad thoughts come, go and do something else you love! This will remove the need and the time issues.
      And, thank you so much 🙂


      1. Thanks Nina for helping me! I know it’s possible and will happen and it’s just time to ignore everything I see. And rather know that new thoughts and beliefs will create a new life and it doesn’t happen over night lol. Thanks 😀

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  7. Hi, Nina, how are you? Hope everything is fine! 🙂

    I usually keep my desires to myself but I get a little confused about how to deal with a situation where I have to talk directly about it. My girl for example, I’m in the process of manifesting her back, but what to do when someone asks about her, how I’m dealing with the breakup and stuff like that? Sometimes I don’t know how to act, since I have to act as if. But if I act as if in front of people they’re gonna call me crazy, you know. How to deal with this and, at the same time, keep acting as if?

    (I’m still trying to buy your book. Looking foward to read it 😀 )


    1. Say something simple, such as “Everything is great, thank you for asking” and leave it at that. You don’t have to reveal anything to anyone.


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