LoA and Life Over the Past Days

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  1. Hi Nina.
    I feel very vulnerable so all the more I need to do it. 🙂

    A few days ago a friend kind of put me into a situation which included speaking to a clairvoyant, before I knew it I was sitting on cam to a lady over the other side of the world who didnt even speak english.

    Getting to what the psychic said and my question. I was doing really well up until this encounter. I was acting as if and he contacted me. Then my vibration dropped after the reading.

    She hit on major things.
    Like how he has to much going on in his life. He thinks to much. His mum. That was all correct. In fact, she didn’t get a single thing wrong and I dont ever try and make something fit. She even picked up that I had a daughter who passed away when I was in my 20’s. That made me cry in front of her. No one ever picked up on her. She even got that he is younger than me, again I was shocked. She even said that my constant texting and email was doing his head in and he told me this also. He said I was pushing him away. I stopped texting and email ages ago now, but she was right about that also. So yep, I was like, yeah shes good, really good.

    Then she said this.
    He has feelings but it not as strong as you right now. He does love you and you will be together but hes not ready right now and its still a bit down the track…

    It WASN’T that she said it was down the track because I don’t care when.

    It was WHEN she said that he did have feelings/loved me. I instantly didn’t believe her and it wiped off everything else she said.

    Looking at exterior, and yes I stopped all that, and yes I know we are not meant to be looking, but there is NO evidence at all that he has feelings for me or loves me. That is when my vibration dropped and its been 3 days now that I stopped all heart energy and visualizing. I was right up there KNOWING the relationship was mine and we were together and getting contact from him and after that reading I cant get the feeling back. I’ve tried.

    Now most people having a reading with that much accuracy would have been ecstatic and ran with it and kept sending heart energy and everything else, but I didn’t. I stopped. I WASN’T ecstatic. I didn’t believe her. Why? I dont know. Do you?

    I’m going to be so pissed at myself if i find out in your response that there is still something there ‘blocking me’ but it seems plain obvious now doesn’t it?

    How could i have gotten my vibration so high that he contacted me if deep down there is something still there indicating that I dont believe he could ever love me? That doesn’t make sense or is it something else?




    1. Dear Gretta,
      I think that right now, you believe enough to feel that it COULD happen which is evident from you having manifested him contacting you, but you still notice that you aren’t together yet.
      I think that this reading you got from the person you met showed you the personal blocks you have so that you could resolve them 🙂 You can resolve them by learning as much as you can out of them. How have they made you a better person? What have they taught you?
      I am so sorry to hear you’ve been through so much but because of that, you can understand that resolving your personal blocks is most important, more important than manifesting a relationship. You already have everything you need and when you focus on everything you like about yourself, you can focus on manifesting a relationship also 🙂 See what I mean?
      You’re focusing on him when you should focus on your feelings about being his girlfriend. I would always imagine being someone’s girlfriend and how it’s going to feel to be in his life and have him be in my life. However, I think you’re doing it because you’re trying to find good traits in him so that you could manifest him – however, this shows you don’t believe you can be with him yet. You are also doing it because you’re trying to see physical proof which shows you still “need” your desire, don’t believe it’s yours and therefore haven’t let it go.
      A constant problem is also letting go. You let go for a bit and then, you notice he isn’t contacting you which shows you don’t believe the relationship is yours yet. Letting go means knowing your desire is yours so that you stop needing it, happily living your life knowing that it’s going to manifest and is happening already.


      1. Hi Nina
        Thanks for the reply.
        I suspected that I didn’t fully believe when she said he does have feelings and I didn’t believe it. I knew then that my faith / belief wasn’t strong enough. Hope that makes sense?

        I also suspect that the down feeling came from her picking up on my little girl. She would have been 16 this year. The reason I got so upset was because I felt her only a week and a half before the reading and it had been a very long time that I had felt her and I doubted it, even tho I saw her clearly and then she bought her up. More confirmation I guess.

        I know now, even from weeks ago, that this is what I want and haven’t changed my mind, just that incident knocked me for a six.

        I managed today to raise my vibration a bit. There is a path I walk on when I take my dog out and I’ve called it my ‘miracle manifesting path’ because everytime I walk on it I seem to remember something about him that I liked, like today, the sound of his laugh and then I can usually go from there and I find more things.

        What worked when I got contact with him a week ago was from a story one of the posters put on here about the woman who put an imaginary ring on her finger and went to bed saying ‘this is wonderful, I really am Mrs xxx xxx’ – I found doing this raised me so high and no doubts ever came in. I did it at night and during that day. It felt so real and amazing. Can I just do that or do I need to visualize one specific scene over and over because I’ve been imaging all different kinds of things like us being happy going camping or holding hands or going out. Should I just pick one thing and combine it with what I was doing above? Saying ‘I really am Mrs xxx xxx’

        Oh! yes ! heart energy really does stop any resentment or anger or hurt feelings. I’ve never felt any ill feelings since: Sometimes I send it to his family also. His mum, dad etc. 🙂

        Thanks again.


      2. I answered your more recent comment but I want to add something here. I think that when you manifest a relationship, things from your past come up naturally because it is such an emotional aspect of life requiring an open heart. You are facing your past so that you could become the person you want to be today – strong, happy and confident. I notice that when manifesting relationships, I tend to make peace and forgive many random past events that come up in my thoughts. You just do that and see that love is the best possible choice 🙂


  2. Hi Nina! Awesome post! How do you let go so fast? Do you completely stop thinking about your desire? Or do you think about it because you are expecting it?

    I find myself thinking about my guy but only because it makes me happy and expecting it. What is your take on this?

    I love reading your replies! 😀

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    1. Hi Lila,

      Good question!!
      This is one area I struggle with and feels like I struggle with. I also want to reach that point where I don’t care AT ALL about my desire and live in KNOWING. 🙂

      Love & Light

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      1. I like this statement 🙂 This is exactly why I advocate convincing yourself that your desire is yours, happening right now 🙂 Thank you RS!


      2. Hi Lightline,

        I think if I didn’t care then it seems like he would come back faster lol. Things I don’t care about nor do I want seem to happen really fast. For example, I thought it would be cool to get 100+ likes on a Facebook picture. Lol I didn’t care if I got those likes, I just said it. Interestingly, I got 110 likes.

        Nina, why does this happen? How can I not care about my guy but still want him in my life? Thanks!!

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      3. It happens because of detachment. You didn’t care IF you actually got those likes and you care that your relationship manifests as soon as possible. You care very much.
        However, detachment also happens when you convince yourself that your desire is yours and coming to you, which allows you to live your life happily and stop needing it because you know it’s coming 🙂
        Both these attitudes provide detachment.


    2. Thank you so much 🙂
      First, I focus on the belief that it is mine. I remind myself that if I asked for it, I must receive it. I imagine how it’ll feel to have it and then, I feel as if it’s already mine – the feeling makes it real 😀
      Then, I remind myself that if I let go NOW, I will receive it soon. Then, I just do what I enjoy and remind myself why my life is amazing. I look at anything or everything I already have, especially my favorite things, which removes the need for anything else. I just start to do something I love – I talk to friends, I have a drink with one of them, I write, watch movies… I buy a new dress… 😀 Just enjoy life 😀 I also continuously feel good about myself and know that nothing is a big deal in life. People tend to make a big deal out of small things but we don’t need to – we can keep busy in positive ways instead which is much more rewarding 🙂


      1. Thank you Nina!!! You’ve nailed it once again!! It’s easy to manifest anything I desire!! 😃

        I can’t wait for your book. When does it come out?


      2. Very shortly, I promise! I keep wanting to make it even better, word it even better but it is already clear and valuable. I took my time because I truly want to provide quality but I believe it’s there now 😀 And maybe I gave myself a little extra time because it is my first book but I am also excited, believe me! 😀


      3. Hi Nina & lightline,

        I’ve been thinking of reaching out to my guy. The only reason I haven’t is because even I feel a little bit of a disconnect lately. It’s been a couple of months since we’ve seen each other and we have only spoken briefly. My question is, I was thinking of manifesting a situation where we can really reconnect again soon. What would be your recommendations on how to manifest that? And how to do it so that I make sure I still end up with my true desire (the romantic relationship )

        Thank you


      4. How about imagining a romantic weekend away where you are basically acting like a couple, enjoying and loving it, but not even having to discuss being a couple because everything feels so great and wonderful just as it is?
        Just enjoy that visualization and then let it go. If it makes you feel truly happy, you will be able to let it go. After that, just go on about your life, knowing that everything will manifest in that or an even better way 🙂


    1. Thank you! 😀 They are coming and believe me, those are my favorite posts to write 😀 I just wrote a little theory now and then when I felt I had something to say about it 🙂 xxxx


      1. Tthan you Nina & Lightline for all of your responses. Nina, I really liked the scenario you gave me above of the romantic weekend 🙂 im going to work with that one. 💗💗💗

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  3. I just need a little support. I haven’t heard from my guy in 11 days. Every few days or so, I would send him a text but no response. Before this, he was responding and we even had a nice get together.

    I guess I don’t know why he does this. Is it because he knows I am a pushover and allow it to happen? How can someone go 11 days without even responding to one text. Even if it says “I’m busy” or “leave me alone.” Being ignored like this is very hurtful and makes me think I did something wrong. Why am I not deserving enough for a simple response. I feel awful.



    1. May be because you expected him to reply in a certain time frame and he didn’t. Because somewhere inside you, you were doubting that. And it proved true. It also might be possible that before even sending him a message, one day you thought how he would start acting distant again. In my life each manifestation seems to be like what I was thinking of the other day… that’s why i have started writing everything.. as much as it is possible.


    2. Hi Bea,

      Here is something that I read and it resonates with me. Though I think I proved myself that anything is possible yet, desires never end. They never have to and years of beliefs we have stores in subconscious will keep coming on surface time to time, that’s why leanring never ends. So I keep reading stuff to remind me the teachings I have learned so far. And he is something that I found easy to understand depending on my current beliefs:

      “See the things that you want as already yours. Know that they will come to you at need. THEN LET THEM COME. Don’t fret or worry about them. Don’t think about your lack of them. Think of them as yours, as belonging to you, as already in your possession.” Robert Collier – Riches Within Your Reach


      You don’t need to know how it’s going to come about. You just need to know how the universe will rearrange itself. Dr. Joe Vitale

      Source: http://www.applythelawofattraction.com/the-secret-quotes/

      Hope it gives you some kind of positive energy to begin again with.

      Love & Light


    3. You have to feel good about yourself before he can reflect your self confidence back to you. If you don’t feel good about yourself without his response, you will keep manifesting more of the same. You have to feel good first, without approval from anyone else.
      Self love is immensely useful here ❤ It is a way of life.
      You don't need his approval. You are an amazing person just as you are, regardless of how is in your life.
      It sounds like you feel that you are letting him treat you in the way you dislike. You feel the NEED for his texts and him treating you well by extension so you continue to feel the need (not getting attention from him). All the love you need is something you can give to yourself and then, others will also see your worth 🙂


  4. Thank you, Lightline. I thought the same thing. I am sure I was afraid he wouldn’t respond because he runs hot and cold. This is the longest he has ever gone without talking/responding to me since we broke up. That hurts and worries me. I know I didn’t say or do anything wrong to bring on his silence. I don’t like it, though. I can’t get him to talk to me and it is really depressing me. I break down sobbing for no reason and I feel no joy in life. It feels like I have lost him forever without any reason or explanation. He just stopped talking to me.

    Thank you for the quotes. They make sense but I fear his want to be away from me is greater than my want to be with him.



  5. Nina / Hi all.

    Has anyone actually read Elizabeth Daniels book Manifesting Love?

    I was just reading all of the 180 reviews. You can see them here down the bottom of the page. http://www.amazon.com/Manifesting-Love-Attraction-Specific-Relationship-ebook/dp/B00AGKV59Y#customerReviews

    I’m just wondering how nearly all of those people manifested what they wanted in 3 weeks or less, some a few months and we still haven’t or its taking so much longer? We had more things to work through….?

    I might be getting something confused. Does letting go mean NOT visualizing anymore or not doing anything anymore and just forgetting and knowing its coming? Do you still have to visualize UNTIL your desire arrives? Crikey! I remember when manifesting was so freaking easy, think of it once and it arrived but only when I moved on and never thought of it again. Is that the key here? Doesn’t continue visualizing just add more resistance to WANTING it? I don’t remember doing any of the things I do now and things coming to me with ease, it was also because I didn’t care whether or not I got it. I don’t even remember ever believing either and this was when I knew nothing about LOA. I may sound frustrated, I’m not, just rambling. Confused.

    You have to believe, that’s a given but time after time I keep seeing stories of people saying it came about when they completely let go and forgot about the person or thing only for it to show up immediately.

    It seems ASK, Believe and completely let go is what i see in most of the stories and most of those reviews.

    Thoughts, anyone?



    1. Hi Gretta!

      Thanks for asking this question. I was pretty much wondering the same thing. As I posted earlier in this thread, I get confused why things I don’t even want manifest right away.

      I have read that “letting go” means to let go of your fears, doubts, negativity, impatience, etc. I have also read that you can continue to think about your desire as long as you’re happy.

      I would love to hear what Nina has to say!


    2. I’ve read it – I love LoA books and personally, I wanted to see another aspect of manifesting specific people. I was also interested because I learned about heart energy from Elizabeth’s website – just like relationship expert Brandon Martin, she teaches heart energy and I learned abt it during the time I wanted to learn more about it.
      I think the book is very good but Elizabeth writes good theory. The book also has suggestions of consistent techniques to use for manifesting, such as repeating a single visualization. She also reminds one must know their desire belongs to them already and feel good about themselves, in addition to focusing on their own feelings instead of the other person. That’s simply how it goes. Also, one isn’t advised to visualize in the moments of being consumed with negative feelings abt their desire but focus their attention on something they enjoy instead. The goal is to feel good abt one’s desire AND other things in life.
      I saw the reviews and some people did say it took a while to work for them but eventually it did, once they let go. I believe it works for many because a repetition of a single visualization every day (a technique Neville Goddard originally suggested), starts to feel real the more it is repeated. However, one has to feel happy as they visualize, thinking abt how much they love the idea of that visualization being their reality. There is comfort in repeating a technique that many people said to be effective and it helps one’s belief that it will work for them. You have to dare to believe 😀
      All these techniques and everything else suggested comes down to the principle of ask-believe-receive.
      My four step manifestation technique I wrote abt comes down to the same principle. If you use Elizabeth’s book, you will start to feel better through positive techniques. If you use my approach, you will focus on self love and then, your manifestations will fall into place. Even these techniques can come down to the same principle of LOVE and happiness 😀
      I write more abt how I use LoA personally and how it looks when it works because there is already so much valuable theory out there, like this book. I also prefer to ask and let go, not do anything. This book is not about “doing” either, just about using the techniques to create the feeling that you have your desire 🙂 There are so many explanations because LoA is life and life is interpreted through many ways but comes down to the same things. Choose the approach you like 😀
      I think you are overthinking your manifestation slightly because you keep wondering what he’s thinking. You can just ask and let go 🙂


      1. Nina,

        I can’t wait for your book, so exciting!

        I also read her book and found it practical. But I think the advice you can offer will fill in the blanks and make a more complete picture for us. Thank you for that!

        I can speak from times when I was loving myself and happier in general, things started flowing more. Evidences started to present themselves. And I’ve had to remind myself that what he’s thinking, or feeling or doing right now is really irrelevant. It’s not my concern. My concern is to focus on the end goal and being happy now.
        I think it’s common to want to think about how it will unfold, what he would say and how the first “coming together” will happen. But I find that the more I focus on all of that, it starts to derail my thought and feeling of the end result. I start investing too much energy on the journey. Now we’re supposed to enjoy that journey, but let the universe put all of that into place. Not try to figure it out ourselves.

        I think where I get stuck is how to feel where he and I are living on a daily basis in each others lives. I need to start feeling those feelings. For me it’s about conserving my energies towards thoughts/feelings that can make a true impact. Not waste them chasing my tail so to speak.

        I can’t wait to get my hands on your read. Thank you so much for putting so much effort into a book that can help all of us.

        Lots of love! 🙂


      2. Those feelings can come to you with visualization. I am writing an article right now about something that I do which includes visualization and easily letting go so I think it’ll help 😀
        I have taken some time with the book but I really want to make it as good as I can, that’s why. It will be along shortly 😀 Thank you for all your support ❤


  6. Hi Nina and everyone!

    I absolutely love Nina’s advice and I learn a lot from reading everyone’s replies.

    Nina, what if you create a forum so we can communicate more easily? I hope you don’t mind the suggestion. I have been on several LOA forums and none of them have resonated as well the people commenting on Nina’s blog.

    It will be awesome if you can!


  7. Hi C,

    There were many times when I desired to connect with him. Once in Septmeber, I told Universe that I want to send him a message but I want a concrete reason to do that. I don’t want to look like desperate or something. I know I used less-than-good words for myself but I did because I was new to everything. The manifestation was quick… somebody enquired about a website designer on my IG and I knew that S does that. SO I recommended them S work and suggested that they might work with him if they like. Till this time, I didn’t understand that this was my manifestation of the reason so I could contact him. But the second I put my phone down, I felt a realization that it might be the reason you can send a message to him. But I thought I can’t until I have girl’s confirmation that she would love to talk to him and work and ask for contacts or something. And She did!! I took a screen shot of the whole message and sent him. 🙂 It still makes me smile because I was so happy to do that…

    And sometimes I remember I used to feel only, I think I did not even ask Universe. I just talked to myself I wish I could just send him a message or call him. In a day or so, something happened that evoked all the emotions in me, I choked up and ended up sending him a message and my feelings. It was a CONTRAST. But after facing this circumstances, I used to realize that this is the manifestation of my wish that I made a few days back. This is how I learned to be careful of my wish/intention and also understand that if CONTRAST has happened, it is due to something that I intended in past.

    I’ll give you one more success story which is not related with someone but my phone. My daughter who is just 2 and a half years old broke the camera of my phone. (I know why it happened because I always used to tell her that don’t do it you might break the camera, don’t step on it you might break my phone etc etc etc.) One day it happened. Service centre guys told me it would cost me Rs.12000 to repair it. And I was not ready for that because it did not feel good and I had some other responsibilities to fulfil before that. Then I read a few success stories on wealth and intended to pay less than that and how good it would be if I could just pay half or less than that. I could have said free but I didn’t want to make myself sound unreasonable. LOL. I worked with the front camera of my phone while I really need a good camera in working condition because I am a blogger and it is really important for me to post some decent pictures. Anyway… I had started getting my friends and family recommending taking good pictures because they like what I post but picture quality did not match up. So day before yesterday I ended up asking Uni to do something about because I had not got a reason to get that repaired. An inspired action… Do you know what Uni did? It start charging my phone since yesterday. Apparently there was some problem with the charging port. This led me take my phone to SC and THEY WILL REPAIR MY PHONE IN JUST RS. 5500 (LESS THANK HALF OF WHAT I WAS TOLD EARLIER) and this includes charging port too. WOHOOOOO!!

    This is how Uni works.

    It might kick you to ensure you get back more confidently and run like a horse while earlier you were walking like a snail and intended… I wish I could walk faster.

    My phone is not yet repaired and it will take two days. Now my job is feel good, and whenever I think of my phone, I think of in awesome condition fulfilling all my wants+ charging perfectly + I will also visualize paying less than 5500 to SC… Let’s see how it goes..

    Love & Light


    1. Thx Lightline. Funny thing, I just got an email from him this morning. It was sent to multiple people and it was him forwarding an industry article (we are in the same business). Its not really what I was intending but I thought it was funny all the same.

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      1. Nothing is coincidence!! It might be possible that he is thinking of you too and this was his way to tell you that you are on his mind. One of my guy friend says mostly men are very arrogant and we don’t let our feelings show easily. So when they get all choked-up with emotion, this is how they behave. They will send you a forwarded message out of blue or behave like “oops!!” Read between the lines in that case…

        Oops!! :p


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