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    1. That love is natural to us – that’s why we’re happy when we love – and it seems to make life even more amazing as well as purpose-filled.


  1. Hi Nina,
    Thanks for sharing. I liked all of them but love these two:

    “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” (Henry Ford)
    “Let yourself be drawn by the strongest pull of that which you truly love.” (Rumi)

    While I believe in the first quote for long, the second quote popped during my journey to manifest my biggest desire when I asked if he loves me or not. I am so glad that I manifested this quote again.


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    1. The Henry Ford quote is probably my personal favorite when it comes to describing the way in which I feel good about myself 😀 Know what I mean?
      The Rumi quote goes with what I say about connecting with one’s heart energy – listen to what it says and then, think about what you want. I also love that this quote was a part of your manifestation 😀 xx


  2. Hey Nina I really could use some advice right now,

    I don’t know if you remember me but I was the one that talked about the fairy tale coincidence the other week. and about how your advice resonated within me. I been trying to send heart energy and meditating every night, and visualizing. and everything was amazing this week. I felt amazing, if anything just with myself. I had so many synchronizations and signs even things that started happening amazing for my mother. I even had a dream where he asked me if was too late, and I replied it was never too late.

    Everything I felt I loved, i put love out there. I focused on myself while giving the feeling of a relationship. but than something happened today.

    After a week of like both of us being on skype. I saw that a ‘?’ was next to his name, saying he deleted me. I legit had mixed emotions. Like I know with LOA the reality we see shouldn’t focus really focus on and we should be feeling amazing since we’re already in that relationship in our vortex/visual. I just gave him the space, I left it alone. Only thing i did was change my profile picture lol. and than that happen.I did me, and he still did that. I wanted to cry, but I let it go. I acknowledged it was negative and I said This is a negative feeling, just release it and do something positive. I still love him, I will always love him. Like I said before its unconditional. I know one day he will come back. I just believe in it. just find it hard to be positive right now.

    You got any advice? or anyone else, I would appreciate it.



    1. Hi Lauren!
      I think that right now, you could let it go and focus on doing something else you love that doesn’t involve thinking about him. You still attract your desires when you do something else that makes you happy, as long as you are truly happy.
      After a few days away from thinking about it, you will be able to forgive and forget this, knowing that it doesn’t matter. This thing on Skype and everything else in the past doesn’t matter.
      Maybe he deleted his profile and will start a new one. It might not even be what you think it is. Either way, it only means you should focus on your ideal reality with him, as you want it to be, and know that everything else doesn’t matter. If you feel it strongly, you won’t even worry about this. Better yet, use it! If you want him, decide that not even this matters, that you have what you want and believe it’s going to happen. Then, things will turn around xx


      1. Oh i just saw your response, thank you for responding. I thought it was a silly manner the skype. I will admit I did shed a tear or two but i said its just current reality, it is not my reality He still loves me and has feelings for me, because lets face it, i am amazing..though you are right it might even be what I think. I just let it float away. Though it was after I tried a RS for the first time when he happened and i will admit I sorta laughed thinking it was from that. I bounced back and went and read

        I been signing up for new and exciting things like rock climbing and kayaking which are amazing. I do have another question ( i do apologize for the amount of questions) Is it weird that today that I had a sense of calm about it? Like usually im all excited and giddy because I am imaging and pretending like I already have it (quick visualizations and feelings and whatnot). However, as of today, I been calm…like yeah i have it i don’t need to think about it, or visualize right now because he talks/with (to) me all the time. I am grateful for the calmness because it def has helped me. I just in the back of my head know my desire is on its way and I trust the Universe even in my stage now. Is this normal?


  3. Hi Nina

    I know you have a talked about spontaneous visualizations before, but I cant find the link or post about it. It seems the more I let go the more they occur, but they are only very quick ‘visions’ like 3 seconds max and then it changes to something else, sometimes this happens like 4 times in row and I wonder where its coming from. I know this isn’t me because they are not things I have visualized before.
    One was us in his car pulling up to his house.
    The next was him standing close to me and he was looking at me but this time I could feel the feelings of love
    The next we were just doing something normal like watching TV
    and I cant remember the other one.

    Is that ‘normal’? To be seeing things like that? I know its not what I am thinking about at the time it just seems to happen when I let go.


    1. It is normal and it makes perfect sense that spontaneous visualizations come when you let go because letting go also often means letting go of the tension. You tried to visualize on purpose and didn’t always like it so you stopped and now, you have spontaneous visualizations coming to you. These are good things 😀 xx


    2. Hey Gretta,
      I know you have said in this forum you do not believe in Abraham Hicks…but here is a quote that makes a lot of sense. I figure it may help you get that if you love this guy, then he definitely loves you too…I have read your comments where you have doubted that he loves you…I would go with the belief (even if he says he does not) that he does love you. Its all about you dear. You will get what YOU believe…not even what he believes. Just hang in there loving him, believing NOTHING is impossible and the impossible will be. Hope it helps. We can do this!! What I know …and kind of suffer from too.. is when we doubt, we slow the manifestation. Its not easy sometimes when the reality as we see or experience it is so in our faces, but as Nina is always saying, just maintain the belief and then do what makes you happy. Feel love for him even when he does not seem to for you…it will have to work. It is Law.

      Here is the quote…

      Topic: Co Creating

      Abe “You don’t feel anyway about anyone without them helping you to feel that way. It’s really co-creation. We’ll even go further and louder and blunter: If there is someone you don’t like, they don’t like you either. We have never seen it otherwise. We have never seen someone to adore someone that the one they were adoring didn’t adore them back.
      Now someone is thinking, “Now wait a minute, there was that man I loved with all my heart and he didn’t love me back.” We say you were offering him insecurity, you were offering him worry, it wasn’t that pure vibration of love. When you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on, they can’t offer you anything else. The Law of Attraction wouldn’t put you together even when you live in the same house. You would rendezvous differently.”


  4. Hi Caronganga / Nina.

    I know I post quite frequently on here, but I had a down day at work today and I was trying to avoid the site to not express my fears again, but just then I came on before going to bed and saw you post something to me. This may surprise you, but I was putting some books away at work and the first book I picked up out of the box was called MY NAME, just my first name. I put the book on the shelf (i was organizing the books) and I put the book called MY NAME next to a book called HIS NAME. So my name and his name were sitting together on the shelf. The feeling was so strange, before I even picked up the book with my name to put it on my shelf it was like I could feel he was there, because I kept looking around as if I was about to see him, then I see the book called his first name.

    Now most people would have gone wow that’s amazing, for a start to pick up a book called just my name and how could you find 2 books with your name and his name next to each other, but then I looked to the right of me and the book was about ‘silent treatment’ and in that moment I picked up the book about silent treatment and it is linked to control and I started getting scared again thinking hes using some control tactic on me because he doesnt reply, obviously I have unresolved hurt and fear there that I am working on, trust issues also its just that hes been giving me the silent treatment on and off for 2.5 years now. They say when a Capricorn man is done with you, hes done and this guy is very black and white. The only time we have ever reconnected is when I would email or ring and ring and ring. The last time I called and he picked up it was before the course in Feb. He laughed when he picked up the phone because he knew it was me, I felt like such a dickhead and that is what I USED to do, call and call out of frustration. God I feel very vulnerable right now. To put it simply, I’ve lost my shit so many times infront of him, I am not surprised he ignores me but then at the same time i feel so hurt that he doesn’t trust me and lives his life as an enmeshed man. I shouldn’t have picked up the book on silent treatment but I did, i wanted to know what would cause someone to not want to respond. Its based in control. Thats why I get so confused when people say he hasn’t blocked me because he cares or loves me. It doesn’t register because all i can see is someone ignoring (yes I know I am not meant to be looking at the ‘what is’) and I always go back to the thing I was bought up and have heard my whole life. ‘When a man wants you, you know, nothing will stop him.’

    And that is where I think my problems are really stemming from. Forget all the other things I’ve mentioned in the past, fear, self love, etc. I cant seem to get myself into the feeling of ‘just loving him’ for who he is and how he is, because maybe I dont know how to do that? Maybe? Maybe I dont really know what Love is. I feel as if I am always telling him off(?) Why? I dont know. Why am i trying to change him, that is my other question. Why can i not accept him for how he is? Does that mean I dont really love him? I just want him to hear me. i feel like he isn’t hearing me.

    I think I hurt him and thats why he gives me the silent treatment and ignores me. If this guy really does care about me, I’m not seeing it. Yes i know to not look at the present and I am getting better.

    Just want a miracle right about now. Just something. Anything.

    I really liked the quote, thanks for that. I’ll add it to my quote list. ❤


    1. Gretta, Your posts are really very deep and emotional. I can feel your pain as I am in similar position. We never speak on phones.
      I just feel like letting your guy know about your feelings and make him realize what love is. I don’t understand what else does he want if he can’t reciprocate your feelings of love. I will pray for your success.


  5. He closed his photos on fb so they are not public anymore. That also added to today. If someone cared why would they not want me to see their photos? The control theory is starting to look right. Why shut your photos down? Why not just block me?



  6. Nina / Caronganga.

    I went back and read over what I posted last night. Argh. Never should have picked up that book.

    I see the mistakes I’ve been making. I am getting what I am fearing/seeing. I know that, I always have. Last 2 months have been the hardest since seeing him.

    I’ll make more of a conscious effort to radically change how I am seeing the present.


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  7. Hi Caronganga

    So I applied the quote you gave me since last night and I have greatly improved and found that I have been able to get my vibration up to where I was 2 months prior to my melt downs and I had an extremely good day.

    I put that quote as a screen saver on my iPhone and it made me believe. I thought it sounds true, like an inner knowing that what they said actually IS true. It cancelled out whatever I was thinking about and I noticed that my thoughts today were not fearful, intrusive thoughts. These thoughts were coming on as I was leaving work, because I wasn’t distracted anymore. So I am at home now and I haven’t had a single ‘bad thought’ all day and since i left work. And now I actually do believe there is something there for him.

    Again, this sounds unbelievable, but it made me feel so good. I was restocking clothes at work with my coworker and she handed me a jacket and said “oh, you mentioned wanting some suit jackets (to wear with jeans) what do you think of this one? I loved it instantly. It’s a tailored suit jacket for women. I loved it even more when I looked at the tag AND IT HAD HIS NAME, AGAIN, just his name is on the tag, nothing else, no sizing, just his first name. How can that be? The Star shaped ring, the book with his name as the title and now the jacket with his name on his tag. Its just his name. Quite unbelievable.

    So that is another thing I have manifested this week. First the blankets for free and now this Jacket, I only thought of those things once and never again and there they were, either being given to me for free or handed to me by someone else. The jacket wasn’t for free, but I got it massively discounted.


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  8. That is so cool Gretta…all the signs should be indications that it is meant to be and it will. You just have to maintain the positive belief …NO MATTER WHAT…coz the reality may still hit you..but as Nina advises often, move past the negative and doubtful thoughts…they are insignificant because guess what…YOU HAVE THE POWER to think other thoughts. Thoughts have no power over you.
    That is something I too need to remind myself often…I have the power to change my thoughts…even if not immediately..but with a little reminder to myself and doing what feels good to do…I get back there…(The seesawing back and forth between belief and doubt will end if we keep working at getting back to feeling good and thinking positive thoughts about our desire). If Nina has got it….and others have got it…we too can get this (and by this I mean whatever we desire..including the dream relationship with the one we love). Ninas positive success stories as well as other readers here give me hope and belief that I too can get my desire manifested.
    Don’t let any of his “seemingly negative behaviour” rattle you anymore…or at least do your best to recover from the “hit” quickly and get back to
    feeling good about your desire and believe this dream relationship is yours.

    Am so glad the quote is helping you. It sure is helping me too..WE GOT THIS GIRL!


  9. Hi Carongana

    The quote has magically switched some belief button ON or switched the desperation/fear button OFF. Amazing stuff. Yep, it’s all gone.

    I haven’t read what I posted the other night as to not remind me of what the fears where because I am having a difficult time remembering what they were now. I am in a space of knowing/believing now after that quote, so thanks for that. 🙂

    Sometimes, with me, it takes the most obvious thing, written in basic form for me to truly get it. (not putting myself down there) it was this line the most that hammered it home. – ‘We have never seen someone to adore someone that the one they were adoring didn’t adore them back.’ – I can see now how that applies to him not blocking me and this line. ‘We say you were offering him insecurity, you were offering him worry, it wasn’t that pure vibration of love. When you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on, they can’t offer you anything else. The Law of Attraction wouldn’t put you together even when you live in the same house. You would rendezvous differently.” Boom.

    Cant really describe it. Which line had the most impact but either way it worked.

    If Nina can show me how to upload photos then I can put a photo of the ring and the tag on the jacket and I will see if the books are still at the shop tomorrow to take a photo of them also. 🙂

    Yay! 🙂

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  10. Feel It Real – Telephone Technique

    “I have found my telephone technique infallible. It never fails me. One day a friend called to tell me she wanted to take an examination to become a court reporter. Giving me nine reasons why she could never pass the test, I changed every one as I heard it, and when the conversation was finished I imagined an entirely different one.”

    “I heard her tell me she had passed the test with flying colors. My friend took the test, and although during the interval of six weeks she remained negative, I continued to believe she had passed.”

    “Then one day she called, saying: ‘Do you remember when I took the test?’ and I replied: ‘Yes, and you passed.’ Then she said: ‘Yes, but aren’t you surprised?’ I have been trying to tell her that imagining creates reality, but she cannot understand how an imaginal act unseen by the human senses can be held onto and produce results, but I know it always does!” – Neville Goddard


  11. I am still tripping out that I was handed a jacket that i wanted with his name on the tag. Too Cool.


  12. I found something else that everyone may like and it could be applied to our situation or added to which ever way you are using the LOA.

    “Hi Guys,

    Even though I haven’t purchased your materials yet….I am still a huge fan. In a nutshell, listen to what happened to us the other day and how I applied Neville’s teaching.

    We live in Margaret River and had to sell some ponies on our acreage asap. One lady came, inspected & told us she would buy one in a few days. That day came and she told me on the phone she was now not proceeding with the purchase.

    After I hung up I said to myself, “that’s not what I heard” I immediately laid on the floor and heard in my mind ” Hi Rob, I have changed my mind I want it now”.

    NO kidding, 60 seconds later she rang back and said, “I changed my mind, I want it now” I was just floored. An instant answer, how did I do it? I kept it simple and real, I heard what I wanted to hear and I also remember something Neville said which is priceless to me, he said ” the drama of life is imaginal, not physical” .

    Dwell on that thought every now and again…

    Cheers Rob”


    It came from this – https://freeneville.com/cats-question/


    1. This is so good Gretta!! I read Freeneville often but I didn’t read this story. Thanks for sharing!!

      My vibrations go way up when I see you sharing amazing beautiful things and I can feel you are happy. 🙂 ❤



  13. Found this also, incise anyone is interested? I know we all know it, but I liked the affirmation for self. 🙂

    “Since you want your ex-partner back or specific person, the belief to hold is – I have a rich, abundant and fulfilling love-life with that person whom I really want to be with. I deserve love, I receive love, and I have a magnetic vibration that attracts much love energy from everywhere. I have inner stability that creates a harmonious, joyful and long-lasting love relationship. Life is great, and I am thrilled with how things are!”

    Self-focus is the basic tool used to draw your ex-lover back (or specific person to you.) When we focus on self in a consistent and healthy way, we change our energy, and send out a different vibration, a more attractive vibration. We also stop sending out the energy of need and panic, which unconsciously repels those in close proximity to us.

    By letting go, and getting yourself absorbed in other things, you change the nature of your energy and its flow. You also give the universe the chance to manifest your desire.”

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  14. Haha..

    Whats going on? My friend is up north at the moment and just facebook’d me a picture of a sign on the side of the road called his name! Hahaha
    I’m getting slapped from every direction. Haha..


    1. Very interesting Gretta…truly the signs are chasing you down the street as they say. Sweet!

      As for me, I got a sweet surprise. I finally heard from my man after a few weeks silence and he said he missed me, loved me more than ever and always have and will and he wants me back like yesterday…we are meeting up soon and I can hardly wait….it works Gretta. It really does. Just maintain the belief, remember the quote and its all good. Yay for us! I am all smiles right now and feeling sooo good! This is what we are destined to have and feel Gretta dear. I know it. We can do this!


      1. Yay!! OMG so happy for you. It isn’t a surprise that it happened because it had to. And how awesome it is. I see more success stories pouring in!!

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      2. This is so great to read and I’m so excited for you caronganga!!! Wow this is so encouraging to read.

        I’m so appreciative of the Abe quote because I’ve always wondered and really believed if I’m honest that he’s been contributing to the feelings and thoughts I have about him. I just knew it all couldn’t have been coming just from me. Because some things aren’t what I normally would think on my own. It was such a relief to read this. I needed confirmation.

        I’ve recently manifested a situation where I will be seeing him at least twice a week now. (normally there are months between seeing each other) I’ve joined a community group he’s a part of and leads. Everyone involved welcomed us with open arms and enthusiasm. At a minimum I know this is the universe at least putting us in close proximity together. Not only that I sold my house recently and will be living a few blocks from him. It all just came together the last couple of weeks. I’m now trying to remain in the flow and not fight against these new developments.

        I can’t kick the feeling that he and I will be together some day. I’m really excited, and I’m excited to hear others have great progress too. Thank you all for sharing and thank you Nina for this platform for us to encourage each other.

        Lots of love to all of you! 🙂

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  15. Oh congrats! that is so amazing. it brings me so much joy and I can’t wait to write our success story! I love that Abe Quote btw!

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    1. Thank you good people… I am smiling so much it almost feels surreal… Yay! Super happy and feeling on top if the world… Just goes to show if I can get my desire.. Then so can all y’all.
      And yes that quote really hit home for me too…

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  16. Thanks C. I did jusy what Nina has told us. Get to believing and hold fast to that brlief no matter what and by any means that works for you. That is just maintain the belief and then do what makes you happy.
    I had visualizations whenever I felt good about us together, I lovingly thought of him (ser the Abraham quote I sent Gretta which says if you adore someone purely truly there is no way they will not adore you right back), and when the negative thoughts came I quickly reminded myself what Nina said in one of her posts.”Stop being upset with your current circumstances or your negative thoughts – they’re insignificant. You have the power to change your life this very moment.”So then I work at being happy and KNOWING all is going great for my desire. Relax and dont stress no matter what.

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    1. That’s amazing!!! I’m very happy for you!

      It’s key to stop focusing on the current reality. I am doing the same. Just ignoring reality and keeping the belief.

      At first, I thought it was impossible because I’m not in contact with my guy at all. It’s been almost 10 months. But then I told myself if I have to try this. Now, I’m only believing I’ll marry my guy!

      Thank you for the post! Wishing you all the love and happiness in the world!


  17. That last bit is very important I have noticed with all desires.. Relax… Dont fret when it all seems to be going wrong… Just let go

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  18. Hi C

    That quote makes even more sense to me now because I once heard on a radio show, a woman explaining that she was ok when she was single but as soon as she got into a relationship with her man she seemed to really really need it and want him.
    The radio guy asked her if she was sure it was just only all her energy and made her aware that the guy was also infact feeling the same way and that she was picking up on this guys energy want, need, love etc. They say we are like radio stations always picking up other peoples frequencies etc.
    Now I believe more than ever that there IS mutual feelings but possibly the one thing that causes delays in coming together is our own belief systems, resistance or we are infact mirroring the other persons also, etc.
    I’m sticking with the Abe quote because I have not had another intrusive negative thought again and it has made me look at things differently.
    You have to stay happy and busy and believing they feel the same way, I see that now more than ever.

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    1. You are so right Gretta. It all leaves me more fascinated as to what we pick up from each other. I need to research this topic more. By the way check out the Abe Youtube videos on a specific person. They’ve helped me a lot.

      Lots of love!


  19. Hi Everyone

    I have some bad news. I won’t be able to continue with all this or to try and continue to attract this person as he has blocked me on facebook messages, but not from seeing his account. I know you are all thinking that I am getting what I am thinking about and maybe so, but the fact that hes only blocked messages where I cant contact him but can still see his profile to me it doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t feel anymore like I am dealing with someone who is well in mind. If you were that concerned, you would have blocked the whole account.

    Its been years of this kind of stuff and even when I left once for 6 months and made no contact and he made no effort to contact me either. In fact every meeting he has made it a complete drama from telling me he is bringing someone to the event to the whole thing.

    The fact is that he is an enmeshed man. Hes enmeshed with his parents and no reasoning has ever gotten through to this person. How good would he be at compromise in a relationship? It doesn’t feel good for me to continue when he has to be in control and has negative people around him filling his head with shit.

    Ive seen this before, I have seen what his mother did to him when he came here, ive seen this done to other male friends. These mothers are relentless and use the child as a surrogate because they cant fill their own emotional needs and neither can their husband.

    Everything has to be on his terms. I dont want this hardship anymore in love.

    The fact is he put me in the not good enough bin and focused on ex’s from his past and people who left his life instead of focusing on his present tells me alot. He lives in the past.

    He picked and chose when to reply and when to respond. Maybe I am doing this all but i dont remember a time like this when ANYONE treated me this poorly.

    He’s 30 and lives at home with a person who will let him date as long as she approves and it doesn’t interfere with the enmeshed relationship she has with him. Do you remember her cougar traps and dogs comment when someone commented on one of his photos on FB? Thats what I am dealing with. Their relationship isn’t healthy. They are one entity. He is not a mature man living his own authentic life.

    You all tell me just to love and accept, I tried this, i really did but to me someone like lightlines person is more stable in mind then this guy is.

    Around me i have seen my friends receiving text messages from boyfriends and husbands and new people they have meet, always hearing these messages say “i cant wait to see you!’ etc. This guy, he only responds when it suits him. That has always been the way. It went from 50 text messages a day to him suddenly saying we couldn’t talk anymore because someone had told him i wouldn’t be good for his life. HE LISTENED TO THEM.

    I’m glad now that i have been spared from this family because I once took the messages to a counselor and showed them and they said “geez, this is one messed up guy, between his obvious problems and that mother, that family would have been hell for you.’ I think everyone thinks I have been over exaggerating about his mother. I wasn’t. I have seen this all before, with my friend and his mother, I watched her organize to bring girls to his 21st that he didn’t want there but she wanted him to be with and not the girl he was with at the time. Hes girlfriend left him. I admire her getting out once she saw how insane his mother was, which is what i should have done when i saw and heard the messages she was sending him. I watched my friend flee overseas and never come back!

    The signs were there, the texts he was getting from his mother was the sign. Maybe they both live a happy life together because this man wont treat a wife or woman the way a normal man would because he is enmeshed and enmeshment takes years of therapy or if they are lucky and a therapist can point it out to him theres still a chance for the guy.

    I loved him, I tried, I visualized, I tried, but 3 years later I am STILL dealing with someone who is so brainwashed and conditioned and enmeshed and things I should have shown up in his life as an 18 year old blonde. Please dont say that I am thinking for him! Ive seen the people he follows and he told me repeatedly that he wasn’t attracted me! Hes too busy looking back at his ex that left him and is now marrying someone else!

    Did he like me once? Yes. Does he like me now? no because anyone who liked or had feelings wouldn’t shut down their photos or block messages. The fact that he didnt block the account shows me he enjoys that I look at his account and for him it is all about control.

    I hope he doesn’t come back EVER. I have also just blocked every way for him to contact me, he knows where I live but if you think he will ever get into his car and come and see me, he wont, because mummy will tell him not too and this is a guy who listens to what everyone else says. If you dont believe that these mothers exist and ruin their child with enmeshment, google it! Google how an enmeshed man treats his girlfriend or wife. Its a battle.

    The fact is I should have walked away from him when he left because he left and that to me is a sign of a quitter and he will always be a quitter to me.

    I wish you all the best of luck. I do know the LOA works but this guy just keeps proving to me that he does not care and I dont have the time anymore to want to be with someone who cant even live his own authentic life because he is to busy giving his mummy what she cant give herself.

    Thanks. Lots of Love. Bye x


  20. P.S = He started some kind of waxing business with his mother. I saw their business card. Their names are side by side. That to me tells me everything. He can’t do anything without her and vice versa.

    These mothers are not interested in what is best for the kid, its about them. They dont see the girlfriend or wife as important. They want to be the most important. Thats why she kept texting him and telling him to be cautious of me. I saw this also with my friend I mentioned above. He came home and told his mother about his girl and she said…. drumrolll…. ‘be cautious!’ Can you see a pattern with these kinds of mothers? Its about them!

    I have not let go with the hopes that he will come back, I have not let go hoping my visualizations will work. I’ve let go because I want a normal love where I met someone down the street or where ever and they dont have to tell their mother everything and can cope in live on their own 2 feet!

    He didn’t believe or trust me, no matter how many people contacted him, he only believed the people who were the real master manipulators. He always leans more towards the people who hurt and lie to him and reminisces about the past, hes easily influenced.

    Thanks for all your help over the last 6 months but I want a normal love. I dont want to have to visualize someone liking me who cant even be bothered to answer my text or only contacts me when it suits him. I deserve more than this and I wont find it in an enmeshed man who never believed me.

    Thanks and goodbye x


  21. Sorry one more thing since this is the end of my ‘journey’ with all this.

    This is what enmeshed men do. They choose their mothers. Everytime.



  22. He walked away, not me. How much could someone care to walk away? To believe others? That’s the day I should have closed the door.
    Instead I suffered over someone who never cared to walk away in the first place.
    Time to grieve like I should have done then and move on.
    X cya.


  23. This is really heart breaking. May be you should have drawn his mother using law of attraction if he really listens to his mother. But you are right in a way love should not be forced upon. Hopefully this is making your heart stronger and making you let go… you never know things always happen for the best – I am talking about things which we sub consciously attract happens as universe wants the best for us. Hope you will come back here shortly telling us about your love story one day..

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  24. Hi N and ALL.

    I am not sure what you mean by attract his mother?

    I have a question. I have one single friend who doesn’t want me to give up. She told me to ask for a sign. I asked to see a pink Owl. I wanted to make it hard.

    I went to the shops today with her and we somehow ended up in the kids clothing section and i was staring at this t-shirt and I didn’t know why i was staring at it, until i realised i was staring at a pink owl. it was almost as if ‘something’ was holding me there until i realised it. It had blue on it so I ignored it thinking it wasn’t just pink.

    We then left to come home and I had to get fuel. I went past 2 petrol stations and stopped at one I don’t normally stop at.

    I was at the counter getting ready to pay and a little girl walks in with her mum.

    She’s wearing a black jumper with just a huge pink owl on it.

    Thoughts? I am feeling very lost now.


  25. I forgot to add. I felt anxious when I saw the pink owl on that little girls jumper. I can’t describe it.
    The woman behind the counter noticed and asked the guy in front of me if she could serve me first. She must have thought I was getting impatient having to wait, I wasn’t impatient. I was feeling anxious or even maybe a bit panicked. Ive also been seeing his truck everywhere. One drove past with the job he does with the first 4 numbers of his mobile number.
    Thoughts on that anyone, the anxious feeling especially?


  26. Hi Gretta,

    What I meant was if you think that your guy is not aligned to your feelings because his mother is blocking him then why don’t you focus on her – you can use LoA on her send her heart energy and may be she will stop blocking him and help you both get back together. I hope I’m clear here.
    I think you are getting all the signs to keep you going since you keep getting doubts it’s making you go back and forth but if you could just have faith and nothing else this will work for you as there’s nothing impossible. Things will happen the way you want them to. That’s what you need to believe in I guess.


  27. Hi Gretta –

    Just my 2 cents.

    I think you should give up .. Completely. Drop it!

    Not give up the desire to be with him per se. But stop trying to make it happen.

    Move on with your life accepting that it will work itself out (or not) without you having to do anything.

    I think you manifested the Pink Owls because you don’t want to give up on him and the Universe said you don’t have to if that’s not what you want. You could manifest your relationship as you did the pink owls : ask for it, be specific and carry on with life without looking for it – to the point that when it shows up, you actually almost forgot you’d asked for it.

    You need to stop trying to make it happen and taking tabs after a few weeks. Nina says it all the time : decide it’s what you want and know that somehow a way will be made and carry on with your life. Dream and think about it when it feels good and just leave it alone so you don’t obsess.

    That’s our only part. The when, the how, the why, the where, through, ins and outs is beyond anything you could come up with … let the Universe/God/Source do what it’s supposed to do: align the dots and deliver through the path of least resistance.

    You got the Owls, embrace it say thank you and don’t over complicate it …. just ….. take the manifestation and see that you got your sign. Go out, date other people, forget the dude and live your life because right now you’re emotionally on hold waiting for this guy to come to his senses which might be the only thing standing in your way.


  28. Hi LyLy

    Good to see you.

    The day that I posted the above posts (being upset again) was the day my mum, dad and I, had a falling out with my auntie and uncle. I lost an auntie who has been my close friend for 33 years (or so i thought. deep down I knew but didn’t want to face the truth), my uncle who is also my godfather and 3 cousins all in one day over money. 8 months after the renovation at my home my uncle went to my dads house with a 8000 bill for the stone put in my house. 8 months later! My dad had been asking and asking for the bill for months yet they gave him no bill until it came time for my auntie and my cousin to take a trip to new York!? Its not a coincidence that they came seeking that money at the time they were going on holidays and to set their kid up in new York. There is to much to type, but my family has now seen that these people, and i use the term people loosely, are not real so i cut ties with them – My dad was never paid for work that was done at my uncles and my brother was never paid to plaster their 3 story house yet they are buying BWM’s and Mercedes cars. I lost my shit because my mum came to my house crying about the bill because we all new that they were trying to rip off my dad because we know the stone wasnt worth that much and mum said he was pacing up and down the house and you could see he was nervous, thats because he knew he was doing something wrong and to add to it mum had been in hospital 2 times that week and the day that they brought the bill to my parents house. She had lymphoma cancer. So when that happened I then looked to the next thing and it was him on the ‘hit list’ and just put him into the ‘everybody is shit’ list and ‘leave all this idiots behind’ list.

    I have been listening to Abraham Hicks everyday, the letting go ones especially. I have been feeling better. There is some things that she has said in there like if you cant align yourself let go and try again in a month or so.

    My roommate and I were discussing why I got anxious when I saw the owl and then i remembered thinking “oh shit this is going to happen’ – why would I be feeling anxious and afraid of wanting to be with someone who I DO LOVE (even tho to everyone on here it looks like I dont) This is what we came up with…

    1)Fear of being loved.
    2)Fear of being happy.
    3)Deservedness and worthiness of receiving love.
    4)Resistance to receiving to love.

    My roommate and I have similar situations and after she did the ho’oponopono prayer on all those listed above THREE guys from her past contacted her in one day saying they missed her. I still haven’t done mine. I’ll do it tonight.


    1. Hi Gretta ,

      Definitely looks like there is a lot going on – confirming you might need to work on making space for what you want before it can manifest Especiially if there is underlying anxiety about being loved in general.

      Ho’opponopono is a good place to start – and kind of forgetting about it for a while and trying again later if you still want to.

      Yes Even though I have stopped trying to manifest my relationship and have accepted the situation for what it is, I like reading the posts on the website and replying when I feel compelled to.

      And sometimes there are some really nice to read happy endings like lightline that makes me feel good that at least some of us do get their fairy tale ending and seem really happy 😉

      I look forward to yours 😉


      1. I have tried the short prayer several times after Gretta wrote it in the community and I love it 😀 It can just fill you with love instantly!


  29. Hi Nina,

    I have a question for you about moments of frustration and how they affect the LOA. Even when you get frustrated or throw a tamtrum about something completely unrelated to your desire. However, I have found that when you act that way, it lowers your vibration and makes it more difficult to manifest your desire.

    What are your thoughts, and how do you neutralize any effect that can come from being disappointed with the way you behaved in a situation?

    Thank you, C


    1. First, think about why you were disappointed, as it always comes back to how we feel about OURSELVES. Did you feel embarrassed, played, frustrated because you have not changed your self-image, frustrated because you don’t believe in your desire manifesting just yet…? Asking these questions goes straight to the core of the problem.
      Then, ask yourself is it truly worth it to feel that way about yourself. Why feel unworthy, frustrated, unsuccessful…? We don’t need to. Nobody’s better than you and you don’t have to be superhuman. But we do need to feel good about ourselves.
      When it comes to problem solving, most focus on where the problem came from in the external world but to me, the reason lies in WHY it upset us xx


  30. Hi LyLy & All.

    I did the Pono prayer on the list above and then I found a video on FB with words/feelings that you can use for yourself and on others that you have had an issue with in the past.

    The basic list to do was, using the full prayer, 4 times out loud for – Pain, Trauma, fear, confusion, frustration, guilt, sorrow, anxiety, judgement, grief, resentment, anger, thinking, contentiousness, despair, righteousness, doubt, blame, resistance.

    After I did the list above 4 times and those words inserted into the full prayer I felt very spaced out, which is what pono is, taking you back to zero (thoughts, feelings etc)

    I am having a hard time remembering what exactly has happened between him and I. I won’t read past posts to remember either. I woke this morning not with the feeling of ‘missing him’ which had come back or any kind of anger or hurt or going over what I should have said or done in the past.

    This definitely works, if you can get yourself past the resistance to do it.


    P.s Where did Nina go?


  31. Hi Gretta and everyone,

    Gretta, I think of you often. And as I do I find different things I’d like to say to you but of course these things slip my mind later. But I experienced something last night that made me think of you.

    I had mentioned in a previous comment that I have now manifested a situation where I will be seeing my guy more regularly. At least twice a week now that I’ve joined a community based program he’s a part of and helps run. My spouse was initially completely against joining. But I realized through positive vibration I could influence his feelings, and sure enough he gave in and was glad to join!

    Anyways last night was the first time we attended and I was so nervous and frustrated. When I had run into him a couple of months ago I think I put him off by not paying attention to him at a social event and an old handsome friend approached me and chatted me up for about 20 minutes. I knew my guy was watching from a distance and I went with it thinking making him a little jealous or insecure could work to my advantage or at least show me where he stands. How would he react? (I’ll say this interaction with this friend was so out of the blue and felt so out of the ordinary I questioned for weeks why it even happened? I know it was a manifestation for somebody. 🙂

    Well when I saw my guy a few weeks back he was cold, standoffish, no eye contact and basically put off. On one hand I wasn’t sure if it’s because he and his wife were just having their 20 year anniversary. Or was it the previous encounter and he got jealous and insecure? What’s interesting is after the event where I chatted with my old buddy, for about 3 to 4 days after I felt a strong sense of insecurity, jealousy, frustration, sadness and so on. But I could get the sense that these weren’t MY feelings. I’ve noticed the last year or two that I think I’m more and more in tuned to others feelings, I’m I guess what’s called an “empathic” person. And this is showing itself to me more and more. People I care about affect me unless I consciously cut it off.

    So in anticipation of last night I didn’t know what to expect. And at the beginning he walked in and didn’t make eye contact, was standoffish and a bit cold. So I took a deep breath and thought you know, I have to accept whatever is going on in this moment. And I have to see how I can overcome these insecurities I’m feeling. Obviously this is being reflected back to me by his behavior. I’m attracting this. And I’ve had a gut ache over the whole thing lately, missing him and noticing “what is”, his absence. And knowing now I’ll be seeing him way more.

    So I decided in the middle of the whole thing that I would just find a sense of relief for myself. I need relief badly. And it’s okay just to let it all be, even if it’s just for now. And I’m going to focus on really one of the main reasons I wanted to join the group which was to help and give back in my own way. Not just about seeing him more often although that’s a bonus for sure. But now it’s time to let myself feel better, and embrace the relief and I did feel better. And I even smiled to myself and felt a little glow of happiness.

    So after the thing was over I experience so much warmth and love from everyone around me. And he was warm to me again. I complimented him (something he always responded well to in the past, my compliments) on what a great job he did and he returned the compliment. I noticed as I floated around to different social corners he was always near by like he used to be in the past social situations. He always would be “around”. As we made our way outside he eventually did too (it was late in the evening at this point) and was talking with a buddy near by. And as we walked by and said goodbye he looked at me. The way he used to make eye contact and look at me. In a way that would make my heart melt like warm butter. This way he looks at me is like looking and searching into my soul. I don’t know if any man has ever looked at me like this especially not even my husband, exes. Go figure.

    I couldn’t believe the turn around in the way he reacted to me. Not only that he made sure we were invited to a social event going on this Saturday that he’s going to. He used to do that in the old days as well. He would make a point of inviting us to things, although not often I know when he did it meant something. I’ve invited him to 5 different events in the last 2 years and he never said yes to any of them. So I know that it’s about him being in the drivers seat. And actually in a lot of ways it should be. He’s the guy.

    I could hardly sleep last night. The energy buzz I got from that was amazing! And today my heart glows again, not only in my heart but I’m feeling energy open in other parts of my body. When this happens my visualizations are so real I can feel him, see him and sense him. Something hit me today that was personally profound:

    I realized that I should LET HIM LOVE ME.

    I think he gave up recently on me (after the 20 minute chatting friend). And I wonder if by him giving up and letting go I came to him. And I’ve always wondered if it was he who attracted me, his specific person without realizing he was doing it. He was initially never someone who grabbed my attention from physical appearance. But I know that my soul knew from the beginning when I look back on the whole thing. I think I’ve often fought against this because we are both married to other people. So I deny maybe his feelings for me. Rationalize why it couldn’t be so. I mean he still has kids at home, a nice wife and a great reputation in the community. But the inner nudges, my gut instinct and strong intuition refuse to let him go. If this was a bad situation I think my intuition would have told me by now.

    But when I look back on the project despite all of my insecurities he always maintained a steady behavior pattern towards me. It never wavered no matter what my ups and downs were doing. I kept expecting him to change towards me and he didn’t. Last night was like revisiting his old steady behavior towards me again. And it helps me feel more confident in the fact that just maybe he loves me as much as I hope he does. And if he does love me, I’m going to get out of the way and let him. ***

    Gretta, I loved the advice from a few others recently about just letting go for a while. I had actually been thinking the same thing because I too was getting too far out of alignment. It all should be easy and feel good. That should be more of the focus. I just read a great blog post I’ll share the link below.

    Last thought: The joy of the moment and feeling his love in this moment needs to be good enough, as good as if it’s the real thing. Forget about a physical manifestation at this point.



      1. Thank you Lyly. What’s funny to me is how things unfold. A couple of days ago I wouldn’t have guessed this would happen and I would share it in a comment. And yet here it is. So a great reminder how things can turn on a dime and life can change in ways we least expect. Just gotta be open to them, and stop fighting the current. As Abraham says just float down stream.

        Lots of love to you all…..


  32. Hi JCE
    Sorry I just felt your posts to be a bit disturbing. You have desire that you are waiting for the universe to unfold for you which would make your life better and yet (I hope not) you are forgetting about letting your spouse know that you are focused on someone else. I don’t really know anything too personal but you need be in a clear position as things like these usually hurt the other person. You have every right to be with the one who connects with you mutually but you can’t be having these feelings and living a false life with someone else. I don’t understand this.
    Anyway I am glad that you are bold enough and realise you should be true to your feelings and be happy first yourself and law of attraction is all about feeling good ourselves first and vibrate and emit good energy to others.


    1. I know that I put myself out there because this is an unpopular circumstance to be in. And I went through over a year of guilt about the whole thing. When I look back on before this person manifested into my experience I was feeling happy about my marriage, my spouse and I dreamt of a future I loved with him. But he wasn’t reflecting any of this back to me. Someone else came into the picture who did. LOA worked in that regard and that was not a goal of my previously.

      I’m not sure when would be an adequate time to confront my spouse on this topic. But for now I feel obligated to maintain what I can with him, and see what unfolds. I have been honest with him about how unhappy I had been the last year with the marriage, he knows. He just doesn’t know I feel for someone else. But I think that’s not so uncommon either. Not everyone is blissed out in their marriage. But it’s going to be unfair to him whether it’s now or later. My LOA coach recommended I open up to him when it feels right, when inspiration leads me to it. And right now just isn’t that time. (Telling him right now that I’m in love with another wouldn’t be a smart move for a number of unmentioned reasons in our personal life.) But if we part ways, I will do all that I can to help him through that transition and focus on a positive outcome for him as well.

      More than anything this other man feels like he could be a twin flame connection. And I’m still exploring this. I have to honor my inner being in this regard, whether others approve or disapprove. And for me that’s important. This is my reality, no one else’s. And I always try to focus lovingly for everyone involved. Our brain can only come up with a limited number of ways for things to manifest. I’m putting faith in the universe that things can unfold in a way that’s best for everyone whether that’s now or 20 years from now. I’m willing to put my faith in the unseen. And the universe has an infinite number of ways it can bring things about for us.

      But I respect your opinion. 🙂

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      1. Hi JCE,

        It totally makes sense now. As I said I am completely unaware of your personal circumstances.. I just felt like making a point on ‘not to be in a confused situation and be clear of it’. I had asked similar question to Nina too. With everyone’s help on here I have been learning and understand more about LoA now. Thank you for that. 🙂


    2. I have to say one thing I don’t enjoy is judgment, especially when it wasn’t invited, requested or even required –

      We’re a bunch of people trying to figure out laws of physics to get with a specific person we have feelings for to realize they feel the same and friggin’ marry us already .. some if not most people of the world would consider that questionable, manipulative and basically delusional behavior.

      But, we’ve managed to create a space here of like-minded people who can support each other especially when vulnerable, having a meltdown and going down emo psycho lane. The last thing you want is people being afraid of reaching out because of what others might thing…this is not the right place for that.

      I don’t believe judging is a form of said support either.

      Are some situations unusual- absolutely but we don’t know the background nor where the person is coming from- is it our business : not in the least! We support where we can and if we struggle to relate, resonate because it’s too far out from our belief system we leave it. Nina has had stories where the guy was in a relationship, turned out he was miserable and their story aligned perfectly.

      So, JCE do what you have to do, I will be hoping and praying for the most benevolent outcome for all parties involved so things just fall into place.


      1. N,

        I was totally referring to and/or judging your questionning which was totally judgmental on my part considering I don’t know the background of your questionning. I guess I also felt like making a point on ‘not to be in a confused situation and be clear of it’.

        Thank you for clearing it out too and appreciating my opinion despite it coming out of left field slightly uninvited.

        Full circle!


      2. I am sorry I dont want to get into arguments. If asking questions is something I should be afraid of being judged then I will say nothing.
        Thank you for stopping me.


      3. You shouldn’t be afraid of asking questions N, just like JCE shouldn’t be afraid of telling her story in case it might be misconstrued or I afraid to say something I think.

        It doesn’t have to be an argument dear, it can just be a discussion – passionate maybe, but In the end it’s just a discussion and it’s not that serious.

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      4. Lyly,

        Thank you for your kind words and support. Sometimes I wonder if I’m crazy, to have allowed myself to be in this situation. But I feel source has called me to it, so how crazy is it? 🙂

        My goal with sharing things is to help others. If anything I have said helps anyone of you out there it’s totally worth me putting myself in a position of scrutiny. I think one of my callings is to be a healer, as this path has recently shown itself to me. I’ve been experiencing so many new things due to my alignment improving.


        It’s okay. I appreciate your words. They showed me that my resolve is stronger than I initially thought. So my stance on this topic is as strong as it’s ever been. I think the great thing about this blog and community is that it gives us all hope. We are learning and still trying to understand what these things and people mean to us in our lives. Often times there is so much more to all of your stories than what we post. And it would be a challenge to read through every detail to create the whole picture of understanding. But I think when love is the dominant quality shown, miracles can happen for all of us.

        Lots of love to you. 🙂


  33. You’re absolutely right JCE – giving up for a bit is probably the best thing I could ever do for my sanity. Sometimes we don’t realize how far off rail we’ve gotten and in the end it’s what stands in our way.

    Lots of love to you too!


  34. Hi JCE.

    Thanks for your post. There was so many things in there that I loved. I have to admit I have been feeling vulnerable sometimes about coming on here and wondering what everyone was thinking when I had my 4th (?) meltdown and it does make me not want to post or ask questions sometimes, but since you addressed me, I feel much better now. ❤

    The Ho'oponopono Prayer worked. I haven't felt upset or angry anymore. I was at the point of trying to fight the negative feelings off, but since doing the prayers I would say I am 95% better.

    I realize I have never let go. I'ts been hard to put all my faith and trust in the universe but I keep seeing Nina saying that It will come just because I asked and that comforts me. The letting go is hard but then so is trusting the universe. They are on the same level but I never realized that before. I wasn't letting go at all and I wasn't trusting.

    Is Nina ok?


    1. Thank you Gretta 🙂 I was fine, I was just held back with the book by some regular life circumstances but the good part was, it turned out longer than I thought it was going to be.
      I welcomed some family members from out of town and also, a close family friend passed away. It was just too bad, he was older and had gotten ill. In some ways, it reminded me of everything I wanted out of life because he lived a fascinating one 🙂
      I missed you guys so much but I stayed away to finish the book finally xx


  35. Hi LyLy / JCE

    Thank, LyLy

    Great article, JCE.

    I definitely have to work on point 2 maybe and this need I have to want to look different or ‘better’ Blah. Will try Pono on that one. I compare myself to other girls. It’s hard somedays not too when you dont like what you look like in the mirror, not so much body, but face. I keep thinking I am not want he wanted and that’s exactly what he told me. I feel like that’s the last hurdle I have. To accept how I look, I’ve wanted to change it since I was a kid. Ya know, to have the blonde hair and blue eyes blah blah blah and yeah. That’s what I struggle with everyday. Looking in the mirror because I don’t like my face. I would like to know what it’s like to be beautiful.

    Well didn’t that bring up some crap. :/ – I’ll work on it.

    Thanks x


    1. Hi Gretta,

      I feel grateful to know your story and how things are progressing for you, to be a part of your journey. I have felt for you so much when I read your heartaches when they happen. We all have those moments I think.

      The fact that this prayer process has worked for you is spectacular! I’m so happy to hear. If it makes you feel any better one of my biggest personal hangups is accepting my physical appearance. I would have people tell me I look beautiful but couldn’t see it on my own. But over the years I’ve worked towards it and I’ve only just in the last year started to accept myself realizing that we are all unique, individual and have something to offer.

      The great thing about talking about things, thinking about things is that the thoughts that come up tend to show us what we need to work on. It’s the contrast that helps us sort through the resistance. It’s clear to see you are on a path of maybe ascension. Quantum shifts? Time will tell but you are growing and expanding. This is serving you well, and as more time unfolds so will the inspiration, the path and you’ll get to where you want to be. Your journey may first be about making these personal shifts so you will in the near future be truly ready for this relationship.

      Sometimes I reflect on that myself and wonder if I’m still needing to prepare myself for what this relationship will bring into my life. Am I really ready? I thought I was, but I’m now okay with waiting it out so I can be the best I need to be. So I can maintain it once it comes into my life and not lose it due to unresolved fears. When it comes, I want it to stick around and be stable. Not lose it due to my insecurities. So I’m open to trusting source, the universe and my inner being to guide me on this journey.

      Keep us posted and keep sharing with us. 🙂


  36. Hi JCE

    How exactly did you work on accepting your physical appearance? I’ve tried to ‘fix this’ issue I have when looking in the mirror or photos of myself with the Pono Prayer, but I must not be hitting on exactly what it is. What techniques have you used to accept your appearance?

    There is things I like, like my hazel eyes and lips but the whole package together is not very good. “i don’t like my face’ thing is…. can’t find the words is very displeasing to me… I don’t look like the girls out there, its not that I want to look like some bimbo with my boobs around my neck or whatever, but if you saw a picture of my parents you would wonder how I ended up so ugly. (Started to cry there, blergh!) I have been thinking of having plastic surgery and starting saving for it.

    Its something I have had reflected back to me by every partner or every guy i have lived. My last bf, when we broke up said to me ‘well you’re not really my type anyway.’ Thats funny to hear since he was the one that pursued me! It really irks me when people talk about “types’ because what I’ve noticed in the past is that when most people went after their ‘types’ it almost always never lasted because it was based in vanity and ego and also because I never seem to be anyones type, always falling short or whatever.

    This is something I have had reflected back to me my whole life.

    Then when i got sick for those 5.5 years my confidence took a dive and I lost my hair and it never grew back the way it was. I’m not bald or anything but it never came back as thick as it used to be.

    Talk about being vulnerable. Yes, so how did you work on accepting your appearance?



    1. I must say the best way to accept your appearance is to know that it doesn’t actually matter when it comes to attraction. We just think it does but since everything comes from within, other people are intrigued by your personality, energy, attitude and self-love as you radiate it 🙂


  37. Just to add. I’ve tried EFT and Pono on this so many times, but this issue keeps coming up. It’s like nothing seems to be working on this and I can feel the trauma and pain it brings up when I speak of it so I know it’s big and ugly, whatever it is – I can’t seem to shift it and rid it compleltely like i have with everything else.

    I don’t think it comes under the category of worthiness at all.

    It’s non acceptance of my personal appearance, mainly my face. :/



    1. Hey ther,

      I’ll say this : I have a friend who thought her life would change once she’s lost the extra 30 kgs she’d been carrying – she saved, got bypass and lost all the weight and then some. She’s your regular skinny girl now and you know what she’s admitted she’s not happier .. If anything she feels even more insecure about herself now because of the ‘competition’ and the fact that she’s just another skinny pretty girl.

      I have another friend who could be called obese and she never had. A problem meeting men who worship the ground she walks on.

      Plastic surgery would cover the ‘issue”s symptoms but the root cause. You need to figure out how to be okay with yourself anyway regardless – so the surgery should you go ahead with it is an extra not a remedy.

      I used to be very insecure about my appearance and still do sometimes but j have definitely evolved : I just became the woman I want to be. I work out, what my diet, take care to do my make up and learn tutorials to enhance my features, do my hair regularly and really take care of myself so I feel Like that woman .. And all of that doesn’t have to cost heaps of money because there’s so much you can do yourself .

      And since I have made peace with myself that way not a day goes by I’m not not called stunning, or a goddess – now it doesn’t matter … I was called hat before but I didn’t buy it … Now that I feel better about myself I appreciate the complements but they’re just the extra …

      start with doing things to make you feel good, pretty, nice about yourself . Put in the work not just with prayers, meditation but actions that help : have a nice bubble bath with candle light, mix sugar, essence oils and scrub your body, try different make ups, revamp your closet – find ways to make you feel nicer about yourself … You lost your hair find ways to work with thinner and shorter hair … The issue is what it is you can either keep looking at how shit it is or just work with what you got .

      I’ll finish with this the women around me who are most successful with men are not the ones that look perfect … They’re the ones that walk around believing they are and take care of themselves … No secret there love


  38. OMG!

    You all have to watch this. In my ‘quest’ to find videos, etc, on self acceptance I stumbled across this video. It is just over an hour long but it’s giving me chills.

    I’ve known this all along but…. wow.

    This is the description of the video – “Be uplifted by the power that is hidden beneath the surface of your conscious mind. Take this emotionally gripping, visually compelling journey into your mysterious shadow self—the hiding place for your most disliked thoughts, emotions, and impulses—and discover how by embracing your worst fears, you can step into your greatest self. Be transformed by Debbie Ford, the #1 New York Times best-selling author and internationally acclaimed expert on the human shadow, as well as some of the most brilliant and evolutionary thinkers of the 21st century. Be inspired to uncover the wisdom in your wounds, the blessings in your misfortunes, and the gifts that are waiting to be claimed where you may least expect them . . . in the dark. In this groundbreaking and revolutionary interactive movie experience, be guided through eight transformational exercises to uncover, own, and embrace what has been hidden in the dark—keeping you from stepping into your greatest dream. If shadows could talk, they would tell you that there is gold to be mined in every experience.

    Please watch, I would love to know what you all think of this movie. x ❤


  39. Gretta,

    What Lyly said was really right on the money. Her suggestions fall right into what I myself have done.

    Think of ways you want to treat yourself like you’re worthy. I try to do that regularly. Coffee ground scrubs, at home facial or buy myself a nice skin care line. A couple times a year I revamp my wardrobe and style. I’ve done detoxing, yoga and I do think of ways I would like to improve myself but in healthy ways. For example working on that pesky cellulite.

    I have in the past done cosmetic surgery. And I’m all for it if it’s for the right reasons. I had my nose done. It really needed it. I had a huge hump and it drooped. Most people didn’t seem to mind it, but of course I hated it. It bothered for 20 years before I finally saved up the money and saw a nose reconstruction specialist in the city and he did absolute miracles for me. I have a pretty little nose that I love and fits my face. It changed my life. I also last year finally got braces and now I have straight teeth. That was something else that really bothered me. Since addressing these two issues it’s been life transforming for me.

    So in cases it really can be beneficial to make a more drastic change. But I also decided to make peace with other things. And it’s been so good for me. I know my friends and family love me for exactly who I am. And last year I saw an LOA coach. She helped me make incredible strides as we addressed my personal issues. She really helped me gain momentum in making huge shifts.

    I will say it’s a slow and incremental process. But value yourself. And it’s easy to say and hard to do, I know it. But when I value me, it really does reflect back in positive ways in my life and it connects me with my inner being even more. I find inner peace. And energy flows better. I’ve learned to value me. I have a lot to offer, and I’m a good person. I don’t need someone else to tell me that. I believe it myself. And it’s taken me years to get to that point.

    I hate my hair too, and I’m not blonde and I used to envy the models in Vogue. But I don’t anymore. In fact I don’t want to look like anyone else but me. You can get there too Gretta. Give yourself time and continue on this journey. It’s possible that him not manifesting has been the best thing for you. Because it’s pushing you to get to the root of so much more. Clear out this extra junk so you can make space for delicious goodness in life. He will see your true beauty when you can see it yourself.

    Take care….. 🙂


  40. Hi guys *head drooping*

    I always ‘hate’ to come on here and see everyone being positive towards me just when I want to come on here and say I want to stop and give up, again.

    Please let me explain.

    I watched that movie 3 times last night and I consulted with my friend who is psychologist. Shes known me for 39 years, she used to “look after me” when I was a baby (When she was 2 and I was a newborn) Shes the most stable person I know and is the person who gave me the book “when hes married to mom.”

    She wants me to stop.

    She said he’s displaying toxic behavior. She loves the LOA but she said he can’t see his mother and he idolizes her. She said that unless he gets into counseling and moves out of home he will forever side with his mother. She said that he can’t hear me when I try to reason with him because hes so enmeshed that anyone who goes against his family is written off. She said that he and his mother have been projecting their issues onto me. Like how she was texting him while he was here. She said that what his mother done is despicable and she would never stand for that kind of behavior. She doesn’t understand why I want to be with someone who has treated me so poorly when she knows who I am better than anyone does. She compares this situation to other friends and family in my life and shows me the contrast. She shows me how i get love from friends and family yet this guy and his mother just attacked me. She said that a lot of people dont know the difference between projection and mirroring. She said this isn’t mirroring that they have been projecting onto him and then he projected onto me. She said that the fact that he cant see past his own family will be a cause for extreme hardship in the future and that I can expect him to always pick his parents over me. She said his silence is indicative of what the future holds, as soon as i either upset or make him angry he will turn on the silent treatment. She said hes gullible and believes everything his family tells him. Are any of you actually wanting to attract someone who has a family member in the background telling them lies about you? Last week I was given a certificate and vouchers by my work for all the volunteering Ive done then i look to this situation and just wonder why they were so cruel? I’ve done nothing that would deserve this kind of treatment. She said projection is a persons way of telling the world who they really are. So for example when they told him I wouldn’t be good for his life, whoever told him this is actually saying ‘i wouldn’t be good for anyone’s life’ They are talking about themselves when they tell him to avoid me.

    She wants me to move on and find a better person and I quote – ‘One that doesn’t have so many problems and a mother that would let us be.’

    After watching that video and speaking with her I woke up for the first time in my life not missing him, i woke up feeling ok that if it was someone else that would be ok also. I woke up without him being the first thing on my mind, I woke up from a peaceful sleep, I’ve been having nightmares for the last 2 weeks. I woke up accepting how I looked and embraced it!!! I woke up feeling lighter and freer then I ever have in 3 years! I woke up wondering why i ever tried with these people who seem so hell bent on staying together.

    I know you are all probably sick and tired of me but I dont see the light at the end of the tunnel anymore. I see someone who just doesn’t want me there. I know we are not meant to be looking at the what is, but after watching that video and talking with my friend maybe everyone is right maybe I should just forget I ever met him because I dont want to be treated this way anymore. I remember listening to an Abraham video the other day and the lady in the crowd said she felt worthy and couldn’t cry anymore over a particular man and Esther said it will get to the stage where you dont care whether or not it is the man you asked for who comes into your life when you reach that point of worthiness.

    You guys have all progressed with your person in some way, here I still am ‘trying’ with someone who cant even spare 5 minutes to pick up the phone and has to reinforce HIS CONDITION’S AND HIS RULES every time we see each other. I make no headway. Every time I contact him he turns it into some drama that I am up to something. MORE PROJECTING!! Isn’t it obvious that if you contact someone that you want to see them? What exactly is it that he thinks I am hiding? It’s an ordeal every time. WHY?

    I called him before this post, he rejected the call. If my friend who i mentioned above can see who I am and my other friends and family can, why cant he? I asked my friend this and she said “Because the problem lies within the house he lives in and the people he calls his family. They project onto him and believes it.”

    Maybe I was able to attract those other people into my life because there wasn’t the pain and drama and hurt and anger surrounding those situations like there is with him, but i deserve more than this and I cant see it coming from a guy that allows his mother to write statements on his fb saying that women should be caught in cougar traps and that they have dogs. He left the comment there! My friend said “The shame would have made me delete it, but he left it there. That’s showing you that he agrees with his mother and doesn’t want to rock the boat. Its going to take the jaws of life to get this guy to realize who his mother is and what she has been doing to him.”

    I think I need some time to reflect… Take care. x


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