Mastering Confidence and Manifestation – My First Book

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  1. I´ve just bought your book 🙂 This is going to be a long night… 🙂
    Thank you Nina! You are amazing! 🙂 ❤


      1. Nina, you are just wonderful!! I am so grateful I found this blog and your book!!
        I´ve already read it twice, it came just when I was feeling low (again hahah).
        Thank you for this blog, for your kind words every time I ask you for something and for amazing book!!
        It has everything I wanted to know…
        You are so amazing 🙂 🙂 ❤


      2. Wow, thank you so much!! 😀 That means so much to me ♡ I am so thrilled that you’ve found it helpful 😀


  2. Hi Nina,

    Nice to see you back and thank you for taking time to write this book for us 🙂

    Wish you more success!


    1. Thank you so much for this, I am thrilled to be back and I have missed everyone so much! I genuinely wanted to write an inspiring piece of work which will allow everyone to see why and how they CAN feel great about themselves and manifest ALL of their true heart’s desires.
      Thank you so much ❤


  3. Hi Nina, I bought your book and reading it carefully. I don’t want to miss any point/ any word. 🙂 I have finished only 20%of it since I bought. But I promise you, you will find me quoting your suggestions everywhere. 🙂

    Thanks a lot. I am really truly grateful to you for this book. What I really loved about ur blog and now the book that you talk about manifesting relationship with a specific person so easy while may make it sound like a big deal.

    My manifestation’s credit goes to you… only you!! Ah it feels so good to say this…

    I am trying to watch myself in other areas. Like how my negative thinking gets me every time and I don’t realize it. You suggested affirming and turning it around. I am going to tey this “situations” I want to rate in my life…

    Thanks again. Love and Light

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    1. Thank YOU 🙂 But the credit for your manifestation success still goes to you! 😀 I truly wanted to show why that area especially is not a big deal because the big deal factor prevents success while in reality, liking and loving specific individuals is perfectly natural.
      I believe that turning negative thoughts into positive removes all resistance because after a thought is altered, one forgets that it ever started as a negative.
      I am so glad you are finding the book useful. Thank you! Love and light xxxx


  4. Nina,

    I recommended your book two of my friends and they’re hooked just like me. We are eagerly waiting for your forum!!!

    I absolutely love your book!! 😘


    1. Thank you so much, that means SO much to me! ❤ 😀 I was researching forum options last night because I wasn't loving what I found at first but it'll all come together soon 😀
      Lots of love! xxxx


      1. Can’t wait for it!!

        I love how you addressed all the thoughts, questions, and feelings a person has while manifesting. Well done! Can’t wait for the forum!!

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  5. Hi Nina

    So I’ve started reading the book and I have to say its the best LOA book I’ve read. It’s so clear and easy to understand.

    The other day I posted that for some reason I started to rearrange my bedroom. Well, I dropped off my roommate at the airport (still devo) on Saturday afternoon and came back again to find myself again sorting out my room and wiping everything down, but not just my room, the entire house. In fact I’ve been sorting, throwing out and cleaning for a day and half and my nature I am a tidy, clean and an organized person.

    Well, I finished and went into my room, I opened up all the doors and draws and shelves of the left hand side of my big wardrobe to find that the entire left hand side was now completely empty. I know I didn’t consciously make space on one side. Seriously! I felt as if something was making me do it. That must sound insane! But i didn’t consciously make room specifically on one side, it just happened.

    Then I realized I had done something without even knowing I did it. My roommate as a joke left a condom in the bathroom. It has somehow ended up in my bedroom in a bedside table. Bwahahahahaha! Seriously! That is not something I would do. Get condoms ready. Can’t stop laughing at that because I am known as a prude to my friends. I usually take months and months to sleep with someone. So you can see why me putting a condom in my bed side draw is out of sorts for me. You can also see i wasn’t conscious of what I was doing these last 3 days of cleaning and ‘getting things ready.’

    I then checked the other rooms in the house to see that I had done it in the other rooms also. I wasn’t thinking, “Oh, i have to make room for him” It just happened that way. It started to happen without even thinking of him at all.

    Now I feel as If i am just waiting. So bizarre. Can’t describe it. Can’t find the word to explain what I am feeling right now. Actually, it felt like something moved me out of the way (consciously) to sort out the house. Again, cant describe it. I wish I could find the word I am looking for. It’s like I’ve done everything and now I am just waiting for him to come. OH! It’s like I know its coming now and I’m just waiting to receive it.

    Thoughts? haha.. 🙂


    1. Thank you sooo much first of all, that means the world to me! 😀
      I must say, you are doing things right! 😀 You KNOW you’re going to be with him. It’s a done deal! It’s like your subconscious mind is drawing you to prepare for him!


      1. Hi Nina.

        Between your affirmation in your book “It’s happening right now!’ which i find really amplifies everything and reading you say “It’s a done deal!” – It took my belief to a whole new level. I found an exercise book where I wrote down how the relationship is between us and I read one of the many lines I had written about how our relationship is and as I was reading it a big huge “Yes!’ came out of me! Haha! – it was like it was real and true and as if I was reading something about us that I had written in a diary, it was like i was LOOKING BACK on our life and how our relationship IS right now. Again, can’t really describe it. It was like those things has already happened. There was no doubt – it was like i was reading in REALTIME. I am not very good at describing emotions etc, maybe I will work on that in the prayer because I don’t feel as If i am getting across the exact emotion feelings. It is like I am reading about my partner as if i had written about him to remind myself of the time we have already spent together. It’s believable now. That’s it. Now I see what truly believing means, without the doubt or fear or wonder. Now I see what letting go truly means. ❤ x

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      2. That is beautiful and because your words read so beautiful, you know that you described it well 💟


      3. (Part 2)

        No! I’ve got it!

        When I used to read over ‘my list” or do visualisations or whatever there was always this feeling of having to try to CONVINCE myself. To try and FORCE myself to believe that he could feel the same way. When I found the exercise book with ‘my list’ it felt so real when I was reading it, as if i was reading back on something and reading about my present situation. There was no convincing. It felt NATURAL and REAL to see his name there of how WE ARE with each other now.

        Between DSOTLC Book, your book, the affirmation in your book, what you wrote above and Pono Prayer, I really believe. I am in the mode of ‘I am with him” – without convincing or trying.’ It’s just natural.

        I feel so happy!


        Thank you!

        🙂 x ❤

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  6. It’s like I have nothing to worry about anymore..Haha.. Sorry. Still trying to describe it.

    Ahhhh!!! this must be what believe/faith/knowing relaxed/i asked for it, i must receive it / detached feels like?

    DSOTLC Book combined with Pono Prayer. Definitely Got me here.

    Yay! x


  7. Nina,

    I’m halfway through your book and I’ll say this much : I have read quite a few LOA, self help ish books in the almost 10 years since I first started to venture off in the world of deliberate creation – your book is the first I read where I don’t feel like I’m being lectured, or told it’s all my fault if it’s not working – I’m not being holy-er than thou’ with abstract sxplanations of why it should work and how there’s 300 things I need to focus on , exercise , control, be wary of and of course the magical : the universe will choose for you if it decides what you want is not what you should want.

    No your book is different – it’s like I’m sitting with a friend who is telling me what she believes and what has worked for her. She’s reminding me that I deserve everything I dream of in life and all I have to do is have faith in the goodness of it and be confident because that is the magnet to everything.. And I feel like I can, I feel like it’s possible : not in a I’m going to make this happen and visualize for 58 minutes every hour I’m awake – I feel like it can happen just because I have the desire for it and because in essence it’s possible.

    I can’t wait to finish and Continue to do absolutely nothing and just … Bask in the knowing that dreams do come true .. Everytime – we just gotta let them.

    Now please let me know when you will start doing one on one coaching because I SO call dibs on that…. I think it would take your magic to another level … Really 🙂

    Thank you from the bottom of a heart that had seriously given up

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  8. Hi Nina,

    I’ve read your book, and like other people here have mentioned, it felt like you were speaking directly to me. I’m still so disappointed that I let this last opportunity take a turn for the worse. There were moments where I literally thought to myself “I’m so lucky… this is so amazing, He is sweeter than ever”. Yes, I had my moments of doubt, concern over a girl whom I felt was really over-stepping her bound of “friendship” but overall, i was still happy. I don’t understand how those moments changed so quickly. Did I have negative thoughts, yes. Did I wonder if this was really happening, yes. But overall, I felt great and was so impressed with what I had manifested. That’s why I don’t understand how things changed so quickly on me. One moment, he was telling people that I was testing me out as a future wife, three days later he was telling me that he only saw me as a friend and that he was uncomfortable that I had such high expectations of him.

    After reading your posts and book, I see that it probably means that I don’t believe I can have this. The problem is that every time he says those things to me — that is what really re-enforces that I won’t… even when I was trying so hard to believe I could. I’m trying so hard not to focus on the hurt feelings, but it can be very hard sometimes.

    I know that I have some resistance and concerns. For example, his job has him travelling 30-40% of the time and he lives across the country. I always consider that i would have to leave my family that I love so much to move where he is at, then he would be gone a lot because of the work travel and I would be alone. I also feel guilt because of things that have happened in past relationships, and even with regards to him, I think I feel bad sometimes that I wanted him to not be with the girl he was dating. Its like I feel that I deserve someone to do the same to me.

    I also know that I’m very attached to this relationship. I want it so bad because i’ve been alone for so long now. I feel sometimes like life/God is harder on me with regards to relationships. I have a lot of great blessings in this world, but I’ve been alone for ten years now and I miss having someone special in my life.

    I look at the pictures we took at the beginning of the trip, and I feel so much sadness because I know I screwed this chance up. I’m crying as I write this and wondering how long it will take this time for me to fix this situation. I know its within me, but right now, I don’t feel great and don’t know how to really make myself feel like I did a couple of weeks ago anymore.



    1. I have a q – do you also think that your thoughts should be perfect, as well as the external reality?

      You can manifest from any reality NOW. And can believe that you can trust him, be happy with him etc.

      If you fail to believe just because it’s been so long, letting go can make you feel better and manifest.

      You didn’t screw it up. You’re just focusing on sadness instead of planning love right now but you can change that.


      1. i didn’t think that thoughts had to be perfect, but after what happened, I’ve started to think that because overall I felt that my belief was there. Yes, i had some worries and doubts at times, and wondered where he was at, but I was really enjoying myself overall. He was being sweet, cooking for me, and then bamn…. he tells me that he still just sees me as a friend 😦

        i’ve let go in the past… once because I actually gave up on him and was moving on. Unfortunately, it was the same result. Eventually he did come after me, but still there was no move to actually get in a relationship with me, just to hang out and be around me.

        I guess my stump is really the relationship. I can manifest everything besides us being more than friends. I don’t know how to get my belief to really take me that far.


      2. I think that practicing your new belief a little every day or twice a day for a few mins and then letting go and doing something else will be good. One day at a time, you will soon gain the continuity you need to manifest it.

        Just imagine the end result until you believe that it is going to happen 🙂 You need to gain continuity with your new belief because you tried to change it rapidly which didn’t work permanently. You need to practice a little every day and will manifest soon. I want to write an article on this topic tomorrow.


    1. Nina,

      I think I know why I’m so sad this time. Last time we reunited, he told me that the reason he had pushed me away was because he was still with the other girl, and that he pushed me away because he wasn’t being honest. It also left things open for us to reconnect. Even though things didn’t go exactly like I wanted on our last trip, there were no conversations of us just being friends or him not being into me enough to want a committed relationship. This time, we did have that conversation, and that is what’s really hurting me and making it so hard to believe again. I don’t want to give up because I love him, but I try to write things down to change my belief and it makes me sad because I know what he said.

      There were other conversations we had that reinforced that feeling… Talking about some other women he has considered dating, etc

      I just wish I could change that so that I could feel ok again.


      1. I see, you feel like he’s moving further away now. But this can be changed. I’m going to discuss it all in the article, I believe it’ll help many. You could re-read my chapter on attachment and negative thoughts which I believe will also help until I complete the article xx


  9. Hi Nina, I hope you are sitting down… I’m freaking out, spooked.

    Can you please tell me what this means?

    I was on google maps, looking up a potential job address. Anyway. I went to street view so i could see the building clearly so i know when i see it while driving.

    I saw something on the map that caught my eye, a holistic health coach, only a few minutes away, so I clicked on it on the map. It didn’t come up with her exact house so i did two clicks to find myself…..

    Looking at his house, i gasped and pushed my chair back.

    I have never been there before and I never knew where he lived. I recognize his truck, their caravan and from pictures from his facebook when we were friends on it.

    That’s not the scary part.

    You know what I used to do for a job, remember? A Medium, clairvoyant and healer. I have not told you all the dreams I have been having but of all the dreams I have told you about they have ALL COME TRUE.

    The scary part is this. For the last 3 days…

    I have been dreaming that he says to me, 24. Then he holds up his fingers to say 2 and then 4. I keep saying to him in the dream I dont know what 24 means? I kept thinking it was maybe the day he would contact me? I didnt bring this up, this particular dream on the blog because I wanted to see if the 24th WAS going to be the day he contacted me – so after every time he said to me 24 or showed me 24 using his fingers, my auntie would appear right after it. Her face only. I could never work this part out. Her name is Sue she has nothing to do with the number 24!

    Then I realized something – her REAL name is not SUE its AxxxA (obviously for privacy reasons I cant write her name)

    I am looking, right now, at “24 AxxxxA (My aunties name) Street in XXXX (Suburb)”

    HE LIVES ON 24 AxxxxA (my aunties name) STREET XXXX!!!! (Suburb)’

    I’m sitting here in shock.

    HES BEEN TELLING ME in dreams. But its not just in dreams. Last night I was sending heart energy to him and he did it again with his fingers, showed me 24, 2 fingers then 4 fingers. This 24 doesn’t just happen in dreams, it happens in my visualizations and other moments.

    It is moments like this that I wish he could see who I really am and what I am.
    If only the people who told him those things about me could see this now.

    This is mine. There is no way this could be happening for no reason! It’s gone from him avoiding me and stepping away from me in dreams to hugging me and telling me where he lives.

    Now I am Speechless.


  10. Hi C

    I don’t know if you have tried the prayer yet, but you must be thinking it’s just a prayer how can that help me? If you look at the first 2 lines you are speaking directing to you spirit, subconscious, Superconscious. IT WILL remove all the beliefs, feelings and thoughts around this situation with speed and you will NEVER think of them again. If you write down every thought feeling and belief you have and use that full prayer on it you will see how all your fears and beliefs will disappear forever. You may feel ‘spaced out’ for a day or so, this always used to happen to my roommate and I when we shifted HUGE beliefs and thoughts and feelings. If you feel resistance to doing the prayer, or any negative feelings you feel maybe stopping you from wanting to do it, you can start with my thoughts and feelings of resistance and self sabotage.

    If you wanted to try this belief I think it may help. Spirit, subconscious, Superconscious please locate the origin of my feelings, thoughts, and beliefs that XXX (his name) wants and loves everyone else but not me AND Spirit, subconscious, Superconscious please locate the origin of my feelings, thoughts, and beliefs of my resistance towards myself and XXX and my thoughts and feelings of self sabotage.

    I do read what you write, and I do see what has been saying to you, but if you think that he is mirroring aspects of you you will also see a change in him once you remove the feelings, thoughts and beliefs.

    Worth a shot, since it completely changed how I was seeing everything and how I see how much it helped others and myself. I was living in a world of thinking that my guy just wanted to hurt me. I included that into the prayer and i never thought of it again, in fact the exact opposite started to happen. I never saw him in a ‘bad light’ again.

    I can tell you honestly that I don’t ever have a negative thought come into my head EVER anymore and NO feelings of doubt either. I’m not thinking about what he is doing, who he is seeing, who he might be with, what people might have said to him. All the train wreck posts you would have seen me posting all those feelings, thoughts and beliefs have VANISHED.

    If you want to write down EVERY feeling, thought and belief you think you may have I can email you how to word it into the prayer.

    Think of it as a direct instruction to your subconscious to remove the programs that are running. It works every time, without fail. You are basically rewiring your subconscious. It really is that powerful and the fastest modality in the world. Nothing comes close to the speed and ease of Pono.

    Each feeling, thought and belief inserted into the prayer and said out loud 4 times will bring your subconscious back to Zero, then you can rewrite your subconscious.

    I came up with 179 feelings, thoughts and beliefs SO FAR. Thats just a quick look at how much we are carrying and how we live our life through those beliefs.

    You have to be dedicated and do it religiously. Once you know it off by heart you can say it whenever and wherever you are.

    With Love. x


      1. C

        I guarantee you will be feeling 100% when you start applying Pono to every feeling, thought and believe you have running.

        You will look back in AMAZEMENT that those things that were previously bothering you no longer do.

        I swear by it.

        🙂 x


      1. Hello JCE

        I hit everything and anything I could think of. Anything to do with him but also I started to watch other people and what they were saying so I knew if they were talking about someone else, they were talking about themselves and I would also have that trait in me also.

        So for example, I used to sway a lot on here, I wanted him, i didn’t, I wanted him, I didn’t. I have a friend who cant make her mind up with anything. I started to watch her closely and the things she would say, etc. So knowing that we are all mirroring each other I did the prayer on my feelings of frustration at not being able to make a decision, my thoughts of indecisiveness, and my belief that I can’t make a decision on my own.

        Or I have another friend who is always saying my dog is afraid of everything. So i watched her and could see how it was SHE who was afraid of everything – so her being in my life means I attracted her meant that I was also afraid of everything, conscious of it or not. So i did my feelings of fear, my thoughts of fear and panic, my belief that I should be afraid of everyone and everything.

        You see what I saying? You pick the trait/word/feeling/thought/belief and work it into the prayer. And say it out loud 4 times.

        I googled human characteristics and traits and wrote down a massive list and worked on it. So just say if i picked fear, panic, anxiety, loss, grief, depression (even if you dont suffer from it) trauma, abuse, misery, sorrow, etc etc. I would bunch up to six words per prayer.

        So fear, panic, anxiety, loss, grief, depression – Spirit, subconscious, superconsious please locate the origin of my feelings of fear, panic, anxiety, loss, grief, depression. My thoughts of fear, panic, anxiety, loss, grief, depression. My belief that I should be afraid of everything because it keeps me safe, My belief that panic keeps me safe, etc, etc, etc. You see where I am going? 4 times out loud for each set of words.

        With him the biggest ones I worked on were.

        Feelings and thoughts of despair, loneliness, abandonment, fear, anger, hatred, lack of forgiveness, lack of trust, lack of compassion, panic, anxiety, loss, humiliation, confusion, all those ‘nasty’ feelings.

        Beliefs, I am not good enough. I don’t deserve to be loved. I am not worthy of being loved. Nobody will ever love me. I am am not pretty/beautiful enough. My fear that XXX will never love me. They were all basically self esteem issues. Or I had this feeling all the time that he just wanted to hurt me so i would say; Spirit, subconscious, superconscious please locate the origin of my feelings, thoughts and belief that XXX wants to hurt me or wants to see me in pain or enjoys to hurt me. It never came back after I did it.

        Sometimes I would direct it at him so i would say; Spirit, subconscious, superconscious please locate the origin of my feelings and thoughts of anger, loss, despair, frustration (and every word I could think of) towards XXX saying his full name. Same thing, 4 times out loud.

        You really need to write down a list of EVERYTHING you are feeling and thinking and you will be able to see the belief – because its those beliefs that are making you think and feel those things. Then you zap them away forever with the prayer.

        I also recommend writing down feelings towards parents and siblings or anyone else you’ve ever come into contact with and directing the prayer towards them. So just say you have a strained relationship with your parents, you would say my feelings of feeling unloved and rejected by my parents or whatever else you can think of and say their name in the prayer. So Spirit, subconscious, superconscious please locate the origin of my feelings and thoughts of anger, loss, despair, frustration (and every word I could think of) towards my mother Mary or my father Joseph…. then continue you with the prayer. Sometimes we take stuff out on the people we want or love but really its those bad feelings and thoughts that were really intended to be heard by parents or other family members.

        The biggest ones I suggest putting in the prayer are SHAME and GUILT and I AM A FAILURE. Those proved to be the biggest shifts for me. If you open a thesauruses on google type in a word of how you are feeling and go from there. Putting up to six words at a time into the prayer. So… Spirit, subconscious, superconsious please locate the origin of my feelings of shame, guilt and failure, my thoughts of shame, guilt and failure, my belief that I am shameful and should be ashamed of myself and that I am a failure.

        If you can remember things parents of siblings used to say to you, include those also.

        Start to watch and really pay attention to the way people talk about themselves and others and even if you dont think you share the same trait you definitively do. You may not commit the exact same act, but you share all human characteristics. If you watch what other people say and do you will know what to work on, things that have been hiding from you. 🙂

        Pono with Dark Side of The Light Chasers and Nina’s book did it for me.

        Hope that helps.

        🙂 ❤


      2. Thank you Gretta! I’m so happy for you that you’ve been able to make these dramatic personal shifts. Again I’m grateful that you have shared your journey with us. The fact that you’ve found so much relief is really inspiring and gives me hope since I’ve been in a low vibration the last 10 days or so and lots of “stuff” is coming up. I think Pono can help me now that I’ve too been analyzing lately what’s being reflected back to me by others in my life. I found it interesting that you touched on that, it really resonated with me. Just in the last few days I’ve thought about situations recently and how people in my life have been responding to me. There is a pattern to be sure, and I know what my issues are.

        I think you’re in a really good place. I’m excited to see what unfolds for you now that you’re open to receive. I know when I’m vibing high I let myself be open to what the universe puts in front of me. Just focus on how I want to feel. I’ve had some cool stuff manifest recently as a result of being to open. It was a good lesson for me to learn.

        Thank you Gretta! 🙂


    1. Thank you Gretta for sharing this. I’m definitely trying it out.

      I recently realized that I end up doing things I once said I would never do – things I didn’t particularly want to do or that I would have consider a failure for myself are exactly where i end up which leads me to believe that the underlying belief I have is that what I don’t want is what I deserve and that these are easier to manifest because life likes humble me and taunt me.

      I can see where that belief might come from as a little girl, my parents would promise things if i did something I didn’t want to do but the reward would never come through – if anything we would get in some serious clashes if I asked for it even though it had been promised to me.

      And so I developed this belief that my desires are heard and I am told they can manifest if I just ask but I believe that in reality life has absolutely no intention of yielding it to me, it will taunt me with it – make promises it will not keep just like my parents.

      it’d be interesting to see what happens…


      1. Hi LyLy

        Put this into your prayers…. 🙂

        My Feelings of…. being taunted, being taunted by the universe, my feelings of not being heard, my feeling of sadness, rejection, anger, being a pushover, feeling like a failure, getting what I don’t want, not deserving the best, hurt, being manipulated, being bullied, not getting what I want, that everything is just out of reach…. add more, add everything you can think of. Think back to those times with your parents when they did that and find every feeling you can to describe those times and insert it into the prayer.

        Thoughts of…. Same as above.

        My belief that “I was end up doing things I say I won’t do.” “I am a failure.” “I always end up in the same place.” “I always get everything I don’t want!’ “I don’t deserve what I want!” “I am not worthy of what I want!” “Life likes to taunt me!” “Life is taunting me!” “I never get rewarded” “People always break their promises to me!” “I always do what I don’t really want to be doing!” “I am not lovable!” (Even if you don’t consciously believe it, do it) “Love comes at a cost!” “I always get into trouble if I ask for what I want!” “Life has absolutely no intention of giving me what I ask for!” “The universe has no intention of giving me what I ask for!” “If i ask for what I want I get bullied!” “I am a pushover!” “I am not good enough to receive what I have asked for!” “I am easily manipulated and played with!”

        Even if you dont think a few of those apply, still insert them into the prayer – By the end of doing all of those beliefs you should feel spaced out somewhat and when you reread the beliefs I have written you will think its a load of bollocks and you will know its not true. Each belief, 4 times, full prayer out loud. 🙂

        Its work putting in the work for the end result.

        You can put ANY feeling, thought or belief into the prayer. As long as you do each one 4 times out loud using the full prayer.

        Try those first 🙂


      2. I did a session tonight coupled with EFT – obviously cried a little, found it difficult to say : I love you and thank you at first – will probably need to do it again a few times to clear out whatever block is left.

        Exhausted with this victim mentality to be honest I understand why it’s there and it was valid but I’m just done with it and want it gone because though it probably served a purpose when I was younger and couldn’t fend for myself, now it’s just sabotaging everything – it’s like an over protective parent who is struggling to accept that you’ve grown up and are no longer dependent on them –

        So ready for change I’m getting restless — its like come one already so we can move on to the next chapter of life – why are we still reading this one ..

        Do you ever get like this ? It’s not worry per se, nor impatience based on fear it’s being consciously ready to get ahead but that really slow friend ( your subconscious sled) is slowing you down- at first it was okay because you understood everyone’s rhythm is different but now you kinda want to dump em and just leave them behind … But that would just expose you ( because it’s a dangerous trip to do without back up) and make you a sucky friend …

        I don’t know if I even make sense


  11. Hi Nina

    I did something I haven’t done in a long time.

    I called him. He didn’t respond.

    In no way am i upset or angry or frustrated like the train wreck I used to be on here with all my huge posts of wanting to give up and what a bastard i perceived him to be at one time. In no way did I keep calling like I used to either. One call. In fact I am now the complete opposite of who I used to be. I could cry with joy! No longer am I so attached to what he does or says or his actions. My faith can’t be shaken.

    When he didn’t respond, I laughed and said he’s busy, he will call back when he can. In fact I laughed quite a bit. I was laughing at how free I feel and how my automatic reaction was to laugh and smile still knowing I am with him and knowing he will call back. Before I would call like a maniac just desperate to get him to understand that I am not the person he was told I am.

    The reason I did it and the reason I am telling you is because I wanted to see where I AM AT. Where my belief is at. How I may possibly react in a ‘bad situation’ – Whether he responded or not wasn’t even a factor. I did it for me.

    I don’t plan on trying to call again in the future as I know I don’t really have to do any ‘work’ because I know I’ve asked for it so it must be delivered. Or I might if i feel like it. Who knows.

    Does this make sense? I wanted to see how far I have come with Pono and your book and I want everyone to know that combination is amazing.

    The point of this post is that my belief, no matter the what the exterior, can’t be shaken.

    I am a completely different person now.

    Thank you!

    Thoughts…? ❤


    1. Amazing!!!! I am SO proud of you! 😀 Everything you wrote makes sense – your actions, your motivation and your feelings.

      I must thank you as well, I am so honored 😀 In addition because I think that Pono is absolutely wonderful and I want to thank you for sharing it with everyone here 😀 Thank you so much ❤


      1. Hi Nina and everyone.

        I know you can all see how much better I have gotten, but something has happened in my personal life.I have to warn you that i am not feeling the best the last day and a half.

        That dream of the number he was telling me. I told him. Even before this he just rejects my calls or lets it ring out. So whether in my excitement of telling him he was already rejecting and not answering the calls. Still not blocking me but basically its the same thing. Now i have no way of getting in contact with him at all. There is no way I can reach him.

        I think the reason why I panicked a bit is because I am moving state that’s why i called, maybe deep down i was hoping he would stop me from leaving. It is 5 hours away by plane. I can’t stay in the state I am in anymore as the job I want is in another state 5 hours from where I am now.

        I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and crying the last day and a half when I realized that I couldn’t put my life on hold anymore in the hope that he will wake up and suddenly call me before i leave because I am living in a state that doesn’t have the job I want to do and it doesnt make me happy to be here. I’ve always longed to go back home. ;(

        He didn’t repond to any text or calls even tho he knows I am leaving soon. I dont think its cause I dont believe. I think its because Its time for me to go now and to let go of him and the hope.

        Can you see him moving to another state, away from his family? I can’t. I cant see it because i know he has to pay the money back he lost. That could take years and years and years.

        I’ve never had a broken heart before. I’ve always been the one to end the relationship so this is all very new to me. It’s the most painful thing I have ever experienced in my life and i dont know how I will be the day i close my house door and realise its over.

        Life is taking me in another direction and it doesn’t look like it wants him in it. Thats how its starting to look even more now. Im moving and he wont ever be able to.

        You dont know how much i want to stay for him but i cant.

        I asked for him to call me back because i am leaving soon and he didnt and still rejected the calls or let it call out.

        Its not that I dont believe you can attract people from other states, I know you can. But with his parents and the money situation it wont ever be. Hes locked in.

        I know the LOA works but right now he doesnt care if i am here or not.

        I wish you all the best and I hope your dreams all come true.

        Gretta x


  12. Hi Nina,

    I can’t see my last post in ‘recent posts’ I would like to see if you have replied to it. I can’t remember which article I left my message.
    Anyway I am still reading your book and come half way now. I just felt was too attached to my specific person. I’m trying let go part of LoA. I really hope it will all work out in the end.


  13. Gretta I spent the last few hours doing what you said. Made a list of the words, researched more words like you said and came up with 30 words that really resonated with me.
    I made 6 different prayers, and just said all of them as you instructed. So wondering how often per day do you suggest? How soon would you say you started noticing shifts?
    I already noticed that the words were less “charged” than before after just writing it all out. They feel less intense and have lost some of their power over me.


  14. Hi JCE

    I do the prayer as many times as I feel I need to do it. Whenever something comes up basically. I noticed sometimes straight away, sometimes i had to go back and do it again or add different words, like sadness is a broad word, so i would come with despair, hopelessness etc.

    Just just becoming aware of the feelings can make a shift.

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    1. Thank you Gretta,

      I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well in the moment. I can imagine the stress of leaving and what it means is weighing heavily on you. I personally was always the one who was dumped in my life by the men I dated or were in relationships with. I know all too well the severe pain of heart break. And I know part of my journey even now is also about finding self love, self acceptance and being happy just for the sake of it.

      I was taught that resistance is a sign of forward movement. We only see things so limited. I get caught up in it too. I can’t see how my guy and I can get together. Yet I’m sure others around me quickly come to the conclusion that yes, of course it can happen! When it’s our own situation it feels more intense, more raw. But when I read all of your concerns and reasons why you think it can’t happen all I see from my perspective is yes, it definitely can happen. I think once you let go of him, give him up, the universe can deliver it to you. And just maybe moving out of state is exactly the first of many steps the U will take you through to reach your goal.

      I’m not sure if you read the link someone left in Nina’s most recent post. But the story is so great, and I love how it ended. In case you haven’t read it I won’t say. But this story was such a boost for me, between that and the Pono prayers yesterday I’m flying quite high again. And I’m also about 60% through Nina’s book.

      Read this article, and think about approaching your life the way this gal did. And be excited about this new adventure you’re on. It’s a new beginning of even better things to come.


  15. HI JCE / NINA

    I was about to write a huge post that involved going back into the past but I stopped myself. Quite amazed. It’s been 2 hellish days of crying and headaches.

    I read the article. It was fantastic. Thank you so much. It made me find another belief. I have a belief that you can only attract people with the LOA if they are attracted to you. There is still a little bug inside me saying that all those people that attracted their ex back did so because their man was once interested in them. Mine has remained adamant from the start that he wasn’t and never will be and had no issue telling me that I was not his type, for years.

    I see that I have STILL not let go and I will tell you why it’s so hard. I dont’ like my life here and even more now since my roommate left for the state I used to live in. The house is quite. I am always one my own with my dog. My friends are a confused bunch always coming for me to help but never listening and getting themselves into situations even after asking me for the psychic advice and going against it. I am always on my own. My state is known for being hard to make friends in. I dont have any cousins my age, the only one has a drug problem. It not a friendly state. Where I want to return to, you can go and sit down at the beach and make new friends in a day. I’ve been back here for 4 years and had the only decent friendship I have had since being forced to come back here which was while my roommate was here for 3 short months. Shes so amazing. She texts and calls daily to tell me how much she loves me and how I deserve the best in life. But she isnt here. I can’t just walk across the hall and knock on her door anymore. I don’t have anyone to laugh with anymore. I sometimes watch the videos we took of each other just to try and lift myself up a bit. So when I read that you have to be happy, i search for something to be happy about but its hard to find anything. Yes i have my house, my dog but thats as far as it goes. My family are great and all but they are always busy and most of the family keep to themselves. I have no support network here, except my dog who licks my face when I cry. Shes awesome tho, really.

    All the posts i put recently were all true, i was feeling that good but someone said something to me and my whole world shut down. They said “do you really think you can compete with the 20 year old girls out there? He doesnt want you, thats why he doesnt pick up the phone.” I was already knowing i wanted to move before they said that but that just made me want to leave more. Him saying I am not his type, not picking up the phone, not caring that I am leaving and reading that post you just gave me, at least they still hung out. I’ve seen him ONCE in 2.5 years. I’d really like to be with someone who loves me enough to pick up the phone. Maybe its best just to let him go get his type, even tho all the people I see who go for their types always end up in the exact same emotional situation.

    I learnt 2 things in just the last 2 days, I still have not let go, I am scared that if i let go he wont come back and i know that means I dont believe. I proved this to myself after calling again after that person said that and the belief that i wrote above.

    I will read the article again but oh my goodness I am tired now.


    1. Dear Gretta,
      You have done a great job identifying your limiting belief.
      I always said to my girlfriends who would say that a guy they liked wasn’t into them, “So what? Make him interested! Show him why he IS interested, even if it doesn’t seem that way now!”
      You do that by feeling good about yourself and the rest falls into place 😀 And if you can imagine it, he will realize that he does love you.
      You can accomplish anything you want xx


  16. Hi Nina

    How do you make someone interested in you that doesn’t want to know you? That thinks you’re crazy? That you have no way of contacting them? No way of them seeing you?

    Just basically get on with my own life and imagine it? How will he know I have changed? By me not initiating contact anymore?

    I know these sound like stupid questions but how will he become interested in me when we dont see each other?


    1. Because attraction doesn’t quite work on that level, otherwise we’d be attracted to anyone we see. Feelings work on an invisible level. Some people you see every day and feel disconnected from yet you feel connected to others who might be far away, no matter where and how often you see them.

      Your loving energy and positive feelings is what attracts him. We all connect on an invisible level 🙂


  17. Nina

    I started to laugh like I was before all this happened after I read your reply then sent mine. I laughed at how stupid I sounded.

    Some strange thought came into my heat that said “he loves me”

    I started to laugh again. No I’m not losing my mind! Haha

    I am going to avoid the person who made that comment to me, but not before I tell them how wrong it was to say it.

    Thanks. I feel on track again. My bounce back time is much faster now. 🙂 Pulling out your book on my iPhone again. ❤ 🙂


    1. So sweet 🙂 Remember to never think badly about yourself for having any thoughts whatsoever – they will all lead you to a good place, as you know 😀 xxxx


  18. I just went on to Facebook to see the first post on my newsfeed. It reads “Just because something hasn’t manifested, doesn’t mean that it can’t. You are not miles away from what you want and you are not years or hours or months or weeks or days away from what you want. You are only vibrations away from what you want!”

    Sweet! ❤ 🙂

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      1. This was so gorgeous to watch, how you patiently guided Gretta into making the shift-

        Seriously Nina one on one coaching , you could seriously help people make changes and in exchange they could write their success stories –

        I’m so manifesting that you start doing that – I have such a strong feeling that it would be … Magic !!! Really 🙂

        Gretta I understand everything you’re feeling – it’s not easy but you have put in so much energy and work and thought and love … I like to believe it’s all with good reason – and that sign is the perfect confirmation 🙂

        Any second now everything will finally fall into place and the journey will make perfect sense 🙂


      2. Nina

        I see how I am to blame for what has happened after reading that forum post on PI. I accepted responsibility that it was my thoughts, feelings and actions that have brought me to this place.

        I did the prayer on the belief, the one about that you can only attract people with the LOA if they are attracted to you.

        I used my feelings of disbelief in myself, disbelief in the Universe, my thoughts of disbelief, my belief that you cant attract someone you love with the LOA if they are not attracted to you also. And other various ways of wording it. Basically the words I used were disbelief, distrust, mistrust, unbelief, non belief, doubt and some others I can’t remember right now.

        I am working so hard on myself. I think my last little moment was WAY, way, less psycho lane then all the other times so I gave myself a pat on the back for that one and I noticed I could hold myself back more and my post wasn’t a huge mammoth post hahahaha! 🙂 So that shows me that Pono is working. That makes me proud of myself.

        The belief is gone – I don’t believe that anymore, infact I think that is rubbish. That’s why I keep harping on about Pono. I am now grateful if something comes up because its usually a big belief that I had to find in order to go forward. So every step backwards pushes me futhur than i was before falling backwards. Make sense?

        I feel better today. I am going to work on forgiveness of myself and for him. I saw today in a passing thought that I heard myself say “he’s never going to forgive me, I couldn’t forgive him if he had said those things to me.”

        As I sit here I can’t think of anything else that would be holding me back anymore, like more beliefs, I think that was the last one, about thinking you can’t attract unless they are already attracted to you.

        Lets see how I go now. ❤


  19. Hi Nina,

    I am starting afresh now I guess. I am changing my focus from what I desired. As I do believe I should not force anything on others.

    I am wondering why we get so attached and the others don’t get that much. Is it because we lack something or have some fears inside? Why is that we get so strongly attached to someone who are not that much into us? May be our own short comings? I am trying to understand why I need this so much and also want to prove I can have a good life without. I have put all my energy and exhausted thinking a lot. I think the answer lies in keeping ourselves happy and if someone is bringing our vibrations lower then keep them away until it makes us feel good again. The best way is to train our brains not to think of that and do whatever that keeps our minds away from these thoughts?


    1. I believe that people are just attracted to those they feel are difficult to get because of some false sense of value. I think that many believe that those they like are too good for them, especially when impressed with that person. Maybe what impresses people are people they deem better than themselves but nobody is actually better than you. You decide on your own value.

      Moving yourself away from the people that are bringing you down is absolutely important.


      1. Hi Nina

        Do you really believe that you can attract no matter the circumstances? No matter how bad the past had been? No matter what? No matter if the other person displays extreme stubbornness and fear? No matter if they have refused in the past to met you? To talk to you? Has other people influencing them? Just curious if you think you can come back from absolutely anything?



      2. Yes. Events change as soon as your energy does and you start attracting different things. However, staying focused and believing is a struggle for many, for many reasons.

        Just believe xxxx


      3. Then how do we differentiate if we are really in love with that person? Where do we draw the line?

        I have completely removed him from my life. I do like him but don’t think he wants the same. I need to keep my vibrations higher so completely moving myself away.


  20. I seriously don’t know what it is. That’s one of the reasons I’m trying to keep myself away from it. I’m glad I know I can use LoA. Right now I need to make myself feel happy to analyse how/what I really feel about this. This is really a crucial step for me. I hope in a month’s time or so I will be able to understand and see clearly.

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    1. Hi N ,

      I resonate with what you say here.

      Someone said something before that really hit home for me. They said if you don’t ride this manifestation out until you yield a proper result you’ll never really know – you can meet someone else but if the issue is deep rooted you’ll just repeat the same scenario.

      They were right, at a time I decided to completely let go and move on, there was a guy I had known for a while who started showing he really liked me. I was super excited for someone new with whom I finally would feel the ease of required attraction, a man who went after me properly unlike my object of affection.

      Well within a few weeks it began again: he was wishy washy, constantly in touch but never really made a move, clearly likes me but somehow didn’t do anything about it – because this time j wasn’t attached to any particular outcome it didn’t hurt … Then I reconnected with another guy who I used to be crazy about – exact same thing .

      I realized it’s not them, it’s me . And so if it is I can change me and then choose the one I actually want to be with, not the ones I’m settling for because they seem to want to be with me more.

      Stepping back is a great idea when the wires get all jumbled, it allowed me to realize in all this, in essence I still like him, I still care but I don’t need him and I’m okay whatever happens. Sometimes I think thoughts that make me uncomfortable but I realize they’re just that : thoughts that make me uncomfortable. What I believe though is what will make the difference… It took me trying to manifest this relationship, then hating him, then getting frustrated to get here –

      The great thing as Nina often says is that at anytime if we want to we can change our mind… 🙂

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      1. The same thing has happened to me. I gave up, and then found the exact same situation again with another person. This is why Nina’s blog has resonated so much, because I do believe it comes down to self-love, belief and what we expect. At least in my case.

        If you do not want to try to get over the hurt or angry feelings from someone and want to improve yourself in order to find a relationship with someone new, everyone has the ability to make that choice for themselves. It all comes down to what you decide would make you happiest, but until you decide and really stick to your decision, it will not manifest either way. That has been my personal experience

        Wish you both lots of love 🙂 ❤

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  21. Lyly and c and Nina,

    Thank you so much for your insights.. I see what you are saying and agree..I think the problem lies within me. It’s not easy for me to like someone and when I do I try and find reasons not to be with them. I’m doing exact same thing except this time I know I like him but he doesn’t want the same although I know and feel his liking for me. Sometimes he stops and I reach out and when I stop he reaches out. I need to first of all love and accept myself before I get into this. I don’t know how to do that. Because the issue lies within me I have let him go. I need to have a lot of patience and focus on myself but I don’t know what to expect. Love myself and then allow things to happen to me ? I don’t feel sad about my situation as I know clearly what I want and LoA should bring that to me…


    1. When you love yourself, you will automatically believe that things will work out for you because you will know that there is no reason for them not to.


  22. Hi Nina & All

    I believe we always know what we also.

    I was just reading up the last 10 or so posts, very interesting. I have a question.

    Why did this guy treat me as badly as he did but no other man ever has? Infact I am still close friends with my ex’s and they think he is an idiot.

    When I first met my guy he asked me, with some shock in his voice, If i was even attracted to my ex boyfriend. So as you can see attraction and looks is the most important thing to this guy. Infact he ran for the hills after the first time he saw me again, yet my exs didn’t, they came closer.

    The fact is I have NOT repeated the same scenario, i am still friends with my exs but this guy is the complete opposite to my ex’s and friends. I went from a loving ex who is still my close friend to this guy who keeps saying that there has to be an attraction, my ex was never like that. So I have not had the same scenarios repeat, he’s the first one that has been like this.

    How can it be me, when this is the only guy that has treated me this way and has listened to everything everyone has told him? Where as my exs always stuck by me and not their mothers.

    Do you know what I mean?

    I just needed to ask this. I got some test results back, they are not good and it explains WHY i am swaying so much. All the conditions are easily fixed but still they are the reason behind my swaying, and my behaviour, and a list of other things I just can be bothered typing out – They convinced him that I was some kind of mental case and he believed them where as my other ex’s told their mums to get stuffed and are still NOT close to their mothers to this day because they can recognise that their mums were not happy people and not happy in their marriages or themselves.

    Yes, i am struggling a bit today.


  23. I just wanted to show you the contrast and how these situations were not alike.

    My ex wrote a book, dedicated to me and wrote about me and my abilities in that book. This guy ran for the hills when he saw me then for 3 years reinforced how much he wasn’t attracted to me. After coming over the first time he slowly started to make excuses as to why he couldn’t come over anymore. Really it looked like he was coming over for help but he wasn’t, he thought he found something, then when he saw me declared to himself that I wasn’t good enough. The next time he came he said he was sorry that he lead me on, apparently he can do that and all the time getting text messages from someone. My ex’s never would have tolerated that kind of behaviour from their mothers, intact one of my exs used to hang up the phone on his mother when she started to get out of line and demanding with him. This is the first mummies boy I’ve ever experienced.

    I read something the other day that says if you are suffering it is because you are on the wrong path.

    I have ex’s contacting me asking when I am getting back into psychic work, this guy ran for the front door shaking.

    He asked me if i was even attracted to my ex.

    He is stuck in some world of types of people, his family and other things I just can’t be typing either.



  24. Im sorry, there is just some moments where I wonder why I am still at this and still trying to win the affections of a man who cut me out of his life and didnt even want to offer me a friendship because other people told him it wouldn’t be a good idea.Then I look at my ex’s and see them emailing and calling and look at him and see him never offering anything.

    Oh look I had a moment again. Jesus.


  25. Hi Nina and all sorry about the posts.

    I should explain just in case people are now starting to think i really am nuts.

    My ex-roommate just called me and said “Why do I keep attracting these kinds of guys?’ She meets a new guy a day. Some people would consider her lucky, but she does keep attracting people who have ‘problems’ as she puts it, but really is she seeing their problems or hers? Or does she or he have any of these problems at all? Stay with me.

    At first I said I don’t know, then I said it is US. We are doing something ‘wrong’ according to the LOA – It must be something we are doing? Us in general. Our vibration. And both of us always want to work on it immediately and get rid of things. It’s US, which I know it is, even tho I look like a victim in my above posts asking why, why, why!

    Then in a moment on the phone I decided I am not going to work on myself anymore, ever again. No more EFT. No more Pono. No more books. Nothing! And she is going to do the same. I am going to go down a different route. Physical instead of emotional work and start accepting everything and everyone for what it is instead of trying to change ANYTHING!

    What you resists persists. What if i just tried accepting myself instead of always trying to ‘get rid of the problem?’ Or change it? Or adjust it? Or improve it? Or whatever I’ve been doing all this time? What if I just started to view myself the way I always SHOULD HAVE before the world and other people made me think I was less than what I know I am? What if i just accepted that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH ME, because there isn’t! The only thing wrong with me is listening to other peoples opinions and beliefs of who I am and who I should have been all these years. I dulled my shine for years buying into the worlds and families and friends belief systems and get this! I accuse HIM of buying into other people belief systems, but I did the exact same thing! No more family stuff, no more childhood shit, no more buying into the worlds belief system or other peoples beliefs of what beauty is or what normal is. No more trying to fix myself because I saw the light! *There is nothing wrong with me, except me believing there is.*

    If i keep viewing myself as ‘something that needs fixing’ then I am going to be on a merry go around for the rest of my life!

    I don’t want to do anymore inner work at all because I KNOW I’m a good person and deserve the best and me buying into other peoples belief systems is what made me ‘go after him’ – to prove I wasn’t what he was told. If i never bought into things from family and life, I never would have gone after him. I would have said NEXT! And ran the other direction away from him. Had I believed in myself and my own worth, he would have been history.

    Buying into other peoples belief systems about who I am has cost me to many years of my life. My next door neighbor, that used to live next to me – she had an argument with her bf one night when they were out – when he came home that door was locked and she didn’t let him in. I should have been that kind of woman. Instead I wasn’t, because I bought into thinking I was no good so I did everything to make people think I was good and to never cause a conflict or to always smooth things over or always fix things, but really all I was ever doing was putting myself last and everyone else above me -because I could not see that I had bought into other peoples beliefs and opinions of me. That’s all it is. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. I have now come to this day questioning who I am and extremely pissed off and annoyed at myself. How dare I treat myself so badly and believe everything I am told.

    I noticed my anger started to come back up again after working on ATTACHMENT. It made me sit back and look at how my life has gone so far and I don’t like what I see. I see a person who has gone through life believing a lie, many lies, other peoples thoughts, feelings and beliefs of me!! I bought into them hook, line and sinker!

    I do want to fix myself and get back on track from my test results. I have hypothyroidism. If you are wondering why I cant keep my belief its that, my train-wreck posts, getting emotional, and a huge freaking list just to much to type, I will be here forever. I have EVERY hypothyroidism symptom, all the emotional ones also. I noticed my hair was getting thinner on top, in the light you can see my scalp! My hormones especially estrogen are all out. My iron is extremely low. Caffeine makes my pms symptoms worse! This was a study I’ve been doing with the help of a naturopath (The pms.) My PMS gets so bad if I consume any caffeine I have to sleep with a bra on and to shower. That’s why i cant keep my belief, that’s why I look like I am bi-polar some days. It is wrecking havoc on my emotional and mental state. I’m not crazy. I’m just not healthy.

    I would rather work on myself physically then emotionally ever again now that Ive realized that I dont have to work on myself because there is nothing wrong with me! Now all I have to do is fix my health issues, a result of years of believing bad things about myself. I dont have to work on myself emotionally anymore because I wont and refuse to buy into other peoples belief systems of who i am. Self hatred which was spawn from believing the lies people made me believe about myself.

    Guess what? Hypothyroidism mimics mental disorders, no wonder i have been acting like a nut! I thought I was going mental! One day yes i want him, the next day no screw this, like a freaking Yo-yo up and down everyday. Mix that with the other list above and you’ll see now why I swing like a screeching monkey from a chandelier!

    I’m so disappointed in myself for letting it go so far away from me and guess what, self blame is one of the emotional symptoms of hypothyroidism, so is obsessiveness! Iron is just as bad, right up there with it. I played it down above and said that the results can be easily fix, the truth is its going to take time. Months and months and months!

    I once watched a Brene Brown video where she said that people in life got what they want because they KNEW they deserved it and I am sure in all the people she surveyed that some of them or most of them would have either had rough upbringings, an absent parent, abusive parents, or any other childhood experience you can think of, but they always got what they wanted because they had a deep sense of knowing that they deserved the best. All it takes is just knowing. LIGHT BULB MOMENT!

    There is nothing wrong with you, but there is quite a lot wrong with what you have been taught to believe about yourself and about life. From today KNOW that you deserve the best and know that all that happened is that you bought into families, the worlds, friends, mens, etc, etc, belief systems and you don’t have to do anything to get rid of it because just accepting and acknowledging that you took on something that doesn’t belong to you will be enough to get rid of it. Just BELIEVE in YOURSELF. You are perfect exactly as you are. And the simple, amazing fact is that as soon as you accept yourself exactly as you are, with all the problems and flaws you think you have, but dont really have, that were never yours to begin with, then you will see what real letting go means. You’ll become who you were always meant to be and you will create and attract without any doubts because you know you can have that, because there is nothing wrong with you, and nothing to work on, and everything you want comes to you easily without any resistance and it wont matter if its this guy or another guy. That is what letting go is. That’s what detachment is.

    Cheers. x


  26. Gretta,

    What a perfect thing to say!

    We are just reflections of our own self. As I read through your message it became clearer to me. I need to find my happiness in myself than anyone else. I have to accept and love myself. If he feels the same way about me as I feel about him it will work out if not then its good I took this decision now than late. So its a win win situation for me.

    I think you have come a long way and got your eureka moment you have laid out everything in a clear precise and perfect way. This is very helpful.


  27. Hi N

    Just to clarify. I am not blaming anyone else, I AM blaming myself.
    The fact is If i didn’t have just a low self worth I never would have attracted situations or people that I have. I am interested to see what happens when I flick the switch and stop working on what I think is wrong with me and just accept that there ISNT anything wrong with me, and just accept and KNOW that I am deserving and worthy. You can still use the LOA to attract whoever you want, whenever you want. So long as you KNOW you deserve the best and the best possible partner also. It can still be the guy you talk about and it can still be the guy I talk about for me, if i want it to be. As Nina says when the energy changes everything changes. I do believe this. So its not about blaming anyone, it really is all about US.

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    1. All so beautiful Gretta. Thank you for sharing this with us. I think you’re on to something big for yourself. Without the resistance your body can heal more quickly too. Lots of love to you and continue to cherish and love yourself exactly as you are. XOXO

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  28. I am so thrilled for you Gretta! I agree that working on ourselves constantly can sometimes be another form of resistance as we’re subconsciously saying we’re not good enough –

    Thank you for sharing and lots of wonderful love and vibes your way!

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  29. Nina / LyLy / JCE

    Thanks for the kind words LyLy / JCE ❤

    PLEASE watch and check out this video if you have not already seen it.
    The doctors acted like the tumour was already healed and chant over this woman who has a tumour in her bladder.
    You will be able to see the tumour vanish in 2 minutes and 40 seconds on the machine.
    Fascinating to watch and listen to him again.
    He said one thing that really stood out to me, something very important.
    When we act like 'its on its way' 'or about to happen.' that we will stay in forever in 'its on its way' or "about to happen' because we have not reached the conclusion that we already have it.
    Basically the only way LOA really works is to ONLY act like its already happened.
    I know that this must sound like what she talking about we already know all this, etc, etc but I noticed that sometimes we say things on here 'its on its way' or 'he's coming' or 'its going to happen any minute" – This means we have not reached a conclusion that we already have it and it is already happened and we will stay stuck in 'its going to happen any minute' or 'its about to happen' etc.

    Please watch and let me know what you think.


    1. So funny I was actually watching this video yesterday and realized they are able to do that because they come from a belief that it is done, they’re not working their way to healing, they’re working their way back from it.

      My head still struggles to figure that one out because I’m naturally a logical person and my natural inclination is to explain to myself why all of this is absolute nonsense.

      Most of all, I think I haven’t figured out who I’d be once it’s done – I’m not sure who the woman in a relationship with him is and the way my life is going these days and what’s ahead things are about to get a bit more complicated so my rationale is well that ship sailed, there is no way anything is happening now because out of sight out of mind…or so I think.

      Who are we when it’s done?


  30. Nina

    Could you please explain – in point form – just one more time what “ACT LIKE YOU ALREADY HAVE IT” – MEANS TO YOU?
    The exact process with exact feelings that you feel when you are acting like you already have it?



    1. Hi 🙂

      Acting like I have it means I apply the idea to whichever area of my life it affects in my perception. For example, I talk about it if I choose to and say that this happening right now or about to happen to me. When I like and decide to be with someone, I am usually not available to other men – my instincts usually dictate that I can enjoy meeting someone new just to have a good conversation with him or something similar but I find myself unwilling to date anyone else. Your instinct in this situation could say something different – you could know that your relationship with someone is coming but might still want to go on a date with someone else before it comes together because it would make you happy to go on that date. These things can be different for anyone. Some choose not to date anyone else because they find it distracting if they have already chosen to manifest a relationship with someone. I´m sure you see what I mean plus I am pulling up the example of relationships because of your specific manifestation story.

      It is important to listen to yourself in this case and remember what exactly you LIKE to do when you have someone new in your life. Or, what you would like to do. I also like to pick outfits for our dates and think about what those dates and our relationship look and feel like – it makes me happy to think about those things. Maybe you want to imagine what it will be like to see his mother once you two are in love and he brings you home without caring what they think but also determined to see them accept you fully? You might want to imagine coffee with your girlfriends or writing on the blog right here and telling us all what your relationship is like now that it has come together, advising others how to relax and believe themselves? I also think about the reactions of others and how they will react to my relationship. Whether or not those reactions are good, they make me feel as if I have this relationship in my life. I also feel good saying “I’m not available” when I have to because I know it’s mine. I like talking about it to an extent. I love to know that it’s happening.

      When I decide to manifest any kind of new professional engagement, I also think about how I look, what exactly I do and how and what I feel like while doing it. It makes me happy to explain what kind of job is coming my way because I know that it is. When manifesting money, I think about what it feels like to HAVE it and how I feel spending it (or you might also think about what you spend it on). Thinking about what it feels like to spend it is even easier than thinking about what you spend it on because you can apply this concept to anything you spend it on. I see people congratulating me for my success and ask me questions. These things come to me in moments, those visualisation examples of having manifested my desire.


      1. Hi Nina,

        What if imagining/visualizing this about your desires doesn’t affect you or make you happy but just feel neutral about it? Should our visualization make us happy? I don’t feel any emotions when I think about it..may be just feel content. I don’t know how to feel happy and show love when I think about my desire?


      2. If you feel like you have it while you visualize it, it’s enough. Feeling neutral is good because it excludes any resistance which we want and which is why it is a positive thing.


      3. Hi Nina.

        I liked the suggestions thanks. I sent you an email. It’s a bit full on. Sorry! I will apply the visualisation you said about him taking me to meet his parents. That envoked a very happy feeling.


      4. I am so glad! And, hello again! 😀 I am back and have missed you guys again but the comments are fantastic as usual! I love this supportive, amazing and loving community! The bad times pass eventually but the good times last 😀
        I will check for and answer emails today xx


  31. I started to feel a bit down again, I was reading the Powerful Intentions link that someone shared a few days ago and I put on the Tv and this came on at the exact time. I feel and look like the RED FISH. Watch from 5.44 – 6.30


  32. Then the next thing that comes on Tv is a movie. The main characters name is the same name as my guy. Mother is asking him whether he really knows this girl and that he has to be careful and all this other stuff. Exactly what his mother told him about me. bwhhahahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi again! 😀 Thank you SO much, I have enjoyed my holiday but I am so happy to be back again 😀


  33. Hi Everyone.

    I met someone today who has a friend who is into loa. I swear it was someone telling me to not see my situation as hard as what it is but i have been feeling confused because so much shit has happened and somedays i can’t see myself coming back from it even tho he played a huge part in what happened also.

    Her story was mind-blowing. To not make this a huge post she had put a restraining order on her ex husband. There was kids involved. She said it was a complete mess. She ended up taking the restraining order off him and started to apply the LOA because she knew she still loved him and now they are back together. She said he treated her so badly that everyone thought she was crazy to take him back. But apparently now he is a changed man. She said that that she didn’t ever think she would get back together with him. A restraining order that she had put on HIM. Makes our situation look like a walk in the park.

    Seems really nothing is impossible.


  34. Hi Everyone

    I want to show you how I manifested 2 people contacting me in one day.

    I have been trying to make some new friends, conscious, open minded ones to be specific.

    5 days ago I was on Facebook and there is a couple on Facebook that I really wanted to get to know. They are very into the things I am and they have recently reached a little bit of fame in our state for their company. (That’s not why I wanted to attract a connection with them, I was just looking for new friends and new people to photograph also.) I wanted to add that bit in there because they just came back from touring around Australia for their health and wellness company. They were recently on the news, morning shows and radio etc.

    Anyway, all i said, was just once, “I want those 2 people to contact me, invite me over to their house or go out, whichever comes first.” I had never spoken to them before. I didn’t believe, i didn’t do anything. I just said I want those 2 people to contact me, said thank you and that was it. I wasn’t in a happy elevated mood either or excited about the prospect. Infact i would say i was sending out a desperation signal when I asked for them to contact me.

    Today, a few days later, after asking once – they have sent me an invite to their home (along with a few other people)

    Those 2 people asked me to their house, as I asked. This is the Universes way of starting the friendship.

    Just goes to show how asking once, saying thank you and forgetting about it and not caring if it happens is really how it all works. As I said I didn’t have any belief. i didn’t act like it had happened or it was already mine. I just stated what i wanted, i didn’t use a present tense and just said “i want those people to contact me!’ said thanks and got on with life.

    A part of LOA i hate is i feel like we are constantly told we always have to be happy. I was not happy around the time I asked, in fact i was feeling quite down and upset, intact I was beginning the universe for some help!

    My new way of doing it – is just asking once, saying thank you after asking, whatever mood I am in at that time is ok and never thinking of it again.

    The reason why I have never attracted my man is because I can’t stop thinking about it.

    And also If we know our desire is ours because we have asked i don’t see how beliefs can stop it from happening. You asked for it, no matter what you will get it. It;s yours. I still can’t help but think forgetting entirely is the way to go.

    Its made me more confident with the person I want to be with when I saw how fast I manifested 2 specific people who are now seen as celebrities in our state.

    Attracting him will be a breeze.



    1. It’s interesting how that happens isn’t it? My LOA coach says she’s manifested some amazing things even when in a low lousy state. She says you don’t have to be flying high all the time. She has a well rounded approach. Check her site out Gretta if you have a chance. She has great podcasts and blog posts. Enough material to last you for weeks or longer!


    2. Perfect 🙂 I love doing it like that and it is the way that always provided for my fast manifestations! xx


    3. One of the ways in which beliefs get in your way is IF they prevent you from letting go and being able to stop thinking about it which equals believing that you can have it.


  35. I have highlighted your book’s every singly line i guess n it looks like a multicoloured rainbow ice cream.
    You have given me strength Nina…. N hope… I so love you…n ever grateful..<3 ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Hi Nina,

    My ex and I broke up in early 2015. We kept in contact and chatted. He kept making suggestions to meet up even though we live in different countries. Earlier this year, we both cut off contact completely with each other though we are still Facebook friends. Cos I thought I wouldn’t be able to move on with our constant contact. I still miss him every day. Even though I have been keeping myself busy and indulging in activities I like. How can I get him to talk to me again? 😦


    1. Hello 🙂 Right now, you are missing the contact so it keeps eluding you but as soon as you decide that the two of you are back in touch and are happy about it as well as grateful, it will be so. It’s important to be grateful for what you want, as if you’ve received it already 🙂 That is what creates the energy you need to manifest – the feeling of not needing it but having it already.
      You can do this!


      1. Thank You, Nina, for your reply to everyone’s comments here. Appreciate the effort and your helpful advice. I bought your book a few weeks ago. Will put all this into practice. Thanks for always believing and never giving up. It gives me hope.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hi Nina,

        I dropped him an email to find out how has he been. While he did reply, he told me that he isn’t able to talk to me cos it wouldn’t be fair to his girl friend. I was shocked and very affected by the news of his new girl friend. Though it’s natural that he would have moved on after 1 years 8 months since our r/s ended. Maybe I should even count myself lucky that he isn’t active on social media and I wouldn’t need to see any photos of him and his gf. I’m sad and wish he can be back with me. Though a part of me feels that this might be the closure I need to move on. I still wish this isn’t true. Am I delusional to even be holding on? Letting go is so painful. Please help! 😦


      3. It only matters what you want and believe you can have, not what the current reality is.
        You should believe that you CAN have what you want and seeing yourself living your desire of being with him will bring him back, if you feel good about it.
        When I want something, I feel good when I think about HAVING it in my life. That’s why I visualize having what I want.
        Without guilt, decide whether or not you want to be with him no matter what, happily, and love him. That’s your first step.


  37. Dear Nina!
    Are you planning to publish your book in a printed version too? Are you planning to write other books too about loa ? 🙂


    1. Dear Tia,
      I am actually in the process of writing my second book which is about LoA and relationships! 😀 I plan to also publish it on Kindle because it’s an easy way to make it available to everyone. There will be more books in the future xx


  38. Thats sounds good, especially that it is about relationships, which is i think an area that almost everyone struggles 🙂 I am looking forward to it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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