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The Revision of Focus

The title of this post might confuse you at first but think about it – how clear is the meaning of focusing on your desire when it comes to LoA? How often do you get confused with the idea of having to keep focus on having your desire without actually realizing what it means?

This is your ultimate guide to the meaning of focus and how to keep it on having your desire.

Keeping focus on having your desire equals knowing that it’s yours and thinking and behaving accordingly. If you think about it often, you think about it being yours. If you put it out of your mind, you affirm that it is yours every time you think of it and then put it out of your mind again.

You can think about your desire all you want, as long as those thoughts are of having your desire instead of missing it.

Keeping focus allows you to let go. Letting go means knowing that everything you want is yours and never worrying about its manifestation.

Looking for an easy way to stay focused?

Write it down!

Writing in order to keep focus on your goal is what I suggest. Writing down for focus is great because it allows you to hold onto the thoughts of having your desire. Same with affirmations – they reaffirm the idea of you having your desire.

You can choose between writing or repeating affirmations; if it makes you happy, use both (only if it makes you happy because happiness changes your awareness fast). Writing a story about living your desire and reading it over and over or repeating affirmations of living your desire will alter your awareness to match the life you want to live.

See how it works?

If I truly want to manifest any desire, it is important enough to me to know that it is mine and that is the only option I will accept. I will visualize what it’s like to live my desire and be grateful for it.

If and when any negative thoughts come up, we must be honest with ourselves in order to resolve them – if we intend to manifest our desires, we will remove those thoughts or accept them as meaningless attempts of distraction. We will decide that we are brave enough to discover what it will be like to live our desires by loving them for what they are. These reactions will prove that we are focused on living our desires by resolving any and all self-imposed obstacles.

This is all you need to know because that is all there is. Keep it simple, without distractions and you’ll succeed.


  1. Hi Nina,

    Thank you for this. Last time I had success and manifested us meeting, I was doing this and sending heart energy nightly. The writing helped because the concentration on the physical act of writing helped me keep from thinking negative.

    Last time most of my affirmations cMe true in the beginning. He treated me nicely, was romantic, I even put that he called me his ” wife” in my affirmations and although he said it jokingly, it still came true. My challenge is that although I love this man, like on the Abe quote, there is one part of it that I get stuck on which is my fear that he’s a player/not faithful /not fully in love with me.

    What do you recommend as affirmations here: ” he is faithful to me”
    Also what about an affirmation that makes him want to be with me even more than I do? How would I phrase that?


  2. Hey C, he is faithful to me is a great affirmation. I never tried it…. and I shoulSD because faith really makes things amazing. .. beautiful and loving.

    Love and Light.

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    1. I agree that this would be a good affirmation for you C. It would allow you to imagine things being very different than you are used to.


  3. I liked this one from PI Forum that someone shared the other day. This is the one i write and say…

    “Thank you that XXX loves me. Thank you that XXX is surrounded in love for me. Thank you that XXX and I are in a committed romantic relationship of our dreams that brings us both complete happiness and 100% fulfillment. Thank you Universe!”

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  4. Hey Nina and crew,
    I’m not sure if you’ll remember me, I was on this forum a few months back trying to attract my ex as most of you here are! I just wanted to share my experience.
    At the time I did everything I could, read every new material, visualised, sent love, scripted. Everything you can name of.
    We ended up meeting at a function, something I thought would go so well went horrible. To put a long story short it was the worst time in my life, the police were called, we ended up at the station, and contact was then cut other than her sending me crazy messages for the next week.
    From there I decided I needed to move on and be the best person I could for me!
    I became the happiest I’ve ever been, I took on new hobbies, met new people, dated and met a couple amazing girls.
    I got to the point where I could honestly say that no matter what I would always love her and was thankful of the time we had together, but had realised I would never want to be back with her and she was out of my mind really.
    Out of the blue I ran in to her, really really random and was a 1% possibility of it happening the way it did, I nearly died of a heart attack haha. I sent her a text that night as it felt right (inspired), just to say it was nice to see her and glad shes well, and I meant that, no hidden agenda.
    From there she invited me over the next weekend (mind you she is seeing a guy and has been since the incident months ago). There were lots of tears, hugs, we even kissed (oops). From there she invited me to see her 4 days in a row!! I decided I don’t want to even go down that path, we still keep in contact and are totally cool with each other which is amazing.
    This all happened by letting go, moving on and living my life and being really happy.
    So if anyone has any questions I’m happy to answer. I gave one of my friends advice about moving on and being the best you can be, the ex started dating a mutual friend, 3-4 weeks later she was back,,,,


  5. Hi Nina,

    Sorry for bothering you again but I have a couple of questions.

    Back in 2015, I had a similar situation with this guy. He told me that he just didn’t have those romantic feelings for me. I was on a trip visiting him, and it really crushed me. I came home and couldn’t pray about my situation again for a long time. Not that I gave up, but I couldn’t really pray or focus on him anymore because his words and actions were hurtful. I’m worried that I feel this way again and that maybe this means it will be a while again, if ever that I can manifest this.

    How can I recuperate, and how do you know if it’s negative feelings, or if your soul just wants to give up on someone?

    Is this whole manifesting thing really that easy and immediate…. If so, why does it take so long for most of the people here… If ever?


    1. It took long for some on the blog but short for others – some achieved results within days or weeks.
      The difference is what I wrote in an earlier comment to you – focusing on your desires as opposed to focusing on the external reality and the way things are now.
      You must believe instead of always letting him lead your belief, if you will. Your manifestations ALWAYS come from within, even when it doesn’t seem like that, and you must now start to believe without needing to see proof and stick to it.
      If you “need” to see the proof of your manifestation, it will lead to more needing which inevitably results in seeing the opposite.


  6. Hi K & Nina & All!

    I am sorry if this offends anyone but i feel like someone has to say it and Nina I don’t mean to speak for you but are simply empathizing. You’ll see what i mean.

    Thanks so much K for posting your story! It was awesome to read while I was on my lunch break, I gave a little cheer! Even tho you don’t want the relationship back with her to overcome everything that happened is awesome.

    Everything you say it true. Especially this part. – “This all happened by letting go, moving on and living my life and being really happy.” In all my experiences of attracting people and things the only time I got to be with those people or got those things was when I let go and moved on and those things showed up, the faster I let go the quicker it came.

    I personally think none of us have moved on just by still being on this blog and asking Nina the SAME questions over and over in just different ways, myself included! I was thinking of Nina today and thinking we must all be driving her nuts. Seriously, she has the patience of a saint. I know she will probably say that we are not, but there has to have been a time where she must have been sitting behind her screen thinking “just let go!” Please correct me if i am wrong Nina, i dont want to speak for you, but seriously i really feel for you! At times I feel guilty for being such a dickhead when I couldn’t get my emotions under control, blaming him and his mother, but never really looking at THE FACTS! THAT I ATTRACTED EVERYTHING I THOUGHT AND FELT and that’s exactly what he gave me! WORD FOR WORD! Over and over again! I know you are here to help because you want to Nina, but if you ever feel like saying “cut it out and let go” – then do so because I think some of us need that! Again I dont want to speak for you I just wanted to put it out there – I’ve not ever met anyone as patient as you and I’m sorry for all the times I must have made you feel like probably not wanting to come back to the blog because we dont seem to be getting it!

    I think we come to the site because we are holding onto Nina out of fear of letting go. I’m sorry if you dont feel this description fits you, but if you take another look you will see that needing the constant reassurance from her is a sign that we dont believe and have not let go. Please tell me if i am right here, Nina? How many questions can we ask the same time over? Why are we still asking and not just attracting?

    We all know how to do what she has told us MILLIONS of times. We’ve all been here for so long suffering the same issue, it isn’t the MAN, IT’S US! We have to let go, it’s that simple! We’ve asked, we must receive it!

    I’ve mentioned before in my posts that I never knew anything about the LOA and I KNOW I DIDN’T know anything about believing, i didn’t know if those people would come back, I just knew I liked them, I probably asked to be with them! THOUGHT about them with good feelings, what it would be like to be with them, kiss them, imagined all that good stuff, wanted to be with them, pined for them, cried over them and then forgot about them and there they were, some faster than others. The more we hold on, the more questions we ask, the more it shows we dont believe. Someone has to see what I am speaking about here? Anyone?

    The energy we spend on asking questions needs to be time spent on OURSELVES!

    In that video I posted the other day, Points of Power by Rhonda Byrne (Youtube) He says;


    When I heard that It was like a wack to the back of the head. Even tho Nina has been telling us to focus on us, we haven't been, not really, we are still asking her questions about HIM. HOW is that letting go? It's not! For example, whatever you are experiencing with your person is because that is how you are feeling right now and thinking, YOU are getting back EXACTLY what you are thinking and feeling about them. We all are! We thought they would meet other people, they did, we feel rejected, hurt, anger and that is what they keep giving back to us REJECTION, anger etc. EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE FEELING they are mirroring back to us. We are focusing on what they are not doing and that is what we keep getting back!


    Like I was told today by the woman at work, that told me the story the other day that I posted on here, about the couple who got back together even after a restraining order! <3<3 If you want to bring this man into your life, stop asking questions and start LOVING HIM! UNCONDITIONALLY! Never speaking of the past again, acting like you only just met him! The past has magically vanished! There's no more questions to ask anymore! It's about LOVE and love only. START ATTRACTING WITH LOVE!" ❤ ❤ (She is Scottish so it sounded so amazing when she said it!" Haha!) Yes I even wrote it down!

    I know we know all this, but we are not applying it! I think we need to start posting inspirational things and stories and not continuously writing about how sad we are or what these people have done to us, they didn't do anything to us that we didn't already feel and think about ourselves and them. They just gave us back what we were and are vibrating! We are sad because we MAKE OURSELVES THAT WAY!

    The lady at work guided me today at the end of our lunch break, in the last few minutes, she said just feel him slipping away a bit, loosen the grip, youre letting go now, how does it feel? I said it feels ok! Then she said can you see him more clearly now? And amazingly! i could see him more clearly! Vividly! Then she said, ok can you feel that you are with him more now? And BOOM! I could and this overwhelming surge or love came over me for him. When she guided me to 'loosen the grip and let go' i could feel even more that he was already mine / already with me / already happening and no more work had to be done and no more questions had to be asked and all i had to do was move about with my life.
    Someone try this and tell me what you feel, please!

    Just try that letting go above that the lady at work guided me through, just try not asking anymore questions, just try to attract as if you only met him and you dont have the past you do! Then filling your life with things that make you happy.

    Today i enrolled to take dancing classes back up! Cha Cha Cha!

    With Love ❤


    1. Dear Gretta, I see several things here.

      First of all, your post is great, no argument there. Some must let go and others must start to believe so that they could let go. Some are not ready to manifest which is evident by their refusal to let go but when they were ready to manifest small changes, they did so. If my answers to comments take a little longer, many come to the conclusions they are supposed to come to on their own; at the same time, others do repeat their qs but they know that they are not doing what they need to do to manifest (believe and let go) but hold on to doubts instead. Others refuse to abandon their limiting beliefs and know it.

      There have been times when I either stopped answering for the time being (mostly to emails) because I knew I had said it all to the person and had to leave them for the info to sink in and then, they saw results to the point where they allowed it. When the answer to a comment is simple, such as “Letting go is the only answer,” I promise I say it either like that or as the essence of my reply, because I do agree that it helps.

      It is true that self love and confidence building is avoided by some but those who dove into it or took it one step at a time succeeded. For example, K has let go, lived it and has now come back to share the stories. While Lightline manifested, the process was full of LOVE and positive vibes shared in this community. Sometimes, one must move beyond their hurt ego and forgive because love is so much more important than that.

      Stories of affirmations were shared in this community, and of love felt and anyone can do the same. Stories of daily affirmations, signs and everything else can be shared, just like you have been doing lately Gretta. Happy events such as manifestations of other riches in life, or pampering oneself, of helping others or anything else that is based on love are always welcome 😀 You have made a wonderful suggestion with sharing more of the good parts and with that, focusing on the good.

      When I wake up in the morning, I am firstly grateful for my magical life. I’m grateful for just being alive and for all the amazing things that are happening to me 😀 Everyone should honestly try that and I assure you, you will raise your vibration immediately! 😀

      If you are not ready to manifest and you know it right now, think about whether or not you are truly eager to live your desires or prefer to stay in this comfort zone. If you are ready, repeat to yourself that you are ready to be and live what you want, and begin to believe that you deserve the life you want. You must start to feel comfortable in your own skin and remember that your opinion of yourself matters the most. If you need support, you can always come here and talk about how to best accept yourself. Nobody’s perfect and you don’t have to be but you deserve to love yourself and be magnetic to others by default.

      You know you can do this.


      1. Hello Nina!

        Yes to everything you said!

        Also! I think the most I’ve learnt from this site, besides the LOA tips, is I found every limiting belief I had and they are all gone.

        I came here to this blog after every time I looked in the mirror thinking – “No wonder he doesn’t like me” to “Whats not to love?” Bwahahahaha!

        I can tell that the limiting beliefs are gone because in front of my co workers, my male college said to me, “You look very pretty today, XXXX!” And you should see his girlfriend! Wow! So if he said that to me it was a massive compliment! No guy has ever said that to me before, yes you read that right, no guy has – obviously because of what I was vibrating off about myself! So obviously, unlocking those beliefs is now starting to show through other people reflecting back to me what I now think of myself!

        And let me tell you, I have flogged myself with prayers, eft and whatever else I could to smash those beliefs out of me, so it was worth going through everything I have on this site for that! I am grateful!

        Yeehaaa! < (the sound that cowboys make! Hahahaha!)

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  7. Gretta,

    I totally agree.. thank you for laying this out beautifully! This blog is so connected to us wrt our desires. May be we should focus on our happiness and share each other’s story on how we have moved on or some other inspirational story. Letting go will surely get us where we want to be. If we come back with our questions/doubts that means we have gone few steps backwards from our manifestation paths ( Hope none of us will go backwards). I can’t wait for the day when I have managed to completely forget about him.
    Anyway at least we now know our actual problem.


    1. I say, when anyone has any questions, ask them with the goal and the readiness to apply the answers in order to become happy, confident and strong, not just to find a quick fix or a new manifestation technique xx


  8. That was such a great message Gretta.
    I know everyone has their methods and what works for them.
    I just got to the point where I knew I was too attached, I lost myself and I needed to start living for me.
    I wanted to be the best version of me. Speaking of ex I’m just getting home from us going for a run!
    I think when you become the best you, it’s like you’re a beacon of light that is very attractive, everyone wants to spend time with you as your energy is so amazing.
    Your ex will feel it, you don’t need to know or understand the how’s, they will!
    I’m currently going through another situation with a specific person too.

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    1. Hi K

      Thanks for posting your story. I think it will help a lot of people that visit Nina’s blog. ❤

      Yes, I think a few of us will be able to relate to losing ourselves with attachment, etc.

      "I think when you become the best you, it’s like you’re a beacon of light that is very attractive, everyone wants to spend time with you as your energy is so amazing." – This is 100% accurate.

      These days I say an affirmation here or there and visualize if i feel like it. The Universe knows what I want, I don't feel as if I have to do anything more. I sometimes fall asleep when visualizing, i used to think it was a bad thing but I just recalled reading Neville Goddard say to get yourself into the state before sleep when you visualize, so i have been doing it right all along. Haha!

      Thanks for posting your story again ❤

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  9. “Whether your thoughts and feelings are good or bad, they return as automatically and precisely as an echo.”
    ― Rhonda Byrne, The Power

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    1. If I am causing my sadness and his distance with my thoughts, can I fix that if I think positively? Is it ever too late to bring him back to me?


      1. It’s never too late. As soon as you change your feelings, so will your reality 🙂


  10. I will let Nina answer, Bea.

    But until she sees your post the answer is – No, it’s never to late.

    Have a listen to this video until Nina answers, if you want. ❤

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  11. Bea & Nina & All

    I don’t know if you read my post above, about the Scottish woman at my work who guided me through a little exercise and told me to attract based on having only just meet him? (which cuts out the history/past/bad feelings) automatically. Try that exercise above!

    I forgot to mention that she got me to recall the first time I saw him, the very first memory I have of him, and to think of him and feel the feelings in THAT memory, then attract based on those feelings, that first ever time I saw him, because that is the happiest, fondest memory I have and it really is.

    How can you be upset/angry/scared/worried/feel rejected attracting someone who you have no bad feelings towards? Do you know what I mean?

    Basically it takes you back to the very first day you laid eyes on them and gets you to focus on that happy feeling ALL THE TIME, instead of recalling what has happened. It’s not hard to do at all. Just focus on the first time you ever SAW him, those feelings, it doesn’t matter what the first conversation was about, just remember the feelings.

    She also asked me what was the first thing I thought and felt when i saw him and I KNOW i thought, “I want to marry him!” – I just had this knowing that he was the one for me. So now I say to myself “I’ma marry that guy I saw in that room that day!” and it automatically cuts out our past. It automatically cuts out everything that has been said. Just try it. Go back to that first day.

    You’re confidence will rise because you dont remember anything but the feeling you had the first time you ever saw them. You dont care if they are with someone now or not because, its yours! You’ve already declared that he is yours, like I have by saying “Ima marry that man!”

    As I was walking out of work today she said to me, “Don’t forget my invite!”

    Yeehaa! xo ❤

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  12. P.s That above will allow you to get into the space of getting back into the good feelings.

    Then start acting like you have what you want (which is what I am doing, we are already married or whatever it is you want with your person) then move about with your life.

    The above exercises (a few posts above and the most recent one above are exercises to get you back into the feeling place.)

    It works, try it! ❤


    1. Hi Gretta.

      Thank you for the exercises in positive feeling. It does make me feel good when I think about the first time I saw/met him. It was so exciting and I knew immediately he was very special. I remember feeling very calm and comfortable around him. There was an instant attraction. I have always been very shy meeting new people but, with him, it was different. I guess that is why things have been so difficult for me regarding him. He is a great person and I very much want a wonderful, loving relationship with him.

      I agree with an earlier post you made. I think it is better for our vibrations and well-being to come on here and build each other up and try to not focus on what is missing, myself included. The past is the past and I look forward to what the future will bring and how the Universe is going to bring us together…better than I could ever imagine.

      Sending love and good vibrations to you all…❤️❤️


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  13. WOW! So good to see you post a super positive post!

    Yessssssss! There ya go!

    If you do find yourself slipping into thinking about what is or whats happened, think back to that first memory and always take yourself back to that memory focusing on the feelings of that day and visualize or send heart energy or whatever you use while being in the space of remembering / feeling those feelings from the first meeting! Then say ‘its mine or it already mine!’ or whatever affirmation you use and then move about with your day. I found remembering him from the first time I saw him kept my vibration up all day and i musta been vibrating love all day. Yay!

    It works! 🙂 ❤

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