Why I Love to Manifest

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  1. Hi Nina,

    I love the new look! It’s so easy to read, congratulations on the new blog!

    I’m a very analytical person… sometimes I think this causes me a lot of grief because I tend to overthink things in the negative sense more than positives.

    I often look at the LOA teachings from the logical side, and maybe you will be able to the answer this question, or maybe its a little too technical on how this works… I’m not sure.

    I was reading your post and how you manifested your friend to come visit you. Now, I know I have asked this in the past, but if you were to try to visualize me writing you a note here telling you that all of my desires had come true, that my guy had come to me and told me everything I wanted to hear, and now we are happily together. If its all about you in the manifestation and no one else, why would your desire/intention to see me write that here not be enough. That somehow your intention would start to influence/change me so that I would bring that forward, and I would write that you here or in an email?

    I had read a story before about Neville Goddard when he first started working on LoA with his mentor, Abdullah. He tells his mentor that what he really wants is to visit his home in Barbados. Adbullah tells him to start picturing himself in Barbados and walk like he is in Barbados. Abdullah does the same for him. In the end, the trip is manifested, and Neville writes that even though Neville had his doubts, Abdullah never doubted and the trip manifested for Neville. It was funny because at one point, Neville had told Abdullah about his doubts, and Abdullah slams the door on him and yells “I have said all I have to say.” “You are in Barbados.”

    Does it and can it really work this way?


    1. Hi Nina,

      I just want to add that i’ve been trying to let go and just enjoy my life but it has been challenging lately. I’m at that age, where all of my friends are now in committed relationships. I usually spend time with my parents and nephew on the weekends, but this weekend they are not available. I was going through my list of friends to see who would be able to grab dinner and do something fun, but they are all busy with their lives and relationships. NONE of my friends are single right now, so it can be very lonely sometimes being the only one.

      So my second question is, what do you do when you’re feeling lonely and you have no way to distract yourself or possibility to do the things that would make you happy like going out to dinner with friends?

      Thank you again,


      1. Hi C and anyone that might be interested.

        I have been using Rockstar Affirmations account on YouTube’s for the last 2 days and I can see how instant they have been for me and quite powerful.

        I’ve been doing the money and abundance, I am working my way through most of them. Have a look around. You might see some extremely odd ones, just try out the ones you think would apply to you most probably from the playlists of;

        Feel Good Now (18 videos.)
        Attract Your Soulmate (8 videos)
        Attracting Men (8 videos)
        Personal Development & Grow (28 videos)
        Great Relationships Affirmations (8 videos)
        Health Positive Affirmations (6 videos)

        They are half hour long affirmations, all different affirmations said by a man and woman, with beta sounds in the background(?)

        Either way, I thought I would share because I really like them.

        Love x



      2. Hi again 🙂 When no one is available, rely on yourself. You can cook for yourself, read, go shopping, do something you love to do on your own 🙂 When you turn yourself into great company, you will attract even more amazing company and end the loneliness.

        From now on, you can also manifest an active social life with a great deal of friends and activities. Whatever you prefer! You could find new, amazing friends in addition to your old friends.

        Also, next time you call someone to hang out (or more people), be grateful for meeting up with them before or while you call – this will ensure manifestation and one of them will either go out with you or invite you over. Be sure that you’re going to get the result you want 🙂 xx


    2. Thank you so much 🙂

      I know that Neville story and manifesting can work that way. This is just like manifesting love – your feelings influence another and in this case, your belief influences another. However, I have been advising you to deal with your negative thoughts in order to put them behind you forever and increase YOUR belief whenever you asked because that was what you asked at other times.

      I know that everyone in this community will message that their dream has come true soon enough and I always believe in you. However, if you believed in it yourself (and you can believe only because I believe in you), it would happen even faster 🙂


      1. Thank you for both responses Nina. I’ll try your suggestion about manifesting the social life too.

        Thank you,


      2. My last friend that I was waiting for replied no to me this morning 😦 I will try to find comfort in my own company

        I did affirmations last night before I fell asleep but I still had a bad dream last night about my guy where he told me he wasn’t interested in me. Can you please see us together before the end of this month? I will do everything I can do on my part as well.

        Thank you,


      3. I already do 🙂 You got this, just know that and you will automatically let go to manifest. Just choose to believe, choose to KNOW 🙂 xx


  2. Hi Nina, thanks for this post. I think I needed this post today because I have been thinking of my work place situation a lot.
    I am currently working with two guys and different profiles while my desire is to get that perfect position with mamy other desires involved. I am patient and I know it’s around the corner. But I am feeling that people are dumping their work on me, I feel like retaliating, people are actin smart with me… etc. I know it’s all me and I can turn it around my intending and visualizing better things. BUT how to handle such situations in the heat of moment… like right now… suppose someone is giving me something to worm that they should do… if I deny it will create a tiff or a little tension that I myself don’t like…. I’d rather smile and do the work… but inside I feel a little low because people played smart with me. How to deal with such feelings then and there. ….?? Please help.
    Love and Light


    1. It sounds like you feel your current reality to be the total opposite of your desire. I suggest that you remind yourself of how smart and capable you are, and that you put your faith in your abilities first (mainly, put your faith above the words of others). When your focus shifts to your faith and confidence, their words will be almost meaningless to you. When they start to go off, you will understand that the problem is them, not you. Those who don’t have a problem but genuinely want to achieve goals at work motivate others to achieve it so they could all benefit from it and enjoy the results.

      The general focus on yourself, enjoying your confidence and your capabilities will allow you to complete work amazingly well, earn you respect and make you feel great. When you focus on yourself, you will understand others without them being able to hurt you.

      I know you can do this!


      1. Okay so the plan is to have confidence and faith in my capabilities and everything will work out well. I can do that…

        I’ll keep you posted. Thank you.


      2. Yes 🙂 And be grateful for your ideal job, as if you’ve received it already. Imagine what it’s like, what it feels like and imagine yourself as you want to be treated at work. Just like you manifested the relationship – imagine it the way you want it to be 🙂


  3. And the change of ur blog is my manifestation. The other day I was thinking of a changed interface of ur blog. It happened so soon… wohooooooo. I love it. It’s beautiful and I have alays adored the pics u use on ur blog. At times they are my signs. Really. This is wonderful.


    1. Yes!! 😀 Amazing 😀 And I must tell you, all the photos since I bought my domain (from the post about the book going live and on), I have taken (and edited, when I did) myself 🙂 All the photos from June and July are my work and I plan on continuing with that! I am completely in love with this design, I’m not gonna lie! I am so happy you like it xx


      1. That’s really cool to know!! Yess… please continue doing that. They look very beautiful and peaceful as well.

        Love & Light

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  4. Hi All.

    I found something on you tube by accident today after i posted the affirmations up above for C.

    I found a woman called Cathryn Taylor who does EFT especially for inner child. She talks about how the inner child is what is really sabotaging us from what we want to attract.

    She has a 62 part video serious, yes 62 videos that are to be done one after the other, that deals with everything to do the inner child. So far I am up to video 4.

    Her EFT is amazing. In video 4 which I just did, towards the end of the video she gets you to stop the video and gets you to ‘channel’ your inner child and write with your non dominate hand and to just write what you can hear, your inner childs story.

    I am looking at sentences which looks like a 4 year old wrote it, but the heartbreaking thing is what that little person has written on the piece of paper I am looking at. I see repeat sentences. I don’t want to write what came out because it is so personal, but now I see where my sabotage is rooted in. I’ve never cried so much in my life. When you are in the mode of writing down what your inner child is saying, YOU, as you are now, completely disappears and something takes over and when you see what you have written down on that paper its heartbreaking what your inner child is really asking for, but you feel an amazing connection to something you have been disconnected from for so long. Some of my writing, I would write the word TO, I was putting the O in front of the T. My letters are the wrong way around. It’s got to be the most powerful EFT video series I’ve ever accidentally stumbled across.

    I am not surprised I stumbled across it, I may have unconsciously asked for it.

    It is 2.45am in the morning and I have done the first of her 4 videos and will be doing the other 58 videos over the next week.

    If you want it – here is the link to all the videos (you may have to click LOAD MORE a few times) – https://www.youtube.com/c/cathryntayloreft4innerchildandsoul/videos

    It starts with the video called #1 EFT/Inner Child Meditation Series Overview and the final 62nd and final Video is called #62 EFT/Inner Child Meditation Take A Soul Step And Commit.

    Really, shes amazing.

    With Love x


  5. Just to add…

    After doing the 4th video and reading back over my inner child’s story I could clearly see where I have been vibrating at/from and where my point of attraction has been coming from and it would certainly not be drawing what I want to me because that inner child has been sabotaging it. One line was written over 11 times saying the same thing and its the key that I needed to unlock myself and this.

    I hope someone else does the video series and lets me know how they went because when you write that story down, what your inner child tells you, you can see where the immediate change needs to happen and where you are vibrating from, and why it isn’t happening as fast as it should be. We ARE attracting based on the inner child.

    Thank you Universe!



  6. P.S – The feelings of unforgiveness was nothing to do with my guy. While tapping in the 4th video a memory came up. My guy had been triggering the memory of something earlier that had happened to me.

    Now I feel forgiveness. See you all in a week.



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