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  1. Hi Nina,

    What if even when you think of what you want or things you’re grateful for doesn’t bring you a good feeling anymore. Even when I’m doing those things, as I’m thinking about them, I feel a little tightness/tension in my heart. It’s weird, before, I could go over my lists and feel happy, but now I can’t shake it. I don’t know if I’m tired, need to take a break or what?


  2. Hi C

    I answer your posts because I feel that our situations were very similar, in the things these men USED to say to us.

    I wanted to tell you a quick story that happened to me at work. There was a white Ted Baker dress that I had had my eye on for a few weeks. I loved this dress so much but i stuffed around (stayed angry at him for all the things he said), and didn’t put the dress away in storage (didn’t want to forgive him, didnt want to work on myself, wanted to blame him) and to tell you the truth I dont know why i didn’t just GET IT off the rack when I first saw it (All of Ninas comments banging on to us about what to do to attract.) Anyway, a lady came in a few days ago and I saw her with MY white dress in her hands, it was only at that split second that I realized JUST HOW MUCH i loved that white dress and I remember thinking “oh no! that’s my dress! Please don’t buy it!’ One of her kids was touching some of the things in the store, she went to go get her child and forgot to go back to the dress. When she left I grabbed my dress off the wall and put it in storage and got a rush of love for it.(I forgave him)

    The point is, I think you have to decided what it is you really want. Do you want him? Or do you want someone else to take YOUR white dress away from you before you realize just how much you loved it but didn’t act. (Couldn’t get past the past, heal, work on the things that are bugging you.)

    With Love.

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  3. Thank you Gretta. Yes, I know I want this, that’s not my issue.

    Last time, I was able to work through my hurt and forgiveness issues. I think it was because he hadn’t said anything to me definitive either way… So I found happiness in creating my situation. This time, I’m having a harder time because I really felt rejected.

    I’m more having a problem with down feelings right now and am trying to pull myself out because my relationship/love life is not the only area of my life where I’m feeling this way.

    Things that I did last time are not helping this time, but I feel that I may also be trying too hard. Struggling to make myself feel better, so now I’m looking for ways to relax.


  4. C

    Believe me. I know how hard it is. I did it by flogging myself daily with EFT until I feel asleep and forced myself to do it even when I was feeling like crap and whatever else I could do PLUS asking “someone’ ‘up there’ for help. Ask for help, just ask them for help in all the areas you feel you need help with. No shame in it. Ask out loud, more than once. Angels, guides whatever you believe in, even if you dont believe, just ask! 😉

    Maybe you could start running/jogging? Dancing lessons? Join a meditation group or an intuitive group. Go and have healing sessions done by a good healer. Singing lessons? Journaling, painting, drawing (even if you can’t!) Learn a language, gardening, bush walking, camping! Cooking lessons (just to learn new techniques!) What about a new pet? A puppy or some chickens! (You’ll get fresh eggs! haha) Volunteer, donate blood! op shopping! Yoga! Dog walking for other people! Horse riding! Scrap booking! MAKE dress jewellery and sell it at markets! Wine tasting! Join a book club! Play an instrument! Collect things! Candle making! Gym! Restore old furniture and sell it! Travel! Go to museums! Do calligraphy! ❤

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    1. Yes, I’m doing some of those things already …. I take yoga about 3-4 times a week, tried EFT, meditate daily, chakra healings and some others.

      Funny that you mentioned a puppy, I was going to see my moms dog soon because she always makes me smile. I like your other ideas too though. Thank you ❤

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  5. Today I had a beautiful morning, I did my usual gratitude routine and listened to some great Abraham and Bashar stuff about shifting realities and being expectant but not too eager . I somehow managed to release my need for my guy, and the other one I had been talking to again recently. I also did the 2 glasses experiment you can find on Reddit about deciding that you’re in a new reality. So far I had always done it writing a specific name but this time I just specified that I was in a loving committed relationship with the perfect guy for me.

    And I have been walking around all day with this sense of love and appreciation inside me, almost moved to tears at some point because I could actually feel this man with me. And as I smile walking about saying thank you, I take notice of little things : the sentence love is in the air in a place I walk by everyday but had never seen before, walking the house and the song ‘ I’ve been thinking about you ‘ playing on the radio had me wondering who was talking to me.

    And then I went on the secret website just because and read this :

    I had been single for over a year, the longest dry spell in a decade. However, it was at this time that I did the deepest soul-searching, reading spirituality books and stumbled across The Secret.

    The light bulb moment happened when I realised I had been focusing too much on what I didn’t want. For so long, I had been blaming and “working through” childhood abuse issues, as I had been told to do by well-meaning counsellors. After reading The Secret I realised why I was attracting the same kind of relationships, as I was focusing on the “don’t wants” and essentially the past, and not enough on me.

    So I began to focus on what I did want in a partner; Everything from his personality and values, to the dark hair and blue eyes he would have. I was even drawn to read romance novels for the first time in my life, which put me in a romantic state. I even started to sleep on “my” side of the bed, all the while enjoying my own company and living alone, though never lonely. I really think this was the trick, to just love and feel whole myself, while being expectant and eager of “The One” to be magnetized into my life.

    Long story short, I met “The One” within 2 months, got engaged within 3 months after our first date and married within 2 years. He is everything I had dreamt of and more, down to the brown hair and blue eyes. We discovered our lives before we met were so serendipitous, everything from my aunt having met him 23 years prior, to him and I dating people with our respective names that we had both met on separate Contiki tours, to him and I starting to work for the same company within weeks of each other 3 years prior, though we never crossed paths until 3 years after. I guess such “coincidences” are another way the Universe surprises and delights you in ways you least expect!

    Thank you Rhonda for making The Secret so accessible! I truly discovered how and why to love myself and life, and that life can be magic if we go about it more consciously. To top it off, I am just so blessed to have a Valentine to share it with every single day.


    I know it’s not a specific man story but I think it applies because this man was already in her reality but could only appear tangibly when she stopped trying to fix herself and focus on ‘the problem’ . That hit home in so many ways for me : in constantly trying to fix childhood traumas, releasing resistance, improving myself I was only finding more issues because energy flows where attention goes.

    Major breakthrough for me today, letting go of the angst and the resistance is so liberating because if in the end I win regardless of the way there: I’m still happy. And that’s all that matters.

    Just wanted to share


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    1. Thanks Lyly, love this. Just curious, for the 2 glasses experiment, what did you label the two glasses? I wasn’t sure what I would put?

      Also, I totally agree with the secret story that working too hard on yourself can be counterproductive because it takes your focus to the negative. Its best to work on self-love and just loving yourself.


      1. Absolutely C 🙂 and the resistance levels are polar opposites because in one case you’re focuse on external manifestations on you Bing ‘ fixed’ and on the other you’re focusing on loving and accepting yourself.

        I had single and insecure on the negative paper versus in a loving committed relationship with the prefect man for me and so happy on the other.

        It used to scare me before, the thought of not saying his name specifically but I realized that was insecurity and doubt. If I genuinely believe my guy is the perfect guy for me it will manifest that way but if for any reason he isn’t then the right one will and it won’t really matter.

        If you believe your guy is indeed the perfect guy for you than writing that won’t be an issue – at the same time it leaves the door open for all options which is least resistant.

        Also read people s experiences with the 2 glasses experiment, it’s just a tool to help you make the conscious decision that it is indeed done. No turning back and no doubting otherwise it defeats the purpose 🙂 pretty much everything Nina says 🙂


  6. Nina.

    I spoke to those 2 friends, stubborn one won’t shift and quite honestly I don’t care, I don’t have the time, she doesnt want to work on herself at all but is happy to stay in a relationship were they are constantly fighting and she thinks its ok to make demands to be the centre of attention. Next!

    2nd friend has recently dumped the guy I told you about in the last post, has already found another guy and has asked me for psychic advice and I just said no i dont do it anymore and no to him. That is now approx 9 guys in 4 months. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but its impossible for someone to go through 9 men and they are all no good!?!
    I think both of them have this really high expectations when they cant even meet these expectations either.
    We have all been on this site wanting the same person even tho we know they have faults. I dont know where she is coming from but i gave her some EFT to try and she says that it is helping.

    LyLy / C

    I think some childhood issues do need to be worked on because my friends above are classic examples of people who dont want to work on themselves and had shit childhoods and or expect the perfect man – you attract based on subconscious beliefs – so if you are constantly vibrating that you are not good enough, not worthy, etc, you will keep attracting people who tell you this over and over again or act that way towards you, but I know what you mean, eventually you have to stop and just do what the lady in the above story did but at least some of it needs to be cleared.


    The second friend asked me a question, does she have to believe or can she just ask and then forget about it? I am sure I’ve asked this for her before. She also has an easier time thinking ‘its coming soon’ or ‘it will happen’ then saying ‘its already happened’ ‘its already mine’ – Can she just go through life thinking ‘its going to happen’ instead of ‘its already happened?’ – I think what she is really asking is can you just ask once and get on with life and i said yes.



    1. She can ask and then forget about it. This is asking once and letting go and also translates into belief – you let go when you believe but hold on when you don’t. If you examine your emotions, you always know whether or not you actually believe.
      She can also think, “It’s going to happen” because when she lets go after that, it will.


  7. Nina

    Let me ask again, she’s just sent a text saying – Can she ask for this guy and do no work, not believe and date anyone she wants in the mean time? That’s it. Just to ask, not believe and just know she’ll get it because she asked.

    Nina / Lyly / C

    The reason i said above that people do need to work on their childhoods is because friend number 2 wakes up with thoughts of her parents dying, what is going to happen to the people in the future, being hit by a car.
    To me that is chronic worry, anxiety, fear of the future and doom mentality. I know she got this from her mother and is it any wonder she goes through men and dumps them after a few weeks citing that they have ‘to many problems’
    I know she got this from her mother, i’ve heard her having conversations with her on Skype. She’s a bitch.

    Thanks again.


    1. Hiya – In hindsight I don’t think it matters what happened when you were a child provided your conscious to recognize it may influence your adult behavior – example : if your friend was aware that her behavior is not healthy or rather conducive to achieving what it is she wants to in her relationships, she could then acknowledge this might be something old and decide then and there to let it go and consciously choose to react differently to her circumstances.

      However, since she probably doesn’t realize it and if it bothers her, it might do well to go and look for the sources.

      There are plenty of people with crappy childhood who grew up to have very happy relationships simply because they subconsciously ( or not) decided it would affect them. These are people who usually don’t dwell too much in the past and know how to move on from negative circumstances.

      Us past dwellers ( most of us are which is why our manifestations stall because we can’t let go of what happened ) would need maybe to go back and look at why we can’t let go or if we are ready and willing we can genuinely decide it’s no longer relevant and close the childhood chapter.

      That’s what she did in the story.


      1. Hi LyLy

        I flip between thinking its a good idea to do it for a while and then not do anything at all – but there are some people I met in my travels who cant let go, who cant acknowledge and do let it run their lives and its those people that do need their subconscious rewired.

        I am at the stage now that I don’t do anything, i did a 62 part EFT series and I felt good, I did it for friend number 2 also to see if it would benefit her and I think it will. Her thoughts are chronic. My was self esteem, hers border on catastrophic and black and white thinking. Fingers crossed for her.

        Yes I agree that there are people that grew up to have happy relationships because they decided to.

        I have told friend 2 to also stop working on herself but she wont, she keeps thinking she is attracting these guys because there is something wrong with her. I’ve told her that just that thought is going to keep attracting the same kinds of guys and her working on herself is just going to create more resistance but she keeps finding fault in these guys and i met 2 and there was NOTHING wrong with them. Both of them were sweet kind men but I think she wants someone who falls over themselves for her and gushes in front of her. The last one she dumped was not a big talker so she translated that into him being ‘repressed’ – Seriously.



  8. Nina.

    I have one more question from friend 2. The reason I am asking for her is because she cant write / speak proper english.

    The recent question is, if she acts as if she is with him (the person she really wants to be, that is in another part of the world) acts as if they are living together etc, making his dinner, going out together, watching tv together, pretending he is there holding her hand etc, whatever really, if she acts as if they are living together can she do it for a month or so and then not do it anymore at all or does she have to keep doing it until he shows up?

    Sorry If you can sense the irritation in my posts, I am getting slightly annoyed because I have explained it to her before. (know how you feel now, lol)


    1. I love these advising stories from you Gretta, you’re hilarious!
      I honestly didn’t sense irritation in your posts though 🙂
      She can keep doing that but she must believe. She must do those things because she is happy to be living with him, making dinner for him etc. which equals belief 🙂
      You can do these things or even just imagine doing them. I just imagine the man I’ve decided to be with showing up at my door with takeout or cooking for me and it works the same – you can do either 🙂


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