Gratitude for All Things – How to Start Appreciating Everything You Have

7 thoughts on “Gratitude for All Things – How to Start Appreciating Everything You Have”

  1. Hello Nina and everyone,

    Good to see changes here. I did like the previous website design with black background however this is fresh too.
    I have managed to attract negative things with close acquaintances. I would still see this coming as positive to me personally as the people around me projected negative feelings for each other. I had to put an end to it but didn’t like the way things went out of hands.
    Can anyone please help with this – how do you tolerate people/friends (living in the same house) who have different frequencies or who have a lot of negativity and attack you ? I have a lot of patience dealing with negative people I am compassionate but when they try take advantage and dominate me I just snap.
    I am happy living on my own than have people influence me too much. I don’t like people getting too close to me. I just push people away when I sense they are trying to get too close.


    1. Hi N,
      You know what triggers your anger towards these people but what if you decided that they could not annoy you even if you tried? What if you could say “No” and not be bothered by their provoking and happily be resistant to it while hoping that they realize their mistakes and start being happier themselves?
      I care about my own opinion and have always just ignored people similar to the ones you mention. You can start to ignore them by deciding or remember that you are safe, no one can make you do anything you don’t want to do, you come first so you will say no when something is not good for you and no matter how much they try, you are strong and they cannot annoy you.
      If you come to terms with these ideas, you will be strong, happy and impossible to annoy 🙂


      1. Thank you Nina.

        I have walked away from that situation now. I feel at peace. I did tell one of my friends about this website and read through it as something was bothering her. It just didn’t work out the way it could have.
        My calmness sometimes disturbs them as they don’t let them agitate me with their behavior. That may be frustrating to them even more so then they try and attack me directly as they think I am weak/ I let them get away with things. Also, because I am empathetic I can feel how much hatred feeling they have built up so I just have to show it to them that yes it is effecting me now too. It’s like I am giving them back what they expect ( if I don’t then they test me even more). The only other option I think I have is to walk away or tell them bluntly I can’t deal with this anymore.


  2. I visualize them differently and make them what I want. It is really fun. It makes me manifesting muscle stronger. I try this on my daughter a lot. I haven been straightened it yet because the same muscle create what is not my desire… but I am soon going to achieve what I want.


    1. Thank you lightline.
      I have an extreme personality so people tend to either love me or hate me. I’m used to it. I have decided not to them them bother me.


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