The Time Spent Focusing on My Desire

6 thoughts on “The Time Spent Focusing on My Desire”

  1. Nina,

    I must admit I have kind of felt this too. I decided few days ago I will let go and forget about it all together. Last week when I messaged him he said he was thinking about me earlier! Anyway it was me who reached out first and that’s not what I have wanted anyway. I want that (inspired) action come from him….

    Now moving forward, I feel I am not motivated that much. I just want things to work out naturally. I won’t pressurize one person for my interests alone. It would feel much better if it came from him too. I feel lazy to think about him now a days. I don’t doubt my love for him and happy that I was able to express my feelings whenever I had the chance. I still have lot of love for him overflowing in me lol.. it would feel nice if its reaching him right now! 🙂


    1. Then, think about how happy you are that he reached out and made you feel special! Be grateful for it, as if you have received it already.


      1. Nina,

        I have already done that! I have felt how good it would feel but I feel lazy to keep thinking about it all the time. I have let go of it. I feel much relaxed that I feel happy. When I do think about him I just can’t think of anything that makes me feel unpleasant. I can’t believe I could reach a state like this so easily. 🙂

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