My Creation Boost

4 thoughts on “My Creation Boost”

  1. What I find super interesting about this post is that I found any desire I was manifesting that i gm gushed about —- didn’t manifest or when it did it was much later when everyone had forgotten about it.

    In my case it seems the quieter I am about what I’m trying to manifest the swifter and more possible it is…

    Why do you think that is ?


    1. I believe it’s like that because you seem to focus easily when you stay quiet, without anyone asking you about your desire or causing you to question yourself. If you don’t share it with anyone, you don’t have to hear their comments and questions. Are those the reasons why staying quiet might make you happier? Maybe it just helps you stay focused on the positive.


  2. What are your thoughts on how this affects manifesting time Nina vs the desires you don’t talk to people about ? Reason I ask is because some LOA teachers feel this can actually that it’s better to keep your desire a secret like Genevieve behrend


    1. Some find it easier to talk to people and stay focused or motivated in that way and others prefer to stay quiet because that is what gives them focus.
      LoA teachers advising not to talk about your desire suggest so usually because talking about it and then hearing doubts from the world can discourage a person. However, if you know it’s yours, you know that you can talk about it or not.


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