LoA and Quality Alone Time

7 thoughts on “LoA and Quality Alone Time”

  1. I have been living by myself away from family and friends…and now I have distanced myself from being with lot of people (mostly from people who are negative). I enjoy being alone. I go to the gym regularly and go for guided meditation with a group. I volunteer for a mental health service where I visit people on weekly basis. I have also started learning a course to make some more money during my free times 🙂 I cannot ask for more. I have been happy. You article made me happy as I can feel what you are trying to say here. If anything my desire will add more happiness in my life. I have so much more love to share 🙂 I cannot think of any blockages about living my desire as such. I know my relationship with him is already mine. I will see how things will unfold for me. I still don’t understand anything about inspired action as I want it to come from the other person. He should make the first move (inspired action should come from him?!). So I have been visualizing him initiating contact. It’s really easy for me as I totally have faith in my desire. I can feel it in my heart and it feels so true Universe can see it. I don’t know.. I am being very positive here..

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    1. I love it 🙂 If any inspired action should come from you, the Universe will lead you to it so don’t be confused 🙂 xx


      1. Hi Nina,

        He contacted me first this morning it’s funny I was feeling something like butterflies (I can’t explain) these few days. Anyway it was just casual.

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  2. Just want to add, if it doesn’t come to me its ok for me so I should try and forget about him. This is where I am struggling I am not able to forget. He is just constantly on my mind. It makes me feel good but I want to be ready to let go but how is it possible if he still there on my mind all the time. May be I should focus on something else even though his thoughts makes me happy?!!


    1. Forgetting is not an essential part of letting go but if you can put him out of your mind, he might manifest even faster. Letting go just means feeling good and knowing it’s going to happen so if your thoughts of him make you happy, you can think them 🙂 Know that what you want is yours because feelings create.


  3. Hi Nina.

    I can so relate to this. I love spending time on my own. I read so much or watch videos on YouTube. A lot of my friends don’t get it, they always need someone with them. It drives me mad when they ask why I like to be on my own so much and it got to the stage where I said “because i can be with my own thoughts!” Haha! – I like to go out for a few hours and then be on my own. Lol! I get bored being around people too much, except at work because we just laugh all day. Most of the people that I see always have something they ‘need to talk about’ which always comes back to them having a relationship problem because they have to be the center of attention. I thank the lord I am not like that. I now just tell them to get their own interests outside of their relationship. I’ve been getting a bit more brutal lately in my responses, it will probably get to the stage where I tell them that they can survive without a man in their life and did they know that? Cheeky I know but sometimes I have to do it…

    Just wanted to update you, i was going to update you yesterday in response to my huge post about ACCEPTANCE and to thank you for the kind words that it was sweet of me to do so (accept his relationship with his mother etc) – Thanks! I can see a change in me just by answering the following day, instead of the day I read your response. Do you know what I mean? The sense of urgency has gone. I can tell you that since I have accepted the whole situation of him, what happened, and his relationship with his parents – LIFE HAS CHANGED! I dont wake anymore ‘missing him’ – In fact I don’t miss him at all! I am enjoying life to much now! I don’t play tennis in my head back and fourth having conversations with him anymore of the things I wish i had said, and all of the other things I was doing. (To much to type.) In fact, just yesterday I was having so much fun I remember thinking “oh I hope he doesn’t call today because I am too busy with my own life and happy!” Haha! I didn’t mean it in a bad way at all, just that life’s good now. What a turnaround? Before i would check my phone like a maniac, or I would call him like a maniac, now i leave my phone in my locker at work for the duration I am at work and he maybe comes into my thoughts once or twice a day now. When I do think of him I just say “Thank you that XXX Loves me, thank you for my partner xxxx” or maybe I will throw a ‘its happening right now!” or just smile or whatever else I feel like saying or feeling the time. I only visualize because I like how it makes me feel.

    I am at the stage now where I am detached and like you say in your book that you have learnt 2 ways of letting go 1) feeling ok that you would be ok whether or not your desire ever manifested. 2) Knowing that your desire will manifest and letting go so that it can come to you. I am somewhere in the middle, but I have never lost my sense of knowing that we would get together.

    I have zero desire to call him. In fact just yesterday there was an event on in my state and I know he was there, but I didn’t go, I didn’t go because, 1) It wasn’t fun for me to go and if its not fun for me I’m doing it anymore. 2) I knew he would be there so I felt that if I went I would have manufactured the meeting by already knowing hes was there and 3) i didn’t want to get in the Universes way like I have been doing in the past. Had I had gone, I would have been manipulating the meeting and I don’t want that.

    More good news. This is gonna sound so far out there by who cares lol. There is this tiny little gecko, a female one that lives in the bricks outside of my house. The last time I saw her was when i saw him in February. Everytime I have seen her in the past we have ended up having contact. I went outside last night and she was there! I was so happy to see her! I know, you are probably thinking she is just a little lizard! Oh but shes not! She’s this amazing marbled colour with some pink and white and she always has a little baby with her. I knew when i saw her it was a good sign. She is like my good luck sign. I knew when I saw her that something good was going to happen! I didnt know if it was going to be around him or news to do with a job. Anyway, last week I went out on the road handing out my resume to fill out the extra days I dont work where i currently am I walked into a place and thought, I would like to work here (its also the area I want to move too) so I just said “thank you for my new job at xxx” i said it three times and then forgot about it. This morning I got a call from that place asking to see me tomorrow for an interview. Yay! I swear it must sound so crazy but every time she comes out of my bricks and I see her something amazing happens! Hahahaha!

    Oh also. I had blocked his family on facebook, I took them off block. I opened up my facebook posts so they can be seen by the public.

    I think that is everything. I’ll post again under here if something else comes to mind in the next few minutes. lol



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