The Effects of Travel on Awareness and Manifesting

20 thoughts on “The Effects of Travel on Awareness and Manifesting”

  1. Hi Nina,

    I was reading a book by Neville and I wanted to ask you how you would explain this quote “The man you would like to be is imminent. He is nearer than near. The ideal you dream of being is sooner than now and is
    brought into being by a change in your reactions to life”

    And this passage “When you think of another, you are seeing only your opinion of him. If you think
    he is kind, he is kind. If you think he is stupid, he is stupid as he is playing the
    part you have assigned him because of your opinion. Therefore, if your desire is
    for him to change, you must change your opinion of yourself, for “he” is only
    your opinion pushed out ”

    Does this mean that if I think of my guy as someone who adores and is in love with me, includes me in all areas of his life, respects me and is faithful to me, shares his life with me, is happy with me… He will become that person? Does this also mean that my concerns about him are really concerns I have about myself? That part confuses me a little

    Last question… If there is a little doubt when I say any or all parts of that above description of him… Do I resolve it with affirmations or do you recommend something else?


    1. Yes and yes.
      Affirmations and heart energy is what I would do but if you would prefer to visualize a scenario you like instead, you can do that 😀 Always choose manifestation tools that you LIKE the most. However, affirmations can be done easily and send him heart energy as well. We believe the things we say to ourselves so affirmations are always a good way to go.


      1. Hi Nina

        Thanks for the response to the mirror post of mine.

        I have a few questions.

        1) On the secret website you see stories of people who kept going until the manifestation happened and then you see stories of people saying “just let go…’ etc. The people who kept going with their manifestations didn’t let go and still got what they wanted. Why did some people keep going with their manifestation and get it and why did others not think about it again and get it? What separates these people? What makes some of them keep going no matter what and others just move on? The people who keep going with their manifestations like affirmations and visualizations etc, where have they let go?

        2) Can you give me an example of exact affirmations you use or have used in the past when you wanted to attract someone. You have probably written it before but I don’t remember.



      2. Letting go means knowing you’re going to get what you want (because it belongs to you already) and being OK with life as it is, before you get it.
        Forgetting about your desire or putting it out of your mind at times can be included in the process of letting go but it’s not necessary – you can think about your desire all you want, as long as those thoughts are happy and with the conviction of it being yours (so that you remove the need to manifest it which is necessary in order to actually manifest). Letting go also proves you are ready to receive.

        If two people want to manifest something but one gives up if they don’t get it immediately and the other is willing to do whatever it takes to get it, the latter truly wanted it because there is a difference between wanting something and only wanting it IF it’s easily obtained.

        Letting go can be expressed and felt differently by different people but as long as it entails knowing their desire is theirs already in order to stop the behaviors of wondering about it or looking for it, they get it. That is why you don’t need to think about how letting go is done but just believe and be happy. I personally prefer to think about something else after a period of thinking about how much I love living this new life with the great new change in it that I wanted. I know that the sooner I let go, the sooner I receive so I just switch to doing something else so that my desire could come to me.

        There were many different affirmations at different times but this is something that happens over and over whenever I manifest someone new in my life, either as friends or more – gratitude. I say, “Thank you that … contacted me/messaged me/we’re good friends/we’re together” or in the form of “I am.” I choose affirmations that feel good and those can be different ones for different people, friendships and relationships. However, gratitude makes you determined, accepting of the fact that it’s yours and ready to receive and live it 🙂


      3. Sorry one more question…

        I read a story once on The Secret website where he was trying to get his ex-girlfriend back. He wrote that one day he just felt sad, lost hope and gave up. That to me sounds like he had no belief but they ended up getting together.

        Just wondering because you see some people not stopping until it happens, then you see some letting go and maybe had belief, and then you see some that had no belief and it still happened.



      4. Ooops sorry one more…

        To do with that story of the guy that lost hope and gave up. Wouldn’t that indicate that he was not in a good feeling state about the situation with the ex? Wouldn’t that also indicate that he didn’t believe? Maybe he got happier with other things in his life? So does that mean you can be happy about other things but not about the situation and not care and move on and still manifest it?

        There is STILL a part of me that thinks you dont need the belief. That visualizing and asking once is enough. To have that good feeling about what you want just once then to forget about it.

        Am i wrong here? The reason for all the questions is only because i find it fascinating that some never stopped with the props and got it, some believed maybe for a period of time and then moved on and others had no feeling of hope yet all of them manifested.


        Thanks. x


      5. “So does that mean you can be happy about other things but not about the situation and not care and move on and still manifest it?” Yes – as long as you’re happy, you’re going to let go and manifest.

        Asking once and letting go IS believing, if you consciously believe. If you believe, you can let go. Then, you might ask for something you feel is not that important to you and because of that nonchalant attitude, you can easily believe it’s obtainable and manifest it. Even if you say you don’t care if you receive it and let go, you have removed the need for it which means you will receive it.

        Manifesting means feeling good, without any need to receive what you want, feeling that it is or can be yours and feeling that something is possible for you to have. These things show that we all manifest what we believe we can manifest. And if you have a desire you want to manifest but feel good about it, you will believe you can have it and then, you will have it.

        I just automatically assume I got what I wanted because, why shouldn’t I? I want the things that make me feel good 😀


      6. Nina!

        All of your answers were fantastic. I really got a better grasp on letting go because in the past I manifested every person I wanted when i forgot about them. I manifested with not knowing anything about LOA or having to believe. I think what made me attract them was just thinking about them (Visualizing without even knowing what i was doing) then giving up when I thought there was no hope, there they were) All of them!

        Which brings me to my next question. Don’t think I have swayed because I have not, but I think you are going to find this as interesting as I do.

        1) The mirror 2) Wanting to do nothing anymore. I have no desire to do anything anymore. Nothing. It almost feels like wanting to move on and forget entirely just because I want too. You could say it’s letting go I guess? But it feels more like I’ve had enough/done enough. The attachment to it happening has gone also.

        Is this me ready to receive? Because that is what it feels like!


      7. Just to add.

        When I saw the mirror (which i didn’t know why I wanted to buy it, which was unconscious at the time of putting it away, at purchase and putting it on the little table in my bedroom – i could have bought a hundred different things from my work that I really wanted) that’s when I realized how powerful my mind is and that’s when knew I didn’t have to do anything anymore because of the power of just that one visualization already coming to life.

        That is also when the attachment fell away and I didnt feel the need to do anything anymore except move about with my life.

        Does any of this make sense?


  2. Hi Nina

    This is completely unrelated to LOA or anything we ever talk about. It’s something that happened at work today and I just wanted your opinion on what happened and what I said to this person.

    I was at the back of the store sorting out some clothes, I was bent down and I see a person standing there. All I see is a denim skirt and stockings. This person then starts to talk to me – and its a man. He is in his 60’s and he has his red top tucked in nicely to his skirt and has his bra on, etc etc. So from the neck down he’s a woman – then head up he’s him, a man. He doesn’t have make up on or a wig or anything like that.

    He says to me “Can you help me please, I need some advice?’ I was a bit unsure, but said “Yes, of course! I thought he was going to ask me about what he had on or if i could help him with some clothes. Instead he says, “I am going on a holiday in a few weeks and I don’t know if I should cross dress because once I get to the airport there is no backing out and then I am on the plane, there is no backing out. Do you think I should just do it?”

    Ekkkkkk! I felt so pressured! I’ve had people come to me for advice in the past but nothing like this. I said to him. ‘Are you worried what people will think?’ and he said “Yes, i go out like this most days, but then I can quickly go home and get changed.” The convo went on for ages, his family all abandoned him when he started to cross dress.

    I said to him that I think he should do what feels good for him and what feels good for him on the day and that maybe he could bring clothes with him and change at the airport if he gets to uncomfortable or maybe even on the plane in the little bathroom if it gets to much for him.

    How sad is this? That for the next 2 weeks he will probably torment himself into what he should do because of the ignorant people out there. No one should have to live like that!

    There was another 8 people in the store (my work colleges) for some reason he felt inclined to ask me. There was 2 other coworkers there next to me, a few meters away, both female also. I could see the fear in his eyes. But on the other hand I felt all angry because this guy can’t be himself. He’s in a prison of wanting to be who is is but then the fear of what people will say or do to him stops him from being him. It sucks so much.

    I don’t know why I cried after he left the shop. I think deep down its because I know unless people change very soon and we all start living as one like we should be we are going to doomed.

    Did I give him the right advice? Should I have said I don’t know what to say? What if he does it and something bad happens to him? That’s my worst fear, that he will do it and be ridiculed. It’s like the biggest thing he is ever going to do in his life because he can’t just go home when it gets to much. Did I do the say the right thing?


    1. Gretta,

      Sounds to me like you were his manifestation – inspired action brought him to you and you said to him exactly what he was supposed to hear ; in the end what he does with it is a different story and no longer your responsibility – you played your part, exit stage left until your next scene should there be one for you in the play of his life.


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    2. You’re very kind to feel for him like this. Everyone deserves to be happy indeed.
      You never have to worry about giving advice because we all choose which advice to accept. If he liked your advice, he can try it for himself.
      However, I say you did well. He should be himself. Too many people don’t dare to just be themselves because they don’t think they’re good enough. You told him to also have a safety net, clothes to change in, and he can but hopefully he can power through the fear and just be himself.


  3. Gretta,

    You did the best you could. In fact everything you said I probably would have said too. This experience was there to show you something. Give it time and reflection and the answer will come. I think you handled it well.
    Remember, it’s his reality and his own journey. Hopefully his experience with you will help guide his next steps in a positive way. Send him love and well wishes. 🙂

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  4. Hi Gretta,

    I think you gave him very sensible advice. You want the best for him so you asked him back the question, to decide what he wants and also have a back up plan if he is not too comfortable doing so. I think you attracted him as he felt that you are the right person to ask for an advice (as you been doing here to help us too).
    Your positive vibes has reached him and as Lyly and JCE said you should stop doubting it (like you asked what if something bad happens to him). There’s no way something bad will happen as he is going to follow your advice which was given with true clean intentions.

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