How Happy is Your Social Life?

Does your social life make you happy and help your manifestations?

A social life is an important part of happiness. Our friends are the people we love to share a great deal of life with – they support us, comfort us when we need it and challenge us when necessary. They love us and we love them. The people we work with, our family members we are close with and the people we date can all be a part of our social lives.

Some like an active social life and others prefer a calmer one. Some like to engage in calming activities with their friends, others like to engage in long conversations and often while some others enjoy living various adventures with their friends on a regular basis. Some like to surround themselves with many new people while others prefer spending time with their closest friends. There are many possible scenarios out there and they work for different people.

I like an active social life. I love my friends who live all around the world and I love traveling to see them only to spend time together and create new memories. In its essence, that is what we’re doing – no matter what it is we do, we will have created new memories if we make sure to have fun. My friends vary in age, nationality, occupation and residence but the one thing they all have in common is an open, heart-driven personality. This core character trait matches their different personalities in various ways, making them exactly who they are.

Who are the individuals you choose to spend your time with?

Just like with relationships, you will easily attract the friendships you feel comfortable having, want to have, believe you CAN have and feel good enough to have. You get what you believe you deserve so think the best of yourself!

Did you know…

When it comes to your manifestations, friends can help you let go. Think about this – who would you turn to for distraction and a reboot of gratitude after they remind you how amazing your life is already?

Rely on your friends. Let them remind you of everything you have. Share experiences, have fun and laugh together. Appreciate each other.

Surround yourself with people you genuinely like, those who make you feel great, and you can’t go wrong. Whether your social life consists of a few close friends or many people you enjoy spending time with, be happy and laugh with them. You will be in the moment completely and won’t feel the need for anything else.

Happiness in the moment brings future happiness just waiting to be experienced.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

6 thoughts on “How Happy is Your Social Life?

  1. I spent time with a close friend yesterday. She helped me clear so much resistance out I feel amazing today! What a transformation. Excellent advice, it certainly helped me out. 🙂

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  2. Hi Nina & All.

    Tell me if you think this is spooky or what exactly it is please..

    A framed mirror came into the store a few days ago – I dont know why i kept looking at this mirror every time i walked past it, but for some reason I couldn’t stop looking at this particular mirror.

    Anyway, yesterday I decided I was going to put it into storage and get it. I don’t know why I wanted it. I kept looking and looking at this mirror and couldn’t work out why – I didn’t need a mirror, but I kept looking at it and kept talking to myself about why I needed this mirror? I probably would have gone for something with a more modern frame. This has a bit of pastel pink in the frame and my house has all white accessories (Don’t ask! Haha I just find white every calming!)

    So – I listened to my intuition. Something was telling me to get this mirror, but at this stage I don’t know why but I went with the feeling that I had to get it. I got the mirror out of storage and came home with some other things I had bought today and put it all on my bed – but I put the mirror on my gratitude table (because my dog jumps up on my bed) in my room, standing up, so it kinda looks like a dressing table in the left hand corner of my bedroom and thought ohhhh! I will paint the frame white! The same color as my walls so it blends in and with the pattern on the frame it will look awesome! (I only thought about painting the frame white when i stood it up on the table. (The table that is already there is where I write in my gratitude journal)

    Anyway. I go into the kitchen. Do my usual ‘just got home routine’ – I go back into the bedroom and walk past the table and mirror to shut my bedroom window. I turn around to walk back out of my bedroom and I realize what I am looking at and let out a small shrek/omg!

    The visualization I do every night (and I dont know why i do it, it just starting coming to me and it felt so good i just wanted to do that one all the time before sleep) is of him brushing my hair at night before bed while i write in my gratitude journal! In the visualization I can see his reflection in the white framed mirror! Now remember, I never had a mirror there before and only today when I got it home I thought I want to paint that white. So basically i am looking at a mirror, in a white frame, that is sitting on my gratitude desk on the left hand side of my bedroom where i visulise him brushing my hair. The exact visualization I have been doing!

    Whats happening Nina? Anymore? 🙂


    1. You’re attracting even more than you have asked for – the relationship AND the exact situation or accessories in which your visualization happened.
      I’ve done that. I pictured myself with someone in a specific place several times and manifested all the details exactly.
      Well done! 😀


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