The Reasons for Focusing on a Specific Person

6 thoughts on “The Reasons for Focusing on a Specific Person”

  1. Thank you Gretta, and it’s so true. I have posted a comment over a week ago about how my ex husband came back after 2 years of being miserable without him and when I “got over it” he showed up a month or two later wanting me back.

    I have the feeling I need to get in that space again. I need to get over it, and let him go. So either he can come to me, or someone even better. 🙂


  2. Dear Nina and Readers,

    I know why I love the person that I do. I also know that I admire him for who he is and I would not want to change him.
    I know in LOA they say not to take action unless its inspired action. For 5 months I did not hear from him. I ran into someone who works with him. And it turns out he has been traveling a lot and accepted an offer to teach abroad at a University. Upon hearing this, I now understood why I didn’t hear from him for so long. In one sense, I was proud that he has taken an opportunity to teach because that is what he is passionate about. However, I had never expressed to him how I felt when we were seeing each other. Things were great during that time.
    I know that I should reach out. I don’t know how long he will be gone for. His family does live here so I know he would come back to visit for sure.
    See, in the months that I did not see him I did do visualizations, journaling,affirmations on and off. I had my ups and downs. Some days it was easier to feel good than others. I envision us married, together and happy.
    I know I am not supposed to dwell upon this reality in order to have the reality that I want.
    I am slightly confused–I saw us being together and not him going to a different country (wasn’t expecting that part).

    I feel like reaching out esp since I am proud of his achievement because he had told me how much he wanted to teach.

    At times I am feeling this tightness in my chest. I would appreciate some LOA advice.

    I know Nina says distance and time make no difference when manifesting. It’s strange that I manifested things like meeting an old childhood friend who happens to be his coworker or seeing the car he drives on the road etc but How can I identify my blocks and get rid of them? And what should they be replaced with instead?

    Thank You!


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