Where Does Intuition Come In?

8 thoughts on “Where Does Intuition Come In?”

    1. I don’t mind, anything that helps to the members of this community is welcome 🙂 Especially when it’s Neville, I love him! 😀


  1. Hi Gretta. You posted the other day about your guy accepting your friend request in Facebook and how you sent him a long text. In that post, you included a link that I wanted to look at. Unfortunately, I can’t find the post. Can you give me the link? I think it was about a medium and 15 things to do to help you let go. Something like that.😊

    Nina, thank you for all your help, insight and this blog that brings so many people together. ❤️

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  2. WOW Nina!!!

    All I can say is thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! It’s as if you wrote this article word for word just for me. EVERYTHING you said was exactly what I needed to hear. And I mean everything. I don’t think I’ve ever read a blog post from anyone at anytime that resonated more with me than this post.

    You told me everything I needed to hear. This post will be part of my journey now, it really means that much.

    Lots of love and thank you Nina for this amazing and beautiful gift!!!

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