A “Big Deal” Manifestation – Has it Ever Happened to You?

38 thoughts on “A “Big Deal” Manifestation – Has it Ever Happened to You?”

  1. Hi Nina & All.

    Nina, please let me know what you think of this…

    Firstly, this is all true – what you wrote above.

    It is like people who accumulate ‘things’ thinking it will make them happy. It does for a short time, they get a high from it until the high wears off and they need more and more or even more expensive things. Same with relationships. It’s not the relationship that makes you happy, it’s you. It’s actually the detachment to the relationship which brings the happiness to the relationship.

    I think the Law of Non-Resistance is what really brings what you want into your life in the end. Whatever you resist, persists. We are programmed to resist resistance. “Nothing on Earth can resist an absolutely non-resistant person.”

    More and more I keep hearing Esther Hicks saying “When you want to bring something into your life, ignore it!” We keep hearing ‘the path of least resistance’ – and the least of path resistance to me means to let go, to turn your direction to something else and be with ok with whatever happens and if you want at the same time you can say something like ‘I just know he will come for me.’ But i don’t think it’s necessary to have to say, “i just know he will come for me!’ Let me explain. I don’t think it’s necessary because ALL THE THINGS i have ever manifested in my life was when I had turned my life onto another direction and didn’t think of them at all or whatever it was that I wanted. The things that came to me the fastest where the things I asked for once. I only asked. Did no work. Just asked and forgot and there they were. I managed to attract every person into my life and got what I asked for, but only when I forgot about them, obviously the resistance of wanting and wanting and wanting it kept it away from me. The people I attracted took the longest because it took a bit to forget.

    I saw my mum yesterday. She has always said the same thing. “when you want and want and want something it goes in the opposite direction of you!” I have seen this my whole life with myself.

    I think that everyone is struggling with this “act as if” or ‘believe it’s yours’ part of the Law of Attraction, but If you said “Just ask once and move your life into another direction” I think we could gain back our power and get rid of the need of wanting this so much which is what is causing the resistance. I know you’ve said you can just ask once and you’ve said you don’t have to do any work and I agree with that completely! Because it is only when I listen to you saying those 2 lines that something happened between him and I. When I was trying to steer the wheel with all my visualizing etc, it eluded me. Ive seen it with myself. Just asking once got me all the things I wanted with no work except just asking for it.

    My question is and for all of us here is – just say you visualized for 30 days, not doing it perfect, doing it here and there or when you felt like it – then just decided one day to move on or turn your life into another direction – couldn’t that visualizing for 30 days still not bring your desire into your life? You have asked for it so you must receive so again is the belief that important? I know you must keep wondering why I keep asking if the belief is that important. It’s just because I know with all the things and people I attracted I didn’t have a belief. I just woke up each time thinking, “Oh well, it’s never gonna happen” and moved on with life. I also would say that I didn’t become more happier in life, but it still showed up. Next scenario – Then just say you didn’t visualize for 30 days and instead just had the ONE THOUGHT of sending it out to the universe. Isnt that enough to bring it to you? Like with the coat I attracted. That was one thought of “I want a navy blue trench coat like that!” And then there it was a few days later. No work done. Just asked for it and forgot. Should we not switch to asking once and forgetting about it? I know you say it is not essential to forget but maybe we just all have TO MUCH want and expectation?

    Maybe we all need to switch to the law of non resistance and do nothing and be ok with whatever happens?

    Could this still bring the desire into your life? Because you are not resisting anything anymore.

    What do you think?

    Thanks again. x


  2. Just to add…

    The reason for my questions and the post above is because last night after our talk in email – I let go.

    In the past, ANYTIME I tried to let go I felt distressed and kept trying adding more resistance to the situation.
    It was only when I thought, “whatever happens, happens” – that letting go become easier because I obviously didn’t have any resistance or expectation and became ok with it all, but at the same time I felt my confidence rise back up because I feel like I have taken my power back and I genuinely feel good about moving my life into other directions. With or without him. I think this is the place I needed to be a year ago! Is the Law Of Non-Resistance even more powerful than the Law of Attraction? Does the Law Of Non Resistance not bring you what you want faster? It does, doesn’t it?

    So basically asking once or seeing it once in your mind and then moving your life into another direction and forgetting (although not essential) and being detached is really ‘the secret’ formula, right?

    Your thoughts?

    Thanks again. x


    1. Gretta,

      I have to say I agree – I think my issue with the props and visualizing constantly is that it’s difficult to feel like I’m not doing something to get something- and that feels like resistance. Letting go to me really means letting go, not doing anything, not thinking about it and getting to the place where your desire becomes a bit of an after thought.

      If being happy or having a belief was necessary cynical pessimistic people wouldn’t experience positivity. How many do I know who don’t believe in love, are insecure, can’t be bothered to have a family, hate the world, the people in it and whoever tickles their cynicism that day and still have friends, still have spouses and children, still get the things some other people are sitting praying, focus wheeling, affirmationing,third-eye chakra-ing about and it’s not coming.

      I remember reading this book called excuse me your life is waiting – a wonderful positive book about manifesting the life you want by following the amazing burst of positivity that comes with inspired action – loved that book! Thought the author must be the happiest wealthiest supersonic-est human being on the planet. Turns out she died broke and miserable.

      I believe if it’s too much pressure you’re doing something wrong. If you get really high and then have a massive dip you’re doing something wrong ( happens to me all the time )- I think you can write it down, dream about it a little and then move on with your life because there’s nothing more you can do. i’d even say forget about it – it’s one of the reason I try to avoid coming on here too often, or other forums – they remind me of my desire and actually help keep me in the viciously cycle :

      inspired to stay positive and align/manage to do it for a few days or maybe weeks/see or remember something on a vulnerable day that brings everything back up/ lose hope and have a low moment where I decide to give up / surf the Internet for pick me up (usually on a page like this )/ see stories and people who have succeeded / inspired to stay positive and …… Here we go again.

      So I think you’re right – the one thing I never fully did was to just… Do nothing as in : not think about it, not worry about it, not search about it, not look for inspiration around it, not read about it, not pray about it, not try to fix myself for to be better for it , not Neville, Abe hicks or dr. Joe Dispenza about it …

      But Just forget about it …. And do absolutely nothing. Xx


  3. Hi LyLy / Nina.

    I can relate to so much you said in your post, especially the 2nd last paragraph.

    My idea for using the props for 30 days was only to get at least a few weeks of “acting as if” out there into the universe because in my mind and heart I believe that it only takes staying on that vibration for a small period of time to activate it out into The Universe. And it worked for me. I managed to keep my belief in check for 3 weeks and then let go and then he added me on FB so I know it does work…So does asking once, letting go and never thinking about it again, but that is because you have already activated the desire just by asking then removed all resistance to it by never thinking about it again which automatically put you into the zone of whatever happens, happens, the zone of non resistance because you have surrendered to if it happens ok, if not whatever. Same, same! Either way activates it coming to you but, always with that little key LETTING GO and NON RESISTANCE!

    I was reading Nina’s book today, just the points I highlighted and again the ‘do nothing, no work’ parts jumped out at me again and then I started thinking again about how i got everything I ever wanted, including every person i ever wanted to attract when i moved on with my life. EVERYTIME!

    The story you shared from the secret the other day where she used the props, she never mentioned any form of letting go and they ended up together, probably just through her sheer will and determination. I am not saying that belief doesn’t work, of course it does, but for us I think we have to much resistance so getting into the zone of non resistance is what brings it to us.

    Either way works. Believe and use props or tools and let go OR ask once, see it in your mind and move on with your life which really is letting go.

    P.S He answered the phone today. He could have rejected the call again. This happened because the night before I was talking to Nina in email asking her for some advice and by the end of it I thought, fuck it! Just let go. THE MORE I LET GO THE MORE BETTER THINGS HAPPEN. The more I try, the less ground I make.

    My opinion is just to activate what you what, say thanks and ignore it, which really is what Nina is saying.
    Activate = Ask = (Believe)
    Say thanks.
    Ignore current reality, move about with your life.

    Nina. Is this ok?


    1. I’m psyched for you Gretta – the letting go was the act of non resistance beautifully expressed by the glorious ‘ fuck it’ – which really doesn’t get enough to props for the good it does.

      Actually in the story she did – at some point after doing the props for a while the relationship still isn’t coming – so she decides to just pick a date and let’s the universe do its thing while she focuses on the feeling of the thought of seeing him again. http://www.thesecret.tv/stories/nothing-is-impossible-no-matter-how-impossible-the-situation-may-seem/

      You know techniques might defer but one thing all stories have in common is that darn letting go clause because I believe that is really the hardest part : believing it will be okay and just surrender the part that actually means the most-

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      1. Hi Lyly

        Me too, although the conversation was still a little tense It’s a big shift!
        Plus the adding me on facebook!

        That is 2 miracles in a week!

        Oh yes! I remember now her picking a date. My bday is in 7 days. I think I will ask the universe to see him on that day and stay open and relaxed as Nina would say and go with whatever happens. 🙂

        Yes the letting go IS the hardest part but if the belief that it will happen is there then the letting go is easy.

        I keep questioning Nina about if you really have to have the belief, but deep down its obvious by the way I have never given up, no matter how bad it got, on what I’ve known since the first second i saw him and I guess in the end THAT is my belief.


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  4. LyLy

    Nina said this the other day, “Stick to the basics when it comes to LoA. Know that it’s yours, choose to feel good, let go to receive. Feel that you are living your desire.”

    When you read that, it’s not really that hard to do WITHOUT resistance either.


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  5. Nina

    I have another question which is going to seem stupid. KNOW IT’S YOURS. Can you elaborate more on this even more.

    And also Heart Energy. Can you imagine an imaginary cord going between you to them and seeing little balls of light going down that cord? It is just something I’ve always wanted to ask.



    1. Yes, you can. You can imagine heart energy in any way you like that makes you realize it is actually touching the other person.
      Knowing it’s yours means knowing it’s to be manifested for you, as you want it, so that you can feel good about it and let go 😀 It means knowing you’re going to get what you want just because you’ve asked for it and the Universe works in the way that it wants to give it to you. This is why I always advocate starting from this point because then, you can also ignore the current reality and just focus on your desired manifestation.


      1. Hi Nina.

        Thanks for that.

        I have another question.

        So another part to what you wrote above about KNOWING… The letting go bit…. So wouldn’t it be better not to think about the desire that much anymore if at all once you have asked? Cause I do admit since he added me I have been thinking about him even MORE but obviously very happily. So think about them or not to much even if it is happily thinking about them. 🙂 Make sense?



      2. Better not right now because thinking can easily turn into wondering what might happen which might invite questions about the “how.”
        On the other hand, when you entertain the thoughts of having your desire, you naturally switch to something else after a while. It is the feeling of missing your desire that causes thinking (or, perceiving that it’s not in your life yet, even if you anticipate it). I am actually in the process of writing an article about this.


    1. Lol very much so but I think we’re just too much focused on general – it’s still too big a deal so much so we’re still sitting here trying to figure out.

      I got really ill last week and ended up hospitalized – it was interesting to see my body fight off months of accumulated resistance. I realized how tired it was and how I want to simplify it exactly what I said here : pray earnestly for my wish to be fulfilled and that’s it.

      I literally made myself sick trying to create magic that is not mine to create : I can’t be happy all the time, I can’t be high all the time, I can’t constantly be watching what I think what I feel out of fear of what it might do – rather than can’t I don’t want to, it doesn’t make me happy.

      However, it makes me happy to believe there are possibilities out there and miracles can happen all the time. And sometimes, they can even happen for me …

      For the rest, I want to live with a lot more simplicity and stop feeling like a loser when I couldn’t make something happen.

      I liked it better back when I didnt know so much nd just believed it was all … Magic 🙂


      1. Hi Lyly,

        I had started typing a message but I got busy and couldn’t post it. I hope you are doing well now. You are right – may be this is your trigger point to letting go… You seem to have had enough and want to let go of it. You subconscious has picked it up and showing it by physical illness.

        I also agree when you say it’s difficult to feel happy at all times. It is so strange for me even though I am in touch with him I fail to keep myself happy and broke down to tears last night. May be the fact that I have never told him how I feel about him.
        Being in contact hurts me more when I know he is not yet aligned to me. I just want to keep myself happy. I want this relationship to be permanent and that’s my biggest fear. We have kept this so casual ( against my wishes as I have realized I don’t want to be in this anymore) that we are not even friends on social media and have only met twice in 2 years of knowing each other.


      2. I’m so sorry to hear you were ill Lyly but you used it in a positive way and opened your mind and heart. And that is admirable.
        And…it IS magical 😉 xx


      3. Aaw thank you Guys 🙂 I do feel better – there’s an adjustment period and it’s going well. Illness has this way of forcing to focus on yourself and one thing I felt was so much pride at how my body was fighting like a champ and at the same time I was sad it had to go through all this poking and injecting and discomfort – I thought to myself I will take better care of her because she matters, and she’s always got my back … And I love her – I love me and I have decided that I’m looking out for me.

        N, I get it, it must be hard to be in touch with him but at the same time the beauty of it is that the only thing seemingly holding you back is yourself. Maybe it’s not permanent because … The commitment actually scares you? As much as you want it maybe you’re more afraid of the ‘responsibility’ you associate with a more permanent relationship.

        Thank you Nina.

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  6. LyLy

    Sorry to hear that you were ill! Thats no good! Hope you are feeling better now!?

    Yes true we can’t be happy all the time and yes to all the other things you said.

    I will tell you one thing I did different. Nina pointed out that I had adopted the things he was feeling for me. No trust. So today I started saying “hes a good man!” “He trusts me!” and i got a facebook add and an answered phone call only after saying that. I was still sometimes scared of getting hurt and that I believe was causing my resistance also.

    Miracles do happen! I am proof and you know how bad I used to be and how bad it was between us.

    And yes he really did answer the phone and add me on facebook! That is a miracle!

    It will happen for you! All of you! Look at my story! Look at the odds I have overcome! You have seen how bad it was and here I am with a phone call answered and a facebook add.

    Miracles do happen and do exist for everyone! ❤

    It is magic, for sure. ❤

    "All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust." – Peter Pan

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    1. Nina is right, your a beautiful example of what persisting and powering through can do. definitely a force to reckon with.

      I have faith that everything that happens is for the best, I don’t know the whole story and finally im okay with that.

      I agree with the different perspective : I spent all year wondering if something was not enough about me and it scared me. Being sick made me realize my body’s pretty bad ass and everything was caught at the perfect time because I’m that badass! 🙂

      Gretta as for you I officially believe you’re superwoman 🙂 your persistence is truly inspiring- I think it’s taking time because your dude just needs to prepare to be the kind of man who deserves your kind of woman. The kind of person that is by you regardless of everything like that is a rare gem and he would be an absolute douche canoe to let you slip.


      1. Hi LyLy

        I know we are not meant to interfere with the how – but I had been taking some action also in my ‘f*ck it’ state.

        I wanted him to know how I really felt about him and it was do or die or me.

        I went to a payphone and text him the lyrics from a love song that I know he likes alot.

        Then he added me.

        Sometimes I think we have to take some kind of risk and I knew what I was doing when I was standing at that payphone, at night, in the freezing cold and my feet where getting wet from the rain.

        I also told him how much he made me laugh.

        I do believe that sometimes we have to take some kind of action. Inspired or not and be ok with the consequences of that action.

        I mentioned in a post that a family member passed away, when I saw their mother I knew that life was to short to just sit back and do nothing. Thats when I went to the payphone. Have you ever tried to text from a payphone? You don’t get that many characters and it takes so longggg!

        Then after I sent the lyrics I started to affirm that he is a good man and that we trust each other.

        My thinking is, if he was that opposed to me, after reading those lyrics, there is no way he would have added me or answered the phone.

        Believe me, before I do these kinds of things I shake then just push through it. Lifes to short. I try and take every opportunity I can and I am glad I did it.



      2. Lyly,

        Glad you’re feeling better! I recently hit rock bottom, got sick of it all and decided something has to change. I was miserable and have HAD IT! This was a good thing. Because I realized it was time to do something different. Let go. And I have been since about a week and I see signs everywhere.

        And 2 nights ago I saw him and he responded so warmly to me, he was even protective of me in a sweet way. It was so great. Everyone around me was so loving towards me. I know, I did that.

        I’ve decided to go general, be open to it being anybody, knowing that it mostly like can be him. And this has helped me let go. I’m doing one long affirmation everyday. Something I read in a book called The Map by Bonnie Lonnsbury. Anyways she has a long written out description of her dream relationship. I resonate with everything she says. So I read it slowly and repeat my favorite parts, so lasts about 10 minutes and feel so great while doing it. I make sure my heart is connecting to it. And after that I let go and go about my day. I think this is a good strategy for me to stick with as long as I can.

        I’m determined not to fall back into old non productive habits that don’t serve me. This is the time, the time is now to get this right. I’m so ready for this.


        I’m so happy for you. You’re doing so great, very inspirational! Keep up your routine and still ignore “what is” so you don’t get expectations. I have to remind myself that all the time. Like you see progress, get all caught up in it but then nothing seems to happen. I need to watch myself.

        Keep us posted!


  7. It has been almost three weeks since I last heard from my man. He is going longer and longer between communication. I tried to hold out and not contact him but I gave in. I sent him a simple text asking him how he hs been. I feel so low for doing that. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t want to reach out to me. What is so bad about me? I want him to feel about me the same way I do about him. Why is that so bad? I am so tired of hurting. I miss him so much. My daily life is filled with thoughts of him, wanting to hear from him, wanting to see him, love on him, spend my life with him. I can’t get to a positive place. I feel so unwanted by him. Why can’t I move on? Is it just my ego? In my heart, I don’t think it is. I love him but he doesn’t love me back. That is the worst feeling ever.

    Sorry to write such a sad post. I am having a bad day. Take care, all. ❤️❤️❤️


    1. Ditto Bea… It’s ok… let it out and feel it. Sometimes release of feelings is necessary I think. We just have to be careful of not wallowing in it, and at some point when we can, start turning around our thoughts and feelings

      I did the same thing today. But I think my problem is that overtime I’ve let the fear dominate so that is why I’m feeling this way now too.

      I hope you feel better about your situation soon.


  8. Thank you, C. I am doing my best to not let it depress me too much.

    BTW, Nina, you have the patience of a Saint. Thank you for your kindness and willingness to help us all in our quest.


  9. To those who are struggling, read this comment Lightline posted in response to one of the readers. I believe it holds the answer to your dilemma:

    “The thing is you never wanted it to happen this way. But still be grateful that your thoughts were answered.
    In my case, I used to visualize my guy in a hall full of the same girl (I used to feel uncomfortable for), and imagining that my guys is looking at only me with love, with magic in his eyes like I am the one. When I came out of that visualization, I did feel that reality is something else… but it didn’t matter. I stole the feeling that I felt when he was looking at me even when that girl was there, and used that whenever I wanted that. I felt like a winner. and IT HAPPENED. Uni couldn’t replicate many girls in reality but the hall was certainly full of many beautiful girls and he looked at me like I was the one… he still does because I always visualize that love in his eyes.
    Your thoughts become your reality.
    It’s awesome!”


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