Do You Trust Your Specific Person and/or Yourself?

10 thoughts on “Do You Trust Your Specific Person and/or Yourself?”

  1. Nina,

    I have been thinking of these questions myself and I am glad to see this post. This is just what I wanted! I feel lucky for having found this blog. 🙂
    I think sometimes we tend to think about our pasts as it prevails in one’s life forever. Its not easy to ignore. It had an impact on my mind – one of the reasons why I avoided. I think I should learn to accept and move forward. I will stay positive.

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    1. I’m so happy to hear and grateful to have you in this community 🙂
      Absolutely, or as I say, forgive yourself for your past, as well as everyone involved. You all did the best you could and so what 🙂 Today, your new life begins.


  2. Zdravo Nina, hvala ti za ovaj blog do beskraja.

    Željela sam samo da te pitam šta ako je razlog zbog kojeg stvaram otpor to što sam sa svojom specifičnom osobom trenutno u fakultetskom odnosu? Sve ostalo mogu zamisliti, prihvatiti i željeti. Ali kad mi misli krenu na tu stranu osjećam otpor i neku vrstu grča. Imam utisak da naš formalni odnos, tj. mjesto gdje sam ga upoznala i uloga u kojoj sam ga upoznala (prof.) smetaju mi da se skroz prepustim. To me koči da razvijam dalje naše prijateljstvo. Bilo kakva rečenica na ovu temu bila bi mi od koristi.


    1. Zdravo 🙂 Isprike na kasnjenju sa odgovorom, nekada se dogodi zauzeto doba pa kasnim po tjedan-dva. U tvojoj situaciji se ovaj tip grca trenutno dogadja jer ne vidis, tj. ne vjerujes, kako i da bi se situacija mogla promijeniti. Isto tako, to je strah da se promjena mozda nece dogoditi i da mozda nije moguca…ali uvijek je sve moguce 🙂 Samo se mora vjerovati u svoje odluke, u svemir i da se tako izrazim, u cuda umjesto u trenutne okolnosti i to kako mislimo da stvari idu u zivotu prema onome sto vidimo od drugih. Stvari za svakoga idu drugacije, ovisno o tome u sto vjeruje 🙂


  3. Hi Nina

    I hope that you are well. I have been having problems in my relationship and just discovered that my boyfriend has been emotionally cheating on me. I’ve been picking fights with him all week long. I am deeply hurt. He has been apologizing though. I don’t feel confident and beautiful enough right now. How can I remedy this situation? It hasn’t been easy.


    1. Hi Netta! Forgiveness is key here. If you want to move on from this and imagine your relationship the way you want it to be, it is necessary to forgive both yourself and him for this and know that it will never happen again. Accepting that this may have occurred because maybe the two of you weren’t happy at some point and things hadn’t been “right” between you for some time is something I advise because that way, we accept ourselves and the other person without judgement…and judgement of ourselves or others is what causes unhappiness so definitely don’t engage in it. It’s not worth disturbing your inner peace either way and if you keep your inner peace, you will stay happy and manifest amazing things into your life, both related and unrelated to your relationship.


  4. Hi Nina

    I’m manifesting a relationship with a specific person and I feel good about him I visualize us together sharing a home together having a family overall being in a loving committed relationship. And it makes me feel great

    However sometimes I hear rumors about him being a womanizer and although they are just rumors because I have not seen this myself it leaves a crack in my positive attitude towards my manifestation.
    I believe we can be great together I just wish those rumors would disappear.
    how can I avoid these rumors from making me feel a little bit fearful and doubtful?

    Thank you Nina


    1. Hi Nicki 😀 The trick is to switch whatever you hear and dislike into a gratitude affirmation in your mind! In addition, those rumors do not have to disappear – you just have to decide that they are meaningless and that the only thing that’s manifesting are your desires. Trust the Universe 🙂 As long as we focus on our worries, we get more to worry about, whether or not it’s real…and it’s not worth it. When you hear a rumor you dislike, say “Thank you that we’re together and can trust each other completely” and give more and more time to visualizing that you have what you want instead of thinking about what the current reality “means.” Also, when you decide to trust the Universe and believe that what you want is a done deal, you increase your own positivity which makes you believe and manifest even more in every way.


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