The Likelihood of Manifesting Your Desires

One of my favorite movies is Gone with the Wind and I wonder if others were as fascinated with Scarlett O’Hara’s motherly yet cool mom Ellen. After young Scarlett has been left a widow, Ellen suggests she end her mourning period, get out of the house and travel to Atlanta to party because there is always lots going on.

Ellen had given Scarlett terrific LoA tips – a pick-me-up is always better than unnaturally prolonged mourning with the sole purpose of respecting societal norms. Ellen O’Hara was a cool mom.


On the other hand, Scarlett felt that she could have anything and anyone except for Ashley Wilkes, constantly trying to make him jealous and win him over by marrying his cousin Charles, marrying for money twice after that, nursing his wife (and cousin) Melanie back to health and making him her business partner. She feels that she has money, men, family and her business deals but due to the feeling of not being with Ashley, she keeps making one mistake after another.

I believe many feel the same way when finding themselves capable of manifesting any desire except that biggest one. That big desire usually entails a specific person.

The answer is as simple as leveling that one big desire with the rest of your desires and believing they’re all equally easy to manifest and equally likely to happen.

The bigger you make your desire in your mind, the more you feel disconnected from it.



Self love makes any desire feel small because your happiness is bigger than all of them. You simply give your desired manifestations a chance to fit into your happiness and give them the privilege of sharing your beautiful life.

When perceiving a desire small, you can see yourself having it and let it go. This can be just as true of jobs, financial wealth, luxury and love with specific people as it is of clothes, flowers and cups of coffee.


  1. Nina,

    I love this post, and I loved Gone with the Wind. And I always felt bad for Scarlett that she loved Ashley and never could get him, even when his wife died.

    So I resonate with this illustration because I realized tonight that no matter how beautiful I make myself, how talented I am or no matter how much I have to offer, it just doesn’t seem to matter. Does this make sense? He loves another, and tonight I was forced to see him shower his love with, well, his love. Physical attention.
    At first I felt a hint of sickness, but I thought it through. And it shifted something in me. I realized that maybe my love could be someone else, and that made everything lighter, softer and my mood lifted instantly! I could suddenly really accept what was in front of me, reality. I didn’t feel the need to fight against it.
    (FYI normally my spouse and I sit in the front row and my specific person has to see me and my spouse from the back row and see my spouse pay physical attention to me that I normally don’t encourage because I don’t want to show more than the usual attention to give my specific person the wrong idea if you know what I mean. But I can’t shrug my spouse off.)

    I’m leaving on holiday on Thursday for 11 days. And my goal is to enjoy this trip fully, live it up! And have a break through of some kind. At least that’s what I’ve been thinking and planning the last month or so. So I’ve been expecting to shift this topic energetically in my life.

    Crazy thing was on the way to the event this evening I saw my number sign “44” constantly on the way there. It’s the number I decided to see as his and my number, togetherness. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so many times as I saw it then in such a short period of time as tonight. And so it shouldn’t surprise me that the Universe put something in front of me to help clear more resistance.

    Because lately I’ve been on a huge roll! And today I had great visualizations, it all felt so real and so right. And that’s the second time it’s happened recently where directly after I had this really strong connected visualization where I truly felt like it was really happening, and then BAM!!! Something thrown in my face to show me what else is in the way. My LOA coach told me in the past that the stronger the momentum, the quicker and stronger the resistance will show up, so I can clear it and allow myself to manifest more quickly.

    Please tell me what you think:

    -The increase of signs, not just 44 but 33 also resonates as well and it’s all over the place!

    -Seeing him and her in this circumstance was not the norm, this was thrown in front of me, I know it!!!

    -My shift in feeling like my true love could be another, helping everything to lighten up. In fact I almost feel like I’m over him! That’s a first in like 2 and a half years!!! At the same time of course I still love him like no one else on earth. 🙂

    -I’m easily and naturally loving myself in ways I never have before! I’m so grateful! And it’s all happening so fast and in true alignment! I just love me. 🙂


    How would you proceed from where I am today if you were in this situation?

    How would you interpret what I’ve been seeing at this point, because the momentum feels like it’s speeding up!?

    I would love to know what others think; Gretta, Lyly, Lightline, N, C or anyone else?

    Whatever advice or insight any of you can give me I’ll take with me on my 11 days away as I visit my family. (Spouse not joining me on this trip.)

    Lots of love to you all, and I’m grateful beyond words for all of you and Nina. And I wish the very best for you all and hope your dreams and wishes are fulfilled. 🙂

    Thank you


    1. Removing resistance/consciously preventing yourself from “resisting” speeds things up and generates more signs. A friend of mine let go of something recently and is experiencing the same thing.


  2. JCE,

    This is how I would like to interpret –

    I could feel a strong impulse of happiness when I read through your post. Mainly because I am dealing with myself and my own situation in somewhat similar manner.

    I think the more we accept every (bad states/situation) situation the universe is throwing at us and feel grateful for it now … the more it will generate situations that we will be grateful for ( good states) .. I think that’s what LoA is all about!
    p.s.: I say bad states – because we are focused on our desires but because we sometimes struggle with it, it comes with all the negatives included like the resistance, ego etc
    good states – accepting all situations in the same emotional level will suppress our negativity and we will only be feeling positive in the long run so does our feelings on our desires.

    I think you are handling yourself very well and as you say – clearly its a sign that your manifestation is speeding up. Whatever it could be it will bring you happiness. Also, I think as Nina says we should not discriminate our desires as something ‘big’ or ‘small’. This makes us give more importance to ourselves. We can then rely entirely on ourselves for our well being and happiness and not wait for any external resource to make us happy/sad.

    Have a fantastic holiday and clear up your mind – forget all about your desire for now 🙂


  3. Hi JCE,

    I totally agree with N.

    Seeing that number so often, specially when you have assigned it to be your sign, is a way for Universe to tell you are closer. Or as Abe says “Warmer” “Warmer” Warmer”

    Anything that makes you uncomfortable, as your coach said, is a way for universe to say “Deal with this resistance, baby, because deep down in your heart, it makes you feel less-than-good/ or may be it makes compare yourself with her”. [It happened with me too.]

    How I dealt with anything that made me uncomfortable was to visualize (Many Thanks Nina for approving of my visualization in other post. When you approve of something I feel like a proud student. Thank you. <3) and there was one more thing I did was to repeat that incident and send heart energy. During initial days of learning LOA, I saw him entering the hallway infront of me and he did not look at me. I could see the tension on his face and I knew that he was aware but trying to ignore. That ….. me. think of any word. I repeated that over and over in my mind and i saw a pink heart energy connecting both of us. But I could still see his tensed face. I slowly made it happen in my mind's eye that he passed by but he had a loving smile on his face while looking at me. This scene did not manifest as I had visualized but he did smile at me while passing by in the hallway at a different place.

    The day when anything or everything stops making you feel uncomfortable, take my words, it's about to happen in physical reality.

    That realization you had of loving someone else or what if your lover is someone else, is simply a form of "Letting Go" ? I think so. [When I felt like that, I always manifested this quote "If you still think about it, it's still in your heart." OR "If you still talk about, it still matters to you." It was a reality check for me. I did force myself to think like that because I wanted to have more energy to follow my desire. Little I knew how to easily let go!]

    Thank you for your wsihes. I wish the same for you.

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  4. You all are so incredible. Thank you so much for your insights. I love knowing how others see a situation just to bounce off where I am and how I could maybe see something differently. We all learn from each other. 🙂

    Nina, Lightline, N thanks so much!

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  5. Nina / All.

    I also see 44 or 444 all the time. Also 77 or 777 (My birth year)

    444 Apparently means ‘Angel Number 444 asks that you pay attention to your intuition and inner-wisdom as your connection with your angels and the angelic realm is very strong at this time. You are encouraged to continue on your current path as your drive and determination will lead to success and fulfillment.’

    The other day I met a child in my store that has his first and second name in the same order. Same spelling. The mother says oh this is XXXXX XXXXX. *blink blink*

    Then the book from a few months ago which had his name as the title came into the shop again and was put in the same place (?) then i saw this woman pick it up and she showed me the book and asked had I read this book to which I said no. She then squats down to look at the books on the lower shelf and the back of her shirt reads 3 words “So in love” – I didn’t actually know what to think about this book, the woman and her shirt. Any ideas Nina? Anyone? Bizarre. Then I said If i end up serving this woman I’ll take it as a sign. I was down the back of the store. Sure enough all 6 colleges on that day ended up busy (that never happens that all of them are busy) and I ended up having to serve her. I don’t know if i am reading to much into these signs or not?? Because I believe asking and looking for signs means you don’t believe its already yours. I also forget to mention that right before he added me on Facebook I dreampt he said “I’m ready now” – Don’t know quite what it means but anyway. Ready for what? Haha..

    It’s my bday today. Lets see if anything interesting happens today.

    Nina. There is still one part i dont understand / get. It’s this whole letting go thing. Neville says to keep visualizing until it appears in your life. You say ask and let go and use whatever tools you want. Should we / are we meant to keep visualizing until it appears or forget about it? This is the part i dont understand. Which is it? Past experiences show me to forget?




    1. Firstly, browse recent comments because people left you birthday wishes! 😀
      We have said this before but letting go does not necessarily entail forgetting about your desire and it is NOT forgetting about it. Letting go is KNOWING that your desire is yours, letting it happen and if you visualize, visualize it being yours and know it’s yours. If you can forget about your desire after having asked once, you will probably receive even faster.


      1. Hi Gretta,

        Letting go has been one of the most confusing parts to understand for me too. I think I now understand the second option of it to be TRUST and FAITH. That is what Nina means when she says you have to KNOW its already yours. If you keep doubting and worrying then you are not letting go, The Secret book calls it unwaivering faith.

        If you get to a moment where you are worrying, just think to yourself… I create my life. If you really believe this then at some point you start to realize that you can now create it the way you want it. Start replacing worry with faith, little by little we will start to feel better. There was a book I read once that gave an example of a cup of dirty water. If you keep filling it with clean water, little by little, the water inside becomes clean.

        I hope you are having a great day and really enjoying your birthday.

        Much love,

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      2. Hi C

        It’s not so much doubting and worrying. He didn’t wish me a happy bday but it still had no effect on me that he didn’t. I didn’t care. It gets confusing when you read stuff online and everyone has a different way of doing it. The only way I ever got what I wanted was when I completely forgot and moved on with life so when I read some Neville stuff online on my FB i keep seeing ‘keep visualizing until it appears in your life; – but then I kinda think isn’t all the ‘work’ just adding more resistance? Is it not just better to just do it a few times then move on and forget? Doesn’t that bring about the least resistance? I have attracted every person I ever wanted to but only when I completely let go and forgot about them. Same thing happened with my mum, when my dad disappeared she moved on with her life and he came back, I know so many people that that has happened with. Isn’t the believing part also resistance? What if the only way to bring it to you with super-speed IS to forget, ZERO resistance, no work at all.
        Thanks for the bday wishes. ❤


      3. Hi C

        Just to add

        Nina said this above ” If you can forget about your desire after having asked once, you will probably receive even faster.”

        So doesn’t that indicate that forgetting really IS the fastest way to receiving? I know it’s not essential but time and time again with myself and others I’ve seen it work the fastest when you forget. Sometimes getting things in a day. The more I really wanted something, the slower it came to me.


      4. I definitely think it helps to forget in order accelerate things, but I’m not sure that means you have to forget your request? Maybe more that you are not thinking about if its manifesting or not? of course, if you start focusing on other things, that also makes it easier to relax about your desire.

        Plus, if you’re trying too hard to forget, that also might create resistance.

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      5. Yes I think forgetting will help in faster manifestations and if you are able to forget then its even better as there’s no resistance. However we are attached to few desires and its difficult for us to forget may be in that case we should keep visualizing when it feels good to us?
        I believe in LoA very much as I have had experiences in my life too. Whenever I have felt anything that I desired from my heart it has manifested to me. I would like to share some of them here.

        When I was child, I always always dreamed of living in a house with big garden. I used to visualize sitting in the garden reading books playing watering plants… I am sure I may have let it go at some point and it did manifest. The house we moved into had a big garden and had all sorts of fruits and vegetables mango, guava, pineapple, papaya, banana to name few…

        Then later in my life, i.e. years ago when I had just graduated, a job agency called me and asked me to go for an interview in this company (this is very old company founded centuries ago and does a lot of innovations in technology). When I went there they told me there wasn’t any interview and was a mistake. I was disheartened and my friend at the time told me its a dream to be working here. I was more focused to work hands-on with technology in renewables than start a business or do something else so I decided to do higher education outside my country and then eventually started working my dream job. And the company I desired to work years ago bought the company I was already working in!

        I don’t want to keep going here but I have other experiences that I will write some other time. I think all it took for me is to believe/trust and not think about it. Few other times only thought when it felt good about it.

        (Please excuse my writing I am not great in expressing myself through writing)


  6. Hi Nina


    Most times my recent comments don’t update until the day after and I have to go through your posts to see them? I dont know why. Might try and use a different browser. I didn’t see anyone’s comments. I will try and find them now.



  7. Love this post! It is so, so true. Before I actively practiced the LOA, I made getting my boyfriend back this impossible task in my mind. It’s a work in progress but I do know it’s going to happen if I let go, which I am doing.

    I am reading Freedom for His Princess by Sherri Rose Shepherd. Although this book is based in the teachings of Christianity, all of its underlying messages are the LOA, which should prove, even if you’re not religious, that the LOA is universal. Here are a few passages for anyone who is struggling to let go today, as this surely gave me peace and confidence to trust the universe:

    “Our relational battles can only be won when they are fought in the spiritual realm first. Fight on your knees for those you love. Pray hard, because the greatest battle you may be fighting is the one inside your own heart, and blame and bitterness will not rebuild anything.”

    This is all about letting go of your past relationship and the anger and sadness that you experienced! In order to move on and manifest the relationship of your dreams, you NEED to let go of the past. It’s easier said than done, but when negative memories pop into my head, I actively say “cancel” and switch to thinking about something happy.

    “If you are beating yourself up because you can’t get a breakthrough in an important relationship, then it may be time to stop fighting and leave the impossible in God’s hands.”

    Replace the word “God” with “universe” or whatever higher power you believe in … and it’s all the teachings of LOA. If you are hurting, and stuck, please, LET GO, fighting just brings your resistance and further from your goal.

    I hope these passages help, and thank you Nina for having such a positive atmosphere for us to come and discuss! 🙂


    1. I am so happy to 🙂 And I love that you brought this up because just the other day, I was telling someone that LoA and religion are based on the same principle of believing before seeing therefore religious individuals have terrific LoA potential.
      I love explaining why all these concepts come down to the same principles. Thank you for sharing this 😀 xx


  8. Today I was having negative thoughts, and I had to recall a time when LoA worked for me, and remind myself the power it has. I hope this story gives you all faith that really anything is possible:

    To summarize, I compete in pageants. I had done a local pageant that leads to my state’s pageant (that leads to Miss USA) for years, placing as close at 1st runner up in 2014. I had wanted it so bad and was so devastated not to win. The following year, I also worked very hard and thought about every detail and obsessed over it … and didn’t even make the Top 5. Again I was disappointed, didn’t realize what I was doing wrong. Eventually, I let it go and competed at the state pageant a few months later at large and placed 3rd runner up, beating the girl who beat me at the local pageant. I was confident and ready to return to the local pageant again this year but really didn’t care one way or the other, because I had proved that I can compete and place at the top in one of the biggest pageants in the country. I don’t even remember when I did it, but I made the password to my computer the title of the local pageant. So for example, my password was MissBlank_16. This was my way of “acting as if” I had already won. The pageant is usually in August so I just put in the back of my head in the start of the year. Fast forward to April (I hadn’t even started preparing) the director of the pageant calls me up and tells me they won’t be having a competition this year but they want to appoint ME the title, paying my entry fee to the state pageant. Now, for years I had obsessed, cried, fought for this title, and finally when I LET IT GO, it came to me, EASIER than I thought it could have, I didn’t have to get on stage and compete for it!!! So when people tell you the LoA doesn’t work on people because free will, please remember this story. In order for me to be appointed this title, SEVERAL people had to pick me for it. I am a firm believer that me visualizing that one day I would get the title (I had MANY times before) and just letting it go to the universe is the reason I have the title now.

    In a way, this was even “harder” than manifesting an ex back into your life. You have a relationship and connection with your significant other, I only had a competitive/professional one with the people who picked me. What I am trying to say is this: The reason so many of us, including myself, are struggling with this concept when it comes to a specific person is because we are too attached, we care too much and we’re too scared. If I were to just LET GO like I did with the pageant, visualize, ask and say thank you, I guarantee my boyfriend would be back with me right now. But I am still clearly not letting go enough. WE CAN DO IT. We just need to commit to being happy, living, and TRUSTING it will happen.

    This story is true, and I wanted to share it with you all because it really helped me put everything in perspective. Please reach out to me if you have any questions! Lots of love ❤

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