My Love of Visualization

There can never be too much discussion on visualization, if you ask me. My favorite manifestation tool, visualization is easy, natural and allows your desire to come to life.

When it comes to visualization, I don’t discuss so much as give praise. I absolutely love visualization and all the benefits I get from it.

However, I have been asked what to do in the moments of feeling poorly, simply in a bad mood and incapable of visualizing.

Visualization works best when one is feeling good. Simple, right? However, I find that the quickest way to bring the mood back up is to simply remember that your desire belongs to you already, just because you have asked for it. When you remember that, you can visualize again. Soon, your empty, negative thoughts will be silenced by the profound knowing that your desire is to be yours because that is what you asked for.

Visualization easily follows positive thoughts. When you feel good about yourself and anything else, you can easily see yourself having what you want.

Many times, it isn’t that you don’t feel good about your desire – you simply don’t feel good about yourself. If you are unhappy, you cannot find happiness in any manifestation! That is why inner peace must come first.

Visualization allows your desire to manifest. When you feel good and see yourself having what you want, you attract it to you. However, you must also be happy in the moments you are not directly living your desire in order to keep the good(s) coming into your life.

See what I mean?

Visualization allows you to become the person you want to be. By seeing yourself being the person you want to be, you become it. As that person, you can have and live anything you want.


  1. Hi Nina

    Thanks for this post.

    For me visualizing and heart energy are the strongest of all the tools. Visualizing (seeing) but also HEARING someone congratulating me is my favorite visualization.

    I found this 10 minute video if anyone wants a guided meditation for sending heart energy. It’s really good.


  2. Hi Gretta, I listen to this video quite often. Thanks for reminding me that I have been doing the right thing. Many a time, you make me feel like you are my spirit guide. Really, I mean it.

    Love and Light

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  3. Dear Nina,

    Thank you for keep encouraging us. Not sure if you still remember me, a fan of yours who doesn’t speak English as her first language but enjoys reading your words everyday.

    So since I sent a new year greeting to my specific man and we had a short conversation through the text messages, we haven’t contacted for months. (Reminder: we don’t live in the same country.) Because it seemed to me that I was usually the one who initiated the contact, I felt that he was no longer trying to keep the relationship. Therefore, I thought it’s time to let go. Maybe it will be easier for me to manifest a new relationship with a new man I desire. Just everyday, this man still remains in my mind, even until today.

    During these past 7 months, I spent time looking for a new job. I didn’t visualize much about the new relationship. Only when I felt happy or remembered, I visualized a little. I won’t say I was extremely happy, but I felt peaceful and enjoyed the life being alone. I keep reminding myself, the Universe is giving me my desired relationship now. All I need to do is get into alignment – be happy!

    At that time, my another ex tired to get back together with me. Even though I knew exactly he was absolutely not the one, I decided to observe him and give him a chance. Many times, when I noticed the old problems we had were still there, I told myself “If this ex is not the one, this is a good timing to leave him so I can keep manifesting my desired man the Universe is ready for me.” Maybe because of that, I was calm and didn’t argue with this ex as I used to. A month ago, a big scandal happened to him (he’s sort of a celebrity). He was accused sexual assault. Before this incident was on newspaper at night, I was happened to see another woman walking into his apartment in the afternoon. That meant he was treating on me with two or more women! Of course I was shocked and mad for couple days, but I was amazed by myself because it didn’t take me too much time to be sad. Because I know LoA, I don’t want to waste my time being miserable with a man who is not worth for.

    So here are the questions that make me wonder. Why this happened to me? Why did I attract this ex back to my life when most of the time I was happily manifesting my desired relationship? How do I prevent this happens to me again? And why I am still thinking about that specific man? I’ve ever tried to use him as an example to visualize (after all I love his looks, including many of his positive aspects), but this specific man also reminds me we are no longer together which makes me a little sad. So what should I do in order to attract my beautiful relationship with all the qualities I like about that specific man? Thank you so much!!

    (Btw, in July, one day when I felt good, I spontaneously texted messages to say hi to the specific man. He responded fast and was nice. But that’s it!)



    1. Hi Fiona 🙂 I remember you.
      When you raise your vibration, other people catch onto it, not just the person you want to manifest being with. You manifested this ex but felt negatively about him and said your problems were still there so they continued. Simple, right? I find that energy works in a pretty straightforward way and I think that the problems continued because you have conflicting views on relationships in general as well as your exes – you want to see good things but perceive problems instead.
      Just focus on your reality as you want it to be and ignore the current. It doesn’t matter what happened but only what you want. Write it down to get additional focus if you want because it truly helps. Then, love yourself! You must feel good about yourself to believe that you deserve all the good you desire 🙂 xx


      1. Dear Nina,

        So happy you still remember me! 🙂 I think I am too picky. When I work, I need to see problems and resolve the problems. I get used to the pattern even when it comes to relationship. So yes, I do notice that I have problems to focus on my reality as what I want it to be. I will try your suggestion.

        I was confident in myself. In these past few years, I noticed when women in a certain age, they can be considered unvalued in many ways, especially in Asia. This concept hunts me from time to time, even though I maintain myself well. I will love to hear your perspective!

        Last question, when I attract a man who seems not to be my desired one, should I give it a try and focus on his positive aspects, or should I refuse him then keep focusing on what I want?

        Thank you soooo much! (btw, got your book. reading it now.)


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