The Law of Attraction Weekend Lessons

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  1. Hi Nina,

    Another amazing post! I have a question for you that kind of goes to another post of your about energy rearranging when your desire is about to manifest.

    So, I manifested some signs that my desire is manifesting. However, during this time. I’ve really been feeling under the weather. It started with stomach pain, then Ive been having a sore throat and just overall not feeling great. And just the other day, I also started feeling headaches and dizzy. All this has made it a little hard to get into visualizations or affirmations cause I’m so tired

    My question is, how do I know if this is energy rearranging itself? It if this is something I manifested?

    Not sure if my question makes sense but I was trying to understand that post better and see if it related to what Im going through right now.

    Thank you,


  2. We spoke on the phone.

    There was no tension, he pointed that out also. He said if i couldn’t notice that he has become neutral with me. No idea what that means, but I guess its better than anything else right? Neutral? What does that mean?

    He then said something about giving me a photo of the side of his bike which is my real name. He brought this up. Maybe as just a gesture of thanks because something came into the shop that I said I would post to him if he wanted.


    Nina… thoughts? Haha..


  3. He was EXTREMELY nice to me. There was no ‘putting his foot down’ with me business or talk like he usually did.

    He was nice. Thankful even.

    He actually made conversation.

    Haha… I did put in some more effort today with some affirmations and kept thanking the Universe for him. Maybe that had something to do with it?

    I still dont know what the neutral comment meant.

    Anyone? I am busting to know what you all think 🙂


    1. Neutral now, as in he stopped fighting you like he used to? Either way, this is all positive so go with it! I love these good news 🙂


  4. Hi Nina. I’m looking to get back with my ex whom I was in a long distance relationship with. However, he seems uninterested, like he has moved on and wants nothing to do with me. We have broken up for 11 months now and I haven’t spoken to him in 4 months. I miss him like crazy. How do I use the law of attraction to win him back and have him love me like he used to cause it seems as if I no longer matter to him. Like we’ve never even met before. Please help!!!


    1. Hi Jeanie! Firstly, your feeling of missing him has to be replaced with the happiness that the relationship you want to have with him is a done deal already. You must make a decision that it’s yours and then, KNOW that it is, before seeing any proof of it and without needing to see it.

      Forgive both yourself and him for the past and for the present. Realize that what happened is not a big deal because now, you’ll be back together and in love. This relationship is already a done deal so imagine what your life is like now that this is yours. Then, allow it to manifest without worrying how it’s going to happen. Choose to believe instead of worrying 🙂

      Focus entirely on your ideal relationship and ignore your current reality. What you believe you can manifest, you can indeed so believe that this is yours! Be happy already that this ideal new reality is yours. LoA works best when all you feel is love and let go of any need and you can do this!!


      1. Hi Nina! Thank you so much for the swift reply, advice and having faith in me. You are heaven sent :-). I am scared that he might have a new lover cause he is constantly chatting online the way he used to chat to me when we were still an item. I find myself cyberstalking him most of the time and this brings about so much resistance cause I get scared that he has moved on and will never ever love me again. He is very stubborn, how do I manifest him contacting me first? I wish that he could apologise and humble himself to me. I really wish that I could spend my December holidays with him but I feel like I’m running out of time cause its been 11 months and he still hasn’t made contact. How do I remedy all of this Nina?


      2. Thank you 🙂
        Right now, you are just looking for the reasons why it would NOT work out but in truth, you need to have faith in yourself. With the practice of self love, your confidence will grow and you will be able to see the two of you together beyond the issues of his personality and everything else you now see as a problem. In truth, nothing is a problem and you just have to change your perception to one of seeing the two of you together, as if it were real right now. Visualize it and you will feel that it’s yours. If you notice the current reality, you will lower your vibration – ignore it! Just focus on things as you want them to be and be sure that this is yours because we manifest what we believe we can have.


  5. Nina you are such a beautiful woman. I have a question, how can I use the law of attraction to attract women? It’s frustrating, most the time I don’t have the confidence to approach, get rejected and it hurts, get their number and doesn’t end up going anywhere. What can I do


    1. Thank you David 🙂
      Since LoA is all about you, how you feel about yourself and what you believe you can have, start with self love. You must find the things you like about yourself and remind yourself of those qualities. If there are things you want to change about yourself, accept that you are good enough just as you are NOW, even before you change those things because that’ll make the process of change much easier.
      The way we feel about ourselves is the way people feel about us if that is the perception we focus on. You are now to see yourself as a quality man – attractive, intelligent, honest, happy, heart-driven… What would that be like? Think about the qualities you value and the way you want to see yourself and then imagine what it would be like to be that man. Engage in visualization and think about how you would feel as well as the reactions you would get from others.
      We are only as attractive as we feel and that is true of every single person. As soon as you begin to feel self comfort and confidence, others will pick up on it.
      Once you start to feel great about yourself, you will be able to approach women because you feel like it, lightly and without worry and women will also be approaching you!


      1. Nina I been attempting get the feel for attraction feeling attractive but I keep getting heartbreaks and rejections and its hurts so bad.


      2. Hello David! Right now, it is important to explore the cause of the pain. Do you fear that rejections say something about you? Do you feel lonely? Why do you feel rejected – why not simply believe that there is someone better out there? Do you genuinely feel comfortable with yourself and about the people you are approaching, do you truly like them?
        These questions will let you explore your feelings in depth.
        You deserve all the good you desire to receive and your current reality will change when your self perception does.
        It is said that others mirror to us the things we feel about ourselves. If a part of you fears that this is the way things will be, believe that they can be better instead. Beliefs can be changed through the conscious mind, with affirmations, but give yourself just a little time to get there. If you do, it will take less time than you think.
        There is no reason to feel undeserving. It is simply important to feel good about yourself without asking for approval from others. That way, even if you don’t click with someone, it doesn’t matter because it only means there is someone else out there that is even better. Also, if you affirm to yourself that you are deserving and allow yourself to accept that, you will be naturally gravitating towards the people who deserve you and who are remarkable.
        I suggest affirmations. Positive thinking will be learned and then, you’ll go to it automatically.
        First, you must start to feel good and stop the need for approval in you and then, you will receive that approval 🙂


      3. That is so deep thanks Nina, I just be on that I feel a certain way about myself but I don’t believing that people don’t feel the same way I feel about myself.


  6. Hi Nina,

    What a beautiful post! A quick reminder which is really helpful.

    Gretta: I am really happy for you. You are another example to those who want to know if this works… Way to go girl.

    All – Keep believing in everything that makes you HAPPY!! That’s the key and keep coming to Nina’ blog like you used to go to school for your lessons.

    A little update from my seide:

    1. I am manifesting butterflies in abundance. Everywhere!! Thank you Universe I am really grateful to you.

    2. Deja vu and Intuition is on roll in some areas. Again really grateful.

    3. I am not meditating these days, and Uni has been so nice to keep reminding me of it. I keep reading messages like “Keep calm and Meditate” ” Start meditating from today” Meditation is the Realization” etc etc. Thanks Uni. You are so patient with me!!

    4. As you said Nina, I am not thinking twice in circulating (learned this from YouAre₢eators) money. I know it’s all working out and there’s more where its coming from. 🙂

    5. With my boy, it’s all good. Really good. I feel liberated. I feel free of that feeling that hit me back in August, 2015.

    6. Work is good. I want to go to Sweden for my work and I want my name to be offered by the our client. Am I restricting Uni here? I have never intended and affirmed in this area. Nina/anyone : please help.

    7. I want me blog to grow but it feels like I am slacking in this area. I want to feel creative and have awesome resources to execute my ideas.

    That’s it from my side.

    Love and Light.


      1. Hey C, I know where your questions is coming from. “That feeling!”

        As I have said in my comments: I cried if I wanted to. But I always knew (and know) that things that we don’t-want manifest because we give our focus on, think about or indulge in self-talk about – I KNEW THAT GOOD THINGS CAN MANIFEST TOO the same way. So I just worked on it.

        How I kept myself happy? I watched FRIENDS, SEX AND THE CITY, Played with my daughter and read LOA blogs… and many other thing. I was not happy 24×7, but I was unaffected (and I am unaffected) by little things whether it was about my desires or any other thing. This is the biggest thing happened to me after learning about LOA. Things don’t bother me (for long).

        Faith? I tried to see his love in everything – Every little thing he did in the past and every little thing he was doing during the time away from me. Even if it was not there… and then… things that I was making-up in my mind manifested for me… and that grew my faith. Faith in his love and in Universe’s love for me. If I was visualizing him in the cafeteria and his friend(s) appeared : it grew my faith in Universe… and his love that if I could manifest his friends right after visualizing him, I can manifest him too.
        But you’d ask : “How did you know that he loved you while he was doing all that to you – staying away, not reading messages etc.?” Because whenever I thought of this question myself – I manifested “What you seek is seeking you. – RUMI”

        C, I swear… I have been really lucky in getting signs, reading signs and decoding those signs. No matter what anybody says – signs are like winks from Universe and it would never lead you upstream. TRY IT! when you see your sign – BELIEVE IT! When you understand your sign- ACT ON IT!

        This is how it all happened.

        Thank you for asking me questions. I just love talking about my experience.

        Much love!!


    1. Hi Lightline.

      I wanted to add. This is all I do now.

      1) Took responsibility for what the situation turned into – because it was my mind that created it all.

      2) Knowing that I am going to receive just because I have asked for it.

      3) Feeling excited and anticipatory for it and staying in that excited feeling state.

      4) This –

      5) This –

      6) This – (While imagining holding his hand at night in bed.)

      7) This affirmation throughout the day.. “Thank you that XXX is in love with me!’ Thank you that XXX is surrounded in love for me. Thank you that XXX and I are in a committed loving relationship that brings us both 100% happiness and fulfillment! It is done!”

      8) Placed trust in The Universe. Belief and knowing is the key! Expect it.

      9) Turned all the focus onto myself. Then there he was.


    2. Lightline,

      I just love the way you are so clear, precise and positive about what you want. Your posts show you are filled with contentment and you are grounded. You are such inspiration.

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      1. Thanks for so many good words for me in one comment! It made my day.

        I have my own timings and that nagging ego at times. But I know shut it up… by feeding it with what I learned so far through Nina, Abe and you all of course!!

        Love and Light


        I wanted to ask Nina about it and I think this comment is a good place to ask:

        Nina and all, there is one area I want to improve i.e. if someone talks to me sarcastically or smirks. This is where I lose cool (in a subtle way). I want to get rid of it. I also believe that I still have got some work on my self-love.

        what you guys think?


    3. You’re not restricting the Universe but now that you know what you want, ask for it and then, imagine how it is now that you have received it! In this case, it’s not about receiving it, it’s about imagining how you feel AFTER you have received it and are now packing to go to Sweden as well as preparing your work to present there. See what I mean? 🙂 Be happy that this is yours!
      Also, when it comes to creativity, think of yourself as a brilliant source of information. What does a brilliant creative person represent to you? How does this person work, how many ideas do they have, how do people react to them? Imagine yourself as that person, the one who is perceived the way you want to be perceived and who has and expresses all these ideas you want to have 🙂
      You can do this!!


  7. Thanks Lightline and anyone else that is interested!

    I just wanted to add what I do.

    1) Took responsibility for how the situation turned out – because it was my mind that created it all. I did it all!

    2) Know I am going to receive just because I have asked for it. (This instills confidence and lets me get on with my day HAPPILY)

    3) Stay in a excited and anticipatory FEELING STATE.

    4) Do the “Sending Heart Energy to Someone you Love – Guided Meditation with Gabriel Gonsalves” on youtube.

    5) Read the article “Neville Goddards Secret Sacred Order – Free Neville Goddard” Article.” (Google it.)

    6) Listened / listen to the Abraham Hicks video on You Tube called “Abraham Hicks 2016 – Stop doubting, start believing (new)”

    7) Say this affirmation daily whenever I feel like it, “Thank you that XXX is IN LOVE with me!” “Thank you that XXX is surrounded in love for me!” “Thank you that XXX and I are in a committed relationship of our dreams that brings us both complete happiness and 100% fulfillment! Thank you Universe! It is done!”

    8) I continuously keep a smile on my face! All the time now! Try it! It actually makes you happy!

    9) Believe and Know.

    10) Placed my trust in the Universe.

    11) Let go of any of the details.

    12) Expected it.

    And there he was…


    1. You don’t know what you’ve just done!! When I was in the process – I used to look out for such pointers in articles. Such pointers are really helpful. Like Nina’s other post on “Reminder”.

      Thanks for helping all of us… love!! Good vibes on your way.


  8. Thank you, Nina, for all your advice/guidance. I look forward to visiting your blog to read new posts from you and all your readers.

    Gretta, did you call him or did he call you? Either way, I think it is great. The reason I ask, is because it has been almost 4 weeks since I saw my man. We met for a drink and had a great time, but I haven’t heard from him since. I have not contacted him hoping he would take the initiative, but so far, he hasn’t. I am wondering if I should contact him but I feel I am doing all tkr work/chasing. I was hoping he would notice he hs not heard from me and miss me, but I guess not. It hurts.

    Any advice/thoughts would be much appreciated.

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    1. Hi again 🙂 Thank you for always visiting and being a part of the community 😀
      You’re focusing on the current reality but what if you were to hear from him often? And see him often? Imagine what that would be like but only engage in those visualizations because they make you feel good. Then, go about living your life happily, with happiness being your priority and with the belief that what you want is yours 🙂 Engage in happy visualizations of what you WANT, as if it were yours. You’ll feel better.


  9. I called him. I only called because i know it is mine. It wasn’t done out of desperation or trying to force the HOW. I knew because there was no nerves, we spoke to each other like when we first met.

    Then he contacted me the next day. Then he unblocked me on messenger and then contacted me again to say hi that day. We also spoke again briefly this morning. 🙂

    I contacted him once, he contacted me 3 times. Every time he contacted me or responded I said thank you.

    The vibe has completely changed. Completely. Like 2 different people.

    Do try those 12 steps above.

    I forgot to mention between step 7 and 8 – Add in GRATITUDE FOR EVERYTHING and step 13 add in ‘became ‘obsessed with myself” (health, interests)

    P.S keeping yourself busy is not right. Making yourself happy is. Keeping yourself busy means you are still trying to distract yourself from the ‘what is’

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      1. I will. And please, keep up with the updates on your success and manifestations. Its great to hear how your guy has changed and what’s to come 🙂


    1. Wow it absolutely feels fantastic to read your posts. Like how you focused and aligned yourself towards your happiness. So happy for you Gretta!

      I feel and do all that you have mentioned (12 steps) and I am feeling elated 🙂 🙂


  10. I forgot to add

    Something that Esther said.

    “It’s not about timing, it’s about alignment.”

    That changed everything for me very quickly.


  11. Sorry about all the posts.

    I only remember after I have posted! Haha

    The day before I called him I felt inclined to buy a 1.00 card from the shop. It wasn’t planned. The stands were near the counter and I just picked one that had motorcycles on the front.

    I came home and wrote in the card how much i appreciated him and loved him and how much fun i have with all the things we do together and various other things.

    Just that list above, with the things added in and the card.



  12. Oh Gretta,

    What a change in reality! This shows without a doubt this stuff works, it really works!!! This is a change that you can’t deny, no one can. This is proof. Everything you’re doing looks like you’re on track and doing everything as right as you can. Now it’s just about letting it in with timing from the U when it makes it all happen.

    You commented the other day about the waiting. I think this is something that affects all of us. Definitely me in the past. I’ve come to see it like this: it may take 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years. I just don’t know. But I’ve come to accept that all time frames are possible. I find now that I’ve accepted this it sort of took the pressure off of wondering “When in the hell is this going to happen! I mean I’m doing everything right!”

    I really NEEDED to give up on wanting to know the “when”. I think this is another key component to successful manifesting, especially on a topic like this.


      1. You know it’s funny because all week people have told me ‘ maybe it was just bad timing’…

        I find interesting that somehow I am being told : maybe it had nothing to do with timing … this feels a bit better to be honest 🙂



    I too have been experiencing changes that are without a doubt the universe is stepping in and aligning things for me.

    Recently my specific person’s spouse went out of town on vacation, over a week. He spontaneously had car trouble, like 2 days after she left. His grown daughter contacted me and told me about it, and needed a ride somewhere. So I was able to text him and offer him one of my vehicles.
    To make a long story short:
    -I was able to invite his children out, and we had a blast! It’s like we’ve been doing things together since years. I took them again today and again we had an awesome time.
    -After dropping them off this evening he came out and talked with me. We talked for about a half hour, but it was like the old days from the project 2 years ago. (forgot to mention my spouse is out of state too! interesting timing.)

    But the way we conversed this evening was full of ease, comfort like 2 old souls. He reacted and responded to me like he used to. For example he always mimics me. So if I cross my arms or touch my neck he does the exact same thing. I don’t think he realizes he does it. But he’s always done it with me when it’s just the 2 of us. And he kept doing it for maybe 20+ minutes. I can’t believe we so easily were able to just be together alone and talk, converse and share things with each other. It’s been like 2 years since the last time!!! The way he smiled at me when we said goodnight was so warm, loving and kind.

    The only reason why we had this opportunity to talk like old times is because both our spouses are out of town at the same time. I followed inspired action, and within hours I was at his house, picking up kids, having a good time.

    I would have never imagined this would happen so quickly and out of the blue. That’s how fast things can happen, or change. It’s another sobering reminder of the power of the U and that we shouldn’t doubt or lack faith. Just to be in his presence and have his full and undivided attention was so great. And he wanted to be there with me, or he would have said goodnight sooner.

    From the perspective of us both already being married, I’ve finally accepted that it just may happen that we will come together, and it may or may not hurt others. I just don’t know. My LOA coach said that if there is real and whole love between us we should be able to pursue it no matter what. I know without a doubt the Universe brought us together. I don’t think it would do that if there wasn’t some good reason or a good outcome that would result. I’ve truly made my peace recently with that. And I think that has contributed to the increase in signs and the quicker changes to my reality.

    Anyways, just wanted to share so others can see there are changes in lives that are happening with a specific person.


    1. Your comment gave me goose bumps!! Specially when you said you were inspired to take an action and it all led you to this experince. it reminds me of my magical one Call away” experience. And it makes me laugh too!!

      Thanks for sharing JCE.


      1. Thank you Lightline! And thank you for sharing the goose bumps. That gives me such a good feeling.
        Initially I had to think, “Is this ego or really inspired action?” Sometimes it’s hard to know, but the thought popped into my head instantly and figured even if it didn’t work out I had nothing to lose by trying.

        Honesty the kids were so eager for me to take them both times they double checked to make sure I was coming for them! I would have never guess that. 🙂

        By the way what is your one call away experience? Where can I read about it?


  14. Just one more thought,

    This time with him showed me again how right he feels. That the time we have with each other feels so effortless and right on all levels. It felt like sharing my day or last few weeks with my husband whom I haven’t seen in a while. He feels like my husband, like the love of my life. He is the love of my life. And I KNOW this is how I’m supposed to feel. And LOA must respond. It’s law, it has to. 🙂

    Now just sit back and love life to the fullest, and let the love of my life come in, in perfect timing. All in perfect timing.

    Lots of love and success to you all…..

    PS: I hadn’t heard this song in a long time on the radio, and decided coming home from work that I wanted to hear it. Sure enough 10 minutes later it came on the radio! I shouldn’t be surprised. 🙂
    Anyways, it fits me and my feelings to a T.
    Enjoy. 🙂


  15. For anyone that is interested….

    This is what I started doing…

    1) Took responsibility for how the situation turned out – because it was my mind that created it all. I did it all!

    2) Know I am going to receive just because I have asked for it. (This instills confidence and lets me get on with my day HAPPILY) I’ve asked, it must be delivered!

    3) Stay in a excited and anticipatory FEELING STATE.

    4) Do the “Sending Heart Energy to Someone you Love – Guided Meditation with Gabriel Gonsalves” on youtube. 2 times a day (because you want to and only do it when you feel like it)

    5) Read the article “Neville Goddard’s Secret Sacred Order – Free Neville Goddard” Article.” (Google it.)

    6) Listened / listen to the Abraham Hicks video on You Tube called “Abraham Hicks 2016 – Stop doubting, start believing (new)” (I listened to this one many many times over and over!)

    7) Say this affirmation daily whenever I feel like it, “Thank you that XXX is *IN LOVE* with me!” “Thank you that XXX is surrounded in love for me!” “Thank you that XXX and I are in a committed relationship of our dreams that brings us both complete happiness and 100% fulfillment! Thank you Universe! It is done!”

    8) Wrote him a card or a letter in the present tense telling him how much I love him and appreciate him and how much fun I have when we are together. I’ve since done this again and I have to say I love this one the most.

    8) Be grateful for everything! That includes things like having eyes to see the sky and stars etc. Everything.

    9) I continuously keep a smile on my face! All the time now! Try it! It actually makes you happy!

    10) Believe and Know.

    11) Placed my trust in the Universe.

    12) Let go of any of the details.

    13) Expect it.

    14) Become obsessed with your own happiness. Do not try to ‘keep yourself busy” You are sending out a signal saying I am trying to take my mind off him. What you want is to be emitting a signal of GENUINE HAPPINESS for yourself and your life at the same time knowing everything is being rearranged and taken care of for you!

    15) Go to bed imagine he is there holding your hand, get myself sleepy as possibly, visualized whatever I wanted saying “it is done” over and over until I fall asleep.

    None of it should feel like a routine. The happiness you are feeling drives you to want to do all this.


    1. Gretta I love so many of your suggestions here. They are all great but some really resonated with me.
      Like expectation, letting go of the hows, be obsessed with your own happiness (love how you worded that!) and one of my favorites, going to bed imaging him holding your hand. I love that!

      The last week I had the thought a few times that I should imagine him holding me in his arms as we fall asleep, or him looking deeply in my eyes telling me he loves me with all his heart.

      I think what I’m wanting now is a simple and easy daily routine. Something that feels amazing with virtually no effort. Thank you for helping me to remember what would feel amazing.

      Lots of love!


  16. Hi everyone,

    I love coming here and reading all the positivity. I was doing so well. I mailed some stuff back of my specific person that I had found while cleaning my room. After I realized it was delivered and he hadn’t gotten in touch with me, my ego and mind got the best of me and sent me into a tailspin of doubt, leading me to text him when I KNEW I shouldn’t. Needless to say, it didn’t go well, which I knew. He said that he wasn’t answering not to be cruel or mean, but because every time we have talked since the breakup, it has gone negative and that he’s sorry but can’t do this. Even though I know if we talked I wouldn’t have flipped out, I knew I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t trusting the universe when I should have, when it was showing me signs! But, I’m not holding it against myself. This all happened Saturday, since, I have been a crying mess but last night, after reading comments here and this blog that I really need to just let go. I can’t keep hurting myself. I asked the universe and it’s my turn to trust, put in the work and “move on” so to speak. The relationship we had is OVER and we can never start new if I’m still clinging to the past. So thank you everyone hear for your kindness. Also, in my sadness last night, I wrote a very personal blog, something I never do. I know it’s bold for me to be revealing my identity, but I’m at the point where I just need to get it all out and really be free of the pain I have been dealing with. I hope it can help any of you who are currently struggling, as I am:


    1. AA,

      I have to be honest, I cried when reading your blog post. I know how it is to lose someone you love. I lost my dad 13 years ago and my whole world felt like it was crashing down. Six months later my ex husband left me. Although I wasn’t so devastated about that. It was for the best.

      But your words, your pain, it’s so touching. And I’m so so sorry you have been hurting so much. It’s a brave thing to put yourself out there like that.

      At the same time, it sounds like you’ve really gotten a good grasp on things and you’re on a good path to alignment. The fact that you realize you have a choice to accept and move on will serve you.

      My LOA coach is an incredible woman, and she would remind me that the s**t we go through allows us an opportunity to look at our “stuff” and see where we can move forward from it. Move it and shift into a new direction. Check our her content, it’s all so great and she’s helped me to change my life:

      Thank you for sharing your soul with us. I appreciate when people really put themselves out there. That takes guts, and you have it in spades.

      I’m grateful for reading your words, thank you for sharing them with us.

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      1. Thank you JCE. I feel fed up with myself for being so distraught. In a nutshell, he left me because his parents didn’t approve of our relationship (he’s Persian, I’m not). He always said the problem wasn’t us but that he couldn’t fight with them anymore and “love isn’t all there is in life.” He also said he hadn’t been happy with me for the last couple of months, and he fell out of love with me (though he took that back). To say I was, and still am, gutted, is an understatement. But I NEED to move on, for my sanity. This morning I just got angry, angry that he would ever do that to me and I think the anger is what’s going to make me once and for all let go. I believe he is my soulmate, but I can’t keep hurting myself with my negative thoughts, thinking about my current reality. Do I want him as my partner more than anything? Yes! But I have to accept we are done right now, and there are a lot of men who would be able to make me happy. More importantly, I can be happy with no one.

        Nina, I never posted my situation here, but would like some of your insight. You too, Lightline.

        Thank you all.


      2. Dealing with the current reality and basically forgiving both him and yourself for your past, for everything you mentioned, the anger and the pain, is essential but you can achieve that by letting go and keeping yourself occupied with other things in life that make you happy now. Once you forgive, it will seem like it wasn’t a big deal because we all make mistakes. I know it sounds funny to hear/read it like that but if we want to, we CAN forgive, turn things around and evoke love. If we want to.
        Forgiving and opening your heart to love will lead to every problem looking small and insignificant.
        Accepting the way things are now will allow you to manifest a new reality and you are aware of that. You CAN forgive. None of us are perfect, after all and if you can forgive someone without having received an apology, focus on their positive traits, you can attract them back into your life.
        Manifesting blocks revealing themselves are a part of the process and you can overcome them all. I do so by just saying that fears are paranoid, the past wasn’t a big deal because now, we know better and that miracles happen all the time.


    2. Thank you SO much for sharing. I loved it and not only was it courageous of you to do it but it also showed your strength. There is strength in honesty, not to mention happiness (and great appeal). Be proud of yourself for being able to speak your mind (and heart).


  17. AA,

    Being angry is definitely a point you reach when you’re so tired of everything and need a change that the anger pushes you in that direction. You’re right on the money with that.

    I loved the blog post you also shared about how this girl and “C” needed 8 years to finally make the marriage a reality. It was really interesting to read her story and many of the comments she made to readers.

    I believe you will reach a point of happiness, you will move on in a healthy way and even be able to think about him without feeling hurt. That’s all very possible. You’ve been through a lot lately, so don’t forget to cut yourself some slack. There is healing that still has to happen and that can take time.

    I found that my changing even just a few small things in my life, enabled my energy to shift dramatically and I was surprised it was easier than I thought. It seems we tend to over complicate there processes and make it all harder than it has to be. When I started to experiment with new feelings, and dare to push myself in a different direction with thoughts I opened myself up to break throughs.

    Almost 2 months ago I decided to try letting my specific person go and accept defeat. I cried my ass off for 5 or 6 days. It was awful! I thought I would rather die than live without him in my future. But it forced me to see I can live just fine without him, be happy that his life is happy and good, be grateful for knowing him and experiencing the feelings he made me have (something no other human being has done for me) and that I can still have an amazing life full of experiences that make me happy.

    By doing this, I started putting myself out there more. And I started to write out and think about what I want more of in my life. And I started filling it with more of those things, and I feel great!!! I still love him with all my heart and soul, but I’m really accepting the love I want to feel and have with or without him.
    And you know what? I want to be the best, confident, joyful, fun and loving wife I can be for him. In order to do that, I need this time to work on me. See this as an opportunity to prepare yourself for the relationship of your dreams.

    Now I feel like I’m living it right now! And that’s probably why the Universe put me in the same space with his children TWICE this last week. Because they are a part of this experience too. A part of my life and reality. I’ve been digging deeper and deeper into the feelings I want this relationship to give me.

    Last night I re-read this post from Nina, I really love it and helped me feel things so so right.

    Nina’s blog has helped me so much on this very important and life changing topic. I don’t know where I would be on this without her.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Hi AA, hugs to you till the time u just let it melt away.

    I am aware of that feeling when we just want to let it go when we want it more than anything but it isn’t happening the way we want.
    I don’t remember when but i had cried my eyes out and asked Uni to help me. I closed my eyes and wanted to fall asleep as quickly as Uni could cus my eyes were in pain. And some thing happened… I was angry with him and myself for allowing this to happen… a thought struck me – I love him. Am I forcing him to love me? Doesn’t he have right to feel and do what he wants? Then why thisanger? I love him. But why do I love him? Because …. and the reasons.

    This was a breakthrough. Major one. Since that day I have never mocked my love and feelings…. Since that day I have never wanted anything him to do anything that might be my ego is expecting.

    I think that was the day since when i had stopped worrying about the manifestation. I was filled with happy feelings that I at least got some time with him that I could cherish life time. I was hopeful that we will meet if not today, tomorrow and I was open to meet him in next birth too. Lol. All I can say is I was in absolute peace. I still am when it comes to him.

    I really dunno what to say. But this is my experience. Hope it helps u in some way. Hugs to u babe.

    Love and Light


    1. Thank you all for your replies ❤

      Lightline, I love to go back through the blog and read your story. It's inspiring to me, and reminds me that this does work, the only one stopping it from happening is myself.

      Thank you all again.


    2. Hi Lightline,

      Your response here really hit home.

      This: “am I forcing him to love me? Doesn’t he have the right to do and feel what he wants?”

      I’ve felt guilt for this many times. I’ve mentioned before that my story with my guy has been over 10 years now. Over this time he has told me many many times, that although he cares for me he doesn’t see me as a person he can have a relationship with. Many times. It makes me feel hurt and at the same time wrong for trying to change things. How would I feel if someone tried to manifest in my life ?

      I’d love to hear both Nina’s and your take on this.

      When you say you listed the reasons you love him, how did that help?

      Thank you,


      1. You never have to worry that you are trying to force someone to love you because you can’t. What you can do is attract them with love and what is wrong with that? Whether or not you will feel that love for them and decide to manifest it is your choice.


      2. Hi C,

        Glad that you found my comment helpful in some way.

        How did the reasons help? To understand if it was really something and I was not my ego. For example : why do I have these feelings for him? Good looking and good in bed? nope. the way he made me feel when I saw him for the first time. my heart skips a beat when I see him. It still happens. When he was/is around or he enters the room I am in : my heart beats differently. I swear! It just feels connection from above. It all made me feel that I LOVE HIM. LOVE. The unconditional one. I still feel that there has to be some sort of energy, connection that pulled me towards him… he must be feeling the same energy. Give him time! Let it be. I was happy to know that he feels for me too. I kept asking Uni, kept giving reasons to myself…

        This was also a way to prove myself that our thoughts create reality.

        C, why do you love him? why do yo u want him? If kids start living away from their parents, does it bring any difference in their relationship? I asked myself all these questions to know myself, to know about my feelings that I call LOVE.


      3. Hi Lightline,

        Thank you for sharing that. The reasons I love my guy are: He’s an amazing father. i think the first time, I really started to feel love for him was shortly after we met, he brought over pictures of his daughter and shared them with me. I really felt connected to him after that. I also love that he is very loving with his family. As a first impression, I think my guy comes off as materialistic to people, but although he cares about how he looks, has a nice car, and is comfortable in life, he is such an incredibly giving person as well. He cares about good causes, and looks to always find ways to help people.
        He is very sweet and caring and I know that he always tries to do things that will show he cares. He is intelligent and motivated, and he is very hard working. I love the way I feel, when we embrace, and I love the way I feel when I wake up to him in the morning. I love that he makes me want to be a better person, and do everything with quality.


      1. Hi JCE,

        I don’t remember myself. LOL

        But I’ll tell you about it. I intended to talk to him on phone when getting a read message was a task. In that very week, my player (always on shuffle since I knew LOA) started playing One Call Away. multiple times that. I wrote it in my journal. As Nina has suggested to make a visualization folder on phone and see that while listening to songs, I had made one. But I also used to write messages like we had a chat that day, and re-read to feel good. This chat messages were totally inspired actions. I used to feel like talking to him, I used to create a script like:
        him: hey
        Me: Hi, what’s up?
        Him: Where are you, I am going for lunch?
        Me: I am a bit busy. catch you in the evening…
        Him: Mwaah
        Me: Mwaah baby

        I had written the chat in my “Daily Journal” folder that. Not Visualization” folder. So in the evening, I was still at work but free, started cutting and pasting my chat in the visualization folder. And when I did, the top most line (in bold letters with inverted commas) was I’M JUST ONE CALL AWAY. It didn’t click me yet. In the evening I saw him and I started feeling a little impatient. I kinda got angry with Uni and said a few things as well. By the time I reached home, one-call-away started rolling in my head. like Uni said I have been telling you to call him. I called – he attended the call – we talked – he said – i’ll just talk to you- he actually pinged me on whatsapp – we had a nice chat – he said we’ll talk tomorrow – he did – he also said – I’ll come to meet you – then the meeting day came!! which is another great story of signs and visualization etc. LOL



      2. Thank you so much Lightline for sharing your story. It’s very inspirational to know what you did and how the success came after. It is a blessing. 🙂


      1. Hi Lightline and C,

        I too feel blessed to read your stories. It’s very sweet of you both to describe about your love especially cos its coming straight from your hearts 🙂 🙂

        It made me think about why I like my guy so much. It’s because we connect so well, we are able to share all our deep dark secrets with ease and we are very very similar in a lot of ways. I have never been so comfortable with anyone. I admire him a lot just the way he is with all his goodness and badness.

        Liked by 1 person

  19. Hi C & All

    I noticed I felt some guilt when we started talking again, like I was doing something wrong.
    After speaking to Nina in Email realized it was a mixture of guilt and not deserving happiness.
    I did Pono on both and they went away. All i am really doing is loving him and I dont know anyone that wouldn’t do anything or try anything to be with someone they loved, in a relationship or not. ❤

    The one thing that Nina has always said is to make ourselves happy. That is what kept me going back to him. If you could see his FB photos – it IS the reason why I am so attracted to him, his happiness. It helps that he is gorgeous to look at (lol) but its not that for me, its how he always looks like he is having fun.

    A few days ago I started listening to the Grease Movie Soundtrack. Test it out haha…It really puts you in high spirits. 🙂 ❤


    1. And here, Gretta, you have people who are definitely attracted to your happiness, especially when you feel so positive 😀 It all makes sense.


  20. Hi Nina & All, Thanks for your beautiful words. It just raises my vibrations like anything. It boosts my confidence to be better at creating my life and everyone else I am connected with. A few manifestation stories (Nina, I am waiting when your forum will go live. ) –

    1. There was an annual appraisal cycle just closed at work. It is another great manifestation story but will share once I get the letter. I am already in awe.

    2. I am being given a new added responsibility at work. I was a little worried about it. Asked Uni to sort it out for me and choose the best because I am already taking care of 2 roles simultaneously and I would have to leave one. I reached home and saw a post on Flipboard – “Just Say yes to New Adventures!!” I know what I have to do.

    3. I am manifesting “Peacock feathers” in pairs. Can’t decode the meaning but it is good, it has to.

    4. I am working on self-love. I see there are some areas where I can improve on my self-love.

    5. I am trying to be regular with meditation and writing in my journal.

    6. Somehow, there is one area I really need help with. Waking up early. I love hours between 11 PM to 1AM and I sleep after 1. But I want to wake up at 5Am to enjoy rising sun and that quiet time. Please help me.

    7. I want to have a cleaner, more organized house. Clutter-free. Classy. Soothing. happy house. house full of lights, mildly scented and calm. Love the idea of it.

    8. Oh yeah! My brother used to be an alcoholic and he has a 6 day job. I intended for him to lead a healthy life and get 2 week offs officially. Apparently, he has been taking two week off since that week. I am close, we are close to 2 week offs officially so he doesn’t have to explain to anyone. Yay! Really happy.

    9. I have manifested a great friend at work who is into LOA and a fun friend who makes me laugh. I really wanted such people in my life.

    10. My baby girl’s eyes are getting better. Hope to tell you all soon that her specs are removed. I want that magic. Thank you.

    That’s all for today.

    P.S. – I read all posts and comments. Nina thank you for the posts, they just make my day. All – remember “What You Seek Is Seeking you” What are you seeking? ❤

    Love & Light.


    1. LIghtline,

      I love this statement “What you seek is seeking you.” That’s beautiful. May I ask if that has a deeper meaning to you, or what does it mean to you?

      Because I sure hope he’s seeking me as much as I, him. 🙂


      1. Hi JCE,
        Yes!! Whenever I thought of giving up the idea of pursuing my feelings for him, I manifested either this quote ( mostly this) or something like what you want wants you too. And it’s a grest reminder to me that what I want is somewherw out there already created. It’s just the matter of manifestation. As they say you attract only those thoughts ( good and loving) that are meant to manifest in ur life.
        Love & Light


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