Manifestation Epidemic – Attractiveness and Stability Lost

23 thoughts on “Manifestation Epidemic – Attractiveness and Stability Lost”

  1. Wow so much going on – always want to come back on here to see the updates and post some of mine 🙂

    Although I am not really in the worst of the situations, last night before I went to bed, I thought about my current situation in ‘a bad light’. I realised I was resisting my logical mind. I was comparing myself with the girl he is divorced to, the distance and so on.. I also tried to punch him to let all my anger out (I couldn’t get angry at him it did not feel natural) And then I finally tried to erase him from my brain cells I just feel that he is in the back of my mind like a shadow.
    I have been in similar situation previously and I did get into a short-term relationship with my ex who also had such an impact before. To be honest, it felt so good to just let go and allow myself to feel bad. It allowed me to relax and somehow ended up with me feeling positive about myself in every single way. I am no more better or worse than anyone and I have lot of love in me. I don’t intend to think about him it just keeps running in the background I just want that to stop. May be I should do some EFT or something else to get him out of my brain system?


    1. Believe me, N, I also love coming here and seeing what’s going on 😀
      You just need to focus more on the positive things in your life and that will allow you to expect more positive things coming to you. You will start to expect your desire manifesting instead of your fears.


  2. Turn all the attention and focus onto you. The LOA is about YOU not him. Don’t worry about what he is doing or thinking. Don’t think about the past. It is easy to stop thinking about someone when you are so busy turning inward and only thinking about you and your own happiness. It is easy to let go when you put yourself first. It is easy to let go when you know you will receive just based on asking. It is easy to become detached when you put all the focus on attention onto you and your life. He will feel the change in energy.

    I dont know if you saw all the posts I was talking about with the other girls, but there is something called “Leaning Back” – This means LET HIM COME TO YOU, in thoughts also, let him think about you and wonder WHAT YOU ARE DOING and WHAT YOU ARE UP TO. You are sooooo busy now that you don’t realize how much time has gone past, little or a lot, because you are sooooo busy with yourself. You are not wondering what he is doing, who he is with, if he has a g/f, what he is thinking, if he cares, why he isn’t contacting you. You’ve let go and put all your trust and faith in the Universe and there are no more questions to ask, you just sit back now and let it happen. He loves you, float downstream, don’t do any ‘work’ just let it happen. Just let go.

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  3. Thank you Gretta.

    Yes I have read all the posts you been discussing. I understand its really simple to stop thinking about others and think about my own happiness. But I don’t necessarily think about what he is upto, who is with, what is he thinking or trying to contact or hear from him. Its just random thoughts mainly his voice echoing/ his face coming in my mind. It’s like some ghost or may be God to be precise. I want to stop loving – I don’t even want to send heart energy or visualize. I am just trying to stop thinking and give myself a break. I have let go of wanting relationship but these random thoughts don’t stop!!


  4. That’s so true! The more I try to stop, the more intense it will get. Not sure if that will help the process or delay it. I don’t feel any blockages whatsoever except the need to stop thinking. My gut says there’s nothing to worry or stress about and I can just be relaxed about it. Wish there were simpler ways to do that.


    1. I am confused. Do you want the relationship with him anymore? I ask because you said you have let go of wanting the relationship. ?

      In any other case just observe your thoughts, then let them pass. Don’t react to them. Don’t fight them. Just let them come and go.


      1. I have no idea I am very confused right now (which I only realize now after seeing your questions). I obviously like him a lot but want to carry on with my life. I think the fact that he has blocked me is somewhat resisting me to go on. I don’t know may be this is a set back for me – Trying to make sense of it all is bothering me.


      2. Love the relationship while knowing it’s yours instead of feeling the longing for it, that separates love and need.


  5. Nina would probably say decide what you want.
    Let go.

    Me personally just saying ‘I have asked so I must receive’ makes me extremely relaxed and happy. It takes your belief to another level.


    1. Gretta,

      Yes, just believing in what I asked for WILL come to me is all I need. I will anyway do some EFT tapping to forget about him entirely.

      Thank you very much for answering so patiently. Appreciate it a lot.


    2. Absolutely! Plus, N, focus on all the good in your life so that you could believe you’ll receive your desires instead of your fears.
      If you are unsure of what you want, let it all go and believe you’ll make the right decision. Then, you’ll become aware of what you want.


      1. Thank you Nina.

        Do you think EFT tapping is a good idea that can help me forget about it ? I am not sure how to let it all go please give me any tips…

        I am trying to move from this place as its become very boring here so I am focusing on that but as I mentioned in my previous post, he is still in the back of my mind and I want to shift my focus away from him.


      2. You can absolutely do EFT tapping on your limiting beliefs. I recommend Shalini Yamdagni’s YouTube channel, it’s my favorite. You will start to feel better. She has LoA related tapping subjects on her channel.


  6. Hi Gretta

    I really admire your optimism 🙂

    I have forgotten how it feels like to love my ex. I tend to miss him which I know is wrong. But what easier way is there for me to have happy visualisations especially with him being in another country. Don’t even know how he looks now and I haven’t heard his voice in so long?


    1. Hi Gretta

      I have, countless times actually, but I can’t get access to the free version. It reads that it is not available in my country. Will it be possible for you to send me a copy via email perhaps?


      1. Dear Jeanie, my book is available for purchase through Kindle and is available on every Amazon so you can find it through the one that supports your country of residence 🙂


  7. Hi Nina 🙂

    Thank you so much. I will try again and open an Amazon account as well. Sorry if I was coming across as if I wanted to infringe your copyright there.

    I really want to get good at controlling my emotions. I just lost it when he blocked me for the third time. I felt like I was fighting a losing battle there. In just a short reply how would you suggest I move forward from this and flourish?


    1. You didn’t, I had tried to put the book into the lending library when I published it but it didn’t work. A lending library works in the way that someone who bought the book can lend it to you short term if they want to but when I tried to see if the book was available on it, it said no so never mind.
      Let me go over the comments from yesterday and I will get back to you.


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