Manifestation Epidemic – Not Believing in Yourself

It truly is as simple as I’ve just written it.

One of the biggest manifestation problems is a lack of confidence in one’s inner power. All of us are capable of attracting anything we want yet we attract what we believe we can have even if that belief lasts only a few seconds per thought.

The trick is to believe in one’s ability to manifest one’s true desires.

If you could have anything, absolutely anything, in your life today, what would it be?

Now, believe that you can have this. Believe it’s yours already and is coming together right now. Believe that it’s about to manifest – any day now!

Many simply refuse to nurture this way of thinking. Instead, they think about which LoA technique to use in order to manifest their desired reality. They worry about the goings on in their current reality (or a lack thereof). All these thoughts simply reinforce the uncertainty in one’s ability to manifest one’s desires.

If you are unsure that you’re “doing it right,” you are noticing your desire missing from your life and seem to be unsure that you can manifest it.

If you’re worried that you might manifest the undesired instead, that is just another way of saying you don’t believe in your ability to manifest your desires.

Why do you do this to yourself? More importantly, why don’t you believe in yourself?

See yourself having what you want! Trust that it’s yours and you will never again doubt your abilities. However, you must believe before seeing and know that it’s yours already. You can only manifest what you believe you can have.

Every time the thoughts of your current reality come to you, switch them to the thoughts of having and being grateful for living the life of your dreams!


  1. Yes, Nina! This is really tricky.

    I mean, I put my ex on a pedestal and now I don’t know how to take her off of it. So, she seems to have power over me. Thinking about our relationship makes me feel this lack of self confidence. I know the steps I need to take (believe that I’m already where I want to be with her), I just don’t know how to make myself powerful enough to believe that someone who told me “I don’t see you as a boyfriend anymore. my feelings for you have changed” could fall in love with me again. Tricky, indeed.

    But trust me, I really want to believe it with all my heart, this would make me really happy.



    1. Self love is key. With self love, you realize that you are the most important person in your life and only by feeling love for yourself can you feel and share it with another. Step one is gaining your confidence back and appreciating yourself; then, you will be able to feel love instead of feeling powerless.


  2. Hi Nina,

    I had been on a holiday to a nice place and feel so rejuvenated. I have started talking to a new guy whose name happens to be my guy’s name and his surname is my guy’s ex. I don’t understand this – I just wish that this is just a sign for my manifestation?


    1. It is 🙂 If it makes you think of your desire and you feel happy about it, it’s a sign! If you feel good while seeing a sign, you are attracting your desire to you.


  3. Hi Nina 🙂

    I need some advice. You put a lot of emphasis on self confidence when giving out advice on how to do some inner work in order to remain positive. Which I really admire and I agree with you, because we usually do and perform better when we look and feel better and beautiful. What if you have a flaw like chronic hyperpigmentation like I do or weight issues that weigh you down most of the time. How do you go about keeping positive in the midst of it all knowing that your problem can be remedied in the near future when your financial situation improves. How do you ignore that while trying to manisfest other desires in your life?

    Warm regards 🙂


    1. You should rely on that very knowing. You KNOW that these issues can be removed and that you want to pay for them to be removed so if you asked for that, you must receive it.
      Imagine yourself the way you want to look and enjoy those images in your mind. How do they feel? You want to feel that the corrections you want done are a done deal so focus on gratitude that this is yours. How do you feel now that you had work done and look the way you wanted to? Think about the way you want to look, focusing on the physical aspects that are important to you and you will soon understand that if the work you want done can be completed so easily, the things you perceive as flaws now (your skin and weight) are in fact not big problems at all.
      Also, you must be aware that all your beauty comes from within and that is what people are attracted to. We manifest everything from within. Knowing that, you can see that appearance doesn’t matter but yours can still be anything you want it to be if that makes you happy. Just don’t see it as a big deal and see all the corrections you want done as a small thing as well.


  4. Thank you for the reply Nina 🙂

    I’m actually reading your book, mastering confidence and manifestation, can’t wait for your second edition 🙂

    It was so unexpected how you put up a daily post about self confidence and I had a question about it!!!

    Lots of love, light and grattitude 🙂

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