Manifestation Epidemic – Trying to Manifest while Attempting to Fix the Current Reality

If the Law of Attraction confuses you at times, you probably find yourself bouncing from the thoughts of living your desire to the thoughts of not having it in your current reality just yet. This is one of the most common manifestation and LoA teaching problems; it is where attachment and the refusal to let go rule one’s awareness.

In short,

If you can’t take the focus off your current reality, your desired one isn’t making you happy enough…yet. You must make the visualizations and feelings of having your desire more vivid, creative and reflecting what you want instead of what you don’t or what you fear having to settle for.

If you pay equal attention to your positive and negative thoughts, you are stuck between the realities, so to speak. However, focusing on your desired reality is always the answer. The more you nurture positive feelings about your desired reality, the more your current one will fade.

Can you imagine what your life would look like if your entire visualization focus rested on having and living your desire already? It would be everything you see and it would lead to manifestation. You wouldn’t think twice about still living your current reality and you would start to enjoy it while knowing that your desired reality is coming.

When manifesting anything you can imagine, I consider it a done deal. All my happiness goes into the thoughts of living my desire which takes the focus off my current reality, allowing me to live it and stop paying attention to the insignificant details in it. As I enjoy these visualizations, my awareness soaks up the feeling of having what I want. With my desire in my life, I imagine it to be inspiring, positively challenging and full of enjoyment.

When you make your desired reality that happy, the current becomes something you don’t even think about. You don’t mind it and might start to enjoy it as a result. In addition, this approach is pure self love due to the giving of love to yourself and having your desire.

If you can’t take the focus off your current reality, you will as soon as you make your desired one more engaging in your mind. Then, you will also let go to manifest.

At the same time, impatience and a lack of self love prevent many from entirely letting go of the current reality and putting their faith into the desired; instead, many look for short-term solutions and “steps” to manifest their desire slowly, wanting to feel happy now without having to take the time to locate their limiting beliefs and personal manifesting blocks.

Some refuse to let go due to the fear of actually manifesting their desire, feeling undeserving of that manifestation and fearing its eventual loss instead of praising its gain and presence. If this is you, repeating the affirmation “I am good enough” whenever you feel the need is going to work for you.


  1. Hi Nina 🙂

    Hope that you are keeping well. Wishing you all the best and joy as you write your second book. You’re such an inspiration 🙂

    I was going over the “Ex” category on the blog, Point 7- “Beware of reality created”. For the longest time( we’re separated for a year now) I feared that “he couldn’t love me back” and that he was going to hook up with other people and that’s exactly what happened. How would go about advising me to create a new reality contra to the toxic one that I manifested with my past thoughts, some even recent. Also taking into consideration that he lives in another country?

    Lots of love and gratitude always 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Jeanie 🙂 I would suggest that you imagine things happening the way you would love them to happen, such as him messaging you and then visiting you, engaging in those visualizations happily. You can imagine those things happening in your current reality, everything starting off that way, so that your mind gets used to the idea that all of this is possible now. Imagine that in his messages and then his visit, you can see that he only wants to be with you like you only want to be with him.


      1. Thank you for the swift reply yet again Nina. You’re a star :-).

        I am certainly going to work on my affirmations the way you’re suggesting I should 🙂

        Lots of love and gratitude

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This is very true, every words. I think almost everyone struggle with this, we are to focus on the current reality, and still noticing everything thats happening now, instead of just ignore it, and focus on the dreams 🙂

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