What Happens When You Start to Feel Good?

A significant outcome of one’s self-perception improving and self confidence growing together with one’s happiness is that moments of anger and annoyance pass rapidly, proving their insignificance and futility.

Those moments are a waste of time and suddenly, you are aware of it.

You come to understand that feeling good about yourself (and others) is the only thing that is worth your time.

Last week, I felt uncomfortable in someone’s company. This sensation only lasted a few minutes but after the impression wore off, I realized it wasn’t a big deal. There is no other way to put it – it wasn’t a big deal. When that happens, one comes to realize that it takes no effort to simply see the good in people; even if you do so for the most part, you can still encounter moments in which you feel uncomfortable in someone’s presence for whatever reason. However, as your self confidence grows in life, you come to see that a lack of comfort related to any person or issue appears very rarely.

Self confidence, comfort and awareness grow as you practice happiness and focus on the positive things about yourself. Then, you focus on the positive in others.

 You will start to see the evidence of this as soon as you begin to feel better about yourself. You will feel comfortable in almost any situation because you feel comfortable with yourself. 

Then, you will start to feel comfortable with everything you aim to manifest. And even though you will not engage in negative thoughts about others for longer time periods, you will naturally move yourself away from the individuals that don’t contribute to your happiness. 



Some find it difficult to focus on their desires while their current reality continues to hurt them.

The way to ignore your current reality is to make the perception of your desired reality simply magical.

When you imagine living your desired reality, allow yourself to be happy. Just give in – it’s enough.


  1. Interesting post. For those of us new to the Law of Attraction or practicing it, there is often a disconnect – what are exact steps to getting there?… This is a good description of the outcome.


    1. Hello πŸ™‚ First, ask for what you want and KNOW that it is yours. Nurture your belief and be happy with your life now, just as it is. Be sure that you will get what you want without worrying about how it will happen – that is the Universe’s job.
      There is no “doing,” only believing. Then, the belief either takes you to the correct course of action or you don’t even do anything but just watch your desire manifest.
      LoA responds to your awareness. If you are aware of your desire being yours because you believe it, you will receive it. If you feel that it isn’t and you fear that it never will be, you will receive the circumstances reflecting those beliefs. We all manifest what we believe we can have so believe you can have what you want! πŸ™‚
      If you look back on your life, you will see that you got everything you have right now because you believe you could have it, believed that it was possible. Now, believe that what you want is possible πŸ™‚

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