When One Doesn’t Need a Relationship…

10 thoughts on “When One Doesn’t Need a Relationship…”

  1. Farkkkkkkkkk!! This no net thing aint going so well this past week and a bit but I am glad otherwise I would have not seen this post.
    Ok. This is officially my favourite post you have ever written and probably one of the best things I have ever read in my life.

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  2. It’s like that big BOOM! moment. You know what you have to do, but just reading that post makes you even more confident in knowing what to do, love yourself and let go. First close down every other single LOA blog or article in your tabs up above and read this post over and over. Tell me you don’t get that feeling that someone is poking you in the side saying “did you get that this time?”

    Haha. To good! Made my night! Can’t stop smiling. xx

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  3. This is the best blog about LOA I’ve ever coming across , I read every single post, comment and STILL can’t have enough

    Thank you so very much Nina and to be fair every one who has even commented bcz every comment also helps

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  4. Hi Nina,

    I hope all is going well with you.

    I feel bad sometimes posting on here or sending an email because I know you must get frustrated or tired of me asking the same question but there are still some things that I don’t understand.

    As you know, the last time I saw my guy, there were some things that happened that made me hurt by my guy, and made it hard for me to trust him. I know that I had my part in this as well, but unfortunately, it hasn’t changed the way I feel and my fears, but at the same time, I still love him.

    I know you say that we need to be happy with ourselves first, and that our happiness needs to come from us, so that we don’t put the burden on those we love. But, I think that there is another type of satisfaction that only comes from your relationships with others, and a special happiness that comes when you have someone you adore to share your life with.

    I think a part of me feels bad that I love someone that has hurt me so many times. Has told me he is not in love with me, basically rejected me over and over. But, I still do love him.

    At the same time, my life has become so mundane, with only small spurts of that happiness that I described above with another person. I think I’m used to it now, and sometimes my motivation to do affirmations and visualizations is not there because I cannot feel it after I’ve been hurt or being so far from my guy and seeing him so little.

    I have my insecurities, I know that, but I don’t know if i would say that I don’t love myself. I think that is why it is actually hard for me sometimes to love this guy. My heart fights with itself because I don’t understand why I love this person. He is not a bad person, but some of the things he has done have made me really feel bad for loving him, because they were not very nice towards me. Its a mix of being upset with myself, being upset with him, not trusting him, maybe not trusting myself?

    When we last saw each other, he had some vacation time coming up and I invited him to come see me. He also had other invitations from friends, so he was considering it. I haven’t heard from him since and his vacation time is coming up.

    I just don’t know how to find that happiness anymore Nina. I wish I could get a real chance to have success in this, for me to not self-sabotage, and for us to be happy together, and sharing our lives with each other.

    Also, when is your new book coming out?


    1. Hi All-
      I don’t really have a reply here, I just want to second what C is saying… some days I have such a pervasive feeling that I know me and my guy will end up together, but a lot of the time is spent at looking “at what is” and wondering how anything is ever going to happen. I do believe that anything can happen, and if I “live from the end” it’ll happen with him or maybe someone better; I weigh my own awareness down with obstacles and sadness.

      C puts eloquently a lot of things I’ve been feeling more of as of late, and I too am looking for guidance. I have read Nina’s book and I love it. I keep asking myself why I don’t enact what she wrote about there and in this blog (which I love as well). Intellectually, I get it. In fact, I like to think about not needing this or any relationship of this sort to come to fruition. I would truly like to be ambivalent- not out of giving up, but out of real KNOWING that it’s coming.

      I’ve asked…I understand that it will come because I’ve asked and that I’m worthy. But I too self-sabotage. Any thoughts are welcomed- I have been reading this blog for about a month now, and I love every entry- every bit of guidance and every bit of support you all share with each other.

      Thanks everyone 🙂

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      1. Thank you and thank you for sharing 🙂 I suggest gratitude – be grateful for your relationship as if you have it already.


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