Manifesting Relationships – Does it Matter What Kind?

5 thoughts on “Manifesting Relationships – Does it Matter What Kind?”

  1. Hi Nina,

    You wrote something here that really made me wonder…. “they already make you happy and you have decided to make them feel the same way”

    For some of manifesting relationships, we love our specific person, but there are some things that they have done that don’t make us happy about their behavior towards us or the current reality. In those cases the negative feelings interfere with the love and desire. How do we overcome that? Or does it mean that we should find someone that makes us 100% happy?

    Thanks, C


    1. You have to either forgive them or move on but that part is up to you. No one else can make that decision for you. If you have decided to forgive, focus on what you like about them and then, even more things you like about the person will appear.


      1. Thanks Nina, I just wasn’t sure if the reason I was having issues with the manifestation was because their are times that his behavior does not make me happy.

        Thank you for the response.


      2. It is because you allow it to make you unhappy. It’s about your feelings, not about his actions xx


      3. Thanks Nina, I’ve been trying to focus on visualizing and affirmations, but I’ve also been feeling a little off with my well being with a lot of muscle tension, headaches and overall just tired. I’m not sure if that had to do with anything?


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