Remember, There Are No Big and Small Dreams!

10 thoughts on “Remember, There Are No Big and Small Dreams!”

  1. Hi Nina,

    I do believe … I’ve definitely seen situations in my life have changes, and from reading here what happens to others.

    My challenge is that because I did have changes but not fully what I wanted so many times, I feel really discouraged and disconnected now.

    I do feel a little bit better the past few days, but still overall sad a bit.

    The holidays are always a little tough, because you want to spend them with a special person in your life.

    I know that I need to feel good first and expect the best first, and then good things will happen, but sometimes I wish i could get a little bit of a break. I just have a hard time connecting right now to love. To connect to love with him, or anyone for that matter including myself.

    Here’s the problem, I’m in my very late 30’s now… wow, I can’t believe how much of my life has passed so quickly, the past 10 years have been trying to change my thinking so that I can manifest this relationship. I don’t think I realized that my life has passed me, I’m now at the point where kids will probably not be an option for me anymore, I’m sorry, I’m crying as I write this.

    Not only will I not have kids, but I may not be with the person I love the most, the person I waited so long for.

    I have a wonderful family, my parents are so kind and giving to me, but they will not be around forever. I just don’t know what to do anymore. This was hard to type.

    What do you do when you believe in LoA, but because you didn’t make it work for you, you now don’t believe in yourself anymore?



    1. Big hugs to you. Please don’t say you won’t have kids, you’re setting yourself up for that. My heart hurts for you because I know exactly what you are going through. Try to stay positive and maybe be open to receiving love from someone else. I know it’s hard, trust me but be open to it. You may be blocking the love of your life. Today for the first time I heard this saying, “someone’s rejection is gods protection “. I wish you the best because you have it in you to create the best.


      1. Hi Maria,
        I know what you mean about not writing what I don’t want. Its just that I’m at the age, where I would feel bad having a kid so late because it would be riskier for one, and second, I would worry that I would be too old for them later on to support them.

        I did give up on him before, almost a year, and I even started liking someone else, but not love, and I really feel different with this guy. He’s the one for me, and I’ve never felt so comfortable before with a person with all respects, i love spending time with him, we laugh together, and we have a great physical connection as well.

        I have also tried just being open to love in general to see if the reason I’m having a hard time is because maybe I don’t want this anymore? The truth is, I do still want him. I think I just feel bad about it because he has made me feel so bad in the past.


      2. Dear C, Maria is right about having kids. If you fear being too old, even if you think that it’s a “fact,” it is nothing but a self fulfilling prophecy which means you’re attracting the undesired.
        You are only too old if you decide that you are so start to nurture positive self perception. Be grateful that you’ll be a mature, smart mother instead.


  2. Hey All

    I just want to come and update you all.

    Things are going really well. He is very open now. Things that would have got me blocked in the past are no longer getting me blocked. I can say what I want to him and he responds. I don’t wait for his responses I know I will get it that day and I do most times instantly.

    I completely reversed what i was doing to him. I now compliment him constantly and the response I get is phenomenal. He likes it. He tells me he likes it. I was reading how men don’t really like all that mushy stuff and how they like compliments and to be told how good they look and how much you appreciate them and are grateful for them and how they like to help you when you ask them for advice – so I started to do all this and the turn around has been amazing. I can now say whatever I want to him and I now get a response. Obviously its not extremely dirty stuff but I did say to him how good his ass looks in his uniform Bwahahahahaha! Then i told him I felt embarrassed cause I compliment a few things at once and he said “don’t be” (embarrassed.) Something like that before in the past got me blocked or ignored.

    Compliment them every chance you get!!! You will notice your vibration changes also – you feel good because you know they feel good and you are constantly pumping love towards them! Be genuine in your compliments. If you don’t get a response straight away don’t fret.

    Its amazing the change in him. I did pick up on one thing. I think he has a deservedness/worthiness around being loved because he said something along the lines of he doesn’t know how i can love him. So i sent more compliments. There is something definitely there. A belief he has.

    I have never seen this side of him before. I like all of it!! ❤

    I found this quote also which I love. "If you want a better relationship, you have to become better! It doesn't happen on its own!"



      1. C,

        I had a similar medical issue and I get nervous every year when my exam is due.

        Sending you good vibes for your health and heart. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


      2. Thank you Bea 🙂 I’m trying to not freak out because I really don’t know anything yet, but I think it made it tougher that I was already down and sad because of my guy. I’m just trying to feel better now.


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