Change the Way Others See You – Change Your Awareness First!

There are many ways of using pretty much anything at your disposal to feel better about yourself. Life offers many props and directions you can use to start changing your personal awareness, as long as you use them correctly.


To use any awareness helpers correctly is to use them in order to change your inner world so that it could change the outer.

You do not have to change your outer world, only your inner because… 

To change your inner world is to receive subconscious instructions on how to change the outer. If you even need to be the one to change it, that is – you are also very likely to attract many circumstances and people who will make the palpable, physical, manifestation-logistical changes for you.

You know how it works – sometimes, you suddenly get an idea of how to change something and other times, you imagine it changed and the change is brought to you by circumstances or other people.


Many struggle with the way other people perceive them. These could be specific people, a specific group of people or most people they encounter.

The first thing to remember is that people perceive us the way we expect them to. Or, the way we perceive ourselves.

Since your only job is to change your awareness, or at least change it first, here are some ideas of what you could do in order to start feeling better. Want the world to see you differently? Here are some suggestions of using a few easy steps correctly in order to start feeling better.

Dress differently!

Look different and you’ll start to feel different. Changing your hairstyle also applies here. However, doing this correctly means doing the following.

You must dress in the way that makes you feel the way you want to feel, not the way you think you should feel. If you follow your true feelings, you will connect with your awareness using this fun and easy way. Your awareness is crucial and your looks should only serve it, not shape it.

If you start to feel different, your life will start to change but you can’t cheat – your awareness is crucial while your looks are just an aid, a helper, a prop. If you look different but feel the same, your awareness cannot change.

If this idea inspires you to take a different step in order to change your awareness, do it! It is not what you do but what makes you feel like you have what you want already.

This is a classic idea – change the way you look which will change the way you feel. However, your awareness must dictate the process, not your looks. That’s why this step might or might not even be for you because some of you will start to feel differently without changing your appearance at all. Some of you won’t need to do this but might or might not benefit from doing something else instead.

Start to imagine what you would want to happen!

You deserve this change.

Do this just for fun! Think about what would be fun to experience right now. That light approach will ensure thinking about your desire briefly and letting go, helping you manifest even faster than you expect.

Carry yourself differently, even if you don’t want to!

This is going to work because you are doing something positive for yourself. If you don’t feel it now, keep going and you will eventually; if you stay positive, you will soon.

It takes only a little bit of conscious positivity before it becomes your autopilot attitude.

Behave the way you would if you lived your desire today!

Are you manifesting a relationship and want to keep your love life private from now on, as opposed to sharing details from your single or dating life with your closest friends?

Are you feeling guilty about spending money yet you want to be making even more money as soon as possible? Stop feeling guilty first.

Decide what you want instead!

This is close to living as if and imagining that you are living your desires which will ultimately change your awareness.

If you are manifesting fame and fortune, would you expect constant presents and endorsement deal offers as well as professional offers? Where do you want to keep your money and how do you want it to be managed? Do your research and decide what you want. Look forward to receiving everything you want!

If you are manifesting a specific job, do you want it include travel and an expense account? Expect it! Look forward to receiving it! Imagine yourself flying business class, get your travel luggage ready and think about all the ways you could do your job magnificently. How would you achieve results? If you truly love the job you want, you will want to think about this!

If you are manifesting a new relationship, what do you expect from your partner? What do you expect from yourself in terms of your new relationship? Use it! Be the partner you want to be. Keep your home the way you want it for yourself and your partner. Do you want a very homely relationship or a more active one? Think about everything that would make this relationship easy.

As your awareness changes in accordance with these steps, other people will also start to see you differently but more importantly, you suddenly won’t care anymore. You will be busy with your own life and stop worrying what others think of you. And your new life will manifest.

These are just some ideas.

Any additional ideas? Share them!


  1. Hi Nina.

    I frequent your blog and love reading your encouraging posts.

    I struggle with something. How does one stay positive and try to live the life they want when so many things seem to be rattling your attitude. I recently lost a romantic relationship with someone I cared about very deeply. While I was seeing this man, I still held a torch for the ex I had been trying to use LOA to rekindle with. When the relationship with my recent ex broke off. Things seemed to be picking up with my long time ex and then they all fizzled out again and he is not contacting me. To add more unrest to the situation, I am still unemployed but trying to find work.

    So, I have had my heart broken twice recently, I am unemployed and just have an overwhelming sadness. Did I cause myself this pain? Is the Universe showing me something? If so, what? Is it impossible for me to get BOTH these men back? I care about them both and would like them both in my life in some form or another. Is that selfish of me? If I have to choose just one, I am unsure which one to focus on. I am so confused.

    I am having a hard time looking for any positives in my current situation and have not felt happy about anything. I just don’t know how to overlook all this negativity and be hopeful.

    I welcome any suggestions and/or advice from you or anyone else.

    Thank you. ❤️


    1. You must decide what you want and if that decision is important to you, you’ll stick to it. You choose to either focus on what you want or what you don’t want. If you’re unhappy, you don’t know what you want and before you manifest, you must know what you want to manifest.


  2. Hi Nina and All

    Incase I don’t get a chance to get online tomorrow I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

    Thanks Nina for all your help and everyone else.

    2017 will be our year or maybe even sooner. 😉

    Lots of Love. X

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  3. Hi Nina,

    I know I ask a lot of questions, and its because there are certain things I don’t understand about LoA with a specific person.

    I know that you have told me that I need to let go and believe this relationship is mine already.

    The part I don’t understand, is what exactly I’m supposed to do, while my current reality hurts me.

    Here is what I want exactly for my relationship with my guy. Maybe you can tell me what I’m doing wrong from my posts and emails:

    I want to be in a happy, committed relationship with this guy, where he is absolutely in love with me. We both feel happiest when we are together, and we love and trust each other, because we know that we love each other.

    We communicate everyday, and we tell each other we love each other. We enjoy spending the majority of our time together, and we share our lives together. We live together. I always know that we will spend time together during the holidays and we take our trips and vacations together. We respect each other, and we honor each other, and we are devoted to each other. We adore each other. He adores me, and I make him feel trusted, loved, and happier than he’s ever been. He makes me feel happy, loved, and secure. We have lots of fun together and we always are laughing and smiling.

    The reason I ask about this, is because I know from reading your examples in your life that when a guy showed you traits you didn’t like (like the guy that just walked off). You didn’t work on trying to change that side of him in order to make the relationship work. I don’t know if that’s because you didn’t really want to be in a relationship with him, or if its because you don’t think you should try to change someone.

    I guess I still feel guilty because i”m trying to change both of us. I’m trying to change who I am to be better, more confiden, believe in myself, and I want to change him to love me, be more honest, not cheat, etc?

    Does that make any sense?


      1. Thank you, Gretta, for the link you shared earlier and now this video. You always find helpful information.❤


      2. Thank you Gretta, I guess the part I don’t understand is how to feel visualize like we are a couple when he is front of me?

        Merry Xmas again


  4. Hi C
    and Bea if you feel it applies.

    I am going to use the word “WE” to be more general.

    C i would say – Just know it.

    And I would say if he says something in front of you that you don’t like or upsets you to automatically and immediately reverse what you hear in your mind and keep saying it over and over again. I read that in one of Neville’s stories. To hear what you want to hear.

    I think the most powerful visualisation i have ever done that evoked the most feeling was not ‘seeing’ anything it was HEARING it. For example, imagine calling a friend or family member, hear the numbers dialling, hear the ringing of the phone, hear the person picking up the phone, hear yourself telling that person that you are together or married or whatever it is you want to with this person and HEAR THEM CONGRATULATING YOU. Try that and stick with it. I read that also in a Neville story. It evokes the most emotion.

    Like the video says above “IT’S DONE!” You can ask, imagine and hear it just once and change direction as Nina has been saying.

    I really feel and I have to be honest that we have to STOP coming on here and asking her questions because every time we do we still emitting the vibration of not having it already, etc. I really feel we have to stop asking Nina for help and validation. *Lets face it, we are here because we are scared of this not happening and when she replies it gives us hope. What if we didn’t *need* Nina or this relationship to manifest with them? What do you think would happen then? *It would come!* We are all STILL energetically setting off the signal of wanting them and they know it and can feel it. Thats why you read so many stories of the ex returning when she finally lets him go. ALL RESISTANCE IS GONE.

    If we can’t stop thinking of them, or what happened in the past, or why he isn’t texting or whatever else he isn’t doing that we think he should be doing (It’s our ‘shoulds’ that are also ruining this) then the only logical thing to do to release all resistance is to FORGET ABOUT THEM. So its either “its done’ get on with life, be happy and know he is coming and don’t ask Nina anymore questions or the other option is to completely forget and trust the universe. Nina has said repeatedly and I have screenshots in my phone that the fastest way to manifest is to change direction, the fastest way to manifest IS to ask then put ALL the ATTENTION onto yourself. I think the fear of not ‘getting’ these guys comes back to low self-esteem and low self worth. If we can’t give it to ourselves he is not going to be able to do it for us either!

    I really feel that we have made these men out to be greater than what they are. Yep we love them but seriously I think we have made this all more important then it really is. By that I mean we have NOT been doing the LOA correctly at all. We’ve made these men the be all and end all and attachment to them is what has kept them away from us.

    Between Nina and all the videos we have listened to and the links we have read they clearly state to act as if and let go.There is no letting go in coming on here and asking Nina more questions. We are just clearly showing how much we are incapable of believing or trusting in the Universe or ourselves.

    Perfect example of trust and letting go. On the 23rd of December I decided it was time for a haircut. I had not had one for a long time and all haircuts in the past were a disaster. I had to cut my hair up to my jaw line a few years ago because the haircut was so bad and it was down to my waist at that time. So i got in THIS hairdressers chair and told him how my mum comes to see him and he couldn’t place her and I thought that was odd. Anyway I had a few ideas and he said no he didn’t think it was a good idea and then I said, “Ok – You do whatever you want to my hair. I TRUST YOU.” I walked out with the best haircut I’ve ever had in my life! I pretty much don’t have to do anything to it! Even when I wake up in the morning and all for $50.00! In the past i was paying well over $100 dollars for haircuts that were so bad I’d have to wear it up until it grew out! I go to my mums house and tell her that Dan just cut my hair and she says, “Who’s Dan?” I said to her, “your hairdresser.” She says “I dont know anyone called Dan!” It turns out that Dan had taken over the place in the time that mum told me about the hairdressers to the time I got my hair cut which was only a matter of weeks. Do you get what Im trying to say? I said to this guy *I TRUST YOU* not knowing that he wasn’t my mums hairdresser. So i went in trusting and came out with what I had always wanted. An easy, awesome styled haircut. Go in trusting that you will get him and you will – but you don’t have to come on here anymore and ask Nina anymore questions – she’s just going to end up going in circles and another year slips by.

    These are my suggestions to anyone not working. Start volunteering. Animals shelters need you. Homeless people shelters. Make your life about waking up in the morning and asking yourself “WHO CAN I HELP TODAY?” instead of thinking about him and where he is. He’s fine and having a great time. It’s you that has to come into alignment, not him. You do that by feeling good like Nina has been telling us that all for all this time.

    Imaging standing on-top of the platform right before you bungee jump. You’re all nervous and scared, but once you jump off the platform and are falling it feels amazing and the rope (The universe) has you. So I say we all jump and fill every second of your day of putting all the attention onto you, not him anymore. These guys are not going to websites asking questions about us and I think its about time we stopped this too.

    Ready? 3….2….1


    With Love. x


    1. Hi Gretta, I agree with what you say here. My problem is that I’m not happy in general right now and I need to work on that. I think the problem is that I worry about losing him, and I worry about this whole thing taking long.

      Anyhow, I know I need to work on myself and I let this get too far into depression. I can’t feel love for myself, him, and I feel disconnected.

      Thank you,

      To everyone on this blog, please keep updating on your successes, especially in the relationship area and the “big deals” like Nina calls them


      1. C,

        Hope you are doing well.

        There’s lots of good words on here but would like to add this too – its easy to feel sad and depressed about so many things but our life’s ultimate goal or natural way is to be joyous. Once you have understood this you will never like to go back to these dark days. Life is too short to be unhappy anyway. You should try to separate your conscious mind from your sub conscious mind so you know externally you are being affected by abnormalities in life but you are happy within yourself deeply. Faith/belief comes first and then practicing them with obedience will get you where you want to be.


  5. C,

    I know just how you feel. I am having a very difficult time feeling happy about anything right now let alone rekindling with my ex. It is not that I want to be unhappy, it is just that I can’t make myself feel something I don’t. Does that make any sense? I feel like I am fooling myself trying to act as if we we are back together. I want us to be a couple again but it is taking so long and I want him to want it also.


    I completely agree with you! I know I am way attached to the outcome and to him. I have put him on this golden pedestal and I am at his feet. I should be sitting on that golden pedestal with him fanning ME and feeding me grapes. I am a wonderful, loving, caring, funny, smart, giving person. How do I make HIM see that? How do I let go. To truly let go, does that mean delete all his pics, emails, etc. I have and stop visualizing? Visualizing lately makes me notice his absence more so I haven’t been doing it. I am afraid if I finally let him go, the Universe (and him) will think I have given up.

    Thank you all. ❤❤


    1. Bea,

      When you let go is when the Universe gives you what you desire — and you should be desiring great love that doesn’t necessarily have to be with your ex.

      How I let go was I started dating someone else. I went on a dating app, and went on one date. The date went so well, I deleted the app after it. Six months later, I am madly in love with that person and am GRATEFUL my ex (temporarily) broke my heart.

      What I also did to let go was delete my ex’s number from my phone, all of our pictures. I put anything he got me away in my closet in a box (I actually just recently threw a lot of it away). I stopped talking about him, I stopped stalking him on social media. I STOPPED FOCUSING ON HIM and literally only focused on doing things that made me happy like working out, going out with friends and coworkers, volunteering. And when I did this, I got to the point that when my ex crossed my mind, it didn’t cause that pang of pain in my chest anymore. It was just another thought.

      I hope you ladies get to that point one day soon.


  6. If you don’t think I can understand I do.
    There are moments when I think I can’t muster up the strength anymore. I jumped off the platform last night and let it go completely.

    What it comes down to end the end is choice. To choose.

    A choice to be happy.
    A choice to have faith.

    Happiness is a form of courage.


  7. The minute you stop looking for it, it will find you.

    I’ve proven this to myself every single time but with him it hurt. It doesn’t hurt anymore.

    The more you chase anything the more it will eluded you and that includes happiness. Chasing can be with your thoughts and feelings also.

    Just be, just sit with your feelings of unhappiness or whatever else you are feeling and just feel them, really feel them. Cry if you have too but don’t stay down there in the ground! Get up and fight those feelings off! It’s not natural, what you really are doesn’t know unhappiness. unHappiness = incompatibility with life.

    Become the observer and watch them pass infront of you. You’ll see how we’ve all made this worse than what it really is. Maybe one day we will all laugh at it!

    We are creating this. YOU are creating this. That’s means you can very easily change the reality by taking all the attention off the subject and putting it onto yourself.

    Say to yourself this.

    He loves me. Dont go forcing yourself to get into the feeling place. Just say those words. Whisper them to yourself. Don’t get shitty at yourself for not believing it. Just keep saying it and get on with life! Then watch this daily! x


    1. Thank you Gretta and Bea. I will keep meditating and use extra time now that I have some time off.

      Lots of love to you all. I mean that so much. Big hugggggs for you all


    1. Hi Bea,

      I don’t ask anything specifically. I use the meditation more like the way you would use EFT. It helps to calm your emotions and feelings and to work through your belief systems. But, you need to commit to it. Its something you will pretty much do daily for weeks at a minimum because it needs to be done consistently and then you keep doing maintenance

      You can lay down with a nice instrumental song, or there are tons of samples on YouTube. If you use an instrumental, you can say something like ” I love myself” when you inhale, and then observe your feelings when you exhale.

      Nina, recommended one on YouTube to me, that I liked but I can’t find the link right now. I’ll look for it

      I highly recommend it or EFT if you like that

      Hope this helps,


  8. Hi Nina and All, Yesterday, I wrote down my intentions and below are the questions I actually answered. I am so excited because I manifested one of my colleagues saying that she is going to Germany for an year. Then I manifested Nina talking about Travel/Money/Relationship exactly the way I noted down in my journal. I am excited to allow and receive everything I want.
    *If you are manifesting fame and fortune, would you expect constant presents and endorsement deal offers as well as professional offers? Where do you want to keep your money and how do you want it to be managed? Do your research and decide what you want. Look forward to receiving everything you want!

    If you are manifesting a specific job, do you want it include travel and an expense account? Expect it! Look forward to receiving it! Imagine yourself flying business class, get your travel luggage ready and think about all the ways you could do your job magnificently. How would you achieve results? If you truly love the job you want, you will want to think about this!*


  9. Dear C,I read your comments and see that you are still TRYING to receive your desires. Gretta and everyone has great suggestions and tips for you. FOllow that. If that still doesn’t satisfy you, JUST KNOW that –
    1. Your guy has rights to do and act the way he wants.
    2. You have right to LOVE him the way he is.
    3. He loves you the way you are and wherever you are.
    4. You love him the way he is and wherever he is.

    Repeat and see how you feel. Does it liberate you from feeling otherwise.
    If it does, keep doing.
    Love and Light


    1. Happy New Year too! I hope everyone’s wishes and desires come true in 2017.

      Nina, so excited to see your book is almost done. I’m not sure if it’s about how to manifest relationships or for people that are already in relationships but I’m really looking forward to it



  10. Happy New Year all of you!! Lots of love to you all.

    Today, I saw back to back these two “suggestions (from universe, that struck my head first) at different platforms by completely different accounts:

    1. “Even Better” – There is a post on Jeannette Maw’s Blog Good Vibe Blog that suggests all of us try saying “Even Better” when anything is not going our way. Go read the post as it has personal life experience to look for.

    2. “The visual effect of “over-thinking” – 2 posts on IG in which

    a) A boy was looking for his goggles vehemently, that is actually on his head. LOL. I think we do the same when we lose something or want something. it is actually on our heads, in front of our eyes but we keep looking for it.

    b) In another post, a boy is holding a rope in swimming-pool, raised his legs up high and crying his heart out. He thinks that he is gonna drown. Then a girl comes-up, puts his legs down and makes him stand and see how low the water was. One thing I also noticed that i think is very true when we are over thinking that the boy is almost submerged due to fear because he is holding the rope and hanging ( like we are holding our issues), but, the moment boy (we) lets it go, the water (our issue) is touching only his calf (issue is nothing more than a “joke”) and crying is futile.

    I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I experiencing it.



  11. I have taken to ignoring my current reality. It’s not easy but when I do it I feel like my heart is going to explode with all the happiness and love I feel for her. Sometimes I stop myself because it’s like heaven. Las night before going to bed I said to myself, “I would like to see a new picture of her because at least this way I know she is still alive.” The last time she put up a picture was in October.


  12. Hi All and Nina

    I NEED some help please.

    I asked him to come over.
    He responded “I’ve been drinking for a major start…”
    I have been sending love messages. Don’t judge I wanted to see his reaction and what he would do. He reads it but does not respond. I asked him again if he wants me to stop the messages and that it is ok for him to say it. I asked him to ‘just say it’ – This went on for a few days. Him reading them not saying anything. I ask him again to just say it if he wants me to stop. No you are right this is not LOA and right now I don’t really care.
    He responds. ‘look I going on holiday. I will be mostly out of signal next week for up to two weeks.” (he goes away with this family every year at this time)
    I didn’t respond and have not sent another message since.
    I didn’t ask him if he was going on holidays, I asked him if he wanted the messages to stop. He continuously does not address what I ask and I get responses such as the going away comment. BTW that was not a typo from me He said ‘ Look – i going holiday.’ whether that was a typo from his side, no idea. He is turning 30 in a few days time. How can a 30 year old man not respond to say stop sending these messages?

    What i would like is for someone to translate what his messages REALLY mean if anything at all. Maybe you can see something i can’t here. I am starting to feel as if he is stringing me along and that I am a back burner girl, something to fall back on in case his princess never arrives. Can you see something I can’t?

    Any advice would be helpful. I am not asking for LOA advice and i don’t want it either. I am asking as a bunch of women reading those messages from him and how you would interpret it if you were the one receiving those messages.



    1. Hi Gretta,

      I hope this advice does not come off as rude, but it is advice I needed to take myself. You need to stop. You need to let this man go.

      You know the old saying “actions speak louder than words”? It applies perfectly here. If he wanted to reply to your love messages, he would. If he wanted to hang out with you, he would make time. If he wanted to be with you, he would. It’s very simple.

      I am fairly new to these boards (been here since about August, I think) but from what I see, this relationship you have with him, or lack there of, is causing you a great deal of pain and heartache. And for what? He is enjoying his life; why can’t you do the same? I feel as though you are blocking the universe from bringing you real love and happiness by focusing on this one unrequited interest.

      This isn’t LoA advice, it’s advice as a woman. Let that man GO. There are literally billions of men out there, many of which who can add happiness to your life. This man is not it. And I feel the universe has been trying to tell you that, but you have been resisting. Let it go.

      Love and light.


      1. Gretta,

        You won’t like this, I’m sure. But I’ve had the feeling since a long time in regards to you that you’re blocking your true love by focusing on this guy. Your love is waiting for you, and he’s exactly what you want. But I don’t believe it’s this guy. Maybe he is? It’s obvious he’s entered your reality to show you something. And likely he’s a precursor to the real deal. He’s in your reality to show you something. But I have to say something is “off” about this guy in relation to you.

        Be open to your perfect love being someone else. You deserve it! Everything you say about this guy you’re crazy about makes him sound like a serious asshole. Is he? Don’t you want more? Better? Someone you could be proud to say he’s yours? Think about it. Really think about this. Try something different for a change and give your life a chance to change.

        Lots of love.


  13. Gretta,

    I feel your frustration. I really do and I am not sure what exactly is going through his mind. But as an outsider, to me he seems like a narcissist. He doesn’t necessarily want you to stop messaging him because the attention makes him feel good and feeds his ego.

    Don’t feel bad. I am in the same boat. My guy is the same way. We chat but he has yet to ask me to get together. It is always me. I have hinted around but he just won’t ask me. He will make comments about other women and it breaks my heart. I am nearly broken over this. I am convinced we are a perfect match and at one time, he thought so too. But then our paths separated and when they joined again, things were “different.” Did I change? Not much. But he did. All I want to know is why doesn’t he see my worth?

    I am conflicted. I want to just stop and walk away but then I feel so strongly that we are meant to be. I am just so exhausted staring at a silent phone, wishing he would want me like I want him. It is embarrassing and demeaning.

    I don’t know what to say, Gretta. Maybe none of these men deserve us.



  14. i forgot to mention one thing. i checked the message history.
    I said to him, “why can’t you give me just one break?’ An hour later thats when he said ‘look I going on holiday. I will be mostly out of signal next week for up to two weeks.”
    was he just letting me know he wouldn’t be able to answer immediately or for a few days or was he again side stepping what we were talking about and avoiding the whole thing because he just doesn’t want to hurt my feelings. I would rather he hurt them. I think a part of me was looking for a way out and him saying yes stop would have given me the reason to go and never look back. I know I love him but in the last few days i just don’t see the point to any of it anymore. He sees me as some kind of intruder. Wont see me, won’t spend time with me, won’t answer unless it the opposite but doesn’t tell me stop sending the messages. Is it just ego or is something else going on that I can’t see?


  15. I can’t describe it without being that freak psychic person but when i read that message about him going away, something left me. I don’t know what it was. I felt like something broke off me. I can’t describe it.
    I managed to pick myself back up vibrationally for the first 4 days after it then today it started to come up a bit again and I left wondering is he narassictic egomaniac or is there something there? Why even bother to send me the message about him mostly not being contactable in the first week and letting me know he was gone for 2?

    Im extremely confused.


  16. The Quaterflash song Harden my Heart just came on the radio.

    ‘I’m gonna turn, and, leave you here.
    All of my life I’ve been waitin’ in the rain
    I’ve been waiting for a feeling, that never, ever came
    It feels so close, but always disappears
    Darlin’, in your wildest dreams, you never had a clue…
    But it’s time you got the news,
    I’m gonna harden my heart”


    1. Gretta,

      I think its too early to say anything but what I can sense is he does care about you. He is just saying he can’t be in contact. You need all that courage and show him you respect his life and if possible don’t text him until he lets you know he is back. I am sure he is missing you and your texts so he is going to message you when he is back. May be you should then meet him and ask him if he wants you to stop messaging you and he won’t be able to ignore your questions then. So you should focus on arranging meetings now and keep showing love without expecting anything back from him yet as he needs time to change himself for you….


    2. Hi Gretta,

      I know you don’t really want an LoA answer to this, but I was re-reading Nina’s book, and got to the section on Empty Action and it made me think of your situation. You might want to read it and see if it resonates.

      It’s hard to answer what we think your guy intends because we don’t really get to see the interaction, but I do think that if he wasn’t interested he would have blocked you out of his life a long time ago.

      I want to share something with you. Last month, I was feeling very sad one day thinking about my situation with my guy, and I happened to have a Drs appt that day. I had a very early stage of cancer many years ago, and have long since been in full remission. However, I still go in for tests every once in a while. So, I was at the doctors after already feeling down, to see my new dr since the old one moved away.

      My previous test with my other dr had shown some abnormality but my dr had said just come back months later and we’ll keep testing. You’re ok.

      However, my new dr had let me know that if the test came back abnormal again, she would have to do a biopsy. I immediately started crying in the office. The sadness I was already feeling about my guy, combined with the thought I might have to go through procedures again just broke me down.

      Last weekend, I decided to stop thinking about my guy. I had already tried to stop before, but it was hard with the holidays and all. So, for the past 4 days, whenever he came up in my mind, I would change my focus. I didn’t do any techniques, no affirmations, visualization, just meditation to try to relax. After a couple of days, I started feeling a little better. I actually finally had two days where I didn’t have tears.

      Today, was my follow up appt. I went in feeling totally different this time. I started to get nervous that I might get bad news, but I just decided to deal with stuff later, instead of worrying. I actually started reading Nina’s book while waiting for my dr to relax myself

      The news was excellent. No abnormalities this time. What a relief.

      I’m jusT glad I felt better this time, but I felt like I attracted that by not letting myself feel bad anymore.

      Read Nina’s book, especially that chapter.

      Wishing you all the best


      1. C,

        I just couldn’t stop until I read ‘No abnormalities’. What a relief !! 🙂 So happy to know you are doing well and everything went well 🙂


  17. Happy Birthday Nina 🙂 just saw your instagram post. Hope you had an amazing day, and that all your birthday wishes come true. With your manifesting abilities there is no doubt they will 😉


  18. Hi everyone,

    I had been involved with a testing Academy with Melody Fletcher for 6 weeks. Just finished up a couple of weeks ago. All I can say is WOW! I learned so much. But being away and coming back to read the comments here has shown me what it looks like to be stuck in a rut. I love you all to pieces, but y’all seem really stuck. A vicious cycle and I know it all too well.

    I’ve really gotten a fresh perspective on things, and as a result there has been significant changes in relation to my specific person. I’m more involved in his personal life. And it came about effortlessly. But I will say for this to have changed I really had to do a lot of releasing and letting go. I’ve needed to be open to the love I want, and maybe it’s not him. Maybe it is. But by holding on so damn tight, I couldn’t let anything in, anything happen. At least anything I want to happen. Plenty of shit I didn’t want had been happening and for far too long. Maybe like many of you here.

    Honestly you guys, get a life. (And everything I’m saying here now is out of love and hoping you all get exactly what you want.) I did finally get the manifesting love pack from Free Neville. Great, simple advice. But what really resonated was making myself happy. Make my life the way I want. And so long as I need him to make me happy, forget it. Ain’t happening. It would probably keep me forever stuck. Do you guys want that? Do you want to be forever stuck in this 3 ring hell shit show? Waiting and wanting and wishing day in and day out? Aren’t you guys f*cking exhausted? I mean really?!? Value yourselves more than this shit. I was there too, and it was f*cking pathetic you guys. I hated how I felt, and what it was doing to my self esteem.

    I love myself now enough to focus on the love of my life, whoever the hell he is and bask in the undying love he has for me. I’ve been focusing on the type of love and life I will have with him. How happy we make each other, how in love we are. How perfectly we match and compliment each other. WHOEVER THE HELL HE IS. Honestly, the Universe knows who’s best for you. Who will bring out the best in you. The Universe is capable of finding the best possible match for you in the path of least resistance. And yet there is a choice that has to be made. Let the Universe choose, or you choose. Which do you think will come out better?

    Maybe some of you want your person for a different reason than why I want my person. All I do know is I want to share my life with the love of my life. And by being open to whomever that may be, the Universe can make that happen through the path of least resistance. And I have faith he will be even better than I could have dreamed up on my own with my puny limited mind. Wake up you guys!!!! Smack yourselves out of it already! Put yourselves first, not these assholes. (My guy included.) Honor yourselves and your existence on this beautiful earth. Create a life you LOVE! And the man of your dreams will be so magnetically drawn to you he won’t be able to stay away. Wild horses will not keep him from you.

    One last helpful bit if you guys aren’t completely pissed off with me. 😉
    A coach I use made this teleclass, it’s awesome and if you follow her advice and really take it to heart, you will open the path to love that will blow your mind. But many of you may not like everything she says.

    Lots of love to all of you, and I wish you the best in manifesting the love of your dreams!


  19. Hi JCE!

    Thank you for posting. I completely agree with you on all points. I know for a fact I am spending way to much of my mental and physical energy on my desire. I really am exhausted. Do you think it is possible to have too tight a grip on my desire mentally? It seems it is all I think about. Where is it? Why hasn’t it manifested yet? Am I doing something wrong? What is HE doing? Who is he doing it with? Am I not deserving? All these things dominate my thoughts every day and it really wears me down. Especially my self-esteem.

    I am so busy thinking about THEIR life that I forget I have my OWN life! I don’t know how to effortlessly release and let go, though. I try but then I freak out that if I let go, will the Uni think I have given up? I truly am tired of worrying about it and want to be happy.

    Thank you again!


    1. Hi Bea,

      If I’m honest I didn’t know if my comment would be well received. But I do know anyone who really wants change would take my words to heart. Yeah, you can get to the point of letting go. I think for the most part I’m there. But it does take effort and making the choice to change.

      All the questions you have are slowing things down big time. Or actually making what you want impossible to come about. I had to learn that his life is none of my damn business. What he’s doing and who he’s doing it with is also none of my concern. In fact it’s irrelevant. And that was hard for me to accept. I too had thoughts like you. I guess most of us do. I want him, need him, love him, where the hell is he? Blah blah blah.

      I went through grieving again. Gave up, felt the loss and started to imagine what if I didn’t get him EVER? What then? What about me? And I too played with thoughts of what if I do get him? What if it’s easy? What if I didn’t have to do a damn thing?

      You know what? All the sudden out of the blue his significant other started inviting us to do social things with them. And we all get along great! So much, it’s as if we’ve all known each other forever. I’m not surprised. But I will say I physically didn’t have to do ANYTHING to make it happen. It just happened. And I know recently I had made several big shifts. One of them being deeper self love. And being open to the love of my life easily flowing to me. I went “general”. I focused on the emotions I wanted to feel, not on the specific person I wanted them to come through.
      Also I started to see him like a best friend. Isn’t that what a stellar relationship is like? You’re best friends, you have fun together. And in 2 social events last week we laughed and talked and had a good time. There is still a bit of navigating through awkwardness, but it’s eased up since I changed my vibration. And I caught him looking at me again, one time with such a loving expression.

      This is the thing, the Universe knows what you want. We don’t have to keep reminding it. If we put out a vibration of our true love, the Universe knows the absolute best interpretation that will make our hearts sing. Now if it really is this guy, wouldn’t the Universe make that happen for you? If it’s him, you’re gonna get him! The Universe will make your heart sing!

      It already knows what you want. So now it’s about having faith. Trusting. Getting aligned. And I heard even today the best way to get aligned quickly and efficiently is through self love. That’s the next place I went- loving myself and what that really feels like. Am I doing it right? Do I understand what that actually means? I have had to take time to really explore this. Because through self love, so many amazing things can start to happen for you. Your reality will shift.

      Bea, soothe yourself. Start finding out who you are, what you want. Make your life the best it can be without him. This will draw him to you, versus your present behavior probably repelling him like the plague. I can’t stress enough that the habits most of you have are keeping you from getting what you want. And if you don’t do something to change this, sadly you may stay in the rut. Start investing all your time in YOU! Not him. He’s an afterthought at this point. Take a break, a breather. I can guarantee you the U will not forget. Build yourself up so that you can allow this wonderful person into your life and you’re ready for him.

      Bea, I had to honestly accept the possibility that maybe he won’t make me happy like I think he will. Really, go there. Consider it. Play with the idea. By doing this you’re relaxing your grip, and in a sense letting go. Meaning, allowing the U to take over. Get out of the way. It goes back again to ordering a meal. It’s coming, don’t run into the kitchen and help the chef out. He doesn’t want or need you there. It will come, but get the hell out of the way.

      Does all this help? 🙂

      PS: from the time I started to really make a shift, I got pulled into his inner circle within 10 days. That’s how fast things can change, without doing a damn thing physically. It’s all energy. And despite all the change, I’m still open to the idea of it not being him.


  20. JCE, this such great advice and all 100% true because I am living it now.

    I went through the whole thing: Asking the universe for my ex back, visualizing us together, affirmations, breaking down, contacting him like an idiot. It’s a vicious, pathetic cycle.

    I got sick of myself and him and realized that I needed to be happy — without him. I had to accept that the Universe was going to bring me great love if I let go. And it did. I am now in the most amazing relationship, so much so I can’t even fathom why I was so torn up over my ex.

    If you listen to anything the LoA teaches, listen to LETTING GO. You ladies need to let. it. go. Stop obsessing, and like JCE said, get a life. It sounds harsh, but this is advice I had to swallow myself. I needed to stop focusing on HIM, and focus on filling up my life. And when I did, that’s where the magic happened.


  21. JCE / AA / C and anyone else…

    Firstly, C, good news about the test results and that page you mentioned about empty action, my phone decided a few days before to open Nina’s book on its own to that exact page. Spooky. I would go on and tell you all the other things that have been happening but I really want to address other things that has happened on this site.

    ***Secondly, he is not a narcissist or egomaniac. Another phone call has proved that he is not and he has unblocked me on all social media and I am able to contact him on all various chats now. Before I was blocked on all of them.****

    I’m just going to type this as it comes out, even if it is all over the place.

    JCE / AA – At first when I saw your posts I laughed because I agreed with bits of it but then when I read over it this is what I felt.

    Although i agree with most of what you have said, the parts about letting go, loving the self, being happy etc, there is a lot I don’t agree with. Some posts ago I told the girls to stop coming on here and asking Nina questions, I didn’t tell them to get a life. I thought the purpose of this site was for encouragement. When I said not to come on here and ask Nina questions I did it with a bit more care. I know your getting life really means for them to focus on themselves, got it, but the whole get a life and let go of these guys. Yeah, nah.

    I feel as if you are asking us to NOT BELIEVE that we can have what we want. Basically what you are asking all of us to do is NOT BELIEVE in what we have asked for. You are saying that the Universe knows best. Can I ask you how you know this with 100% proof?

    How do you know that you didn’t attract the person you wanted to be with because of your own underlying disbelief that you could do it?
    How do you not know that you actually just didn’t give up because you just got impatient?
    How do you know that you just didn’t give up on them because you never really loved them?
    How do you know that the person you have attracted now or are with now is going to be the one you end up with? You don’t know.

    What I don’t understand AA is that if you are now with someone why you are still on the site and JCE I don’t know why you have paid someone to tell you that you are not the creator of your own reality and to just let the Universe decide for you because that is basically what she has told you. It all sounds very limiting to me and so does she. Basically all I can hear is let something else or someone else choose for you. No. Sorry.

    I am GLAD i have been stuck in a rut because every time I’ve come out of it being slapped in the face with seeing how wrong I have been about him and how I have let my mind run away with me.

    How were both of you convinced that the Universe knows best? So you are not the creator or your own reality now? Its all just happening to you? Its not nothing to do with you at all that you didn’t attract the person you wanted because the Universe knew better? ITS ALL TO DO WITH YOU!!!! The one thing none of us has grasped until right now when I read your responses.

    JCE, you keep saying maybe its not him. Is it or is it not? Did you decide this or did you let that woman decide for you? Has the Universe decided for you or have you just plain no belief that you can do it? You said this. “The Universe is capable of finding the best possible match for you in the path of least resistance. And yet there is a choice that has to be made. Let the Universe choose, or you choose. Which do you think will come out better?”
    This is so limiting!!!

    “And I have faith he will be even better than I could have dreamed up on my own with my puny limited mind.” Where did you get the puny limited mind from? That lady? I don’t think I have a limited mind and I don’t think the other girls on here have either. If i see myself as limited then that is what I will become!!

    “Wake up you guys!!!! Smack yourselves out of it already! Put yourselves first, not these assholes. (My guy included.)”
    Don’t blame him or the ex. Did this woman not tell you that you are the creator and he is reacting to YOUR vibration? I thought that is the very first thing she would say!

    If you don’t believe that you can attract the person you love then don’t believe it somewhere else but don’t come on here telling us to believe that we don’t know whats best for ourselves because of our ‘puny minds.’

    What you have both actually done is you LET GO OF THE BELIEF and HIM. Thats why they never came back.

    AA – you said this ” got sick of myself and him and realized that I needed to be happy — without him. I had to accept that the Universe was going to bring me great love if I let go.”
    This if proof that you let go of the BELIEF of being back together with your ex. “Got sick of him.” You let go of HIM and the BELIEF. You didn’t let go, get on with life and just know it was going to come.

    You said
    “You know the old saying “actions speak louder than words”? It applies perfectly here. If he wanted to reply to your love messages, he would. If he wanted to hang out with you, he would make time. If he wanted to be with you, he would. It’s very simple.” –
    Is that why he apologised on the phone? Is that why he unblocked me? And you are 100% ACCURATE IN THIS STATEMENT THAT ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS? And you are 100% accurate in not realising that I caused all this? And you are 100% sure that he feels nothing even tho HE HAS BEEN ANSWERING NOW? The fact is you don’t actually know him at all. I do. Expressing himself is not something he finds easy and thats not a stupid female excuse. Ive seen him struggle to even find words before.

    “I am fairly new to these boards (been here since about August, I think) but from what I see, this relationship you have with him, or lack there of, is causing you a great deal of pain and heartache. And for what? He is enjoying his life; why can’t you do the same?” – You are presuming. I have not even posted that much since October. I like everyone else have moments. Then I bounce back. I don’t give up and just replace him.

    “I feel as though you are blocking the universe from bringing you real love and happiness by focusing on this one unrequited interest”. – Has the Universe told you personally that I am blocking the real love of my life? This is rubbish. I am the creator.

    “This isn’t LoA advice, it’s advice as a woman. Let that man GO. There are literally billions of men out there, many of which who can add happiness to your life. This man is not it. And I feel the universe has been trying to tell you that, but you have been resisting. Let it go.” – YOU DONT GET IT. I DONT CARE IF THERE IS 50 BILLION FUCKING MEN OUT THERE. HE IS NOT REPLACEABLE LIKE FOR YOU AND JCE.

    What actually happened to both of you is that you gave up on these men and you gave up on the belief. You instead chose to blame the man instead of yourselves! Neither of you were acting as if, not really, not with 100% commitment or love because if you were you wouldn’t have ‘gotten sick of them’ or ‘let the universe decided for you!’ or given up! You created it all. That is what is very simple. The end result of where you ended up with the person you wanted to attract is where it is because of you. Not him. It was never him.


    1. Gretta,

      Everyone has a choice. You have the right to choose if you feel you are more wise than your inner guidance/Universe. I’m throwing thoughts out there because I’ve been visiting this site long enough to see the same merry-go-round over and over again. (Poor Nina.) I spend less time here overall because I don’t feel it really benefits my personal growth in this area. I can’t speak for Nina, I can only guess- but since a long time she spaces out the time between posts and comments. I can’t imagine this onslaught of frustrated and desperate people is beneficial to her energy levels, her well being.

      I come here now out of curiosity to see if anyone has actually succeeded? And how many have? Where are all the success stories if this is a sure fire way to get the guy(gal)?

      From my years of study and practice with the Law of Attraction, I’ve learned that the mind has only a limited number of ways it can find solutions to reaching goals and dreams. (In that sense, yeah it’s puny. Sorry.) The Universe and the sub-conscience have an infinite number of ways to help you achieve what you truly want. I read up on blogs from the “greats” of Law of Attraction practice. Highly successful manifestors. If you study these people and how they go about manifesting, you learn the best techniques out there. And my initial response to the info I shared with everyone here, was quite similar to yours (being offended by the idea), but as I opened my thought process more and became “ready” to expand to different ways of thinking I saw the wisdom in these ideas.

      This “lady” you are referring to is one of the most respected and highly regarded LOA masters out there. I do what I can to learn from the BEST. Because they know a hell of a lot more than I do. And most of what I said are things I’ve studied and learned from Abraham. And really absorbing what Abraham is saying.

      I personally found that the way most go about manifesting on this site is a slow and painful way to do it. Ever thought there is an easier way? And mostly action slows things down. I’m not doing that anymore. Everyone can choose their own method of how they want to manifest. I’m looking for an easier way. And I’m guessing others out there want it easier too, maybe like Bea for example. Anyone else out there want it easier?

      If you feel this man is the one for you, more power to you. But I’ve seen your ups and downs for how long now? It’s painful to watch. I feel for you, I really do. If you’ve made great strides, that’s wonderful.
      But I don’t enjoy the pain of resistance. It’s hurts like an mf’er. And I’m guessing a few others out there are sick of it too.

      I urge anyone out there to try it even for 30 days, give up and focus on you. What do you have to lose? After months or years of not yet manifesting, why not try a different approach? I don’t feel good trying to manifest someone who doesn’t want me. Why not focus generally? See what happens? Where is the harm? Can always come back and try the specific person again? But maybe then the energy is different.

      I’m not really on here anymore because Abraham says don’t join groups where you have a chance to complain about your desire. You end up pushing in the wrong direction. And I know a few others have expressed wondering if it’s better not to be too involved in this sort of chat. My personal choice will be not to be involved from a complaining perspective. I want to contribute positively to uplift and build up, not bring the energy down. Group energy is powerful, something I learned in my 6 week course. And the energy we built together as 48 people brought me to higher states I’ve never achieved before on my own! So to subject myself to lower energy collective doesn’t improve my chances of manifesting anything. Or anyone else there if I’m contributing negatively to it. So I get people coming on here for support, but it may not actually be benefiting in a way that they think.

      For anyone who wants real change on any topic in life, I would highly recommend working with a coach. Those talented wise women have helped me change my life, and the last year I’ve manifested more than I have in the last 5 years! It was awesome!

      Anyways, lots of love to you all. And happy manifesting!


      1. Gretta,

        I come on this site because Nina has a plethora of amazing life advice, most of which is not directly related to attracting a specific person. I also come here because I posted my story months ago, when I was in a stuck sad state, and wanted to update everyone and see where everyone else was.

        Like JCE said, we all have a choice. If you want to believe me letting go of my ex was “letting go of the belief” or giving up, that is your choice. Almost all LoA teaches about attracting a specific person tell you to ask for that person or someone better. Because sometimes, we are so caught up in our emotions, it’s hard to see clearly that someone or something is not good for us. If I hadn’t let go in September, I cannot be sure, but I would probably still be sad, pining over my ex, looking at his Instagram, waiting for his call. Because although I “wanted” him, the Universe kept giving me signs that it had SOMETHING BETTER for me. If he was it, it would have been seamless, it wouldn’t be painful.

        I only know you from what you post, and you seem to blame yourself when your person does no act nicely to you, which to me and everyone else here, is a problem.

        I am telling you, just as Nina has said countless times, to let go. You let go, you surrender to the universe, you stop trying to force a specific result with this man, and I can almost 100% guarantee the magic will happen.

        Love and Light.


  22. Hi everyone.

    I come here looking for success stories, too. Although I have definitely had some positive steps in the right direction, I wouldn’t say I am successful (yet). I have manifested further contact with two very important men in my life but things still aren’t where I would like them to be. Things have slowed down considerably with them and I feel I am competing with others for their affection. That is not a good feeling and not something I want to spend the rest of my life doing.

    I want them to see my worth, see my value, feel my love for them, give me their love. How do I make that happen? Is it even something I should be trying to make happen? It is exhausting trying to “convince” people you are worthy of their affection . It is defeating, demeaning and downright feels like crap.

    Maybe it is time I just give up. Not on love, but on getting it from them. That is a hard thing to say and even harder to do. At one time, these people loved me, gave me the time of day. Not now. Now, I am the one making all the effort. I know that is not the way things are supposed to be but I am afraid. Afraid of admitting that they are just not interested in me anymore. That hurts. Very much.

    I am rambling. I just don’t know what to do anymore. They are all I think about. It is painful to be rejected by the ones you love. I am tired.

    I value everyone’s input and advice. Please continue to offer supoort and guidance. It is much appreciated.


      1. AA,

        We must be on the same page because that blog post comes up again and again for me. And I too have really heeded her advice. For anyone who doesn’t mind this approach she wrote this:

        It’s uncomfortable to read. But I’ve found that stretching my emotional boundaries and really going “there” has helped me shift a lot of energy. There is so much wisdom here.

        Thank you AA!


  23. Bea,

    You are not giving up by focusing on your own happiness! That is the essence of letting go. You asked the universe; asking just ONCE is enough. Now go focus on your happiness, doing things that make YOU happy.

    The Universe will respond accordingly when you are happy! You are deserving of love and affection; just stop holding on so tight so you can receive it.

    I know how you feel, I truly do. I was SO tired of wanting my ex to realize he made a mistake, to realize we were supposed to be together. And I finally realized that this is not what life is, it’s not supposed to be a painful tug of war. So I LET GO, I asked God and the Universe for happiness and love and decided I would stop interfering in the process.

    When I met my current love, I let it flow naturally. I didn’t get into it with the intention of falling in love. It happened because I was open to it. Right now, you are not open to anything because you are closed off with resistance. It’s hard I know, but once you finally do it, it’s so freeing, it’s the best feeling in the world.


    1. AA,

      That was beautifully said. I’m really happy for you and it sounds like complete success to me.

      I came to a realization that I love my person so much that I want what’s best for him. Is that me? I don’t know. I never felt good about the fact that I was trying to “manifest” him. It felt so manipulative, so desperate, so selfish. I believe that was part of the resistance I had been experiencing. And since dropping that approach I feel so light, so happy about the whole thing.

      I love this man with my whole heart, but I love him enough to put him first. And if he wants me as part of that at some point it will happen. I have no doubt about that now. We will come together easily and effortlessly. It will be joyful and happy, and he will want me from his heart and on his own. What I feel is unconditional, whether he wants me or not. I love him as a dear friend, and a friend would be sincere and look after the best interests of the other. That resonates with me as a person, it feels so right. I can feel proud of that. And tonight he talked to me, made eye contact and was warm. It’s like we can interact with each other now and it feels so easy, fun and light. There is no tension and the warmth between us is so heart warming. 🙂

      And in the meantime I will feel the love I want in my life in the most general way possible and it feels amazing! Without attachment, without needing someone else to give it to me. I find this to be the most aligned I’ve ever been on this topic, and that’s really exciting for me!

      I feel more free than I have in 3 years. I refuse to spend another minute in resistance on this topic, and I feel relief. It feels right on a gut level and the resistance on this topic is pretty much gone. It feels intuitive. I’m happy!

      Thank you for sharing your experience, and showing another angle to approach manifesting love. 🙂


      1. Hi JCE,

        I have also recently manifested contact from my guy and he has been in constant contact with me. He wants to meet me but I have been busy looking for a new job and preparing for an exam. The way my relationship was is something I am not comfortable disclosing on here in detail but my friends didn’t think it would built into anything. Also, realistically there was no way he would contact me but I believe its because of following LoA that I could manifest this contact and I am confident I can manifest things I like. It’s up to me/my mind.
        I did like the answers you gave to Gretta and to be fair she did ask about others opinion without LoA stuff. But given that she has come so far I don’t think she is far away from reaching her ultimate desire. She has her own method to go about and she believes she can. When there’s belief so strong nothing can stop anyone. I have felt so much support from everyone here and that’s what keeps us going. Its not because we are desperate or weak. We can still learn from each other.
        It becomes a bit tricky if we get too attached and hold on to our desires. What has worked for me is shifting my focus and letting the energies flowing in me without any hindrances. I have practiced letting go so much as I believed only that would work. Its the toughest thing to do and there are doubts but once we are capable of doing it it feels completely powerful. We are still able to love our desires and we don’t need to see it in reality if love is true as we are letting the other person live the life they want too.
        I love coming here to read others manifestation stories/ideas and there’s this group energy I feel on here too. Its weird but since we can feel the emotions on each posts it works for me 🙂 🙂


    2. Hi JCE,

      I would like to add something more here – you really have a lot of patience. I remember the day when my response came across to you as rude but you were quiet open to m question and answered it gracefully. That shows you are not judgemental and are here to consider others opinion too. You have proved it again. I have learned a lot from you. Thank you for that.


      1. Hi N,

        That’s really kind of you to say that. I really do try to be helpful where I can. And often what comes out of me is the energy I’m reading. I’m still learning to fine tune it, but what I initially wrote that wasn’t received well was what was being communicated to me. Next time I’ll be more mindful how I channel it back out. Not everyone is ready to hear certain things, and that’s ok. We all take in what we can when we can, and often incrementally.

        Also what AA said is completely true about no one being able to hurt us. Something I learned on my course. We choose if something/someone hurts us or not. So really, no one can hurt anybody else, only if they choose to let them. I sometimes still have to wrap my head around that. But really, what a relief to know how much control and power we really have. 🙂

        Lots of love


  24. Hi Guys,

    I just want to say something because I hope that this site and forum stays positive for all of us.

    We all have choices, and I think that above all, that is the primary message I think Nina has tried to teach us. Whether you believe you can manifest whoever you want, or you believe it’s best to let the Universe decide, our lives are reflections of what we believe.

    Although I may be tough on myself sometimes, I don’t think I’m an asshole, or desperate or a frustrated person. Maybe at times I may feel some of those emotions, but they are not what defines me.

    There are times that I have felt bad about asking Nina questions, but I think the reason Nina has to take breaks from the site are because she gets busy with her books, or other jobs, or even things like her birthday. She deserves all of that and more, if I could hire her as my coach, I would, because I don’t think I’ve ever met a better person than Nina. Sh has a heart of gold for trying to help us.

    Also, amongst the people that post regularly, I would say thAt there are actually quite a few success stories. Off the top of my head, there is lightline, caronganga, Patricia and kshama that all achieved what they wanted with the specific people they wanted. That’s pretty good in my opinion

    I feel supported here and I appreciate everyone here. I hope to achieve my desire someday, but there are things that I need to work on myself too.

    Gretta, I understand why you’re upset, but please don’t let it get to you. I know that the things that were said to you were a little harsh, but you defended your guy from it. That was actually nice to see 🙂 keep believing in what you believe. You will know to give up or keep going. Love you Gretta

    Overall, I think everyone here has the same goal. To be happy. And I think that intellectually we all know it needs to come from us first, not our specific people.

    And I hope that we can keep it positive and loving.

    I don’t know what else to say, other than that. Just respect, love and hope.



  25. C

    What I meant by the ‘assholes’ comment is that these guys ARE responding to OUR vibrations. I was just using the word that JCE used. I don’t think you are an asshole. What I meant is ‘we are the assholes’ because they really are mirroring back to us our thoughts of them/ourselves etc. If that makes any sense? We really are getting back our attachment through their avoidance of us.

    Had JCE and AA come to the blog and said, “Get a life, let go completely, but believe.” I wouldn’t have had an issue with that at all because basically that IS what the LOA is, focus on self, let go of the doubt and worries but know its coming or going to happen etc. (Getting a life meaning focusing on ourselves.) But it was not get a life, let go and believe. It was ‘Wake up you guys!!!! Smack yourselves out of it already! Put yourselves first, not these assholes. And the man of your dreams will be so magnetically drawn to you he won’t be able to stay away. Wild horses will not keep him from you.”

    Who says I am not putting myself first? I barely have time to scratch my backside these days and are now earning 2200 a fortnight. I’ve exceeded my 1000 a week goal. One low moment and coming on here and asking a question about him has cost me these 2 responses…

    Hi Gretta,
    You know the old saying “actions speak louder than words”? It applies perfectly here. If he wanted to reply to your love messages, he would. If he wanted to hang out with you, he would make time. If he wanted to be with you, he would. It’s very simple.

    How exactly was that meant to be supportive or helpful? C mentioned above that it was harsh. It wasn’t just harsh it was just plain fucking stupid. It was a stupid comment. To me its on par with telling someone who has cancer that they are just gonna die. Its pretty obvious, although my outbursts on here and my moments that I am still able to keep it together and remain positive to the end more than you will ever be able to.

    Then this…
    “He is enjoying his life; why can’t you do the same? I feel as though you are blocking the universe from bringing you real love and happiness by focusing on this one unrequited interest. This isn’t LoA advice, it’s advice as a woman. – OMG! You feel I am blocking the Universe? Really cause I think the Universe is HELPING ME OUT!

    Then this…
    “Let that man GO. There are literally billions of men out there, many of which who can add happiness to your life. This man is not it. And I feel the universe has been trying to tell you that, but you have been resisting. Let it go. AA

    THE UNIVESE has not been trying to tell me any such thing, only you and JCE have been trying to convince me that you and the universe knows best. Do you not understand that I don’t care about the billions of men out there and no man will add happiness to my life, thats up to meeeeeeee! Really the Universe has been telling me all this? That I should let him go? Is that why the day that he left for the trip he unblocked me on all devices giving me ample opportunity to CONTINUE texting love messages to him KNOWING I had even more ways of contacting him now. Don’t you think maybe he would have blocked me if he didn’t want those messages? Dont you think he would not have opened up all chat options? He hasn’t been on any of the chats because it shows me the date and time. He unblocked me THE DAY HE LEFT!! He had ample opportunity to block me on all of them but didn’t. That to me is a sign from the Universe! Him taking me off block on all chat devices… Is that not an action? To me it is! A big one! Telling me he would be out of range the first week but more in range the second week. That is not an action? He didnt have to do shit. He didnt even have to tell me he was going away. He didn’t have to do any of it. No one forced him to take me off block. I asked him repeatedly do you want me to stop. He unblocks me from all the other devices. He doesn’t want me to go or stop and I don’t care if you think I am delusional. As I said. He could have blocked me ON ALL OF THEM! But has not and will not.

    Then this from JCE…

    “You won’t like this, I’m sure. But I’ve had the feeling since a long time in regards to you that you’re blocking your true love by focusing on this guy. Your love is waiting for you, and he’s exactly what you want. But I don’t believe it’s this guy. Maybe he is? It’s obvious he’s entered your reality to show you something. And likely he’s a precursor to the real deal. He’s in your reality to show you something. But I have to say something is “off” about this guy in relation to you. Be open to your perfect love being someone else. You deserve it! Everything you say about this guy you’re crazy about makes him sound like a serious asshole. Is he? Don’t you want more? Better? Someone you could be proud to say he’s yours? Think about it. Really think about this. Try something different for a change and give your life a chance to change. Lots of Love. JCE

    So you’ve just been blowing smoke up my ass, JCE? This whole time you’ve been supportive but really it was never the truth was it? Firstly there is no love in that message to me. Secondly, not once have I ever told anyone on here that the person they wanted was not the love of their life or an asshole. I’ve been supportive. Do you know why? Because I know we have created all these situations with these people thats why I don’t tell them their guy is no good or an asshole. Now that both of you have jumped on the ‘i gave up, let someone else or something else fix my life for me.’ train – we all should? I think both of you just want to go “i told you so’ to all of us. Let me tell you now, this will never happen.

    If you made a choice to give up then do what is right for you but don’t come on here and tell me what you think is right for me or anyone else. Go somewhere else and rain on them. I happen to believe in my manifesting abilities and my love for him and I happen to believe in C and Bea and N also! I seriously hope they don’t take your advice either!

    I don’t even know if Nina will agree and it doesn’t matter if she does or not but i think you’ve both made a mockery of her blog. If you choose to give up or let something else out there choose for you then fine but to come on here and post those 2 responses to me! I think we can all see why you never manifested the people you wanted. You want to blame the guy instead of yourselves, that was your first mistake!

    Ive wasted enough time dipping into a shit vibrations by even answering this. I should have just not answered which was what I was going to do from the start but I really think you 2 need to take a look at yourselves and what you’ve done.

    Its going to happen. Period. No exceptions.


    1. Did you not ask for advice? You did and now you’re going on a tangent over the honest advice we gave. Neither of us attacked or judged you, all we said is to be happy! Clearly by this, you’re not, and quite frankly, your energy is draining to ME through the computer, so I will no longer be responding, either.

      I sincerely hope others take our advice, as we said nothing wrong but to LET GO and live and go be happy 🙂 There’s nothing wrong with that. The advice is well intended because I know exactly how it feels to be stuck in resistance and trying to manifest love, but you want to take it as an attack. Be blessed.


      1. Also, I will never blame my ex for our relationship ending. He has all the right to live his life the way he wants, and with whoever he wants. While the breakup caused me great pain at the time, I see now that it happened for a reason, for both of us, as the Universe moved things in such a way that I am way happier now. In hindsight, it all makes sense and needed to happen.

        Relationships sometimes end, and it’s never 100% one person’s fault. I forgave him long ago for my pain, as I realized I am the one in control of my happiness 100% — HE is not responsible for that. The moment I let go and truly took responsibility for my happiness in my relationships, things started to change dramatically.

        I still wish you the best despite your attack on me; I only want good things for everyone who comes here, which is why I continue to come back and see how everyone is 🙂


      2. JCE & AA,

        What kinds of things did you guys do to focus on filling up your lives and making yourselves happy?

        I’m looking for ideas on this right now ?


      3. Hey C!

        Some things I did: Days when I would wake up feeling really low, I would look in the mirror and repeat to myself, “A, you are a beautiful, smart, kind woman and any man would be lucky to be with you.Stop worrying about what X is doing and get on with your day!” It was always some variation of this, pretty much anything to snap myself out of the funk and remind myself that hell yes, I am a catch and deserve love.

        Outside of that, I made sure to hang out with my friends as much as possible. Going out and meeting new people is so helpful because you are reminded that you are interesting, attractive and can attract anyone you want. I also recommitted myself to the gym. I was always super attack, but after my breakup I was so depressed, I didn’t work out OR eat, I lost about 10 pounds because of it. So even on the days I didn’t want to, I went to the gym, went on a run or worked out with my trainer. And slowly, I came back alive. I also started volunteering at a hospital, handing out coffee and snacks to the doctors, nurses and family members. I compete in pageants, and hold a title, so I made sure to go to many appearances and events to get my mind off things.

        Also how I KNOW this all works: I was always against dating apps, I just never thought I could do it. Something in me said to download one and just see where it took me. I was so nervous about it, I kept deleting it off my phone until I got a message from my new love and something about him made me agree to a date. At this point I was still hopelessly stuck on my ex, but I said, I asked the Universe for what I want and I will no longer stand in the way. It was time for me to focus on something else, as I put my desire out there once. So I went on the date, and it was so good, I deleted the app and started seeing him regularly. I never thought I would fall in love; but like I said I made myself OPEN to it by focusing on just having fun and making myself happy.

        I know now the universe works best when you state your desire, let go and focus on happiness and love. It worked for me, and I KNOW it will work for you.

        Anymore questions, let me know ❤


      4. Hi C,

        What AA said is really a lot of what I had been doing and still do.

        I started taking on outdoor activities I enjoy, and also opened myself up to something new! Which was a massive confidence booster. Learning a new “something” can be exciting and fun. The key word is FUN. When I had the free time I focused on what would make my heart sing, and not what I felt I was supposed to do. We often focus so much on the shoulds, versus asking what do I want to do?

        Ask yourself, what makes me smile? Makes me happy? Sit with it. What would be fun to do if I could do anything right now? It’s about incrementally moving in this direction. Because at first it may feel like your efforts aren’t changing anything. But you just need to get the momentum going. So don’t give up!

        So definitely go out and have fun! I found surrounding myself with children was so energetically refreshing. They are so free in expression, so imaginative and light hearted. So a couple times a month I do things with my friends kids and we have a blast! And I also do thoughtful things for people in my life. If I see they have a need, I try to be there, help out, bring flowers, make others happy. That brings more joy than anything! 🙂

        Another thing I really explored was self love. Through this, as it deepened a lot of resistance naturally melted away. I could see how certain habits I had were not reflecting self love at all. And once I became more pure with it, it started reflecting back to me like crazy. My relationships with people deepened. I’ve been meeting so many loving amazing new people. I’ve been invited to numerous social activities. And this all reflected very quickly back once I made the shift.

        An added bonus is if you focus on the things you love doing, and you’re reveling in the joy of it, you will manifest someone with similar interests. I had to ask myself even if I love this person, what if even he’s so nice and great we don’t have enough in common? Or he doesn’t display the qualities I really want. I just want him. Will it last? I dunno. But I felt if I want to really honor myself and what’s best for me, ask the hard questions. If I love myself enough, I will be brave enough to consider everything more open minded.

        I totally believe manifesting a specific person is completely possible. Of course! But is that in my best interests really? Not sure about that anymore either. My intuition told me this guy is my future husband, hence the reason I even considered opening myself up to him in the beginning and see what happens. But so long as it was making me miserable it’s not in my best interests. The only one who can look out for me is me. What resonates now is manifesting him as a wonderful and trusting friend. That feels AMAZING! And let’s say 6 months ago I would have been devastated at the idea. Now it feels like the next logical step. But I couldn’t be open to other ideas, or more free thinking if I shot every idea down as soon as it came up.

        Since my intuition is always right, I trust that this will probably happen. And after receiving a very lovely answer to my questions about this guy from my coach, she told me it’s still unfolding. And it doesn’t have to be painful. But keep playing in the space of what if? Go with what feels good, and be gentle about it. And be open to the idea that it could be someone else, but maybe it’s him. Even though this at first doesn’t sound reassuring, it started to in a way. And if I’m needing reassurance, I’m too attached anyways.

        I have followed her advice and it’s lead me now to this conclusion that feels oh so right, right now. Abraham talks about the deliciousness of the unfolding. It’s an adventure for sure! But by being open to HOW it will unfold, versus scripting it in a certain way you let the Universe line things up faster. It now doesn’t have to make all your “red tape” play out, so now things can speed up! And a lot of this can start by loving your life, having more fun, going more general and focus on the emotions you ultimately want to feel and think about him lovingly only when it feels good to. If it doesn’t, back off and think about something else. This is all what I’ve been doing and life has been better than I can remember.

        C- this is YOUR journey. And it is unique to you. So what works for me in the sequence it’s working may not work for you. And that is completely fine. Follow your gut, your intuition and what feels right. Consider following without questioning. I do that now, I just trust if I follow what feels right next I can allow more and more to unfold. And when you make a practice of this, it gets easier and easier.

        Hope this is helpful, lots of love to you. 🙂


      5. Thanks to both of you. I’m still with my desire of my person, but I also want to feel good overall and don’t want my happiness to depend on him. I feel like right now it does. Last year,and now I did try to work on doing things to make me happy. I started doing yoga, spent a lot of time with my baby niece, and tried reaching out to more friends. I also started donating regularly to charities again. All of these things do make me feel happy in the moment but then I get sad again when I don’t have a distraction.

        The reason I asked is because I agree that novelty is good, and it’s actually something Nina had recommended to me in the past so I’m always looking for ideas.

        Thank you for the feedback


      6. C,

        That’s great you’ve experimented already in that direction. And I totally get what you mean about still having those tough moments. I had them too. I thought about what clicked for me, what made all that go away. Honestly, it was letting him go. Moving on. I know, I know. No one wants to consider that. It’s scary, it’s painful, it feels like defeat. It feels like giving up. And oddly enough it seems that’s the magic ingredient to getting what you want in the end. Being on the other side, let me tell you, it’s amazing.


      7. I actually have let him go a couple of times., it was when I couldn’t believe it was possible anymore. One time, I even started dating, but the truth is that when I feel good and happy is when I most want to be with him.

        I know relaxing and letting go is the way, I’m just trying to get to that point where I feel good enough to do that.

        Thanks again


      8. Letting go is definitely the hardest part. I tried to do it many times, as I knew that’s wha it takes to receive your desire. You’ll get there though; one day you’ll just feel that weight lift off your chest and you’ll feel great!

        Did you read Nina’s book? I focused a lot on the parts about feeling good and focusing on my positive qualities. I would list out things I like about myself and read them, and the more I believed them and eventually felt so empowered.

        I know you can do this!


  26. Gretta,

    I’m sorry you feel so worked up. And I’m sorry you took what I said so negatively, as it was not meant to be. But what’s really fascinating is your response to all of this. Bare in mind, you too have attracted this situation, and it’s here to benefit and show you something. That’s not a bad thing.

    I’ve researched and read up on everything I can find on attracting a specific person. And there are hand fulls of desperate eager people who really do need to get a life. (This situation for me made me in so many ways desperate, it’s sad!) I said this in a general way, and for anyone who took that personally and was triggered by that, is really on them. Their insecurity maybe? Or to show them something?

    Just because we want something, doesn’t mean it’s in our best interest. And I believe that 100%. I bought a car I fell in love with in 2015. It was rare and had to find one across the US and ship it. LOA totally made it happen for me. After buying it, I realized it really wasn’t a good fit after all. I was able to sell it after one year and bought something older and it’s perfect, I love it! What I learned was that just because I wanted that thing, doesn’t mean it was the best for me. And I eventually found that out.

    Same with purchasing a property this year. I was so fixated on one house, and I really wanted it, put all the manifesting vibes out there. Thought for sure the U would make it happen. And it didn’t. And when I finally gave up, and went general on how said want would make me feel and thought why not let the Universe have a spin at it, we got the most amazing property. Not only was it in the location I wanted which is very highly desirable, with little inventory, and very over priced, meaning out of my budget………The Universe provided us with the perfect lot. Not only were the views spectacular, it was large, with almost complete privacy and so cheap no one can believe we got it for that price. And what did I learn from this? That the Universe f*cking delivered big time. I could not have arranged that on my own even if I had tried. In fact we had repeatedly ignored this property that had been on the market for 2 years. I let go, I decided to let my intelligent self make the decision for me. And I’m completely blown away at the result.

    What I learned? My higher intelligence and the Universe knows what it’s doing better than I can even imagine it. It’s a group effort so to speak. We are working TOGETHER for a common goal. Doesn’t that go hand in hand with faith? Trust? How can you manifest easily and successfully without it?
    And being open to the fact that maybe it could be better going in a different direction can be a wise approach. I mean why not? What’s the harm in trying new angles to situations?

    I can’t speak for AA, but I’ve experienced enough ups and downs on this topic that I feel I do have something valuable to offer others in terms of advice. Just because my advice doesn’t resonate with you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t resonate with others. Where they see a few thoughts would benefit them. Why does everyone have to see it your way? That’s limiting, and putting everyone in a one size fits all approach and that’s not how things work.

    If Nina doesn’t want me to comment on her blog, I’m more than happy to honor her wishes, it’s her blog. But have you thought about all the volatile rants you’ve had here? Subjecting everyone to your ups and downs? Everyone wants to help for sure, but do you know how many times I opted not to vent on this blog because I didn’t think it would benefit anyone here? I did it out of love and concern for the community. I didn’t want to bring them down.

    I apologize whole heartedly if getting a life offends people. Or putting themselves first offends them, or considering that for a few out there, they are pining after an asshole. Sorry. But if you chose to read everything negatively between the lines, consider that it’s here to show you something. What I see, is a whole lot of fighting for limitations. And a whole lot of ATTACHMENT. I hope you get the guy, I really do. And I hope everyone here has their dreams come true. And some it may be their specific person, and for others they may find someone way better! What’s wrong with that? Do you need everyone here to want that for some sort of validation for you? To prove it works?

    If you want to see AA and I as negative soul sucking trolls, I’m not at all bothered by it. Because I know my intentions are pure, and loving. I’m actually really happy to have manifested this situation because it’s shown me how much my confidence has grown. And I too plan to eventually be an LOA coach and I look forward to helping people who are ready for big change in their lives. I was ready, and by being ready the Universe opened all these opportunities for me to grow, expand and be a part of a bigger movement of enlightenment. Not everyone is ready or even wanting that path, and that’s ok. But I won’t be sorry for wanting to help others stretch their limitations and boundaries if they want to just because it doesn’t fit in someone else’s box.

    Gretta, you don’t have to comment on things that don’t resonate with you if you don’t want to. But one thing AA and I didn’t do is accuse others of being unsupportive or blowing smoke up the ass of others. Nor have we or anyone else that I’ve noticed had temper tantrums like the ones you occasionally throw on here. And no one says anything, other than sorry you’re having a moment. And I am sorry you have your moments. We all do, but there are nicer ways to channel them. Do you feel you have to bully others to agree with you? It comes across that way.

    Chances are I won’t be spending anymore time on this blog since it doesn’t resonate anymore. Nina is an amazing shining light, and her blog has been a wonderful guide for me on my journey. And I do love the support that’s here. But the drama is unfortunate. And it doesn’t make sense to offer advice or ideas that aren’t welcome. I’m not honoring myself by putting myself in the line of fire.

    I love the community here, whether they believe it or not. 🙂
    Lots of love you guys!


  27. Please don’t leave, JCE, AA or anyone else. You have given me and probably other readers some great advice and insight. I am open to all ideas and I pick and choose what I think resonates and may work for me. No judgments or criticisms from me.

    I am grateful for Nina and everyone here. We are all here because of our interest and education on the LOA. I am still learning and growing.

    Please keep in touch.


  28. JCE!

    This – “I’ve researched and read up on everything I can find on attracting a specific person. And there are hand fulls of desperate eager people who really do need to get a life.”
    THIS IS NOT FOR YOU TO SAY. Maybe they need time to fully understand the LOA and SEE for themselves that its the desperate vibration that is stopping what they want from coming to them. Instead of saying ‘Get a life!” why not show some empathy and compassion and just simply say focus on yourself?

    This shows me you are an envious person.
    “If Nina doesn’t want me to comment on her blog, I’m more than happy to honor her wishes, it’s her blog. But have you thought about all the volatile rants you’ve had here? Subjecting everyone to your ups and downs? Everyone wants to help for sure, but do you know how many times I opted not to vent on this blog because I didn’t think it would benefit anyone here? I did it out of love and concern for the community. I didn’t want to bring them down.
    This shows me how callous you are. Many many times I emailed Nina saying I didn’t want to come onto the site to pull anyone else down. You don’t know me, even try! INSTEAD OF ADDRESSING THE FACT THAT I BARELY DO RANT ANYMORE AND THAT I HAVE ATTRACTED HIM INTO MY LIFE AND ALL THE GOOD THINGS THAT ARE HAPPENING YOU DO THIS AGAIN. What about helping Inner good and Jeanie with their diet? Oh you seem to have forgotten all the links I’ve shared, quotes, webpages but you focus on my rants? We were never subjected to your ups and downs either? You may not have written angry posts but they were on the depressed side! I like how you use the word subjected. You’ve been trying to attract a married man being married yourself. Have you EVER seen me come on this site and bring this up to you and everyone else? NOPE. Do you know why? Because I understand compassion and empathy at the end of the day and you don’t! Not once have I judged you for wanting someone who is married. That is what separates us an always will!

    This – “I apologize whole heartedly if getting a life offends people. Or putting themselves first offends them, or considering that for a few out there, they are pining after an asshole.” – YOU ARE NOT SORRY AT ALL.
    AGAIN WITH THE ASSHOLE? REALLY? Again, why do you feel you have the right to speak for anyone at all? Even after I have said that he apologised and has unblocked me on all chat you STILL call these guys assholes. They are not assholes! Everyone is responding to YOUR vibration! I have trust issues! He is mirroring those back to me!!!!!!!! Thats where all of our issues are stemming from!!! THAT ONE THING that I constantly have to work on daily. Not even a way to go, wow thats so awesome he called you and apologised, he’s unlocked you, nothing just to attack me about my rants. Not once have you said how great that is. That shows me a lot!

    All this limitation you keep talking about….. That is WHY i stuck with NINA and didn’t go off to other people or listen to anyone else. I looked at other sites and it was always the same thing. Someone trying to tell me that I couldn’t have what truly wanted. Nina is the only one who tells you that you CAN have what you want. That the LOA is about believing you can have it. Maybe you never believed but don’t sit there all high and fucking mighty like a born again christian trying to make all of us believe you’ve seen the light and that were just plebs who want an asshole. You don’t truly want us to attract the person we want to be with and if you sat with that for a moment you would realise it was true. You don’t want it for yourself and you don’t want it for us either. I don’t believe anything you say. I don’t think you feel a shred of empathy or remorse. It’s you that is the bully.

    Get a life!


  29. Thanks for adding to another trust issue! I thought this was a safe place to come to! Good to know what you’ve all been really thinking of me. You don’t know me. You don’t know him and you don’t know what empathy, compassion or what real love really is. It sure as hell doesn’t come to this blog which is meant to about support and non judgement and call other people desperate or assholes or tells them to get a life. If you did you would have been able to pull yourself back even after I said he called and apologised and had unblocked me, but you didn’t. You found something else to use against me. The rants and upset moments.

    Just go away, far, far away.


  30. JCE,

    You won’t respond because you know its true.

    “Chances are I won’t be spending anymore time on this blog since it doesn’t resonate anymore. Nina is an amazing shining light, and her blog has been a wonderful guide for me on my journey. And I do love the support that’s here. But the drama is unfortunate. And it doesn’t make sense to offer advice or ideas that aren’t welcome. I’m not honoring myself by putting myself in the line of fire.”

    If you don’t recall let me remind you it was YOU that came to the blog and said this “Wake up you guys!!!! Smack yourselves out of it already! Put yourselves first, not these assholes.” This is drama that YOU caused.

    If the blog doesn’t resonate with you and the other lady is better why are you still here? What you offered was not advice and not anywhere in alignment with the LOA. LOA is you get back what YOU are vibrating. So if you are calling your person an asshole that means he is responding to YOUR ASSHOLE VIBRATION! Putting yourself in the line of fire? What the hell? Did you read the things you wrote? When i first read your posts I laughed at it and thought some of it was true, I wasn’t even going to comment but that quote above is what made me think someone has to say something to you. LET THIS SINK IN. IT IS NEVER THE OTHER PERSON! IT IS ALWAYS YOU! Thats not how an LOA coach would ever talk unless they are just ghetto. If you have given up and are letting the universe bring you what you think you want then thats all good but to make yourself look like the innocent party, my goodness!! You’re not honouring yourself by putting yourself in the line of fire? My god! Just can’t believe how you’ve turned this to make it look like you were the one being attacked.

    Maybe Nina won’t care that you came here talking up that other lady and she maybe doesn’t even mind that you shared a link to that other lady also and maybe she even knows that lady and maybe she thinks more power to ya but this whole she “has been a wonderful guide for you” but hey some other lady has promised me more so I’m heading over there is just plain bullshit. You don’t understand loyalty and thats obvious in more than a few lines you wrote.

    JCE and AA – my guy is not an asshole and I don’t jump from person to person or quit when it gets too tough or too much hard work like everyone else does. Thanks for reaffirming my decision.


  31. C, BEA & N

    I hope you manifest what you want. I won’t be coming back here not even to share that we are together because of those 2.

    I hope everything works out for the best. Thanks for the nice words up above C. Nina you’re the best LOA coach out there, no one else comes close.


    1. Gretta,

      You will be missed..

      Just wanted to say this to you – Whatever anyone says about me doesn’t affect me as I know about my life and myself better than anyone else. People offer their advice as they care but its up to us to take it or leave it. But I know that Everyone’s Different and that’s what makes life more interesting. We have learnt so much from each other

      I am sure you will be manifest your desires.
      Best wishes to you!


    2. Gretta,

      I wish you all the best and success in your manifestations. Wishing you all the love, peace and happiness in the world.

      I do hope you change your mind about sharing your success with your guy, because I think it always helps people here, but either way lots of love and good vibes to you.



  32. Gretta, I hope you find peace. Your behavior and attitude here is telling, but I truly hope you get what you want. I mean that. But, I hope you realize your negativity and your brashness is only hurting you. Take responsibility for yourself; me, JCE nor anyone can make you feel bad about anything without YOUR permission. Something said must have struck a nerve with you and you’re lashing out at the wrong people. So, again, be blessed, but I am not going to engage you or be sucked into whatever it is you have going on.


  33. AA, you are completely delusional. Take a look at your response. You want it to come across as if you are a nice person but really, you are not. Its you that needs to find peace and it is YOUR attitude that is telling. You sign your posts with love and light and blessed be. Just looking at your response you don’t know what love is and you sure as hell don’t know what light is. I didn’t even address the last thing you said because I don’t want to speak to you. You are STILL harping on and trying to make it seem as if it was me and there is something wrong with me. All I have done is point out to you and JCE and everyone else that it is YOUR VIBRATION. I don’t care what you think of my behaviour or attitude. It’s you and JCE that are hurting this blog. And please stop with the be blessed and love and light CRAP. The people who use those terms are usually the most darkest and never face their own shadows! Google it!

    If JCE wants to come to this site and try and convince herself and the girls that it has nothing to do with their vibration and that the man is to be blamed all of them are going to end up heading down the same path as both of you and not attracting the person they want to be with. Even if they give up on the person they are trying to attract the possibility of them attracting ANOTHER situation that is nearly exactly the same is VERY HIGH because it is THEIR VIBRATION THAT IS CAUSING IT ALL. It is YOUR attitude and your brashness. Both you and JCE are quick to blame everyone else instead of looking at yourselves. Its not the man! Its not the ex! Its you! Neither of you understand the basics of LOA if you are STILL BLAMING the man and not yourselves and now you want to try and convince the girls that its him and not their vibration? Stop it! You are causing them harm! I seriously hope they have the sense to not listen to either of you and realise that ‘cleaning up’ their vibration is what is going to attract him and everything else they want in life! (myself included)

    I understand fully what JCE was getting at. Let go and focus on yourself but this whole “get a life, desperate people and the assholes’ is just wrong, wrong, wrong and somebody has to point this out to her! Especially if she is planning on becoming an LOA COACH! We all know the importance of letting go! Its the blaming the guy that I have the biggest issue with! Ladies! Do not blame the guy!! Understand that it is YOUR feelings and thoughts and actions that break the relationship down! You must understand that everything FIRST stems from YOU! For crying out loud the name of Ninas post here is called CHANGE THE WAY YOU SEE OTHERS – CHANGE YOUR AWARENESS FIRST!!! Whatever you want is going to come from the energy YOU send out first! EVERYTHING STEMS FROM YOU! NOT THE OTHER PERSON! They are not assholes! They are responding to YOUR vibration! Everything that has happened to you in your life YOU HAVE ATTRACTED! (this includes me also!)

    “Everything that surrounds you right now in your life, including the things you’re complaining about, you’ve attracted. Now I know at first blush that’s going to be something that you hate to hear. You’re going to immediately say, “I didn’t attract the car accident. I didn’t attract this particular client who gives me a hard time. I didn’t particularly attract the debt.” And I’m here to be a little into your face and to say, yes you did attract it. This is one of the hardest concepts to get, but once you’ve accepted it, it’s life transforming.” – Dr. Joe Vitale

    AA you said you got sick of him. Had you been applying the LOA correctly and been living as if or even expectant you NEVER would have gotten sick of him. Your love for him would have amplified like it has for me daily. I’ve seen the best of him and the worst of him and I love all of it!!!!!! That love in my heart never went away!!!! You made a choice to stop – thats your choice, more power to you but I wanted to point this out to you. You don’t just get sick of someone you really love! It all comes back to YOUR VIBRATION and your expectations of the other person!!!!!

    Ladies, If you listen to these 2 you will end up going down the same path where you blame everyone and everything else outside of you for things you are creating. Every single relationship you have had where you feel it didn’t work, originally came from YOUR THOUGHTS and YOUR FEELINGS and YOUR ACTIONS. It was never him. Once you accept that it is you creating it everything will change!! Your mind is creating it all at the moment and that is something those 2 cant grasp!! If you do what they say which is blame the man and not yourself you will jump from man to man with the possibility of the same situations happening again and again because of your vibration and never being grateful or appreciative for what you already have and always looking for something ‘better’! Do what they have been unable to do. Keep that trust firmly planted in your gut! See him for the good man he really is deep down! Reaffirm it daily that he is a good man! Focus on the end result! Be expectant, know and be happy! You are worthy, you are important. and you deserve this and don’t let anyone ever tell you that you cant have what you want. You can have, do and be anything you want!



    1. Gretta,

      Totally agree on what you wrote here. Well said.

      I just happened to read your original message about the advice you were seeking – you have clearly stated that you didn’t want any LOA advice on that subject but only asking bunch of ladies how would they feel about it.

      We are all smart and know what we are doing. LoA is all about belief and happiness doesn’t matter how you implement it in your life. 🙂


  34. Hi everyone. Honestly, I don’t know what to think anymore. I want my specific man and will never give up wanting him or loving him but I feel letting go means giving up on wanting him. How do I let go but at the same time visualize, journal, etc.? When I do those things, I am thinking about him and not letting go. If I need to feel happy to manifest is together again but he ISN’T around NOW, that makes me feel unhappy. It is a catch 22. How do I “act as if” he is in my life when he isn’t? When we don’t even talk?

    I believe in the LOA because I have seen it in action for other things but using it on him is proving to be too difficult bordering on hopeless.

    If the Universe would just give me SOMETHING, even a call or text from him. A little hope would go a long way. It makes me sad to think maybe he isn’t the one for me but I don’t know anymore.


  35. Hi Bea. ❤

    What letting go means is to let go of the fear, worry, doubt, attachment, negative thoughts and anything bad associated with him so that also means any ill feelings or what you think he should be doing such as contacting you. It doesnt mean you have to let go of him and what you want. Nina has said you can think about what you want as much as you want as long as it's happy/positive. Negative thoughts and moments will creep in there sometimes just let them and reaffirm with 'its happening now.' Don't try to hard – I remember reading in Ninas book about not having to do things perfectly. Try and relax into it and enjoy the process. you could even try looking back now that you are with him and wondering why you were so worried/concerned.

    You have two options. Both are easy.
    1) Live as if it's already done and get on with life not questioning anything anymore (where is he, what's he doing etc.) be happy.
    2) Let go completely and forget (although not necessary) don't do anything or anykind of work. The Universe already knew what you wanted the first time you felt it / thought it. Move on with your life but you do need to know in your gut that it's going to happen. Be happy.

    The three most important things I think is… 1) heart energy, do that for 10 minutes then don't do anything else for the day and if he does come into your thoughts feel excited and happy and focus on the how it *FEELS* to be in the committed relationship of your dreams with him. Let go again and do something. Say for example do you have one of those fitness watches? Make a goal to do 8000 steps a day, then the next fortnight 10000 step as a day then the next fortnight 12000. Trying to meet 10000 will put your mind on you. Trust me, you'll me moving all day! 🙂 They are not that expensive and you can get one second hand. Just a suggestion for something new.

    2) Vision scripting with each sentence starting with – "I love the feeling knowing….. Xxx loves me." "I love the feeling knowing that xxx wants to spend time with me." "I love the feeling knowing xxx and I are a perfect vibrational match!" "I love the feeling knowing .. Just think of everything you can. Then write ONE detailed specific script of how you got together and all the things he said to you and how amazing your relationship is. Read it once a day or once every second day. Present tense,

    3) Visualising – 10 minutes a day. Then move about with your day not checking your phone or wondering where he is because you're already together remember? You're in the space of just being grateful for him and the relationship and working on yourself being the best person you can be for him also. ❤

    You've got to get into the space of being relaxed about it. Don't look at how much time is passing or it will continue to pass without him. All is well and you have enjoyed the process that bought you two together. You loved all the time you got to spend with yourself and your life. You loved it all. It was worth it. 😉 ❤

    Alternatively you don't have to do any of that. You've already asked so you must receive it – now you can get on with your life knowing and loving living in the *feeling* that you got what you wanted.

    Hope this helps in some way,


  36. Thank you, Gretta. I think I will just lay low for a while and see how I feel. I believe I may be trying too hard and it is counterproductive.

    Even I feel the neediness and pressure coming from me.


    1. Hi Bea,

      I’m sorry I didn’t respond, and honestly I really wanted to. But I’m ashamed to say I was afraid of receiving backlash for whatever I would share. That didn’t serve me or you.

      I’ll drop a few suggestions before I sign off for a while.
      Give yourself a break from this. A breather. And reevaluate what’s important to you, in your life. You. Not him, not anyone else. By doing this, you are not giving up on your dream. In fact, you may be speeding the whole thing up. Because now you’re dropping the resistance. I can guarantee you the Universe knows what you want.

      Do next what feels right to you. Not because this person or that person says it’s good or okay and the best way to go about your next steps. That includes even whatever I tell you. Because I can only give you suggestions, you will know if it serves you or not. Now, find your bliss whatever it is. Chances are your focus has been too predominate on him, when it really should be on you.

      If you find that vision boards don’t resonate, or affirmations, or visualizing don’t feel good, but let’s say writing a letter to the Universe does. Or taking your dog for a walk, or taking that class you’ve always wanted to take. FOLLOW IT! The unfolding of your desire does not have to come about in the traditional way that people typically go about manifesting. Don’t be afraid that you will screw this thing up. Again, you will probably speed it up by trying something completely different. We get too stuck on trying to make it happen. Doing “stuff” so my thing will come to me.

      By following an unfolding of more joy in your life, the inspiration will come. Because you will be in a whole new space energetically to then have those moments of wisdom or inspiration come in. Inspiration to do something that can help you manifest what you want. But this inspiration will have a hard time finding you while you’re in the lower states.
      Feel good in your life. Then the unfolding can happen, and chances are things will happen in the way you least expect it to. The more you try to figure this thing out, the more crap you throw on your trail. (As Abraham would say)

      If the traditional way of going about this isn’t working for you, it’s okay. You aren’t doing anything wrong. You are unique. And your path is unique to you. 🙂 Sit with it. And go out and love life! Then the unfolding can start to happen. It will surprise and delight you, I promise!!!

      I’m going be signing off now you guys. I’m not sure I’m an energetic fit to this space anymore. Something tells me I need to move on and continue exploring my journey. Wishing you all the best!


  37. Thank you, JCE. That’s very helpful.

    It has been very quiet here lately. Hopefully, it is because everyone is happily living their life and manifesting their dreams.

    I have noticed that I easily manifest bad or painful things, especially lately, but not good things . Why does that happen and how do I stop doing that?

    I would love to easily manifest something nice to give myself hope and encouragement.


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