My Second Book

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  1. Dear Nina, thank you for your new book, I will read it today, cant wait. 🙂
    Maybe it will help me to understand better all about LOA, because lately I am feeling I need to give up on him… we saw each other few days before Christmas at the same Christmas party where we met 2 years ago… and he was so cold and he ignored me all the evening, we just said “hi”, it was so awful… after that evening I realized that maybe we cant change someone else feelings and that we cant “influence” on someone if that person doesnt want the same as we do. So… I am not sure about all that. I know what I want, that hasnt changed… but I am tired of wanting and waiting… one year and still no result. I dont know what to think anymore… I was very happy for few months and actually at some point I was feeling like I dont care if he would ever contact me again or come here… I was in this stage – I love him and I would be very happy and grateful if we will be together again, but nevermind, what ever will be, it will be just fine. And those days before that party I was feeling calm, like everything will be ok, I didnt think of him often, and I was just enjoying that Christmas time… and there he was. but still nothing. I didnt deserve that. Maybe we cant have all we want, maybe we cant change things…
    Anyway, now I am just thrilled about your new book and I am sure it is excellent like your previous book.
    Congratulations ❤


    1. Hello! Thank you SO much and I hope the book helped 😀 What you must know is that you just have to change your perception of the situation. Believe that what you want is going to happen and ignore what is. Belief and love are the key to your happiness. The book highlights that, just like the first book. Knowing and unshakeable belief while prioritising YOUR happiness at the same time will get you there. Self love is where you start 🙂 It doesn’t matter what happened, only what you believe will happen now xx


  2. I’m so confused. When you start looking up attracting a specific person, you get all this contradicting information. some say yes, others say maybe and others just say you’ll get someone better. Even Neville said don’t just pick that one. Just focus on the feeling he says. When I’m finally getting to the place it feels real, I get shot down with all this info. But then I think didn’t Neville use this to get his second wife. I don’t know anymore. At the end of the day, I know it comes down to convincing your subconscious mind but why do all the gurus say: no, ask for something better. Is this a why to let go of resistance without them coming out and actually saying it?


    1. You can focus on the feeling of being with THAT person, not just a general feeling of being in a relationship. They do suggest that you say you want your relationship or an even better one to eliminate resistance, yes, but you can also eliminate resistance by deciding that your relationship is what you want and going to happen now, and believing 🙂


  3. I found this website and it makes sense. Until you understand and believe in the power of the subconscious mind as you believe in gravity, you will not see results. The science behind it is explained. The old gurus would stress on first convincing yourself of the truth and then everything else will be added on. You must believe in how your subconscious mind works.

    As they say seek the kingdom first.


  4. Hi Nina,

    I am about half way through reading your book. I have been trying to figure out what’s going on in my life. Ever since the new year, i just feel very disconnected. Not really able to get into manifesting and struggling to feel good on my own. In my mind, I felt like last year was my year. I really wanted to manifest us together by the holidays, and i wasn’t able to. I’ve hit ten years now if trying to manifest my relationship with him. There was an instagram post you put up a couple of weeks ago ” Life is too short to spend your time improving relationships you know will never get better.” It really made me think about the amount of time that has passed. I honestly can’t believe it sometimes.

    All of the things I did last year to make me feel better, working on myself, doing yoga, trying to make new friends. I was even realizing the other day, that I spend every weekend with my parents. I love them very much, but I wish I could have other things to distract me too, because I still really want to spend my life with someone.

    As you know, I’ve had moments where I question my guy. I wonder if maybe I finally got so hurt that I take longer and longer to recover each time now. Sometimes I wonder, maybe I’m a commitment phone — maybe I intentionally pick guys who don’t want me, because I’m scared of relationships too.

    Lately, I’ve been wondering if this means that I’m ready to give up on him? I dont even know what I want anymore. I know it would crush me to see him with anyone else, but I’m struggling with the feelings of love towards him now too. The end of last year was really hard for me. I just wish God and the Universe could give me a break. Give me the opportunity to really make this work, and for us to have an amazing time together. For my fears and analytical mind to stop so that i could just trust him. I wish we could spend time together and really deepen our romantic relationship so that we can get married.

    The truth is that I miss him so much, but I do feel disconnected because of the amount of time we have apart and the distance we have between us. How do I ask the universe for help connecting to myself and love again?

    Can you or anyone out there help me?

    Thank you,


    1. You just must start believing and imagining what you want to happen to allow yourself to be happy. My Instagram post was for those who know they genuinely don’t want the relationship they say they want, or the person they say they want. Some try to make it work while knowing that their situation isn’t what they want.
      The Universe only responds to you and your beliefs, which consistently say you’re not with him and that he hurts you. Put more time into imagining that you are with him, happy, and be patient until that manifests.


      1. Thank you Nina. I just finished reading your book this morning. I’m sure it won’t surprise you to know that chapter seven was my favorite.

        Thank you,


      2. OMG I love it! Thank you! 😀 Did you do the energy cleansing technique? I know it’ll work wonders for you xx


      3. Accept that now, as you have done it, your past is truly in the past and today is a new day. You will automatically start to feel good!


  5. Hi C

    I don’t come to the blog much anymore but just happened to press on the open tab on my phone and saw this post from you.

    I just wanted to say I feel for you. My heart goes out to you, it really does. I can feel your pain, I think we all can even with our own experiences with this ‘adventure.’

    In Australia on Australia day a plane crashed in our main River. It was videoed by so many people and I was there and saw it happen. I saw a husband and wife lose their lives when the plane hit the water and split in 2 killing them both.

    That was the day I let him go for good. Life’s to short.

    I have been ok. Had a cry once. I might possibly have just numbed myself to it all but I have not been thinking about him and if i have been, I’ve blocked it out. I removed myself from his life in every way. I Energetically said goodbye and I hope he finds what he thinks he is looking for. I can’t battle his ego anymore! Its too big. I still have not read a story about anyone attracting someone who says they are not attracted to the other person, its always about ex’s getting back together or attracting someone they had just met or something but I still haven’t seen a story of someone saying he said he wasn’t attracted to me but we are together now. Does anyone else not think that is strange? I do. I’m stating what I have seen.

    I think you do need to let him go completely and just say if it happens it happens (to remove any remaining resistance) and be ok with it not happening. Obviously its up to you what you do in the end but so far what you have been doing is not working and I think its time for you to do something completely opposite and forget.

    Maybe that is what it will take. I don’t know. Maybe you need to get out and do things you like to do and met random strangers, even just new friends? Like be more proactive and just go up to people and start talking to them or join a book club or something?

    The photo you mention that Nina posted has confused me also. Are we not creating our own reality? So doesn’t that mean its US that is making the relationship not work? Thats what all the LOA people say, that it’s US.

    As i said, its up to you what you do and I think the only thing left to do is forget and let go completely. I know you don’t want to but that in itself is resistance.

    Lots of love. I do think of you in my travels. I always felt a ‘bond’ with you even though I have never met you because I always felt you and I had very similar situations but now I’ve let go completely, no acting as if, nothing and maybe you should try it to?

    Love. xx


  6. C

    Sorry. I just wanted to add. Reevaluate your life. Write a list of what you want in your life and try and leave relationships and him out of it.

    Just think of everything else you want. I did it the other night to realise I don’t want to stay in my present job anymore and are looking for something else part-time or 4 days because Im not getting a chance to do the things I really want to do with my life and I am not getting enough time with my dog. I am sometimes gone 10 hours a day. Things like that. Try and leave him OFF the list for now.

    What do you want to do with YOUR life that doesn’t include him?


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    1. Hi Gretta,

      So sorry you had to witness that tragedy, and, yes, its not worth it to ever live a moment of your life unhappy.

      I’m glad that you have found some peace and I wish you all the success in your manifestations.



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