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Rely on Yourself and Focus on the Positive

My entire manifestation method is based on relying on my visualization, if you will. I think about what I want because it makes me happy while I make the effort to fix the parts that don’t.

When you focus on your desired reality, there will be very few parts you don’t like, if any. When you get used to seeing what you want to have and would love to do, that is the focus you will automatically go to. You will be ignoring the current reality by default and all the details in it will work themselves out. You must only get yourself used to enjoying the desired reality in your mind.

Problems arrive when you try to plan and coordinate your current reality with your desired one, obsessing over what you want to do now instead of just imagining that you already have everything. Thinking about what you want to do to improve your momentary reality energetically shows that you don’t have your desired reality just yet – you should abandon this practice immediately.

Just happily imagine having what you want.

Once you start to do this, you also get even more than you imagined. Last weekend, I went to a class reunion I was unsure I could have fun at. The night started off so-so until I disconnected from the parts of it that were annoying to me and focused only on the parts I liked. Suddenly, the enjoyment grew and the fun took over when a group of thirty-something adults who had powered through their early age together found themselves acting like children again and enjoying every minute of it.

Let me explain.

Prior to organising the reunion, I had expressed distaste for our former class teacher. I sawΒ her at a function two years ago and she was practically begging to be the centre of attention which I found desperate for an adult woman. When I saw her at the reunion, she remembered every single person that had showed up except for me – a move that had actually made me happy because it gave me a reason to ignore her for the rest of the night. When she got on my case about not wanting to have kids, I gave poised answers which the rest of the group agreed with and she still managed to annoy a close friend of mine by prolonging the subject. She had arrived inebriated and repeated every single point she tried to make ten times throughout the night but after I moved across the table and focused on the great conversation there, the party suddenly grew and she left before the fun continued.

When you focus on the good, the bad has no choice but to escape. Same goes for the negative feelings you carry.

As the fun continued, it grew further as we collectively adopted the same fun attitudes we had while growing up together. We danced, pulled pranks, talked, laughed and continued to do so until six a.m.. The following day, we continued to chat and rehash. The conversation was even better this time because we were older, more experienced and independent. As a group, we naturally focused on everything positive.

However, those who choose to be guided by their negative feelings which are usually related to their hurtful current realities have different life experiences. You must only imagine what you want to be happening.

You have been taught to rely on the current reality – when you learn to rely on yourself, things change. Your parents might have taught you to rely on the current reality because that was the best they could do but now, you’re an adult and you know better. You choose your beliefs.



  1. Hi Nina,

    Thank you for this article. It really reminded me to stop thinking of what to do to manifest what I want and just let go. I think this is the hardest part for me…letting go. I do believe that I’ll get what I want and it’s done, but I always feel like I’m waiting – and I know that waiting means even more waiting. How do we let go and how do we stop focusing on our current reality? I just want to stop thinking about it and being “obsessed” with what I want.


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    1. Hi!! So happy to help πŸ™‚ The answer is to focus on what you want to be living in your mind – this is why visualization is so useful – and that’s all you need to do in order to allow your negative thoughts to leave. Ignoring your negative thoughts and need, and choosing to believe and enjoy visualizations of your desired reality will take away all your negative thoughts. Relying on your decisions of receiving what you want is necessary in order to receive it – engaging in your negative feelings or relying on your current reality in deciding what’s “possible” for you only allows you to manifest what you don’t want or more of what is.
      When you get used to seeing your desired reality in your mind, you will believe that it is yours and you will allow it to manifest. Stick to your decisions and make a point of believing while ignoring your negative thoughts. Let them be and don’t give them any power because engaging in your negative thoughts or affirming that they are there and you feel like you can’t get rid of them, affirming that they bother you, will only make them stay, grow and prevent you from manifesting what you want.
      I know that you’re aware of your need being a sign of NOT having your desire but as long as you practice seeing your desire in your mind, as if it has manifested already, you will get used to it and your negative thoughts will disappear which will allow you to let go.
      Every time negative thoughts or need come to you, just say, “It’s mine,” rely on the Universe giving you what you want because you have asked for it and be happy πŸ™‚


  2. Hi Nina,

    So I manifested my ex…we ran into each other. It was fun and flirty and I really didn’t expect anything to happen. I didn’t bring up the relationship or wanting to be in a relationship and just enjoyed myself. But after that my emotions took a nosedive…any advise on what I can do? I’m at that point where I don’t want to feel this way anymore…I don’t want to want this anymore.


    1. I know I’ve read that this is he law of attraction, that you create your own reality and you have to focus on what you want? I believe in the process but I find it hard to believe in this process when it comes to manifesting a relationship with a specific person. What if the other person is stubborn and doesn’t want it? Like what I said, in my situation feelings of love and caring are there but the relationship is not manifesting. I know you can’t make anyone do anything.


      1. You’re not making the other person do anything – you are attracting them with love πŸ™‚ When attracting new people, I imagine making them happier than they have ever been, or at least ecstatic about us being in each other’s lives. I imagine them being as grateful as I am for us to be in each other’s lives because I bring happiness, fun and love into theirs and I make them happy. I like to think it’s all about bringing something of great value into the life of another person πŸ™‚ See what I mean?
        Feel good about yourself and when you imagine that you are irreplaceable to your ex, you will be.


    2. Two things – ask yourself whether being with your ex is what you truly want and if it is, continue to focus on your desired end result without thinking about how it should manifest now that you have seen each other. When a desire starts to manifest, some create expectations of how it should continue to manifest from then on and if it doesn’t, their vibration drops. Don’t do that – just focus on your end result until you reach it.


  3. Hi Nina,

    Thank you for the quick reply!

    I definitely know what you mean about bringing happiness into that person’s life because that’s how I feel. I’ve asked myself why I want to be with him and although he brings happiness into my life, I know that I want to bring excitement, happiness, and joy into his and that I can enrich his life. Oh and I definitely know I’m irreplaceable to him. πŸ˜‰

    Thank you again, Nina!

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