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When Positivity Faces Annoyance

When you transform the core of your personality to positive, to being a positive individual, your periods of succumbing to annoyance naturally last briefly.

As a positive person, I can tell you that this is true. I might spend a day annoyed at someone about something but the next day, two days at most, I will see that it wasn’t as bad as I had perceived it and learn to understand the other side – I will see that it wasn’t the big deal I had gotten irritated about (and it only gets easier with age! Says I. At thirty two.).

For example, you might have that one friend whom you chose to talk about your work several times by now but he or she always gives an answer completely unrelated to your question. It’s like this person doesn’t even listen or is only interested in sounding smart even though they have no idea what they’re talking about. How would they, when they repeat and answer what you never actually said? You know how insecure this person is yet you know their insecurity should not be getting the best of your friendship because that is neither truly tolerant nor fair to you. Do yourself a favour and instead (or, regardless) of being annoyed with yourself for even being friends with someone so exhaustively insecure, step away from this relationship for a (little) while. This person probably cannot handle being around confident people so take your confidence elsewhere, at least in part; you could either take some space or still spend time with this person but maybe stop talking to them about work in this case, sticking to the subjects that usually produce positive communication between the two of you instead. It’s all up to you and what you want.

See what I mean? I’m pretty sure many will be able to relate to this example.

If you do make an exit, do it quietly because causing an argument would make you feel rotten even though you are right for taking some time away from this person. Be nice and walk away. You have the right to seek out new friendships that suit you better.

Profound insecurity brings damage to your life, happiness, well being and the lives of those around you. Whereas this type of insecurity is common and nothing to be judged, especially considering the beliefs one’s family and close ones might have been feeding them consistently during childhood, at some point we must realize that as adults, we are responsible for our own happiness. No matter what we’ve been through, holding onto personal displeasure is going to lead to an unhappy life.

Thing is, a person who is positive to the core naturally either steps away or doesn’t even have a reaction to an occurrence like this until they have been annoyed enough times to finally react. Which of the people mentioned above do you wish to be? You have all the positivity you need in you already. Your friend will continue to let their insecurity lead them and you will have moved away and onto much more positive individuals; adding people like these to your life will not go unnoticed by those attempting to downplay your success, especially as they gradually find themselves becoming phased out. I am not saying you should exclude anyone you care about from your life but I am saying that people subconsciously move away from those who bring down their mood. This puts manifesting in perspective, doesn’t it? Negativity keeps all the things you want away while positivity brings them to you. This is also why your desire to manifest a relationship with someone you feel negatively about keeps that person away from you, even if you don’t live near them or see them often; energy works on an invisible level and our feelings can’t be seen or touched even though the way they are felt shapes our realities.

Just like that, you can attract anyone from anywhere into your life simply by nurturing positive, loving sentiments about them…and positive individuals find themselves effortlessly positive when it comes to those who appeal to them.

And that’s how it goes. Positivity ignores annoyance and if you go out of your way to cause that annoyance, you might lose the presence of some positive individuals in your life. Even if you are a generally positive individual, harboring negative feelings about a particular person or aspect of life will only create problems. Don’t turn yourself into a negative person – focus on positive thinking and self-love, and you will find yourself attracting others easily.

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