Self-Love Equals Smooth Manifestation

For days, I’ve been thinking about the single most important part of effortless manifestation. Most of us wanted to know the answer to successfully avoiding negative thoughts and stopping ourselves from engaging in doubt yet we didn’t find it until we started to feel unconditionally good about ourselves.

They don’t tell us that love is the key to LoA for nothing. Some might wonder why love is such a boost and why self-love in particular means so much in this process but when you think about it, you end up realizing that self-love leads to positivity and positivity leads to relaxation, trust and letting go. A relaxed mind boosted by loving emotions leads to attracting one’s desired life without effort.

You might wonder why exactly the core of your personality makes such a difference. Wouldn’t just imagining living your desired life be enough to lead you down the path of making it happen? Although this part is true, being truly in love with yourself while imagining living your desired life helps the process go faster and smoothly, ensuring fast and smooth manifestation. If you can’t see it, how can you manifest it? And if you love yourself, you can see and manifest.

Even though very short, this definition is all you need – it is the key to LoA. Think about it – you manifest what you feel deserving of and if you love yourself, you feel deserving of your desires, right? You feel that you were meant to have them. You know they’re possible for you.

Maybe this blog post was meant to serve as a simple reminder. I’ve been incredibly happy lately yet it makes perfect sense that I would be in the said situation not only because I wanted to be in it but because I have the most loving feelings in and all around it. It is where I want to be and my life hasn’t been the same since. If you love yourself, you will also be able to imagine yourself exactly where you want to be.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

9 thoughts on “Self-Love Equals Smooth Manifestation

  1. Hi Nina

    I dont know if you saw the upset email i sent you a few weeks ago. I also hope you realize that its not directed to you. The thing I found out. What if it isn’t to do with self love at all? What if that person you want to attract hides information? For example acts as if they are broke and struggling, but really they are not. There’s a million examples i could use. I know they say LOA is that you attract what you are vibing out – but what about if that other person is the one that doesn’t have good intentions or say looking for sympathy to get things? For example, saying to you that they have never owned anything of great value only to find out they own a lot more than what they have been letting on. What do you call this please? A wrong choice of person or its me? Because I’m not hiding things that i own from anyone. What if the person you want to attract is at a certain age when they should be living out of home but just bought something of massive value with their parents? A wrong choice of person or is it me that has chosen the wrong person? What about a person who has told you that you have to text first before calling so that they know its you instead of just taking you off block? A wrong choice of person or is it me? I’m starting to think its a wrong choice of person because they are STILL there and now I can see signs of alcohol abuse, just like his parents. They say that you become like the 5 people you hang around the most. I can see it happening to this person right now. They’ve become just like every other idiot on facebook putting up photos of being drunk and alcohol in nearly every single photo. I dont drink at all. Is this the wrong person or is it me? And if it is me I’ve searched where I am lying or what i could be lying about in my life and i cant find a damn thing, besides now hating working fulltime and telling everyone its ok but this only started a week ago, not 5 years ago.
    Thank you


  2. Hi Nina,,

    I know that this is simple, but I´m just not getting this part.

    I went for a chakra cleansing today, and I asked the woman after the cleansing what I could do to love myself… to really love myself and feel excited and passionate about life again.

    She told me to imagine the future but the truth is that I´ve tried doing this, and I´m just not clicking right now.

    I´ve taken your advice and even stopped myself from thinking about him to give myself a break, just do my affirmations for an overall happiness and love, I got my chakra healing, have been meditating, but something doesn´t feel right or good.

    I write Ï´m happy¨. Ï´m loved¨and no feelings come from it. I just don´t know what to do because I don´t want to live my life feeling like this, when its so easy to feel better and manifest what you want… Why can´t I do it

    What can I do for a reset in the way I feel… I can´t feel better right now even when I¨m taking a break from thinking of my guy

    Thank you,


    1. When thinking about him doesn’t make you happy, that slows down your manifestation and puts a stop to your overall happiness. Finding happiness within will allow you to feel happy about other things and people in your life.


      1. Thank you Nina <3,

        I was in a funk that night. I'm going to also read over some of your articles that are tagged with self-love and focus on that.

        Thanks always,


  3. Hi Nina / C

    Don’t worry about answering my above post – I found the answer out on my own. Thanks.

    Hi C

    I kinda rushed to my computer to tell you something. So…. about a year and half ago i downloaded the book “Ask And It Is Given” By Esther & Jerry Hicks. I remember the first time I downloaded this book I TRIED really hard to read it but I always had this ODD feeling come over me and I would put it down and do something else telling myself I would come back to the book LATER. As you can see a year and a half has gone past and I had not read the book. Anyway since we KNOW LOA is all about FEELINGS I tried to hone in on the feelings that would have MADE ME NOT read this book and I see now that it was FEAR, fear of getting what I wanted because of not knowing how to be happy or receiving happiness (It all comes under the same umbrella as self love etc etc)

    I’ll get to the point. Today for some reason I had this utter craving to read this book. I was reading another book at the time, unrelated to LOA and I had this FEELING come over me that I had to read Ask And It Is Given. So i go to my kindle app and it opens on page 32 and my eyes catch this sentence at the bottom of the page … “You are ready for this information, right now, and this information is ready for you.” Now if you are a person who believes in signs I believe this is one because now I am reading this book without putting it down or looking for a distraction. I believe every thing I have ever read, watched or heard before this 10 minute ago incident I was not ready for and the reason Ive come onto the computer is to tell you is that I dont think you are ready for this person, the same way i was 10 minutes ago. I think your block might be about receiving / being happy. I am just throwing this out there because when i read that line in the book i knew it applied to me and then I thought of you.

    I think I should add that the last 4 weeks I’ve been in quite a dark place, not eating, not going out, not seeing anyone, no talking much, and it was only a day or so ago that I started to feel better and that feeling better came about only after letting this person go forever, so you could say ive gone through a grieving process of sorts and although only 4 weeks i actually see that it was some kind of grieving for YEARS. Grieving for happiness if that makes any kind of sense? If i was offered the opportunity to be with him I would now say no because the way i see it is that i wanted that pain that he was giving me to keep me in the situation of not receiving happiness or being happy and possibly even something to complain about to cement those feelings of underservedness.

    It would have been great to have had the opportunity 5 minutes before this realization but I am HAPPY for it not to happen also because now i see i deserve better and a lot more than he could ever offer and i dont want to use the LOA to make someone somebody that they are not already. I’d like a independent person who is at the very least on the same financial level I am on and someone living out of home who calls you back and makes an effort to see you, not a man still living at home putting up photos of himself on fb drunk and going to the pub with his parents. I see now why i attracted him. To keep myself unhappy. I bet hes unhappy too.

    Just throwing this out there so maybe you can see why you attracted this guy too.

    With love


    1. Hi Gretta,

      Resistance is something Nina has brought up here too and I’ve been working on this. My resistance and attraction to this guy is not because I like or want to be unhappy.

      I’m unhappy because it’s easier than loving myself and believing I deserve to be happy.

      I’m scared of moving out of this comfort zone I’m in because it means I could get hurt more too. I guess it makes sense that the people that makes us feel so amazing and loving can also scare us and bring out our fears and that’s probably why I attract negative situations

      I reached out to him just now because I needed to shake things up to feel something. It made me feel really good to hear from him too And although it’s not my end manifestation it helped me connect to those good feelings I have about him 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Dear Gretta,
      Thank you for sharing the importance of sorting through layers of personal feelings and how that has helped you. I think that you just need to focus on yourself and doing what makes you happy, and everything about your life will fall into place.



      1. Hello

        Thanks for being so sweet about it all. I am not sure what you mean about everything in my life falling into place but I hope you don’t mean him coming into my life because I do not want him or to ever see him again. Too many red flags. I tried that whole shove your feelings down for 4 weeks and it sent me into a a dark place. If the feelings do pop up now and again about him or feeling sad or angry I just let it happen then tell myself, “you can do better.’
        Thanks cya.


  4. Hi C

    Before I reply I want you to know that I am not trying to tell you what to do. If you still want to attract this guy then thats fine, it’s your life and even though we have never met I have always seen you on the site as someone who I can relate to the most because of our situations. I am not trying to upset you in anyway either.

    Resistance. Lets look at that first. Is that not another form of wanting to be unhappy? It is.

    You said this, “I’m unhappy because it’s easier than loving myself and believing I deserve to be happy.” Question 1: Is it true? Question 2: Can you absolutely know it’s true? Question 3: How do you react—what happens—when you believe that thought? Question 4: Who would you be without the thought?

    How do you know you could get hurt more too? Question 1: Is it true? Question 2: Can you absolutely know it’s true?
    Question 3: How do you react—what happens—when you believe that thought? Question 4: Who would you be without the thought?

    Let me ask you some questions and I want you to answer honestly. So this guy that I wanted to attracted. He’s recently been putting up about 10 photos with alcohol in his hands. One photo he has passed out in his chair with the cup of alcohol still in his hands, spread legged and passed out. His face looks like someone who has passed away and his body looks like he has gone into rigor mortise. If you think I am over exaggerating, which i think everyone on this site has done since the first day I came here, I would love to share the photo with you via email or on here so you can all gasp the way I did when I saw it. He looks dead in the photo. It’s like looking at a dead body. Next.

    So we were talking for months, he was asking me all these psychic questions about myself wanting to know more about what I can do and who I am. I already knew it was going to lead to him asking me questions about people, it always does. Then he comes on asking me to read on some people and i said no. What do you think happened next? He started to take longer and longer to answer till it eventually took up to 5 days for him to respond or he would come online and not read the messages or come back with a handful of excuses as to why it took him so long.

    Basically C, it was because I was important WHEN HE NEEDED SOMETHING. Phone calls went unanswered, a total of 3. He told me that if i wanted to call to let him know via FB messenger FIRST. Do you know why he said I had to text FIRST? Brace yourself. He said that I had to text first because someone calls him on a private number…. DRUNK. Why does he have someone calling him at night drunk? If he would unblock me from regular phone and text he would see it was me calling but instead I have to text FIRST to let him know its me calling. You getting the picture yet? Control freak and doesn’t want to unblock me from the phone, wants to be in control at all times and calling all the shots. Let me continue. So you got that? Doesn’t call back, takes days to respond to text, comes online and doesn’t read the messages, puts up photos drunk.

    Next. He asked me to get something for him from my store, a pair of shoes. Doesn’t call back but asked me to get something from my store for him. You seeing what I am saying here? Doesn’t take me off block, doesn’t answer text for days, wants me to get him something from my store. Doesn’t take any initiate to see me, phone me or anything but has asked me for shoes from my store, wants me to read on people. Riiiight.

    He sent me a text before all this started to go down saying that I am more true and real than most people. If you dont remember this is the guy that said i was trying to manipulate him into a relationship, the one that was getting scary text from his mummy when in my presence and bolting for the front door. So he has finally had the chance to see that i am MORE TRUE AND REAL THAN MOST PEOPLE. Hes finally got to see it YET I am more true and real than most people YET he wont take me off block. I dont know about you C or anyone reading this but if someone came into my world that was more true and real than most people they wouldnt be on block on my phone and I would want to hang out with this person. I should really just stop typing at this point. More true and real than most people yet I cant get a phone call back. More true and real than most people yet doesn’t ask me to hang out yet hangs out with boozehounds and people who look like they live below the poverty line through no fault of their own. More true and real than most people yet asks me to give him psychic information on booze-hounds and people you can see that have done NOTHING with their lives. More true and real than most people yet cant manage to pick up the phone to call me back. When i saw the photos he put on FB about the people he wanted psychic information on I just knew there was no more hope for him. He would rather hang out with those people than someone he said is more true and real than most people.

    I attracted an expensive car for free using LOA. I was so happy i sent him a photo saying how happy I was. Do you know what he said back? NOTHING. Not a damn thing yet he can ask me for shoes from my shop. Now most normal people would say, “Thats awesome!” or SOMETHING yet he didn’t.

    I could go on and on yet when I read over our text there is not a SHRED of emotion towards me in his texts. Why do you think that is? I asked Nina above is it the wrong choice of person or is it me? The answer is ITS ME. Because If i truly wanted to be happy, I would have, like Sherry Argov says in her book Why Men Love Bitches, slammed the door on him when I saw him getting those text messages from his mother when in my presence. Instead I pursued and chased a man who said he had no interest in me therefore keeping myself in a state of 5 years of unhappiness. Self inflicted. Because ‘a bitch’ would know her worth and walk away, its the ‘nice girl’ that hung around for 5 years wanting that guy because she didnt want to be happy. I highly recommend you read her book. Its a must. When she refers to ‘bitch’ she means a woman who knows her worth, she does not want you to treat men like a real bitch would and you might even be surprised to see that some of the stuff she talks about is LOA but not spoken about as LOA but you can see parts where she says about having your own life and putting him second as LOA.

    I’ve spoken to Nina before and she mentioned that I was interfering with the should and LOA tells you to not look at the what is. READ ABOVE C. DO YOU THINK THAT IS SOMEONE I SHOULD BE TRYING TO ATTRACT? HONESTLY. You cant and wont hurt my feelings because my decision has already been made. Do you think I will find happiness with a person who has that kind of nature? To say I am more true and real than most people but not call me back, not take me off block and does nothing to see me? Its been 5 years and he is still living at home with his parents and now putting up photos of himself drunk. He sent me a text one day asking me if he should get an xbox or a sony playstation. The fuck? Hes 30 years old! If you have money to buy a play station, a new big screen tv and alcohol you have the money to move out of home! NO? A bitch would never tolerate this and walk away and find someone better. You can love someone until your eyes fall out but facts are facts. The what is for me personally is a big red FLAG saying run the other direction. Love doesnt matter anymore. That is not love. Thats me wanting to be unhappy.

    This that you said scared me the most “I reached out to him just now because I needed to shake things up to feel something. It made me feel really good to hear from him too And although it’s not my end manifestation it helped me connect to those good feelings I have about him.”

    A bitch would never reach out because shed already be onto someone else who can see her worth. If you truly wanted to be happy you’d walk away from this and be with someone who cant be a day without you. You needed to shake things up to feel something? I think your feelings are already telling you something. It makes you feel good to hear from him because its an addiction. Anything you can let go of is an addiction. If you got that high feeling after speaking to him then its an addiction. I am not typing all this out to upset you and as i said above you can do whatever you like and if you want to keep pursing this guy then you can do that too but I think you need to see it from all angles that are not being presented to you.

    Please read that book. You’ll see how you are the “nice girl” and why men go in the other direction from “nice girls” and its the ‘nice girls’ that dont have any self worth – A nice girl is the one thats doing all the work. Please read that book. Women Who Love To Much by Robin Norwood also. If anything these 2 books will help if you really want to attract this guy.


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