If You Think Law of Attraction is Fiction…

I used to write poetry and fiction, became a published author in my preteens and eventually, decided that I preferred writing about real life. Fiction can never be as powerful as real life, no matter how much it is based on it.

Some people have asked me whether Law of Attraction was fiction or not. Some perceive visualization and the concept of living as if to be fiction for as long as it is different from “real life.” However, current reality and visualization of an ideal one are equally real, as one’s ideal reality must be seen as real in order to manifest into the current.

If you perceive visualization and living as if as fiction, how can you ever allow it to become your current reality?

You can’t. You have to believe in the possibility of your ideal reality becoming your life in order to allow it to happen.

Believing in living your ideal reality is not as scary as you think. I know it’s easy to hesitate to imagine living your ideal life for several reasons – fear of loss, fear of success, breaking out of your comfort zone… Yes, these things sound scary but as soon as you try, fear begins to fade. If you did it just a few times, it would go away completely.

As soon as you feel ready to live your desire, you will enjoy the thought of living it instead of fearing it. I could have been afraid of the idea of being who I wanted to be with, knowing who I wanted to know or earning as much as I wanted to but instead, I chose to see myself as capable of handling it even when in the moments of nervousness. You know exactly what I mean by it.

What if, whenever I wanted something and someone thought it was amusing, I got scared that they were right and started doubting my manifestation abilities? I wouldn’t have manifested. A few times, it happened that for as long as I worried, I hadn’t manifested. However, I tried as hard as I had to to believe, no matter how long it took (and when you try consistently, it never does). Even when someone seems to make you doubt, it is you that has chosen to doubt yourself. Another person’s words cannot affect you unless you adopt them into your awareness which you never have to.

Don’t give in to your negative thoughts; instead, you should…


Right? You know it’s true and more importantly, you know you deserve it! You deserve everything. You already know you are an amazing person who has no reason to drown in their troubles instead of feeling happy, confident, beautiful and blessed every day of their life. You deserve all the happiness you desire. No one deserves it more than you.

When I started this blog, I never thought that of all the things I could do, it would lead to starting my brand. Now, it is time to create (or is it “perfect?”) that brand. I would say that I am a positivity and/or confidence coach and with that, Law of Attraction coach advocating effortless manifestation; being a positive, confident thinker is the key to effortless manifestation because this particular blend of energies attracts all your desires to you without you having to lift a finger. My goal is for you to have everything you want without effort.

Because you deserve it.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

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