We Want to Feel Special, Not Famous… So, Why is Fame Appealing?

4 thoughts on “We Want to Feel Special, Not Famous… So, Why is Fame Appealing?”

  1. HI Nina,
    I have a question regarding “feeling happy with your life as it is now”, let’s say I intend to manifest a different life style than what I have now and if I’m feeling happy in the now, won’t that say to the universe “I’m ok with my life as it is now” I understand the part where if I keep thinking I don’t have the life style I want I’m bringing more lack.

    I need a little help


    1. Hi Nicki! It’s more about saying, “I’m okay with my life being the way it is because it’s just for now and it’s transforming into the life I want as we speak.” And then, imagine living your dream life, as if it has manifested already, saying “Thank you for my magical life!”


      1. Hi Nina

        Thank you so much! You know a friend and I started working with LOA a while back, unfortunately she began to complain it was too hard and she gave up, but I am not going to give up on my dreams I intend to have all my dreams come true and live a delicious loving abundant healthy and wealthy life.
        I have other friends that say they believe in LOA but they don’t apply it at all, so I have no one close to me to really work with LOA and support one another and give each other advice.
        I just want to say thank you for taking your time to read our questions and respond in a way that is simple to understand and really just open our eyes and put us back on the right track.


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